15 Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023

If you’re looking to target huge gains during the current bear market – crypto presales could be the way to go. You’ll be investing in a brand-new crypto project before lists on exchanges, meaning you’ll secure the lowest price possible.

Many presales have had success in 2023 – including Sui’s 1,600% upside after launching on exchanges. In this guide, we reveal the 15 best crypto presales to invest in right now for maximum upside.

List of the Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Today

Here’s a quick overview of the 15 best crypto presales to invest in today:

  1. Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) – Recently launched on presale, $BTCETF has raised over $70K in two days. This new crypto offers high staking yields and will burn 25% of its token supply. $BTCETF is priced at $0.005 on its first presale round.
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – High-quality presale targets BTC mining through Ethereum smart contracts, redefining the industry and making it easily accessible to anybody though an integrated dash. Presale raised over $100,000 within hours of launching and presently offers rocket APY of 77,112%
  3. Meme Kombat (MK) – A new style of presale that combines the world’s most famous memes and pits them against one another (Shiba vs. Doge, Floki vs. Pepe, etc.). The founder of this project has revealed his identity and it further offers 112% PoS APY rewards, as well as a variety of betting options on combat outcomes,
  4. TG.Casino (TGC) – Top ERC20 presale allows for crypto casino access directly through Telegram, with instant withdrawals and deposits. No KYC is required and this presale offers an APY above 2,000%, having raised over $200,000 within 5 days of launch.
  5. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Wall Street Memes has had one of the most successful crypto presales this year raising over $25 million. Elon Musk has previously interacted with this project and it is live on OKX, with more large exchanges likely to follow in the near future. Tokens can be purchased OTC via the presale website.
  6. eTukTuk (TUK) – This presale project is revolutionizing transportation in the developing world. It manufactures electric vehicle (EV) tuk-tuks that are compatible with OCPP 2.0.1 charging stations. This means that its EV tuk-tuks already have access to a global charging network. While eco-friendly and sustainable materials are used to build its fleet, eTukTuks are affordable. The initial presale round is offering a huge discount of 40% – but only on the first $120,000 raised.
  7. Chimpzee (CHMPZ) – Chimpzee is an eco-friendly crypto presale that offers various passive income streams. CHMPZ holders can stake their tokens at an APY of up to 20%, earn play-to-earn rewards, and receive a share of NFT trading fees. Chimpzee receives a small share of generated rewards, which it uses for good causes. This includes combating animal poaching and fighting deforestation. The Chimpzee presale is currently offering a 4x bonus to early investors.
  8. Scorpion Casino (SCORP) – Scorpion Casino is a crypto-centric gambling site supporting hundreds of games. This includes table games, slots, live dealers, and sports betting. SCORP tokens fuel the casino and offer holders lots of perks – such as bonuses and staking rewards. While SCORP will be listed at $0.05 after the presale, it’s currently priced at just $0.018. This translates to an immediate upside of over 177%. Presale investors will also receive an additional bonus of 40% – paid in casino credits.
  9. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Launchpad XYZ is building a decentralized ecosystem for Web 3.0 assets. Developed with consumers in mind, this will include exclusive NFTs, access to private presales, and fractional real estate. Launchpad XYZ also helps beginners make informed crypto trading decisions. It provides AI-backed trading signals to VIP members, outlining the crypto coin, entry price, and take-profit. The Launchpad XYZ presale is in full flow, having already raised $1.7 million.
  10. yPredict (YPRED) – There’s a lot of hype surrounding the yPredict presale, which has raised almost $3.9 million so far. This project is building a marketplace for predictive models. Each model is built by a quant and/or data scientist and then rented to the yPredict community. This includes predictive models for automated trading signals and chart pattern insights. yPredict models operate autonomously through AI and machine learning. Those holding YPRED tokens will receive a share of predictive model sales.
  11. Kryptview (KVT) – This crypto presale – which is scheduled for November 2023, has built a data aggregation platform. It provides real-time data points on thousands of cryptocurrencies but with a difference – Kryptview is a peer-to-peer project. This means that data is provided by the Kryptview community, who are rewarded for their input with KVT tokens. The Kryptview presale will sell 12.5% of the total supply. Tokens will be priced at $0.05 each.
  12. Tezos Domains (TED) – Tezos Domains is a blockchain project that enables users to create simplified domain names. Not only are domain names secured on the Tezos blockchain, but they also represent wallet addresses. For example, a user could create ‘Alice.tez’ and use this to receive tokens. purchased domains are backed by unique NFTs. The Tezos Domains presale is scheduled for September 25th, 2023.
  13. Klubcoin (KLUB) – This crypto project is creating a sea-change in the nightclub scene. Its native token, KLUB, can be used for payment at partnered locations, including Amnesia Ibiza, Caprices Festival, Eden Ibiza, and Pacha Barcelona. What’s more, token holders earn rewards when visiting nightclubs and have access to exclusive events. The Klubcoin presale will begin in October 2023. The initial funding round will sell 15% of the total supply at $0.012 per KLUB.
  14. Cookie3 (COOKIE) – Cookie3 has built a data analytics protocol for the Web 3.0 space. It enables users to generate key insights on user behaviors, including token transactions and NFT mints. Supported networks include Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. The Cookie3 presale will sell 6% of the total supply at $0.14 per COOKIE.
  15. Mar3 AI (MAR3) – This presale project has developed an AI-backed tool for marketing campaigns. Users can create marketing strategies, find niche audiences, and assess ROIs through simple text prompts. This is expected to streamline the end-to-end process for marketers. Mar3 AI has completed its private and seed rounds, so next up is its public ICO.

A Closer Look at the Best New Crypto Presales

We’ll now review the best crypto presales for 2023. We cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision. This includes the objectives of the project, its presale and listing prices, and the risks and potential upside.

1. Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) – Best Crypto Presale, Set to Increase by 36% and Burn 25% of the Token Supply

Our top pick for the best crypto presale is Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF). This new cryptocurrency is created to celebrate the potential arrival of the first Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund). 

What is Bitcoin ETF Token

Currently, $BTCETF, the native token, is priced at $0.005 during its first presale stage. In only two days, the presale has raised more than $70K. Bitcoin ETF Token is allocating 40% of its 2.1 billion token supply across ten presale rounds and has set a presale hard cap of $4.965 million. 

Bitcoin ETF Token has set 5 milestones that relate to the progress of the Bitcoin ETF launch. Upon the completion of each milestone – the cryptocurrency will burn 5% of its token supply. Thus, the deflationary tokenomics can help make it a valuable long-term investment. 

Some of the milestones include the official launch of the Bitcoin ETF, and Bitcoin reaching $100K. There will be 5 burning events (based on the completion of 5 milestones) – through which 25% of the token supply will be removed. Token holders can also get staking rewards after each burning event. 

