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Launchpads help startups launch new crypto projects while providing access for investors to participate through early token purchases. Average people or those new to Web 3.0 often consider the crypto industry intimidating. Crypto Launchpads can remove the notice and help new investors find promising projects.

Our experts at ICOBench have reviewed different crypto launchpads, from their features to the successful projects they’ve hosted. Caution is vital when picking a launchpad to keep up with promising IDOs and IEOs. During each review, we considered the ease of getting on board, even for those new to Web 3.0 and crypto investing.

This guide contains our top recommendations for the best crypto launchpads in 2024. We will also explain how each crypto launchpad works and its prominent features.

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Top Crypto Launchpad – List

Our experts reviewed dozens of crypto launchpads and found the best eight. These have proven themselves with easy-to-use features and successful crypto project launches. With that in mind, here are our top crypto launchpads to consider:

  1. Launchpad XYZ: Overall best launchpad for beginners
  2. yPredict: Top Platform for AI and Machin-learning-driven Insight
  3. Dash2Trade: Best Platform for Trading Strategy Backtesting
  4. Binance Launchpad: Best Centralized Launchpad for Easy Liquidity and Quick Adoption
  5. OKX Jumpstart: Top Launchpad for Mining and On-sale Participation
  6. Startup: Top Crypto Launchpad for GameFi Initial Exchange Offerings
  7. ByBit Launchpad: Top Crypto Launchpad with Staking Function
  8. Enjinstarter: The Top IDO Launchpad with an Incubator

Your money is at risk.

Best Crypto Launchpad (Detailed Reviews)

In the following section, we will present our full reviews of each crypto launchpad platform.

A few factors we considered during our review include the following:

  • Network security
  • Features
  • Number of successful launches
  • Marketing and community engagement
  • Reputation
  • The vetting process for its projects
  • Ease of use

Those who know what initial DEX offerings (IDO) and initial Exchange offerings (IEO) are will be versed in the concept of launchpads.

Otherwise, you can learn what an IDO is on ICOBench with other essential concepts to bring you up to speed. They are primarily ways crypto projects bring their products to the public.

With that in mind, here’s our in-depth but brief look into each crypto launchpad to see what they offer.

1. Launchpad XYZ: Overall best launchpad for beginners

What struck us about this launchpad is the use of artificial intelligence to create a simple platform for anyone to join. The native token’s presale raised over $2.7 million. It is now live and open to claims from initial investors.

launchpad xyz crypto launched homepage

This launchpad is in active development, and we expect it to be fully operational soon, given the success of its $LPX presale. The token joined others as one of the best ICOs in 2024. That is a good signal for the launchpad, especially with the stiff competition in this space.

Launchpad XYZ offers the following:

  • Non-fungible token launches
  • Fractionalized assets
  • Web 3.0 presale projects
  • Play-to-earn game hub
  • A Web 3.0 wallet for users
  • Trading terminal
  • An NFT decentralized exchange
  • A launchpad quotient (LPQ)
  • AI search and custom LLM

The platform promises to be very easy to use and navigate. That means you can quickly identify assets and participate in their trades, sales, or presales.

One feature we consider helpful and vital is the launchpad quotient. This feature will rank assets using multiple data points to show you the most promising ones. We expect that to cut down on our research time and give us timely participation in potential assets before they become saturated.

You’ll have in-depth data on hundreds of tokens. Then, you can trade directly at the launchpad’s trading terminal.

The play-to-earn games hub shows you trending games and potential earnings. You can also see the active participants to know how much adoption the games have received. Another helpful feature is wagering on the outcomes with other players.

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2. yPredict: Top Platform for AI and Machin-learning-driven Insight

We don’t consider yPredict a complete crypto launchpad, as it doesn’t have the features to launch crypto projects.

However, it offers an innovative analytical platform that can point out the top-performing and most promising assets. That is similar to what Launchpad XYZ’s quotient does in ranking crypto products.

ypredict crypto launchpad platform

yPredict had its airdrop in 2022, where participants received $25,000 worth of the $YPRED token. While no new airdrops have been announced, let’s dive into what the platform does and how to use it as a launchpad alternative.

