Best Solana ICOs & Presales to Invest in May 2024

The crypto market is booming, with new projects being launched through ICOs and pre-sales. However, identifying solid investment opportunities can be difficult. Here we have researched and compiled the best Solana ICOs in 2024.

This guide also provides an overview of the top Solana ICOs, and highlights the reasons why we think they hold financial potential for 2024. We’ll also walk you through the ICO funding process through our top picks.

9 Best Solana ICOs to Invest in 2024 – List

  1. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE): A multi-chain DOGE token with a deflationary supply and on-chain staking.
  2. Sealana (SEAL): A new Solana meme coin that trolls the altcoin community
  3. Smog ($SMOG): Solana-based meme coin with a market cap of nearly $150 million.
  4. Weewu: Metaverse gaming presale with a hard cap of $10 million.
  5. Mebe ($MEBE): A top Solana ICO that offers play-to-earn games.
  6. Faith ($FAITH): Solana presale with a hard cap of 1,000 SOL.
  7. Ratwifhat ($RWH): NFT-themed Solana ICO with a project that plans to hand over governance to its community.
  8. Snappe ($SNAPPE): Solana meme coin with plans to introduce staking and token burns.
  9. Slothana ($SLOTH): A funny Solana meme coin that has raised around $10 million since its launch.

How to Invest in ICO Coins (Short guide)

If you would like to add any of the above tokens to your portfolio, here is a quick overview of how to invest in a Solana ICO.

  1. Create a private wallet: Use your desktop or mobile to create a private wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  2. Buy SOL: Fund your wallet with enough SOL tokens to cover the cost of investing in the ICO.
  3. Connect your wallet to the ICO: Open the official ICO website and navigate to the ‘connect wallet’ option. Select your wallet provider and proceed with the connection.
  4. Swap SOL for ICO tokens: On the official website, swap SOL for the ICO tokens. Your tokens will not appear in your wallet until the presale has ended.

Your money is at risk.

Best Solana ICOs to Buy Now

In the following section, we will review the 8 best Solana ICOs to buy right now. We picked out the best projects by reviewing their tokenomics, community, and other factors. Many of these ICOs are among the best cryptocurrencies in May 2024.

1. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE): A multi-chain DOGE token with a deflationary supply and on-chain staking

Dogeverse is a new project within the Dogecoin ecosystem, designed to function across various blockchain networks and is considered one of the best crypto presales in 2024. Currently, the token operates on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the Polygon Chain. Future plans include launching on Avalanche, Solana, and Base networks.

The project’s goal is to broaden accessibility to Doge for a wider range of investors. This unique meme token aims to cultivate a solid community of supporters, working together to enhance the value of DOGEVERSE. Investors will be encouraged to hold their investments long-term through staking, supporting the stability of the network.

dogeverse ico

With a total supply of 200 billion DOGEVERSE tokens, 15% of them are available for purchase during the ongoing presale event. The token draws inspiration from Cosmo, the ‘chain-hopping dog,’ whose adventures bring the crypto meme community closer.

Dogeverse seeks to eliminate barriers for degens looking to invest in existing meme projects, ensuring that Doge is accessible to all.

Your money is at risk.

2. Sealana – A New Force in Solana’s Crypto Landscape

Looking for a lighthearted investment with a chance of high returns? Set your sights on Sealana, the newest Solana-based viral meme token making waves. This project features a charismatic mascot – a portly seal – and has already garnered a dedicated community of supporters.

While the SEAL token itself doesn’t currently offer specific utility, history is littered with Solana meme coins that defied expectations and found success on major exchanges. Sealana aims to follow suit, leveraging the power of social media and the fear of missing out (FOMO) to propel its price towards the moon. It isn’t just a meme coin!

sealana best solana meme token

The Sealana presale offers two options for securing your stake in the project. For the crypto-savvy, a traditional “send-to-wallet” method allows direct transfer of SOL to the project address. Alternatively, the official Sealana website provides a user-friendly purchase portal for a seamless experience. Early investors participating in the presale will receive their SEAL tokens via airdrop once the presale concludes.