Investors can buy $BTCETF on presale, and instantly stake their holdings through a verified smart contract. At the time of writing, the annual staking yields are set at a little over 2,500%. The yield will decrease as more tokens are staked on the smart contract. 

Bitcoin ETF Token staking

This new presale will consist of ten rounds in total. By the final stage, the price will increase to $0.0068 per token. This equates to a 36% price increase from current levels. Interested investors can buy the tokens at earlier stages before the price keeps rising.

For more information, read the Bitcoin ETF Token whitepaper and join the Telegram channel

Hard Cap $4.956 Million
Total Tokens 2.1 Billion
Tokens available in presale 840 Million
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase None
Purchase with USDT, ETH, Card

2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Top Crypto Presale With World’s First Stake-To-Mine Ecosystem & 77,112% APY

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a high-potential crypto presale that has just launched, raising over $100k within hours and offering sky-high yields of 77,112%. These yields will come down with time, but showcase the potential this project has. 

This is an innovative presale that targets Bitcoin’s inefficient mining system. It offers a new way to earn rewards from Bitcoin mining with no specialized knowledge required. The upfront investment is just $10. 

In comparison, a Bitcoin mining rig can cost 1000x more, at $10,000. And that is not mentioning the electricity costs, or the fact that a lot of knowledge is necessary in relation to maintenance and running the hardware profitably. 

Bitcoin Minetrix allows users to run a miniature mining rig from the comfort of their desktop, with a neat dashboard providing an overview of the performance. A mobile application will also be launched in the future, meaning that people can check their mining performance on the fly. 

It only takes a few clicks to stake, burn, and withdraw tokens. The $BTCMTX token is staked in return for cloud credits. These credits represent BTC hashing power, which are burned for rewards. It makes Bitcoin mining as easy as it could possible be, with no knowledge required and a $10 investment. 

There isn’t even a requirement to download an application, as it is (currently) browser-based. Early presale investors will benefit from a discounted price of $0.011 in stage one, which is set to increase to $0.0119 in the final stage. The total hard cap for this project is $32 million, with 2.8 billion of the 4 billion token supply available in presale. 

This is a transparent presale that is entering an untapped BTC mining industry through Ethereum, something we have not seen before. It could revolutionize how we see Bitcoin mining and help to make the industry accessible to anybody with a computer or mobile, and the willingness to learn. 

This campaign has further undergone a thorough third party smart contract audit, and has scored top marks. 

Key details can be obtained from the official Bitcoin Minetrix Whitepaper, as well as the project socials (Twitter and Telegram). 

Crypto $MK
Total Tokens 4 Billion
Tokens available in presale 2.8 Billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Bank Card

3. Meme Kombat (MK) – Stake to Earn Meme Presale With 112% APY, Leverages AI and Blockchain For Token Combat

Meme Kombat ($MK) is definitely one of the top new presales on the market with 112% APY and a great concept that features the world’s most successful memes – Doge, Floki, Baby Doge, Milady, Kishu, Mong, Pepe, Pepe 2, Shiba, Sponge, and Wojack.

There is a variety of betting options as well as side bets for those looking for more niche options. 

Meme Kombat allows for automated battles, wagering, and passive income, providing three core elements of a successful presale. The essential purpose is not merely to buy and stake your tokens – it’s to bet on your favorite meme warriors and possibly earn further rewards depending on skill, and how well the odds are assessed. You can also earn a cool 112% APY just by staking coins. 

In terms of tokenomics, there are 12 million $MK tokens. 50% (6 million $MK) go to the presale at a price of $1.667, for an overall hard cap of $10 million. Of the remainder, 30% go to staking and battle rewards. 10% to community rewards. And the final 10% to DEX liquidity. So the founders have not withheld any tokens for themselves. 

This could be the evolution of the meme coin industry. Instead of single tokens, it features meme vs. meme kombat – and meme coins are known for their powerful communities. 

The project has also gone beyond the call of duty with regard to the graphics – whether you prepare Pepe or Doge, you’ll find the design stays true to the original.

The campaign also has a founder who has revealed his identity, and it has also undertaken a smart contract audit for increased transparency.  

For more details on Meme Kombat, join the socials Telegram and Twitter, and read the whitepaper.

Hard Cap $10,000,000
Total Tokens 12,000,000
Tokens available in presale 6,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $5
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB

4. TG.Casino ($TGC) – New Telegram-Powered Crypto Casino With Zero KYC, Raises Over $200K In 5 Days

TG.Casino ($TGC) is a new kind of crypto casino that is accessible 100% through Telegram.

Deposits and withdrawals are instant and the presale abides by a no-KYC policy – meaning that all users need to do is deposit some crypto to get started, provided they have a working Telegram account.   

This is a new paradigm in terms of accessibility and usability. The barriers to entry to the crypto casino industry are practically non-existent. Similar to Mega Dice bitcoin casino, there is no need for a username and password, as it’s all done through Telegram. Many are also fed up with KYC procedures, red tape, and trying to remember login details for numerous applications. 

The project also offers APY above 2,000% and has raised more than $200,000 within 5 days of launching its new presale. A percentage of casino profits are used to buy back and burn the token, resulting in price appreciation. Another percentage is given back to the community in the form of rewards. 

In this way, TG.Casino aims to do more than just providing next-generation market access through Telegram. It is redefining the gambling industry by allowing players to take part in the profits. The Whitepaper outlines this in detail, as the casino industry has historically been very one-sided in terms of rewards. 

Regarding the presale, there are a total of 40 million tokens at a price of $0.125, for an overall hard cap of $5 million.

It is best to get in early as the yields will drop and the price could rise after the presale completes.

For more information, consult the Telegram and Twitter accounts. 

Hard Cap $5,000,000
Total Tokens 100,000,000
Tokens available in presale 40,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $5
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB

5. Wall Street Memes – Completed Presale With 1M Social Followers [Now Live on OKX] 

We’re ranking Wall Street Memes as a top crypto investment.  Wall Street Memes has had one of the most successful presale raises this year, raising over $25 million with over 1 million social followers. It has just launched on a large T1 exchange – OKX.

Therefore, you won’t have long to wait to target a presale profit. If you’re new to Wall Street Memes, here’s some background information on the project. In a nutshell, Wall Street Memes create and share anti-established memes on social media. It took inspiration from the WallStreetBets frenzy, which saw heavily-shorted stocks like AMC and GameStop generate huge gains.

And in doing so, short-sellers on Wall Street lost billions of dollars. The concept of Wall Street Memes is well received; it has more than one million followers across its social channels. This translates to 40 million impressions every month. This unprecedented global audience has even caught the eye of Elon Musk.

WSM presale


For example, the project shared a meme on Twitter about central bank money printing. The Twitter meme was commented on by Elon Musk – who replied ‘Literally’. In another Twitter post, Wall Street Memes shared a video of Elon Musk talking about the impending Tesla CEO. Once again, Musk replied to the meme – simply commenting with a laughing emoji.

