CoinPoker Token Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

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Why Trust Us

CoinPoker is an exciting new crypto casino project that has attracted the attention of investors. This has led many people to wonder about the token’s potential. The price movement on Coinmarketcap shows a slight rebound between April 10 and May 21, 2024. However, the primary question is how much rebound we can expect from this gaming coin. This CoinPoker token price prediction will attempt to answer that as we forecast the token’s performance in the next few years.

CoinPoker (CHP) does not enjoy widespread adoption like most new tokens launched in 2024. However, its build on the ETH network gives it advantages that may influence its price in the coming years. The primary determiner will be how much the CoinPoker Casino can grow its membership to boost demand.

A few benefits will draw current players to adopt CHP over USDT, the in-game currency. Nonetheless, we doubt the pressure will be enough to push CHP’s price back to its stellar performance in February 2023. Let’s begin with a short buying guide before diving into our forecasts.

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How to Buy CoinPoker Token (Short Buying Guide)

Experienced traders and users can follow the steps below to buy $CHP. Beginner investors should scroll further down the page to find a more detailed buying guide.

  1. Open the official CoinPoker website: The website contains the link to purchase the CHP token.
  2. Fund your crypto wallet: Fund your wallet with USDT. The current trading pair on the CoinPoker website is USDT/CHP.
  3. Click “Get CHP on Quickswap:” The link will take you to the Quickswap platform. The exchange pair will load automatically for the purchase.
  4. Connect wallet to complete the transaction: Connect your crypto wallet to Quickswap. Complete the transaction to receive CHP tokens.

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CoinPoker Token Price Prediction

coinpoker logo coinpoker price prediciton

The main use case of CHP is to provide extra benefits to Casino players. Therefore, the token has a high-demand from CoinPoker users and should be able to sustain this demand over time. 

However, CoinPoker token may struggle to gain the attention of non-casino players. This could limit the project’s ability to pump.

Don’t expect any price explosions like meme coins do after launch. Instead, expect a progressive increase. How sustained this price movement will be depends on how fast CoinPoker Casino draws players to its online platform.

We’ve picked strategic periods for our CoinPoker price prediction. However, we’ll include a table to cover the forecasted price for other periods.

With that in mind, here’s how we expect the CHP token to perform:

CoinPoker Token Price Prediction 2024

We expect CHP to continue its rebound, albeit slowly. The peak price for 2024 will likely be $0.12, with a few bear markets throughout the year. Nonetheless, the price fluctuations will not favor swing or day trading.

CHP’s lowest price will likely be $0.054, a figure reached in April 2024. The crypto world is opening up to gaming ICOs, with new tokens coming on board. This move will encourage adoption, although we don’t see many players running toward CoinPoker Casino anytime soon.

CoinPoker Token Price Prediction 2025

Things look bright for the CHP token in 2025, although we still expect a slow price movement. The year’s peak might reach $0.36, with occasional bumps that favor swing trading. However, the lowest price will likely be $0.045, lower than its figure in 2024.

USDT, being a more stable coin, will be the better choice for most players, leaving CHP with slow demand. Hence, the token will not record massive progress in 2025.

CoinPoker Token Price Prediction 2030

As of this writing, CoinPoker Casino has 400 games. That is far from the mark of several high-performing crypto casinos. Even the average ones boast a few thousand games.

Mega Dice is a prominent example, with more games than CoinPoker. Except the operator adds more games to match the competition, the casino lacks players to create high CHP token demand. This drawback will affect the CoinPoker token price prediction, leaving the coin with poor performance.

Our forecast for 2030 shows a peak of $0.95 and a low of $0.74. It might cross the $1 mark, but that will require a sustained push.

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CoinPoker Token Price Prediction table (from 2024-2030)

he table below summarizes our CHP price prediction from 2024 to 2030:

Year Peak Value ($) Lowest Value ($) Average Value ($)
2024 0.12 0.054 0.087
2025 0.36 0.045 0.203
2026 0.58 0.089 0.335
2027 0.65 0.097 0.374
2028 0.73 0.140 0.435
2029 0.86 0.460 0.660
2030 0.95 0.740 0.845

What is the CoinPoker Token?

coinpoker crypto casino price prediction

CHP is the native currency of CoinPoker Casino. It is not a direct in-game currency, but it brings a few benefits to holders.