The yPredict Analytics platform is one of the prominent features to look for when using this AI-driven solution. It offers the following:

  • Advanced pattern recognition
  • Real-time sentiment analysis
  • Precision indicators and transaction analysis

You can get auto indicators for your assets. The yPredict Analytics terminal will analyze and select the best indicators based on past performance for that asset. This approach saves time, allowing you to enter trades at the best spots.

yPredict is designed for developers, traders, and analysts. The prediction platform is on its way. It promises to be a game-changer for investors.

The same way you would review new and promising assets in a typical crypto launchpad is how you will use yPredict’s prediction and analytics platforms. Both can point you in the right direction when looking for the best investments.

Unlike Launchpad XYZ, which provides a trading terminal, yPredict offers a marketplace to connect developers with users. You can quickly find prediction models from developers on subscription-based usage. Nonetheless, free predictions will be available for average users.

Your money is at risk.

3. Dash2Trade: Best Platform for Trading Strategy Backtesting

Why jump blindly into a new trade when you can test your strategies to see their success rate?

Dash 2 Trade offers an algorithmic bot trader and backtester. The latter can handle over 10,000 strategies to get you the one with the most chances for success.

dash2trade crypto launchpad interface

The Dash 2 Trade core platform is operational with the backtester. Also, the D2T token is live and listed on, Uniswap, LBank, etc. It is a utility token and one of the long-term cryptos you can get in 2024.

Charting tools and auto trading are also operational and ready for use. With unique social indicators and actionable metrics, Dash 2 Trade will step up your trading game. Of course, you still need thorough research before investing in any crypto asset.

Despite initial success, Dash 2 Trade isn’t slowing down in offering versatile services to those looking for the best investment opportunities. Upcoming learning tools will soon help beginners and average traders leverage this platform. In addition, an Autotrader upgrade will make the trading bot even more efficient at identifying opportunities.

Dash 2 Trade is all about crypto trading, unlike the previous platforms. It offers a subscription model where the professional level adds bots and unlimited backtests. You will also get the signal engine bots once they debut on the platform.

The free tier is ideal for beginners. You will get one backtest monthly with social analytics access and event streams. You’ll need the D2T token, as it is the subscription smart contract. It is your primary access to the Dash 2 Trade Dashboard, where you will explore all the features depending on your subscription.

Your money is at risk.

4. Binance Launchpad: Best Centralized Launchpad for Easy Liquidity and Quick Adoption

We expected a robust crypto launchpad, and Binance did not disappoint. It showed us that while being the largest crypto exchange, it can equally be a leader for launchpads.

binance launch pad

With 92 projects launched and over $186 million raised, the Binance Launchpad continues to serve crypto projects and investors. Some tokens with the highest market capitalization can be traced to this launchpad. A few notable mentions include MATIC (Polygon), INJ (Injective), BTTC (BitTorrent), AXS (Axie Infinity), EGLD (MultiversX), etc.

Some tokens that debuted on the Binance Launchpad have reached billion-dollar market capitalization. That shows the launchpad’s expertise in picking and pushing successful new crypto projects.

One advantage of using the Binance Launchpad is the assured liquidity. This factor is crucial to identifying products that will stand the test of time. Also, the launchpad can be a quick introduction to New Binance listings.

Being the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance has an extensive user base for quick adoption. This benefit is primarily for crypto developers. However, it assures investors that their investments will quickly get the needed demand for upward price movements.

The Binance Launchpad is centralized. Hence, it has a strict policy on which projects it takes up. You can be sure of well-evaluated projects.

Using this launchpad will reduce the work you need to research a new crypto project. Almost all the information will be available, from the project team to tokenomics and other essential details.

While not the sole determinant of success, the continued support and advice Binance provides can keep projects afloat.

5. OKX Jumpstart: Top Launchpad for Mining and On-sale Participation

This crypto launchpad should be on your list if you want a platform where you can mine tokens and not just buy during presales.