So why does Elon Musk’s engagement with Wall Street Memes matter? For a start, Musk’s regular Tweets of Dogecoin in 2021 saw the original meme coin explode in value. After all, having the world’s richest person back a cryptocurrency offers real-time credibility. And of course, Elon Musk has over 157 million Twitter followers.

So anything Musk likes or comments on is typically seen by millions of people. However, just because Musk has engaged with Wall Street Memes, this doesn’t mean its presale tokens will make you a profit. On the contrary, this project is purely a meme coin without any utility – so you’ll need to consider the risks.

Wall Street Memes presale

This token can be purchased on the OKX exchange as well as OTC through the website.

It is expected that more exchanges will list this coin in the near future.

Hard Cap $30,577,000
Total Tokens 2,000,000,000
Tokens available in presale 1,000,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 WSM
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Bank Card

6. eTukTuk – Shaping the Future of Transportation in the Developing World Through EV Tuk-Tuks        

eTukTuk is also one of the best crypto presales for sustainable investors. While it doesn’t have charitable causes, eTukTuk is creating a sea-change in transportation. Put simply, the project manufacturers tuk-tuks but with a difference – they function on electric energy rather than fossil fuels.

This is a huge target market, considering that the vast majority of tuk-tuks operate internal combustion engines. These are extremely bad for the environment, so eTukTuks are helping combat rising carbon emissions. Not only that, but eTukTuks are built with sustainable materials in the Asian region. This makes eTukTuks affordable; which is crucial for its concept to truly takeoff.

eTukTuk presale

Another benefit is that eTukTuks are manufactured as OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant. In simple terms, this means its EV tuk-tuks are compatible with existing charging networks. Therefore, eTukTuks are ready for a streamlined rollout. The project will initially target the Sri Lankan market, which is where eTukTuk is headquartered.

It will then expand into other Asian and African economies. This means that for the greatest upside, eTukTuk is a long-term play. That said, even if you’re a short-term trader, you’ll like the presale discount that’s currently available. Right now, you’ll pay just $0.024 per TUK token. This represents a 40% discount for stage-one investors.

Token symbol TUK
Presale supply 200,000,000 TUK
Token type BEP-20
Payment methods ETH, BNB, USDC, USDT, ADA
Listing price Not stated

7. Chimpzee – Combine Investment Returns While Fighting Deforestation and Animal Poaching [Presale Discount of 43%] 

If you’re a sustainable investor with an interest in funding good causes, the Chimpzee presale is worth checking out. Put simply, the project allows investors to target attractive returns while fighting deforestation and animal poaching. Chimpzee has already proven its passion for these causes – it recently donated funds to combat Elephant poachers in Africa.

It also donated funds to plant over 13,000 new trees in Guatemala and Brazil. Many other green causes are in the pipeline. In the meantime, Chimpzee is in the midst of its presale campaign. Currently, CHMPZ tokens are priced at just $0.00105. Once the presale finishes, CHMPZ will be listed on crypto exchanges at $0.00185.

Chimpzee presale

This means that by investing in the presale, you’ll secure a 47% discount. However, Chimpzee is also offering extra bonuses in the current round. Those investing today will bring their presale price down to $0.0008. So, this increases the presale discount to 56%. What’s more, Chimpzee has developed several ways to earn passive income while holding its tokens.

This includes a fully-fledged staking facility with APYs of up to 20%. Chimpzee has also built a play-to-earn game. Not only is the game fun to play but it allows you to earn CHMPZ tokens. Chimpzee is also building an NFT marketplace. As a CHMPZ token holder, you’ll receive a share of NFT trading fees. The Chimpzee presale accepts ETH, USDT, and Visa/MasterCard payments.

Token symbol CHMPZ
Total supply 200 Billion
Presale supply 40 Billion
Network Ethereum (ERC20)
Purchase methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card

8. Scorpion Casino – Regulated Online Casino With a Native Utility Token [Current Presale Upside of 177%]     

Scorpion Casino is a regulated online casino that specializes in digital assets. It allows players to gamble cryptocurrencies on blackjack, roulette, slots, and other popular casino games. It also has a sportsbook with live betting markets. Unlike traditional operators, Scorpion Casino offers KYC-free accounts and almost instant payouts.

This will appeal to gamblers who are tired of having to upload countless verification documents and wait days to be paid out. As a crypto-centric platform, Scorpion Casino has also developed a utility token, SCORP. This offers token holders staking rewards, bonuses, and other perks within the Scorpion Casino ecosystem.

Scorpion Casino presale

From an investment perspective, SCORP allows you to gain exposure to the growth of cryptocurrency gambling. The Scorpion Casino presale is already in full flow, having raised more than $1 million. There’s a huge incentive to invest in its presale at the earliest stage possible. For a start, the current presale price is just $0.018.

Scorpion Casino will list SCORP tokens on exchanges at $0.05 after the presale finishes. As such, there’s a 177% upside available today based on these price points. What’s more, presale investors are further incentivized with a casino credit bonus. Up to 40% of the presale investment amount will be awarded and the casino credits come without wagering requirements.

Token symbol SCORP
Presale supply 200,000,000 SCORP
Token type BEP-20
Payment methods ETH, USDT, BNB
Listing price $0.05

9. Launchpad XYZ – Consumer-Focused Ecosystem for Web 3.0 Investments and Insights  

Launchpad XYZ is simplifying the Web 3.0 movement for the average citizen. This consumer-focused project is developing an all-in-one ecosystem that helps beginners make informed decisions. For example, its private Telegram channel offers trading signals. These are trading suggestions that tell memes which cryptocurrencies could be about to explode.

Each signal comes with a suggested buy price, plus a stop-loss and take-profit. According to Launchpad XYZ, its signals secured gains of 29x, 10x, and 11x this month. The three cryptocurrencies it tipped were Elon 2.0, Echoes, and Wagiebot, respectively. That said, its trading signals are just a small part of the broader Launchpad XYZ ecosystem.

Launchpad XYZ review

For example, it will also create a marketplace for fractional assets. Stores of value like real estate and fine art will be tokenized, enabling consumers to invest in small amounts. Launchpad XYZ is also building a decentralized exchange. Not only will this list fractional assets but also NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The project is also offering premium services to those holding a Launchpad XYZ NFT.

This includes access to private presale campaigns. Premium members can also test play-to-earn games and metaverse experiences before they launch. LPX is the utility token that fuels the Launchpad XYZ platform. It offers many benefits, especially to those staking their tokens. For example, discounted trading fees and a higher allocation in private presales.