CHP is an ERC-20 token, which means you can use the same wallet as your USDT tokens. Players who hold the CHP token will receive the following benefits:

  • Rakeback rewards: This benefit is exclusive to those who pay their community contributions through CHP. Paying with USDT makes you ineligible for the rakeback bonuses. The offer is a 20% rakeback every Monday, calculated from your community contributions. You could use the bonus to play games, and make back funds that you may have lost during a losing streak.
  • Withdrawal fee discounts: Pay your conversion fees in CHP to receive discounts on the CoinPoker platform. The casino allows you to compare how much you save when using CHP against other cryptocurrencies. Then, you can decide which currency to use.

CoinPoker Casino is the primary ecosystem for the CHP token. It is licensed by Curacao eGaming

Decentralized card shuffling

The decentralized card shuffling system is CoinPoker Casino’s unique selling point. This decentralized random number generator shuffles the cards based on the aggregated player inputs. With the cryptographic hash function KECCAK-256, players can verify the fairness of the card shuffles after each hand.

Each player will have a system-generated seed value at the beginning of each hand. Then, CoinPoker’s software works magic by aggregating all seed values into one, using the latter as input for the random number generator.

You can view the undealt cards and the deck. This feature sets CoinPoker apart from other casinos.

coinpoker token price prediction

What factors can influence the CoinPoker Token Price?

We can expect heavy influence from the general crypto market. That means more people will be open to buying the CHP token if the crypto market is bullish. The reverse will occur when the market is bearish.

Besides market sentiment, several factors can push CHP’s price up or down. They include the following:

Growing Gaming Token Adoption

Many investors are turning to play-to-earn game tokens. These offer potential long-term returns because players will be drawn to the play-to-earn ecosystems.

The gaming token adoption cycle will likely rub off on CoinPoker. That means investors will turn to it as a viable option for their portfolio. Most importantly, the CoinPoker Casino has survived for over five years. This makes it a promising long term crypto investment. 

A Growing CoinPoker Community

CoinPoker Casino boasts over 60,000 players in its poker games and tournaments. It also boasts a growing community on its social media channels.

This growth will push demand for upward price pressure. While we can’t ascertain the number of tokens in circulation as of this writing, we expect demand pressure on the supply. That will influence the token’s price and push it upward.

The Growing Demand for Utility

Tokens with utility often have a predictable trajectory for long-term investors. People are more aware of rug pulls and scams in the crypto industry. Hence, they search for tokens with utility and real-world applications.

The CHP token will likely pop up on their radar. It connects with a functioning online casino and provides benefits to the holders. That will influence its price as investors seek sustainable coins for their portfolios.

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Where to Buy $CHP Token (Detailed Buying Guide)

CHP is available for purchase on QuickSwap. You can buy it with USDT tokens. You don’t need to register with the casino to purchase CHP, but you can only use it in the casino.

where to buy coinpoker token

Here are the steps to buy $CoinPoker:

Step 1: Open and Fund an ETH-compatible Wallet

USDT and CHP are ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, you can store them in an ETH wallet. Download your preferred wallet on your mobile device or use the wallet extension in your browser.

Go to any centralized or decentralized exchange to purchase USDT. Purchase enough, depending on how many CHP tokens you want to buy.

Step 2: Open QuickSwap Through the Casino Website

coinpoker token price

Go to the official CoinPoker Casino website. Scroll to the section on “Obtain CHP.” Then, click “Get CHP on Quickswap. That should take you to the exchange platform for the purchase.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to QuickSwap

The USDT/CHP pair will load automatically after connecting your wallet. Input the amount of USDT tokens for the purchase. You’ll see the equivalent CHP tokens before completing the transaction. Note that gas fees may apply.

Complete the Purchase

Authorize the transaction from your wallet. You should receive the CHP tokens immediately. You can check the transaction on etherscan to make sure that it was successful. 

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CoinPoker Price Prediction – Conclusion

CHP’s restricted use in the casino is its biggest drawback. Hence, we don’t envision wide swings in our CoinPoker token price prediction. The price will rise steadily, but day traders will find trading challenging. The token is most suitable from long term crypto investors who are interested in using CHP to play at the CoinPoker casino.

If the casino continues to attract players and expand its offerings, we can see the value of CHP climbing up over time.

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