The mining model allows you to earn token rewards by staking. It differs from the on-sale model, which involves position census, pledging, reward census, and reward distribution.

okx crypto launchpad platform

OKX Jumpstart offers an easy-to-use launchpad. It has successfully hosted 15 projects and counting. Once logged on, you can view the ongoing project and join easily.

The mining and on-sale designations are placed on each project to tell you which model the project is. That makes participation easy, as you can quickly browse the projects until you find the one that aligns with your investment goals.

OKX offers high exposure for projects with millions of visits. It also has enough liquidity to push projects through challenging moments and keep investors’ hopes alive.

Participating in a jumpstart on OKX is straightforward. First, you need an account. You can create a new one and complete the identity verification or use an existing one.

The next step is holding a specific amount of the crypto you want to participate in. Then, view the information and other crucial details before staking or unstaking.

OKX conducts warm-ups before the project launches. That is a nifty addition that can bring newbies up to speed on participation. In addition, you will learn about any rules to prepare you for participation.

Notable tokens that used the OKX Jumpstart include SUI, WXT (Wirex), ORB (Orbcity), DEP (DEAPcoin), DEVT (DeHorizon), etc. Some have achieved a 10.3x public return on investment.

6. Startup: Top Crypto Launchpad for GameFi Initial Exchange Offerings

This launchpad has certainly stayed committed to its mission since its launch in 2019. It has hosted hundreds of initial exchange offerings, much higher than Binance or OKX.

A few notable projects include ALEX (Alex Lab), LMWR (LimeWire Token), and PLAY (Play token). cryptocurrency launchpad Startup achieved a remarkable feat in 2021 when its projects raised nearly $1 billion from users. Today, it has grown into an efficient platform that runs smoothly on desktop and mobile devices.

This launchpad promises a thorough vetting process, which makes it more likely to host the next crypto to explode in the industry. You will always find crucial project information, including token distribution, number of tokens, fundraising amount, etc. Startup includes the number of tokens available on its platform during IEOs. You will also see the listing period and eligibility to participate.

Oversubscription isn’t a challenge with Startup. You will receive the token in proportion to your investment in the total fundraising. That will happen whether the project raises more than its goal or not.

Eligibility to participate in a Startup IEO is straightforward. First, you need an active account. The next step is having an active balance, enough to cover your investment.

You can only get as many as 1,000 tokens in any IEO. Also, you can only make one investment in each project. Startup has a thorough vetting process. However, we recommend doing your part to make the best decision on any project.

7. ByBit Launchpad: Top Crypto Launchpad with Staking Function

This crypto launchpad has successfully hosted 30 projects with over 2 million participants. Kasta, with over 77,000 participants, had a 2213% yield in the first week. REAL, another ByBit Launchpad project, achieved a 1962% average first-week return.

bybit crypto launchpad

ByBit Launchpad has certainly made a name for itself. You will get early access to promising projects on an easy-to-use platform.

Participation begins with having enough MNT or USDT tokens for each new project. You can participate once you’ve completed the Identity Verification Level 1 requirements. However, some countries are restricted from using the platform.

Launchpad 3.1 brings several improvements over the previous version. One notable difference is in the lottery section. VIP users can get up to three lottery tickets, while non-VIP users can unlock two additional tokens by maintaining different asset positions.

ByBit Launchpad works through four stages, as follows:

  • Snapshot
  • Subscription
  • Distribution
  • Launch

The snapshot period usually lasts for three to five days. During this time, you must deposit enough MNT or USDT tokens and hold enough in your funding, spot, and derivatives accounts. The system will take periodic snapshots of these accounts to determine your eligibility for participation.

You can commit your MNT tokens to earn more. However, you must keep a daily average amount of at least 50 MNT in all your accounts.

Once the subscription period begins, open the launchpad, pick your preferred project, and commit through the subscription or lottery tracks. The subscription track allows you to commit a specific number of MNT tokens. Otherwise, the lottery track will commit 100 USDT.