LPX also offers exposure to the growth of the project. This is because, after the Launchpad XYZ presale, the tokens will trade on exchanges. As it completes each phase of its roadmap, this could encourage new investors to buy LPX tokens. In the meantime, you can buy LPX at presale prices. Currently, you’ll pay just $0.0445, which offers a 17% discount. Over $1.7 million has already been raised.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $12.5 million
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

10. yPredict – AI and Machine Learning Predictive Models Built by Data Scientists and Quants [Nearly $3.9 Million Raised]  

If you’re more of a long-term investor and are prepared to HODL – yPredict could be the best crypto presale for you. In a nutshell, yPredict is building a decentralized hub for AI and machine learning predictive models. In more simple terms, its models will enable cryptocurrency investors to make streamlined trading decisions.

Developed by independent data scientists and quants, yPredict models come in many shapes and sizes. For instance, some specialize in real-time trading signals. The model scans the markets around the clock and then suggests which cryptocurrencies could be about to explode. There are also yPredict models that fast-track the technical analysis process.

yPredict preview

Through chart pattern recognition, traders are notified when an indicator reading has been triggered. The trader can then decide whether or not to trade the signal. In addition to trading, yPredict prediction models are also suitable for other industries. This includes healthcare and supply chain, not to mention HR and financial services.

As a long-term project, yPredict has a sustainable revenue model. Here’s how it works; Developers submit their predictive model to yPredict, which is then tested by the community. If approved, the model will then be sold on the yPredict marketplace. This will be a monthly subscription system.

While the majority of subscription fees go to the developer behind the model, a small percentage is kept by yPredict. What’s more, those staking its native token, YPRED, will also receive a small share of the proceeds. YPRED is the only accepted payment method on yPredict, so it has a solid utility. The yPredict presale has raised nearly $3.9 million so far. Currently, presale investors will get a 16% discount.

Presale Started February 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $6,507,511
Min Investment 200 $YPRED
Max Investment None

11. Kryptview – Peer-to-Peer Data Aggregation Platform With Community Rewards

Kryptview is an upcoming crypto presale scheduled for November 2023. This project has built a peer-to-peer data aggregation website that specializes in cryptocurrencies. While similar to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Kryptview operates a decentralized model. This means that data is provided by its community – ensuring integrity and consensus.

Kryptview ICO

What’s more, Kryptview rewards users in KVT tokens when providing data points. As the Kryptview community grows, this will enable users to assess market sentiment scores. The Kryptview presale has allocated 12.5% of the total supply to early investors. KVT tokens will be priced at $0.05 each. Only BNB will be accepted as payment.

Token symbol KVT
Presale supply 37,352,941
Token type BEP-20
Payment methods BNB
Initial ICO price $0.05

12. Tezos Domains – NFT-Backed Domain Name Services for the Tezos Blockchain

Tezos Domains is a newly founded project offering domain name services on the Tezos blockchain. Put simply, users can buy a simplified domain name with the ‘.tez’ extension. After purchasing a domain, it’s backed by a unique NFT. This proves ownership for the user and enables them to sell the domain further down the line.

Tezos Domains presale

Tezos Domains can also be used as wallet addresses. This removes the need to use long and complex addresses when receiving funds. Instead, users can simply transfer funds to the purchased domain. The Tezos Domains presale is scheduled for September 25th, 2023. 100 million TED tokens will be sold, representing 11% of the total supply. TED tokens will be priced at $0.04 each.

Token symbol TED
Presale supply 100,000,000
Token type TEZOS
Payment methods USDT, USDC
Initial ICO price $0.04

13. Klubcoin – Nightclub-Centric Ecosystem With Party-to-Earn Rewards and Exclusive Events 

Klubcoin is revolutionizing the nightclub industry with its own ecosystem token, KLUB. In a nutshell, KLUB tokens can be used as payment at partnered nightclubs. And in doing so, party-to-earn rewards will be earned. KLUB tokens also provide access to exclusive parties, meet-and-greets, and DJ experiences.

Klubcoin presale

Although this is a new crypto project, Klubcoin has already formed notable partnerships with popular European nightclubs. This includes Amnesia Ibiza, Caprices Festival, Eden Ibiza, and Pacha Barcelona. More partnerships are being lined up. In the meantime, you can invest in the Klubcoin presale in October 2023. The project is selling 15% of its total supply, which will initially raise $685,000.

Token symbol KLUB
Presale supply 57,083,333
Token type ERC-20
Payment methods USDC, USDT
Initial ICO price $0.012

14. Cookie3 – Real-Time Blockchain Analytics and Insights for the Web 3.0 Industry   

Cookie3 is building a data analytics platform for the Web 3.0 space. Millions of transactions are collected from Web 3.0 wallets and packaged into relatable insights. This enables researchers to extract transactions related to trading, NFT mints, staking, and other Web 3.0 products. In doing so, researchers can assess broader market sentiment and trends.

Cookie3 presale

The Cookie3 protocol will support multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Although Cookie3 will eventually charge for its service, it’s currently offering access to its private beta launch. The Cookie3 presale is selling six million COOKIE tokens, which is 6% of the total supply. Each COOKIE token will be priced at $0.14. The presale start date is yet to be announced.

Token symbol COOKIE
Presale supply 6,000,000
Token type ERC-20
Payment methods TBA
Initial ICO price $0.14

15. Mar3 AI – Create AI-Backed Marketing Campaigns Through Text Prompts         

Mar3 AI is a new cryptocurrency project that’s streamlining the marketing campaign for small businesses. The end-to-end campaign process can be created via artificial intelligence. Users simply need to give text prompts to the Mar3 AI bot. For example, users can tell Mar3 AI their marketing objectives and the bot can give information on pricing and target audiences.


Mar3 AI can also help with SEO practices, advertising strategies, and suggestions on cost-cutting. Mar3 AI has already completed its seed and private stages, so its upcoming ICO will be launched in Q4 2023. It’s looking to raise just $150,000, so the ICO is likely to sell out fast. 6,818,181 MAR3 tokens will be sold at $0.022 each.

Token symbol MAR3
ICO supply 6,818,181
Token type BEP-20
Payment methods Not stated, but likely BNB
Initial ICO price $0.022

Our Methodology When Rating Crypto Presales

There are new crypto presales launching every day. This means that we spent countless hours shortlisting and researching a significant number of projects. We have a proven methodology that enables us to separate the good from the bad.