Your money is at risk.

3. Smog ($SMOG): Solana-based meme coin with a market cap of nearly $150 million

Solana airdrops may take on a fresh approach as Smog plans to host one of the largest in blockchain history. Smog, a meme coin that launched fairly, offers eligibility for the upcoming airdrop when you purchase it.

The project has allocated 50% of its token supply to marketing efforts and 35% to the airdrop, making it one of the best meme coins to watch in 2024.

To participate in the airdrop, you can buy, hold, and stake Smog tokens. Staking earns you airdrop points, enhancing your chances of receiving significant rewards. Additionally, completing quests and engaging with Smog’s social media can earn you extra points. Smog skipped a presale and was directly launched on the Jupiter DEX. You can purchase an unlimited amount of tokens on this decentralized exchange.

smog ico

At the time of writing, Smog has exceeded a fully diluted valuation of $260 million. With a total supply of 1.4 billion tokens, the meme coin aims to outshine BONK’s success in Solana presales and Binance launches.

Smog Coin launched on the Solana blockchain but is also preparing for its Ethereum launch via Portalbridge. The developers are open to expanding to additional blockchains, which will increase its accessibility to more crypto users. Staked tokens must be held for 90 days, and purchasing with Ethereum offers a 10% discount.

More airdrops may follow after the initial round, though the developers have not confirmed these plans but remain open to the possibility.

Smog Coin presents not just one of the best crypto launches but also an exciting yet volatile opportunity for those accustomed to meme tokens and is a notable option for the 2024 Solana ICOs.

Your money is at risk.

4. Weewu: Metaverse gaming presale with a hard cap of $10 million

Weewu offers decentralized gaming experiences, allowing players to explore new worlds, embark on quests, and search for rare NFTs.

Users can develop their land to create custom real estate projects. All transactions within the ecosystem use OMNI.

weewu solana

The ICO has a hard cap of $12 million as of writing, which accounts for 40% of the total OMNI supply. The presale supports various cryptocurrencies, including SOL and ETH.

5. Mebe ($MEBE): A top Solana ICO that offers play-to-earn games

Mebe is a Solana presale crypto that creates a mermaid-themed ecosystem on the blockchain.

The team behind Mebe also plans to launch a series of play-to-earn games that integrate the project’s NFTs, creating a cohesive ecosystem that players will appreciate.

mebe ico

One notable aspect of $MEBE is its 1% transaction fee, which makes it one of the best long-term cryptos and ensures the project has the funds to continue development over time.

6. Faith ($FAITH): Solana presale with a hard cap of 1,000 SOL

Faith is a Solana ICO designed for token holders who have faith in the Solana ecosystem’s future. It promotes HODLing with confidence and invites crypto “sinners”—those who have lost faith in their tokens and sold them—to redeem themselves by joining the Faith movement.

This project is likely to resonate with the Solana community, especially those who held onto their $SOL tokens through the crypto winter and the near-collapse of the Solana blockchain.

faith solana

The presale has a hard cap of 1,000 SOL, roughly equivalent to $180,000. Given the limited supply, the presale is expected to sell out very quickly, leaving plenty of demand for when $FAITH launches.

7. Ratwifhat ($RWH): NFT-themed Solana ICO with a project that plans to hand over governance to its community

Ratwifhat is a Solana ICO token inspired by the success of Dogwifhat. The token features a smiling rat wearing a tophat, as well as a collection of NFTs depicting rats in hats.

The NFTs are particularly notable because they are exclusively available to $RWH token holders. These NFTs are expected to command high prices in the NFT market after launch, but holders can also retain their artwork and stake it to earn $RWH token rewards. This incentivizes keeping the NFTs locked up, which could drive their prices even higher.

ratwifhat ico

Ratwifhat has ambitious plans, including listings on major crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX. The project also aims to transition governance to its community once it is well-established.

