Best Cryptocurrencies With Potential in May 2024

Every crypto investor dreams of finding hidden gems that can be bought for a low price and will deliver huge returns. The key to finding these opportunities is knowing how to identify crypto with potential. If you’re looking for your next investment opportunity, this guide will reveal the 12 best cryptos with potential to consider in 2024.

Best Cryptos With Potential in 2024

To find the best cryptocurrencies, our team researched a mixture of new crypto projects and established tokens that have growth potential. The research process consisted of looking at tokenomics, project roadmap, token utility and community.

  1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)The first multi-chain Doge-themed token that will be launched on six major blockchain networks.
  2. Sealana (SEAL): Community-driven meme coin project based on Solana. Sealana explores the growing interest in alternative digital assets within crypto. Their mascot fosters a welcoming community.
  3. WienerAI (WAI)The newest meme token that will use AI to remain top dog. WienerAI has short-term and long-term potential, making it a sound investment.
  4. MegaDice (DICE)The latest SOLO gamblefi token with a thriving active community and excellent use cases.
  5. 99Bitcoins (99BTC): The first learn-to-earn crypto project that has excellent long-term potential for 2024 and beyond.
  6. 5thScape (5SCAPE)The best crypto with long-term potential to invest in right now. 5thScape is a VR gaming ecosystem with a robust roadmap and a strong team.
  7. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)The sustainable version of Doge that offers on-chain staking and a deflationary supply.
  8. Sponge V2 (SPONGE)The second version of Sponge token that brings utility to the ecosystem. Sponge can be used for staking and to access the exclusive play-to-earn game.
  9. Smog (SMOG): A SOL meme token that will launch one of the biggest crypto airdrops in history. Smog is an excellent short term investment for meme coin enthusiasts.
  10. eTukTuk (TUK)The best green crypto with potential. eTukTuk has a long-term roadmap and strong utility that puts it in a good position to do well.
  11. Slothana (SLOTH)The next meme token to pump in 2024. Slothana is a SOL meme coin with huge potential for returns.
  12. Chiliz (CHZ): A sports fan token that has huge potential due to the upcoming world cup tournament. Chiliz allows fans to vote for their favourite teams and take part in the community.
  13. Solana (SOL): SOL has huge potential at the time of writing due to the current demand for Solana-based tokens and smart contracts. SOL is used to pay for transactions on the Solana network.

Cryptocurrencies With The Most Potential in 2024

In the following section, we will take a closer look at the cryptos with the most potential in 2024.

1. Dogeverse – The best doge-themed token that will launched on six blockchain networks

Dogeverse is one of the best cryptos with potential to be considered in 2024 for several reasons. First, the token is the first coin in the doge ecosystem to have multi-chain capabilities. Dogeverse will be available in six blockchain networks including Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Base and Solana.

dogeverse best crypto with potential

Furthermore, Dogeverse offers on-chain staking on the Ethereum blockchain which will encourage early investors to continue holding their tokens. The token also has a deflationary supply and a strong community.

Dogeverse is currently available on three blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance and Polygon.

Your money is at risk.

2. Sealana – Community-driven Meme Coin Project Based on Solana

Picture a rotund seal named Sealana, fueled by burgers and a relentless pursuit of “#cryptogains.” This is the humorous image at the heart of Sealana, a new meme coin project making waves on the Solana blockchain. The project playfully pokes fun at the stereotypical crypto investor, resonating with crypto enthusiasts who share a similar dedication.

Beyond the laughs, Sealana aims to offer an exciting investment opportunity. The project leverages the current popularity of meme coins within the Solana ecosystem, aiming to replicate the success stories of other meme coins that have achieved significant market cap.

sealana best solana meme token

While the SEAL token itself doesn’t currently offer specific utility, the potential for explosive growth has attracted a growing community of investors.

The Sealana presale presents a chance to be among the first investors on this potentially lucrative journey. Through a user-friendly “send-to-wallet” method, individuals can participate by sending SOL directly to the project address. Alternatively, the official Sealana website provides a convenient purchase portal for a streamlined experience.