  • Shortlisting Presales and Whitepaper Analysis: Initially, we’ll manually read the presale’s whitepaper and assess its objectives and roadmap targets. We’ll also assess whether the presale’s smart contract has been audited and if this yielded any vulnerabilities or risks.
  • Tokenomics and Presale Financials: We analyze the presale project’s tokenomics extensively. This includes its initial and total supplies, taxation, and how many tokens will be allocated for the presale. We also assess how the presale funds will be used by the project. Importantly, we analyze whether there are any presale discounts available and what upside early investors can expect. What’s more, we’ll evaluate how well the presale has gone so far if it’s already launched. If the presale is selling its allocation quickly, this is a good sign. But if the fundraising process is struggling to attract investors, this is a red flag.
  • Partnerships and Notable Investors: Our methodology also explores whether the crypto presale has any notable partnerships. For example, if a presale has the backing of an established blue-chip company, this is a very good sign. What’s more, if the presale has well-known advisors or investors on board, this is also positive. We’ll verify the claims made by the presale project to ensure they are legitimate.
  • Market Sentiment: When researching the best crypto presales, we look at the broader market sentiment. This is a very important part of our methodology, as the markets often move in trends. For example, meme coins are all the rage in 2023. Furthermore, we’ll analyze social media to see which presales are gaining traction. Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram are great sources.
  • Upside Potential: While the upside potential can be difficult to assess, there are some key metrics we look for. First, we prefer crypto presales with a small market capitalization. This gives the project lots of room to grow once it lists on exchanges. We’ll also assess which exchanges the presale token will list on. If the token is listed on tier-one exchanges with a huge audience, our methodology scores it highly. But if it’s a small decentralized exchange, the upside could be limited.

What Are Crypto Presales?  

Crypto presales, also known as initial coin offerings (ICOs), allow newly founded blockchain projects to raise funds from investors. This is similar to a traditional startup raising funds from venture capitalists. But instead of giving up equity in a company, crypto presales provide investors with their native tokens.

These tokens are yet to launch to the public, meaning they don’t trade on crypto exchanges. This means that early investors can buy the presale tokens at the earliest stage possible. This offers a first-mover advantage for growth investors, as exposure to the project is secured from the ground up.

What’s more, the best crypto presales incentivize early investors. For example, presale investors often get a discounted cost price. This is similar to investing in an initial public offering (IPO) before it is listed on a stock exchange. Therefore, presale investors can secure an immediate upside before the tokens are sold to the public.

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The presale investment process is relatively straightforward. Most presales sell their newly created tokens in exchange for established cryptocurrencies. This is usually Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and BNB (BNB). We found that some of the best crypto presales also accept Visa and MasterCard. If you choose this option, you’ll need to go through a KYC process.

After you’ve invested in a crypto presale, you normally need to wait for it to finish before receiving your tokens. These will be transferred to the wallet you used when making the presale investment. After the presale is over, the project will list the tokens on an exchange. If the presale has done a good job marketing its project, the exchange listing could generate significant returns.

For example, Sui is one of the best success stories of 2023 – it grew by over 1,600% after listing on an exchange. However, many presales do the opposite – they decline in value after their exchange listing. Therefore, you’ll need to consider the high-risk nature of presales before investing.

Understanding How Crypto Presales Work in 2023 

We’re now going to explain how crypto presales work in a lot more detail. If you’re a beginner, it’s important you read through these sections. In doing so, you’ll have a firm grasp of what to expect before making a presale investment.

Key Points on Crypto Presales

Here’s a quick overview of the crypto presale investment process:

  • A new blockchain startup is formed. The project creates a new cryptocurrency token via an existing network, such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.
  • The project will create a whitepaper and begin marketing its presale. Investors can read the whitepaper to assess the viability of the project.
  • Once the presale launches, investors can buy the newly created token. The presale will usually accept ETH, USDT, BNB, and other popular cryptocurrencies.
  • After the presale is over, you will receive your tokens. The project will then list its tokens on a crypto exchange. This enables people to buy and sell the token, which will impact its market value.

Initial Stage – New Concept and Smart Contract Development 

Crypto presales are associated with new blockchain startups. The project will usually have an objective and claim to solve a real-world problem. For instance, eTukTuk is manufacturing EV tuk-tuks for the developing world. The problem it solves is two-fold; its EV tuk-tuks help combat rising pollution levels and they are more cost-effective to purchase and run.

That said, some blockchain startups are aligned with meme coins. While they don’t solve any existing problems, meme coins are all about hype. For example, Pepe grew by over 7,000% earlier in 2023 in less than a month of launching. Pepe is nothing more than a meme coin inspired by Pepe the Frog.

Irrespective of the use cases or objectives, projects will develop a brand-new cryptocurrency token before launching their presale. The token will usually operate on top of an established blockchain like Ethereum. A smart contract will be developed, which is unique to the presale project. This outlines the tokenomics of the new token, such as:

  • The total supply of the tokens
  • The rate that new tokens will enter circulation
  • Whether any tokens will be locked (for example, those held by the team)
  • Transaction taxes, if any

The smart contract process is very important. If there are any vulnerabilities in the code, this could lead to issues for the project. This is why the best crypto presales have their smart contracts audited by a third party.

Presale Launch Allocation, Pricing, and Caps  

New crypto launches will usually allocate a percentage of the total supply to the presale. Once again, this is similar to the stock IPO process. For example, when Tesla held its IPO in 2010, it sold approximately 13.3 million shares. This represents just 14% of the overall shares in supply.

Similarly, the Wall Street Memes presale is offering 1 billion WSM tokens, which is 50% of the total supply. Like most presales, the balance will be used for operational expenses, marketing, exchange liquidity, and reserves. It’s important to know the presale allocation, as this allows you to estimate the market capitalization once it is listed on exchanges.

What is the Hard Cap in a Crypto Presale?

  • When you invest in crypto presales, you’ll often come across the term ‘hard cap’.
  • The hard cap is the maximum amount of capital the presale wants to raise.  Hard caps are in place to ensure the project doesn’t unnecessarily raise too much.
  • Once the hard is reached, the presale will end. The tokens will then be listed on crypto exchanges.
  • If the hard cap isn’t reached, the presale will end on a pre-scheduled date.
  • However, if the ‘soft cap’ isn’t reached, then the presale will not have raised its minimum target. In this instance, the project will likely return the presale funds it raised.

Not only will the crypto project set a presale allocation, but it will likely have multiple stages too. This means that each presale stage will have a different cost price. This is usually staggered, so the earlier the investment, the lower the presale price.

For example:

  • The yPredict presale is currently in stage seven and is priced at $0.10 per YPRED token. Once the current batch sells, stage eight will kick in. This will increase the price by 10% to $0.11.
  • Similarly, the Chimpzee presale is currently in stage 12, which prices CHMPZ tokens at $0.00105. By the next stage, the price will have increased by 4.7% to $0.0011.

Therefore, if you’re passionate about a presale project, it’s wise to complete your investment as early as possible. This should, however, only be after you have done your due diligence and considered the risks.

The Presale Investment Process 

Now that we’ve covered the financials of a crypto presale, let’s run through the investment process. In most cases, crypto presales are run on the project’s website. This removes the need for third parties, as investors can purchase presale tokens directly. This reduces friction, fees, and processing times.