8. Snappe ($SNAPPE): New meme coin with plans to introduce staking and token burns

$SNAPPE is primarily a meme coin based in Solana without utility, although the team plans to add staking and token burns in the future. While zero-utility tokens are not typically favored, the Pepe meme has consistently proven its appeal to meme coin investors. This legacy is expected to help Snappe garner attention and increase in value once it becomes available on Solana DEXs.

snappe solana

Approximately 30% of the $SNAPPE token supply is available for purchase during the presale.

9. Slothana ($SLOTH): A Solana ICO that has raised around $10 million since its launch

For those seeking opportunities in a Solana ICO in 2024, keep an eye on Slothana. Several SOL-based meme tokens have already garnered over $500,000 soon after their ICO launch, signaling significant growth potential for this new wave of meme coins. Additionally, early investors may have a higher chance of receiving an airdrop.

To purchase the tokens, you simply need to connect your SOL wallet to DEX and swap SOL tokens for SLOTH. 

slothana solana

It’s important to recognize that Slothana is primarily a way to attempt to generate profits and take advantage of them. In other words, it’s a high-risk, short-term investment option.

Your money is at risk.

Should You Invest in Solana ICOs?

Solana is a platform that has captured the attention of investors and developers worldwide. Solana ICOs offer a way to invest in new crypto projects and potentially secure high returns. But should you invest in Solana ICOs? We dive deep into the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Solana ICOs, the current landscape of Solana projects, and key factors to consider before making your decision.

What are Solana ICOs?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising method used by blockchain projects to raise capital. In the case of Solana, ICOs involve selling tokens to investors in exchange for Solana (SOL) or other cryptocurrencies, as with the Ethereum ICOs. These tokens can then be used within the project’s ecosystem or traded on various exchanges.

Solana ICOs have gained popularity due to the blockchain’s low transaction fees. Solana’s technology allows it to handle up to 65,000 transactions per second, making it an attractive choice for developers looking to build high-performance decentralized applications, or dApps.

The Solana ICO landscape

Solana’s ecosystem is experiencing bullish momentum, with numerous projects regularly launching on the platform. Some notable Solana ICOs have gained traction due to their singular approaches and strong social media community support.

To invest in Solana ICOs, you typically need to participate in a token sale during the project’s initial offering, known as presale. This often requires you to create a Solana-compatible wallet, such as Phantom or Sollet, and acquire SOL tokens for the purchase.

Key considerations before investing in Solana ICOs

Before investing in Solana ICOs, consider the following factors to help guide your decision:

Project potential and viability

Evaluate the project’s potential by reviewing its whitepaper, roadmap, and vision. Does the project address a unique problem? Is the team experienced and capable of executing their plan? A strong project should have clear goals and a logic strategy to achieve them.

Token utility and use case

Examine the token’s utility within the project’s ecosystem. Does it offer tangible benefits beyond speculation? A token with a strong use case can drive long-term demand and value.

Community Engagement

An engaged community can contribute to a project’s success. Look for projects with active social media channels, regular updates, and strong community support.

Regulation and compliance

Regulation is an evolving aspect of the crypto world. Ensure the project complies with legal and regulatory standards in its operating jurisdictions.

Solana ICO’s tokenomics

Understand the project’s tokenomics, including token distribution, vesting schedules, and total supply. Properly structured tokenomics can contribute to long-term sustainability.

Solana ICO blockchain

Advantages of investing in Solana ICOs

Investing in Solana ICOs offers several potential benefits:

Early entry into promising projects

Investing in Solana ICOs gives you early access to the best cryptos with the most potential for high returns. Being an early investor can position you for significant gains if the project succeeds and has solid pillars to remain sustainable for the time being.

High-performance blockchain

Solana’s high throughput and low transaction fees make it an ideal platform for dApps. Investing in projects on Solana allows you to leverage these advantages.

Strong ecosystem growth

Solana’s ecosystem is expanding rapidly across the crypto sphere, attracting developers and investors alike. This growth can lead to increased demand for Solana-based tokens and projects.

Diverse investment opportunities

Solana hosts a wide range of projects across different sectors, providing a diverse array of investment opportunities.