8. Enjinstarter: The Top IDO Launchpad with an Incubator

The incubation program drew our attention to the Enjinstarter Launchpad. That shows the extra commitment from the platform to ensure projects under their care are successful.

enjin starter crypto launchpad

Enjinstarter is a cost-effective way to participate in new blockchain projects. You can join an IDO with a minimum of 1,250 wEJS. EJS is Enjinstarter’s native token, similar to MNT in ByBit or LPX in Launchpad XYZ.

This launchpad has successfully launched over 130 tokens. Some are available for claims, while others are yet to be announced.

The dashboard is simple to navigate. You can pick projects based on your preferred category. These include GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, play-to-earn, DeFi, AI, DAO, and infrastructure.

One defining feature of Enjinstarter is that the platform focuses on next-gen Web 3.0 projects with Web 2.0 business models. This way, it can move them to the metaverse and beyond.

Enjinstarter offers multi-chain support. That means the crypto projects can use one or more chains.

Consider this platform if you are a Metaverse enthusiast. It is open with information about leadership and advisors.

Enjinstarter debuted in 2021. Today, the crypto launchpad has achieved an average ROI of 142.4% with an all-time-high ROI of 53.7x.

The first step to participating in an Enjinstarter IDO is getting your wallet KYC approved. You can do that through Blockpass on the platform.

Once approved, purchase EJS tokens. You can do that on Pancakeswap,, or MEXC. Then, pick a pool on the launchpad and stake your tokens.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

A Crypto Launchpad is an online platform that allows you and others (users) to fund a new blockchain project in exchange for early access before it becomes public.

Another way of thinking about crypto launchpads is to view them as crowdfunding platforms. They bring users together while new projects gain a liquidity pool to draw from.

On one hand, the crypto project team raises capital. On the other hand, the participants earn early access and other rewards.

Launchpads do more than connect crypto projects with willing participants for funding. They provide trust to both parties. For example, a Binance Launchpad user believes the platform has carefully vetted a crypto project before listing it. That is because Binance assesses projects thoroughly for credibility and potential before onboarding them.

Top crypto launchpads have rigorous vetting processes, but it doesn’t end there. Some, like Enjinstarter, offer incubation services where they guide and support the new project even after its public debut.

Upcoming ICO tokens are the most sought-after crypto assets on launchpads. That is because you can purchase them at low prices and wait for the public listing, which often comes with a price increase. That is when you will hear of tokens, like Sponge, pumping to 100x after public listing.

Are Crypto Launchpads a Good Investment?

best crypto launchpad

Sourcing for projects on your own can be time-consuming and energy-draining. A better way is to use crypto launchpads. Here are a few reasons why we consider them a good investment:


Crypto launchpads are secured platforms. That means your details (for KYC verification) are secure. Hence, you can participate in projects without worrying.

Since the launchpads deal with crypto projects, you will enjoy blockchain security. Also, participating through the launchpad spares you the risk of getting on a phishing site.


Most crypto launchpads vet their projects thoroughly. Developers can apply to host their crypto projects, but the launchpads don’t host them immediately. Instead, they vet these projects to protect their reputation.

With rug pulls and other scams floating around in the crypto space, participating in new project launches through a launchpad is the safest approach. That doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. You can still do your own research to know more about the project and its feasibility before investing.

Easy Access to Project Details

Cypto launchpads simplify the process of researching a new project. They contain a host of information about the different projects. Hence, you can click on any project to see the details.

Prominent information includes token distribution, targeted listing price, number of tokens to be generated, project team, achievements, etc. Some launchpads provide more thorough information than others. Shop around before deciding which launchpad to use for your intended crypto project.

Staking Rewards

Some launchpads allow users to join the staking pool for rewards. This approach can get you more tokens before the project’s public listing. OKX Jumpstart and ByBit Launchpad are prominent examples of launchpads that allow staking.

Potential Returns

The ByBit Launchpad has successfully hosted projects with over 1,000% returns in their first week. Other launchpads have had similar successes, providing substantial yields for the participants.