Wall Street Memes presale

In terms of payment methods, most presales accept established cryptocurrencies. This is usually ETH, USDT, and/or BNB. To invest, you’ll also need to have a crypto wallet. The most popular crypto wallets for presales include MetaMask and Trust Wallet. But many other wallets can be used.

After connecting your wallet to the presale website, you’ll be asked for the investment amount. This is the number of cryptocurrency tokens that you want to exchange. For example, if you invested 1 ETH into the Wall Street Memes presale, you’d receive 47,705 WSM tokens. After typing in your preferred amount, the equivalent number of presale tokens will be shown.

Once you confirm the investment, the cryptocurrencies will be transferred from your wallet to the presale. At this stage, there’s nothing else to do until the presale is over.

Can I Invest in a Crypto Presale With Fiat Money?

  • Although presales are legal, projects cannot directly accept fiat money from investors.
  • If they do, the presale could be viewed as a security offering, as explained by the SEC. In this instance, the presale would require approval from national regulators.
  • However, this isn’t easy to enforce, considering that presales operate without borders.
  • What’s more, some presales get around these restrictions by using an independent payment processor.
  • For example, Wall Street Memes uses Transak, which enables presale investors to use Visa or MasterCard. Transak takes care of the KYC process to ensure that Wall Street Memes remains compliant with anti-money laundering regulations.

After the Presale is Over  

Once the presale has reached its conclusion, you will receive your tokens. This will usually be deposited directly into the wallet you used to make the investment. However, some presales require you to claim the tokens manually. This simply means reconnecting your wallet to the presale website.

  • When the tokens are deposited into your wallet, you then need to consider your next move.
  • Most presales will list on a crypto exchange once they are over.
  • If the project has created a lot of hype, it could be listed on tier-one exchanges.
  • These are the largest crypto exchanges for trading volume, such as Binance, Kucoin, and Gate.io.

However, the majority of presales will initially launch on decentralized exchanges. If it’s an Ethereum-based token, Uniswap is usually preferred. If it’s a Binance Smart Chain token, the exchange will likely be PancakeSwap. Either way, the token listing event is a very important part of the crypto presale process.

Once the tokens are listed, the general public can buy them. The hope is that the listing attracts lots of new buyers, allowing the value of the presale token to increase. However, if too many presale investors sell their tokens, the price will decline. In fact, it can decline below the presale price that you paid. These risks should be considered before investing in a presale.

Benefits of Investing in Crypto Presales 

Now we’ve explained how crypto presales work, let’s explore why they could be a good fit for your portfolio.

Discount and Immediate Upside 

Crypto presales incentivize early investors. This is usually through a presale discount, which often results in an immediate upside.

  • For example, if you invest in the Scorpion Casino presale today, you’ll pay $0.018 per token.
  • After the presale, the tokens will be listed on exchanges at $0.05.
  • This translates to a presale discount of 64%.
  • In other words, once SCORP tokens are listed on exchanges, you can sell them at $0.05 – 177% more than you originally paid.

Presale discounts are particularly attractive for short-term investors. This is because there’s no requirement to hold onto the tokens for months or years. Instead, many presale investors will sell their tokens after the exchange listing. This secures a quick profit before moving on to the next presale.

Potential for Huge Returns   

While discounts are attractive, these are often insignificant when compared to the presale’s longer-term potential. This is because most crypto presales will have a small market capitalization – so there’s lots of room for sizable growth. Moreover, some investors wait until presale tokens are listed on exchanges before making a purchase.

Either way, let’s look at some notable examples of what presale campaigns can achieve after their exchange listing.

First, let’s consider one of the most successful presales of all time – Ethereum. When Ethereum held its presale in 2014, investors paid just $0.31 per token (based on BTC/ETH exchange rates at the time). As we now know, Ethereum went on to become the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency for market capitalization. Today, Ethereum is priced at over $1,600 – more than 5,000 times its presale price.

Ethereum price chart

A more recent presale success story is Floki Inu. The presale launched in 2021, selling FLOKI tokens at $0.0000041 each. By November of the same year, FLOKI tokens hit an all-time high of $0.0003437 – over 82 times its presale price.

And then there’s Sui, which we mentioned earlier. This presale cryptocurrency grew by over 1,600% after launching on exchanges. These gains were secured within one day of being listed.

There are many other presale success stories like Ethereum, Floki Inu, and Sui. However, there are also many presales that fail to live up to their expectations. We cover the risks of presales in more detail further down.

Short-Term Returns   

To maximize the upside potential of a presale investment, long-term holdings are often the best strategy. This gives your presale investment enough time to blossom. After all, the markets often respond well when crypto projects hit their roadmap targets.

However, some presales witness rapid growth in the space of a few weeks, before peaking. Then a complete reveal happens and the tokens never recover. The key point is that some of the best crypto presales are ideal for short-term traders.

For example:

  • Suppose you invested in the Tamadoge presale in late 2022.
  • In doing so, you would have paid $0.01 per TAMA token.
  • As per CoinMarketCap data, TAMA was listed on exchanges at $0.02202 – which is an immediate upside of over 100%.
  • Just a week later, TAMA hit an all-time high of almost $0.20.
  • This represents gains of nearly 20x when compared to the initial presale price.

Sui followed a similar trajectory – where it grew by 16x within a day of listing on exchanges. If you see your presale investment follow a similar path, it can be difficult to know when to cash out. After all, nobody knows where or when the peak will be hit.

For instance, Shiba Inu’s rapid growth lasted from August 2020 until October 2021. In contrast, some presale projects might only see growth for a few days before declining. In these circumstances, it’s best to have an exit strategy. This might entail cashing out your original investment once it’s grown by a certain percentage. And then doing additional cashouts as it continues to grow.

Low Barrier to Entry   

When compared to traditional financial markets, crypto presales have a very low barrier to entry. This is because of the anonymous and unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies. In other words, crypto presales do not place restrictions on who can invest. As presale investments are made with other cryptocurrencies, there aren’t any regulatory hurdles to bypass.

Now consider the process of investing in stocks. You’ll need to open an account with a regulated stock broker and complete a KYC process. This means providing personal information and government-issued ID. You might need to wait several days before your documents are verified. If you’re investing larger amounts, you might need to show proof of source of funds.

Crypto presales also cater to investors of all budgets. We found that some of the best crypto presales do not have a minimum investment requirement. This means you can invest any amount you feel comfortable with.

Tips on Selecting the Best Cryptocurrency Presales for Maximum Returns 

Picking the next Ethereum or Shiba Inu is a tall order. The main issue is that there are new crypto presale launches every day. While diversification can help, you won’t be able to invest in all crypto presales. As such, you’ll need to have strict criteria in place to help you choose the best projects.

In the following sections, we discuss the most important factors when researching crypto presale investments.