Disadvantages of investing in Solana ICOs

While there are benefits to investing in Solana ICOs, there are also risks involved:

Volatility and uncertainty

The crypto market is known for its volatility. Prices can fluctuate rapidly, and there’s no guarantee of returns on investment.

Regulatory risks

Regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies and ICOs are still evolving. Changes in regulatory policies could impact the project’s operations and viability.

Potential scams and fraud

As with any investment, there’s a risk of encountering scams or fraudulent projects. Conduct thorough due diligence to avoid falling victim to malicious actors.

Project failure risk

Not all projects succeed, and investing in an ICO does not guarantee a successful outcome. Projects may fail due to lack of demand, poor execution, or other factors.

Lack of liquidity

This is critical, as some tokens from Solana ICOs may not be immediately tradable on exchanges, leading to potential liquidity issues.

Investing in Solana ICOs can be lucrative, providing early access to innovative projects on a high-performance blockchain. However, it also carries inherent risks, including market volatility, regulatory uncertainty, and potential scams.

Before investing in Solana ICOs, thoroughly research each project and assess your risk tolerance. Consider the project’s potential, token utility, community engagement, and tokenomics. By weighing the pros and cons, you can make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on the opportunities in Solana’s growing ecosystem.

In conclusion, Solana ICOs offer both potential rewards and risks. Careful consideration and due diligence are essential for making the right investment decisions in this fast-paced and dynamic market.

Top Solana ICOs & Presales: What to Consider Before Investing?

Finding a promising Solana ICO is just the first step. Before allocating your hard-earned funds, a thorough evaluation is essential. Here are some factors to consider:

Project whitepaper and roadmap

The project’s whitepaper serves as a blueprint, outlining the Solana ICO project’s vision, technology, and roadmap. It should clearly define the problem the project aims to solve, the proposed solution, and the team’s strategy for achieving their goals.

A well-defined roadmap with specific milestones demonstrates a commitment to development and transparency.

Team expertise and track record

The team’s experience and knowledge behind the Solana ICO project play a vital role in the project’s success. Look for a team with proven expertise in blockchain technology, relevant industry experience, and a strong track record of delivering successful projects. Don’t hesitate to research individual team members to verify their credentials.

Token utility and use case

A strong Solana ICO will have a well-defined token with clear utility within the project’s ecosystem. The token should offer value beyond simple speculation and play a functional role in the project’s operations or governance. Evaluate how the token will be used and its potential impact.

Community engagement and support

A passionate and engaged community around the Solana ICO can be a powerful driver of project success. Always look for projects with a solid online presence, active social media engagement, and a supportive community.

A healthy community that fosters collaboration promotes the project and can provide valuable feedback for development.

Transparency and communication

Last, but not least, these factors are critical to consider when looking for a Solana ICO to invest. Projects with a history of clear communication and open dialogue with their community are more likely to be trustworthy. Look for projects with high social media activity, regular updates, and willingness to address community concerns.

The world of ICOs can offer good investment opportunities but also carries its risks. Never invest based on hype or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Always conduct thorough due diligence before committing any funds. Utilize the strategies outlined above to find the best Solana ICOs, and then evaluate each project according to the aforementioned criteria.

Remember, there’s no guaranteed success in the crypto world, so invest wisely and only allocate what you can afford to lose.

By following these steps and remaining vigilant, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the landscape of Solana ICOs and potentially discover the next investment gem.

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How to Find Solana ICOs?

The cryptocurrency sphere offers a plethora of investment opportunities, and Solana ICOs stand as a gateway for early entry into presales.

However, navigating this landscape and identifying the most promising cryptocurrencies can be daunting. Finding the most promising Solana ICOs requires utilizing a diverse set of resources. Here are some key strategies to consider:

Dedicated ICO listing platforms

Several online platforms specialize in listing ongoing and upcoming ICOs like we do in ICOBench across various blockchains, including Solana. These platforms offer a centralized location to browse projects, compare features, and gain initial insights. Popular options include CoinSniper, ICO Drops, and Launchpad XYZ.