Following the presale’s conclusion, these early adopters will receive their SEAL tokens via airdrop, propelling them on their own “cryptogains” adventure alongside the ever-hungry Sealana.

Your money is at risk.

3. WienerAI – The newest meme coin with potential in 2024

If you’re looking to invest in a meme token that has the potential for huge gains in 2024, WienerAI could be a good option to consider.

This adorable weenie meme coin merges meme culture with AI. The project will use its meme token roots to attract investors through viral marketing and social media hype. Then, the integration of AI will provide the project with utility that will encourage investors to hold their tokens long-term.

wienerai crypto with potential

WienerAI is an artificial intelligence crypto trading bot that can be used to access market insight and receive trading suggestions. The project aims to provide users with the best ‘companion’ for their crypto trading. WienerAI will use AI to navigate the market and spot the best entry points.

AI will also be used to upgrade the project to stay top dog in the meme space. This gives WienerAI an exciting edge over its competitors.

Early investors can benefit from huge staking rewards of over 1000%.

Your money is at risk.

4. MegaDice – The best SOL GameFi crypto with potential

MegaDice is an established crypto casino that has a user base of over 50,000 players. The casino is built on the Solana blockchain network and offers over 4000 games from top providers.

The casino giant has recently launched its own native crypto token which will provide holders with exclusive bonuses and more ways to earn free coins.

megadice best crypto with potential

The DICE token is a Solana-based gamefi coin that can be used to access exclusive platform features, receive benefits, participate in token airdrops, and much more.

DICE holders can also receive a 25% revenue share through the MegaDice referral program.

MegaDice has already made a name for itself as one of the best crypto casinos. The new token will attract more players and provide additional earning opportunities.

DICE has a very limited supply of 420,000,000. 35% of tokens are available to buy from the ongoing presale. You can purchase DICE with SOL.

Your money is at risk.

5. 99Bitcoins – The first learn-to-earn crypto with huge potential in 2024

If you’re looking for an innovative way to earn cryptocurrency in 2024, 99Bitcoins could be the platform for you.

The platform uses a learn-to-earn model to reward users for learning about cryptocurrency. To access the platform, users must hold 99BTC tokens, which are currently available via presale.

99bitcoins cryptocurrency with potential

99Bitcoins is one of the most popular online crypto education sites. It was founded in 2013 and offers a range of comprehensive guides and market insight.

The new learn-to-earn feature will expand its offerings and allow users to earn rewards for their participation in the ecosystem.

Users can earn 99BTC tokens for completing courses and unlocking achievements. Token holders will also be able to access trading signals, social trading features, and staking rewards.

You can buy 99Bitcoins from the presale today and start staking your tokens for passive rewards.

Your money is at risk.

6. 5thScape – Leading VR gaming ecosystem with a strong native utility crypto

5thScape is a pioneering VR gaming platform that aims to become a market leader. The project will launch a series of premium VR games and hardware integrated with blockchain technology.

The integration of blockchain will provide players with a transparent and rewarding ecosystem.

5thscape crypto with potential

5thScape is supported by the 5SCAPE utility token – an ERC20 token that will be used to pay for transactions within the ecosystem and reward players for their participation. Investing in 5SCAPE early will also offer free access to the 5thScape ecosystem.

The total supply of tokens is 5.21 billion and a staggering 80% of tokens are available to buy at a discounted price through the presale.

5thScape is one of the best cryptos with potential because the project has a long-term roadmap and robust token utility. This will encourage holders and allow the project to continue growing over time.

Your money is at risk.

7. Sponge – The best play-to-earn crypto that could pump in 2024

Sponge token is a popular meme coin that was originally launched in 2023. The token was a huge success, pumping after the presale and rewarding early investors with 100x gains.