Whitepaper Analysis 

The whitepaper should tell you everything you need to know about a crypto presale project. Similar to an academic paper, whitepaper should leave no stone unturned. The whitepaper will outline the overall concept of the project, what it aims to achieve, and the real-time problems it solves. Any claims made by the whitepaper should be supported by reliable sources.

In addition, the whitepaper will outline the project’s roadmap. This usually breaks down the project’s operational targets on a quarter-by-quarter basis. The whitepaper also offers insights into the tokenomics of the project.  For example, the number of tokens it’s creating, how many will be sold during the presale, and whether any lock-up periods are in place.

yPredict whitepaper

Crucially, the whitepaper should give you a solid idea of whether the presale has any potential. A well-written and informed whitepaper is always a good sign – it shows that the project is serious about its goals. However, you might also come across whitepapers that are a couple of pages long.

Ultimately, if the project is unable to create an in-depth whitepaper for investors, it likely won’t follow through on any of its promises. On the flip side, a comprehensive whitepaper doesn’t guarantee results. But it’s a good starting point nonetheless.

Token Utility 

It’s also important to assess the ‘utility’ of the crypto token you are investing in. This refers to the use cases of the token. Put otherwise, if the token has a solid utility with actual use cases, people have a reason to purchase it.

  • yPredict offers predictive models, which must be purchased in its native token, YPRED. This means people will need to buy YPRED to access its predictive models, ensuring the tokens have utility.

Some of the best altcoins – especially those in the top 100 for market capitalization, have an identifiable use case. It means that they aren’t simply purchased for speculative reasons.

That being said, there are many top-performing cryptocurrencies that do not have a use case. For example, Shiba Inu grew by millions of percent after its ICO. Dubbed a ‘Dogecoin Killer’, the project was nothing more than a meme coin. But today, Shiba Inu still has a multi-billion dollar valuation.

Favorable Entry Price

When investing in new cryptocurrencies, you’re taking on additional risk. This is because the project is brand new and has little to no track record. In return, you should expect an attractive entry price when investing in crypto presales. This is why the best crypto presales offer a discounted purchase price for early investors. It’s an incentive for the enhanced risk you’re bringing to your portfolio.

For example, suppose a cryptocurrency presale is planning to launch on exchanges at $1. This means that anyone can buy the tokens for $1 once they begin trading. However, as a presale investor, you should expect a more favorable price. After all, you’re locking your investment up for several weeks or months without seeing a return.

eTukTuk, for instance, is offering a 40% discount right for presale investors. This means you’ll pay 40% less than other buyers. Similarly, Chimpzee is offering a 4x bonus to current presale investors. This means you’re getting four times as many tokens as other buyers.

Community Strength and Broader Hype

The only way that you will make money from a crypto presale investment is if the project attracts new buyers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by building a strong community.

Shiba Inu is a great example of this. Although Shiba Inu was marketed as a meme coin alternative to Dogecoin, it had a significant community following. In turn, its community was able to spread the word about Shiba Inu through online channels, such as Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. This in itself creates hype and encourages new investors to jump on board.

Wall Street Memes presale

As such, when searching for the best crypto ICOs, it’s wise to assess the size of the project’s community. If the project is brand new and it already has a strong following, this is a good sign.

For example, the Wall Street Memes community is already at over one million people. What’s more, the project’s memes are viewed over 40 million each month. Not only has this resulted in Wall Street Memes raising over $25 million in presale funding, but its memes have been commented on by Elon Musk. This shows the power that a strong crypto community can have.

Market Capitalization and Upside Potential

To assess the upside potential of a crypto presale investment, you’ll need to know its market capitalization. This is based on the exchange listing price and the number of tokens in circulation.

For example, suppose that after the presale finishes, the tokens will be listed on exchanges at $1 each. There are 5 million tokens in circulation. This means that upon being listed, the project will have a market capitalization of $5 million.

What’s the Fully Diluted Market Cap?

  • When you visit data aggregation websites like CoinMarketCap, you’ll likely see the ‘fully diluted’ market cap.
  • This values cryptocurrencies based on the total number of tokens in supply, not circulation.
  • For example, suppose the project has 10 million tokens in circulation and 20 million in supply. If the token is priced at $1, it has a fully diluted market cap of $20 million.
  • However, the actual market cap is $10 million, as only 10 million tokens are currently in circulation.
  • Ultimately, if tokens aren’t in circulation, they shouldn’t be included in the cryptocurrency’s market cap. As such, you should avoid using the fully diluted market cap, as it offers little value.

Now, you might be wondering what the ideal market capitalization is when investing in a crypto presale. There’s no simple answer to this, as it’s all about the risk-reward spectrum.

For example:

  • Suppose a crypto presale lists on exchanges with a market capitalization of $2 million.
  • With such a small valuation, it wouldn’t need to attract a lot of buying pressure.
  • On the contrary, it could generate huge gains in a very short period of time.
  • For instance, if the tokens increased by 20x, they would still only be valued at $40 million.

Now consider a presale that’s listed on exchanges with a market capitalization of $200 million. It would be a lot harder for the project to grow by 20x. After all, this would require a valuation of $4 billion. Although not impossible, it’s very unlikely.

On the flip side, small-cap cryptocurrencies are a lot more risky. While they can increase very quickly without much buying pressure, the opposite is also true. This means that if presale investors dump their tokens early, it could result in a rapid decline.

Ultimately, you’re likely investing in crypto presales because you want to target huge growth without holding for years. To achieve this, you’ll need to focus on small-cap presales that have a realistic chance of attracting new buyers.

Confirmed Exchange Listings 

Another tactic when searching for the best crypto presales is to assess which exchanges the tokens will be listed on. This will vary considerably depending on the presale.

For example, most crypto presales are unable to secure listing agreements with centralized exchanges. This is because centralized exchanges prefer more established cryptocurrencies. However, there are always exceptions.

  • For instance, Wall Street Memes has already secured multiple exchange listings with tier-one providers.
  • It hasn’t announced the specific exchanges yet due to confidentiality agreements.
  • However, the exchange listings will take place in just over a week, so presale investors won’t need to wait much longer.

Crucially, it’s big news when a brand-new cryptocurrency is able to secure listings with popular exchanges. After all, tier-one exchanges usually have millions of active traders and a trusted reputation.

What is a Tier-One Exchange?

  • While there isn’t a universally accepted definition, tier-one exchanges share characteristics.
  • In most cases, tier-one exchanges attract a significant amount of daily trading volume and liquidity.
  • Moreover, tier-one exchanges have a solid reputation for safety and they’re usually regulated.
  • Most tier-one exchanges can accept fiat money deposits, making it easier for people to invest.
  • Examples of tier-one exchanges include Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Gate.io, and KuCoin.

That being said, rarely do crypto presales secure centralized exchange listings from the get-go, let alone tier-one providers. Instead, most crypto presales list on decentralized exchanges to begin with. This will usually be Uniswap or PancakeSwap, depending on the token’s network.