Participating through a launchpad sets you up for these returns. While not guaranteed, the approach is much better than picking random projects you know little about. Moreover, you are leveraging the launchpad’s expertise for your investments.

How do Launchpads Work?

A series of processes are involved with launchpads, like we saw with Bybit Launchpad. Here’s how launchpads facilitate participation for users:

1. Project Submission and Vetting

Developers and creators first approach a launchpad with their projects. They present necessary details like the whitepaper, the project team information, the milestones achieved, the tokenomics, etc.

These details allow the crypto launchpad to evaluate whether the project is worth bringing to its platform.

Launchpads can quickly recognize scams through the vetting process. They thoroughly review the project information. The approach is the same whether meme coins, gaming ICOs, utility tokens, etc.

Sometimes, a launchpad with an incubation program can include a promising project for the program. That approach allows the platform to contribute to the project’s success with more close-up monitoring. The launchpad may provide financial support and play an advisory role for the project team.

Incubated projects garner special attention. Hence, they often have higher chances of success.

2. Warmups and General Information

The launchpad will start announcing and marketing the new project once it has passed its vetting process. Also, the project team may announce the new partnership on social media platforms to boost their publicity. Partnerships with reputable launchpads are one way to announce your project’s validity.

Some launchpads, like OKX Jumpstart, perform warm-ups with the users. That allows the users to become acquainted with the project and prepare themselves for participation when the project goes live.

All the details needed for participation will be available at this stage. That includes the eligibility criteria. For example, you must hold a minimum number of tokens to participate in the project’s IEO or IDO.

3. The Project Goes Live

Launchpads will announce the date when projects will be open for participation. Hence, you can prepare yourself and your wallet before then.

Once a project is live, users can log into their Launchpad accounts to participate. Participation often involves purchasing the tokens at a set price. Of course, the price will be lower than when the token launches publicly.

The tokens will not be available to claim immediately. That means you won’t receive the tokens in your wallet when you purchase them on the launchpad.

4. Token Claims

The launchpad will announce a date when token claims will begin. This announcement often comes after the IDO or IEO is complete through the launchpad.

Sometimes, you may log into your account and see the “to be announced” information in a project you participated in. That means the crypto project has yet to announce when participants can start claiming their purchased tokens.

The claiming process sends the tokens to your wallet. Often, you must use the same wallet as you did when participating through the launchpad.

How to Invest in Crypto Launchpads

invest in a crypto launchpad

Participating in crypto launchpads is similar to buying crypto from a presale. Follow the steps below to buy new tokens from a launchpad.

  1. Whitelist your wallet: This step is essential to ensuring your wallet meets the criteria for crypto projects. KYC verification may be necessary before participating or investing in a crypto launchpad.
  2. Connect your wallet: You will see the “Connect Wallet” button. Click it to connect your wallet to the launchpad.
  3. Fund your wallet: Ensure you have sufficient funds (eligible crypto). Pay attention to the minimum token requirements on the launchpad.
  4. Pick a project: Browse the IDO pool for upcoming or ongoing projects. Pick one and participate by funding the project.
  5. Manage your tokens: Some launchpads allow staking. You can do that for extra token rewards.
  6. Claim your tokens: Wait until the IDO is complete. Log into your Launchpad account and claim the newly listed tokens.
  7. Trade or continue staking: Once claimed, you can continue staking your tokens or trade them on eligible exchanges.

Your money is at risk.

Best Crypto Launchpad – Conclusion

A crypto launchpad is a safe approach to participating in new IDOs. They provide security and well-vetted crypto projects for investments. Some add features like staking, trading analytics, project ranking, trading bots, etc.

We’ve presented our list of the 8 best crypto launchpads to consider in 2024. Now, it’s your turn to review the launchpads and pick one. Ensure you do your background research before investing in any project.

Remember, participating in IDOs through launchpads is not a 100% guarantee that the tokens will become valuable. The crypto industry remains volatile. Hence, always invest prudently.


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