Following the Solana community

The Solana community is deployed across several social media platforms, such as X, Discord, and Telegram. By actively engaging with these communities of Solana fans, you’ll gain valuable insights into upcoming Solana ICOs and generate excitement and buzz.

Remember to follow prominent Solana influencers, join relevant channels, and participate in discussions to stay informed about the latest developments in the Solana landscape.

Exploring venture capital firms

Venture capital firms (VC) are crucial in funding promising blockchain projects. Researching VC firms actively investing in the Solana ecosystem provides valuable insights that could drive you toward high-potential ICOs before they’re available to a wide audience worldwide.

Look for firms with a solid track record in the meme coin space and with a special focus on the Solana ecosystem.

Rely on DeFi aggregators

Certain DeFi aggregators list upcoming and ongoing initial DEX offerings (IDOs) on Solana. These IDOs function similarly to ICOs but leverage decentralized exchanges (DEX) for token distribution.

Platforms like DeFi Pulse and CoinMarketCap can provide insights into potential investment opportunities in Solana ICOs.

How to Invest in Solana ICOs Coins

Before diving into the topic of how to invest in Solana ICOs, you must make sure that you have the following fronts covered:

  • A secure internet connection: You should check that your internet connection is reliable to avoid security risks during the investment process.
  • Risk management: Remember, ICOs, as happens with other financial products, are high-risk investments. Remember the golden rule for investing – only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • Research: Always do your due diligence. Research the project thoroughly, understand its goals and asses its potential before allocating any funds to it.

Now that you’re prepared, here is how to invest in Solana ICOs:

Step 1: Set up your crypto wallet

Choose a reputable crypto wallet app like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. These are available for download on your phone or computer as browser extensions or even mobile apps.

metamask wallet Ethereum icos

Creating a wallet might sound like a complex procedure, but it’s a simple process. Download the app, enter the required information and you’re ready. No personal information is needed. After that, you’ll receive a passphrase during setup

Always write it down and store it securely offline. Remember: this passphrase is the key to your wallet. Keep it safe.

Step 2: Fund your wallet with SOL

Some wallets allow you to buy SOL directly with a specific payment method. Also, you can purchase these SOLs from a cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer them to your wallet.

Make sure you have enough SOL to cover the cost of the ICO tokens you want to buy.

Step 3: Connect to the ICO platform

Remember always to use the official website of the Solana ICO to connect your wallet. Find the “connect wallet” option on the website.

Connect Wallet to buy Ethereum icos

Afterward, select your wallet provider (e.g., MetaMask or Trust Wallet) and carefully follow the instructions to complete the connection.

Step 4: Swap SOL for ICO tokens

Once your wallet is connected, you can use the SOL acquired in your wallet to purchase one of the ICO tokens we’ve reviewed. To do so, navigate to the presale dashboard on the Solana ICO website.

Then, enter the amount of Solana ICO tokens you want to buy. Finally, review the order details carefully before confirming your purchase with “buy with SOL.”

dogeverse ico

Step 5: Claiming your tokens

Take into consideration that you won’t be able to access your Solana ICO tokens until after the presale event concludes. Some Solana ICOs offer early staking opportunities, which allow you to stake your tokens immediately after purchase.

That said, it can potentially maximize your returns before the tokens are listed on crypto exchanges.

If you follow these steps and do proper research, you can dive deep into the world of Solana ICOs with more confidence. Remember: any investment of any kind carries risk.

Your money is at risk.

Best Solana ICOs – Conclusion

Solana ICOs offer investors a chance to participate early in new crypto presales with the potential for high returns. The best Solana ICOs to watch in 2024 include Dogeverse, Slothana, and Smog, all of which offer top-notch community engagement, practical uses, and significant utility.

When exploring Solana ICO investment opportunities, make sure to focus on projects with a solid online presence, experienced teams and practical token uses. To manage risk, consider allocating your investments across multiple projects with different use cases.

That said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and remember that investing in Solana ICOs carries risks.


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