The V1 token was a traditional meme coin with no real utility – it saw huge gains and then dropped. After the success of the first presale, the developers decided to bring utility to the ecosystem with a V2 token that can be used for staking and playing the Sponge P2E game.

spongev2 cryptos with potential

The project aims to replicate the success of the first presale, which means that early investors could earn huge returns.

The new SPONGE V2 token can be purchased by buying V1 tokens from the presale and staking them for V2 rewards. The staking model will slowly bring V1 out of circulation and release V2 tokens over a period of 4 years.

The more V1 tokens that you stake, the more V2 you will earn. You can buy Sponge from the presale with ETH or USDT.

Your money is at risk.

8. Smog – Take part in one of the biggest SOL airdrops in crypto history

Smog is an explosive meme coin that will launch one of the biggest Solana token airdrops in history to reward presale investors. The airdrop will happen after the presale has sold out which means that there is not long left to buy tokens and take part.

Presale investors will receive a 10% discount as well as the chance to stake their tokens before the presale ends.smog token best crypto with potential

SMOG is a Solana meme token that uses it’s strong online community and social presence to pump in 2024. The project has managed to make headlines due to its fast growth and is positioned to be one of the most lucrative meme tokens in 2024.

The token has no long term use cases but this is normal for meme coins. Smog token is one to watch if you’re looking to bag short term gains and free coins in 2024.

Your money is at risk.

9. eTukTuk – The best green crypto with potential in 2024

eTukTuk is a cryptocurrency project with a sustainable mission – to reduce carbon emissions in developing countries by rolling out the adoption of electric TukTuk vehicles.

Existing EV projects have failed to reach mass adoption in developing countries due to the fact that they are expensive. eTukTuk aims to solve this problem with blockchain technology that will foster a fair and transparent EV ecosystem for both drivers and passengers.

etuktuk crypto with potential

The ecosystem will be supported by the TUK utility token. TUK will be used to pay for fuel, pay for rides and support the maintenance of the platform. The use of the crypto token makes eTukTuk affordable for drivers – it is possible to buy tokens for less than $1 during the presale.

TUK makes a good investment in 2024 due to the token’s strong utility and the opportunity to stake your coins for passive rewards.

You can invest in the eTukTuk project early by purchasing TUK tokens with ETH or USDT.

Your money is at risk.

10. Dogecoin20 – The sustainable version of DOGE coin

Meme coins have had a good year so far which makes them an attractive investment. However, traditional meme coins lack utility which means that they don’t provide a stable long-term investment solution.

Dogecoin20 is the new ERC20 version of DOGE that brings utility to the Doge coin ecosystem. Dogecoin20 can be staked for passive rewards, which will encourage long-term project participation.

Dogecoin20 crypto with the most potential

Dogecoin20 recently finished its fast-selling presale and is now available to buy on DEXScreener. The project aims to list the token on several other top-tier exchanges very soon, which could push the price of DOGE20 up.

If you missed the presale, now is the final opportunity to buy Dogecoin20 whilst it is undervalued.

Your money is at risk.

11. Slothana – The crypto with the most potential to pump

Getting involved with the next cyrypto to explode is a popular strategy that is used to generate short term gains.

Slothana is a promising SOL meme token that is predicted to explode in 2024. This is largely due to the project’s strong community of investors who are all determined to push the price of the meme coin to the moon.

Slothana best crypto with potential

Slothana is just a meme coin and has no use cases – it was created mainly to pump. This is typical of meme tokens and often attracts a wave of short term traders with high investor confidence who cause the price of the coin to surge before cashing in their profits and causing it to drop again.

Therefore, Slothana has the most potential for short term investors. That being said, the website hints at potential token airdrops which could encourage early investors to hold their tokens. However, very little information has been released about this.

You can buy Slothana with SOL tokens from DEX. Tokens are currently available to buy at a very low price which is expected to go up when the project is listed on CEX.

Your money is at risk.

12. Chilliz – The most popular fan token that could take off during the 2024 Euros

Chilliz is a token with huge potential in 2024. The project is a blockchain platform for sports and entertainment and is the leading provider of fan tokens.