Pepe listed exchanges

Although decentralized exchanges have much lower liquidity, they still offer plenty of opportunities for growth. And, if the presale token creates hype, centralized exchanges often take notice. For example, although Sui was only launched in May 2023, it’s already listed on some of the world’s largest exchanges – including Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase.

Where to Find New Crypto Presales

Now that you know how to analyze crypto presale investments, we’ll discuss where to find them.

Presale Listing Websites

One of the easiest ways to find upcoming ICOs is to research listing websites. Similar to ICObench, these are websites that list upcoming presales. Each presale listing usually has information about the funding target, token price and allocation, accepted cryptocurrencies, and links to the project’s website. This enables you to do your own research and create a shortlist of potential presale investments.

CoinMarketCap also lists upcoming presales, but these are rarely updated. For example, CoinMarketCap currently has just two presales listed – Kryptview and SOLA-X.


You can also research relevant Reddit forums the find the best crypto presales. A good starting point is the r/ICO subreddit, which has over 50,000 members and discusses some of the best cryptocurrencies on the market. Although the group isn’t super active, there are several posts per week. This ensures that you are not overwhelmed with too much information.

Another option is r/CryptocurrencyICO. This subreddit has an even larger audience of over 185,000 members. New token sales are often posted by the project team, which can then be discussed openly by the Reddit community.

Popular Crypto YouTubers 

Next, create a shortlist of popular YouTubers from the crypto and blockchain niches. Make sure each channel is dedicated to new projects and not established altcoins. This will ensure that your chosen YouTubers are relevant.

Jacob Bury’s YouTube channel is a good example. It’s often the go-to place for finding the best crypto presales, as Bury has picked some of the top-performing projects in recent years. This includes Lucky Block (60x), Tamadoge (20x), and now Wall Street Memes.

Jacob Bury's YouTube channel

TheFinanceValueGuy channel is also worth checking out. Although this YouTuber discusses penny stocks, it also covers new crypto presales. This channel has over 173,000 subscribers and new crypto videos are released frequently.

Telegram Groups 

Some of the best crypto presales are heavily advertised on Telegram. After all, millions of crypto investors use Telegram every day, so it’s a great way to find upcoming presale launches. There are also Telegram groups dedicated exclusively to presales.

For example, some groups will provide daily updates on upcoming launches, alongside links to the respective website. Other groups are more analytical, offering insights and recommendations on the best token sales to invest in.

There isn’t a centralized database of presale Telegram groups. Instead, you’ll need to search for groups using keywords, such as ‘crypto presale’ or ‘‘how to buy ICOs‘. It’s worth focusing on groups with a large following, as there’s more chance of it offering useful information.

That said, you should tread carefully when discussing presales on Telegram. Although popular, Telegram is a hotbed for scammers. If anyone sends you a private message with a link to a presale, never click it – it could be malware.

Risks to Consider Before Investing in a Crypto Presale

We’ve prepared you with all the information you need to find the best crypto presales for 2023. However, before proceeding, it’s important you have a firm grasp of the potential risks.

The main risks associated with crypto presales are discussed below:

Volatility and Financial Loss

You should expect lots of volatility when investing in a crypto presale. Once it hits exchanges, the market is open to buyers and sellers. If the price of the token is rising quickly, some presale investors will look to cash out their profits. If too many people cash out, this can result in a rapid price decline.

ICO statistics show that volatility will be even higher when you invest in small-cap presales. This is because there’s less liquidity in the market, so prices can rise and fall more sharply.

Crucially, you also need to consider that not all presales are successful. You will lose money if the value of the tokens declines below what you paid. This can happen when too many people lock in their presale discounts for an immediate upside.

When to Cash Out a Presale Investment

  • You’ll need to think carefully about when to sell your crypto presale tokens. Prices can fall just as quickly as they rise.
  • Selling too early can mean missing out on much larger gains.
  • But selling too late could mean that you don’t make any money at all.
  • To counter this risk, have an exit strategy in place before the crypto presale is listed on exchanges.
  • For example, assess what gains you want to target and at what point you’ll cash out your original investment.

Vesting Lock-Ups 

Before investing in a presale, you should understand the terms of the purchase. This is because some crypto presales come with vesting lock-ups. This is similar to stock vesting when a company completes its IPO. In many cases, the founders of the company aren’t able to sell their shares until a minimum period has passed. And even then, only a certain number of shares can be sold each period.

  • Put simply, if your presale tokens are vested, you won’t be able to sell them outside of the agreed terms.
  • This is built into the smart contract of the project.
  • For instance, you might only be able to sell 20% of your presales tokens once they’re listed on exchanges.
  • After that, you might only be able to sell 10% every month.
  • By the time your tokens are released in full, their value might have declined considerably.

That said, vesting can be wise if you’re getting a good deal and you believe in the long-term potential of the presale. Just remember that vesting agreements cannot be amended – they’re set in stone.

Presale Rugpulls

Not all presales are legitimate. A small percentage of presale projects are scams. This is known as a ‘rugpull‘ and the objective is to raise as much funds from presale investors before going missing. This means that you’ll be left holding worthless tokens.

It can be difficult to spot a rugpull, which is why you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. For example, many crypto presales have anonymous teams – meaning you won’t know the identity of its founders. While this could be a red flag, many successful cryptocurrencies were created anonymously. This even includes the world’s largest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Squid Game rugpull

Another potential red flag is related to the presale’s smart contract. If the smart contract hasn’t been audited, then you’re stepping into unknown territory. This is because you won’t know if the smart contract has risks or vulnerabilities. For example, the smart contract might allow the owner to block transactions or create new tokens –  which they could then sell.

Tax Liabilities

Another risk to consider is the tax on your crypto presale investments. Crypto tax rules will vary from one country to the next. However, most tax authorities – including the IRS, view crypto sales as an asset disposal. In turn, any profits made could be liable for capital gains tax.

Here’s where things get tricky. Suppose you want to invest in a crypto presale, using the Ethereum in your wallet as payment. When you transfer the Ethereum to the presale wallet, you’ve disposed of the tokens. So, if you disposed of Ethereum at a higher price than you paid, capital gains tax could be due. Moreover, if your token sale results in a presale profit, this could also trigger a tax liability.

It’s a good idea to keep records of your crypto investments – especially the cost and disposal prices. You might also consider speaking with a qualified tax advisor based in your country of residence.


We’ve discussed the best crypto presales for 2023, alongside the risks and potential rewards. The overall best project would have to be Bitcoin ETF Token. This new crypto speculates on the potential arrival of a Bitcoin ETF. Through the presale, Bitcoin ETF Token is allocating 840 million tokens across ten rounds.

The price of $BTCETF will increase from $0.005 to $0.0068 – a 36% price increase.



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