The project facilitates the development of web3 sports products that bring fans and brands together. The platform often sees a spike in demand around major sporting events, such as the upcoming Euros.

chilliz crypto with 1000x potential

The Euro 2024 championship is set to take place this summer which means that now might be the best time to buy CHZ tokens before the price goes up.

13. Solana – The blockchain crypto with 1000x potential in 2024

SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain network that is used to pay for transactions, secure the ecosystem, and as smart contract verification.

The Solana blockchain is considered to be faster and more scalable than competitors such as Ethereum. As a result, the network has seen a spike in interest over the last year and the price of SOL is climbing up.

solana crypto with 1000x potential

Solana is expected to grow even more as more people use the blockchain network to build and scale dapps. Therefore, SOL is a good token to watch for long-term crypto investors in 2024.

How To Know If a Crypto Has Potential

Although we have revealed 13 cryptos with potential to consider, it is important to be able to understand how to spot cryptos with potential on your own. This is because the crypto market is volatile which means that the list could change at any point.

Here’s how to know if a crypto has potential.

Token utility and distribution

Token utility and distribution are two key aspects of any promising cryptocurrency project. Utility refers to the use and functionality of a token within a blockchain ecosystem, while distribution refers to how tokens are distributed to users and stakeholders.

best crypto with potential

Token utility is crucial for creating value and driving adoption. A token should serve a purpose beyond just being a medium of exchange. It can represent ownership rights, access to a product or service, or even voting rights within a decentralized finance governance system. The more utility a token has, the more demand it will generate, leading to increased value for token holders.

When it comes to distribution, a fair and equitable process is important. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) were popular in the past, but they faced criticism for being too centralized and prone to manipulation. Nowadays, many projects opt for a token distribution model known as a token sale or token launch. This involves selling tokens directly to the public through a process that often involves a lottery or tiered sale structure to ensure wider participation.

The goal of token distribution is to ensure that tokens are in the hands of those who will actively use and contribute to the project’s ecosystem. This can create a network effect, where the more users and stakeholders a project has, the more valuable and sustainable it becomes.

Long-term project roadmap

The roadmap of a cryptocurrency can have a significant impact on its potential for success. A roadmap outlines the future plans and goals of a cryptocurrency project, providing a clear direction for the development team and investors. It serves as a roadmap to guide the project’s progress and helps build trust among the community.

A well-defined roadmap demonstrates the team’s commitment to continuous development and innovation. It highlights the milestones and key features that will be implemented in the future, giving investors confidence in the project’s long-term viability and potential for growth. A comprehensive roadmap also showcases the team’s transparency and professionalism, as it communicates their vision and strategies to the public.

Furthermore, a roadmap influences investors’ decision-making process. By evaluating the planned features and improvements, investors can gauge the potential value and utility of the cryptocurrency. This information helps them assess the project’s ability to solve real-world problems, differentiate itself from competitors, and gain widespread adoption.


Another crucial factor that can determine the potential success of a crypto token is the strength and engagement of its social media community.

A vibrant and engaged social media community can significantly impact the potential of a crypto token. Firstly, it can create a strong sense of credibility and trust among potential investors and users. When a project has an active and supportive community, it shows that there is genuine interest and belief in the project’s vision and purpose.

Moreover, a thriving social media community can help amplify the reach and visibility of the crypto token. With the power of social sharing, enthusiasts and supporters can spread the word about the token, attracting more attention and potentially increasing its market value. The more people talking about and promoting the token on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram, the greater the chances of attracting new investors and users.

YouTube video

Furthermore, a robust social media community enables projects to gather valuable feedback and insights from their followers. This real-time feedback loop allows the project team to understand the needs and expectations of its community, leading to better decision-making and improvements. By actively engaging with their community, projects can build a loyal user base that feels heard and valued, creating a strong foundation for long-term success.

How To Avoid Low Potential Cryptos

Although there are a lot of excellent investment opportunities in the crypto space, there are also a number of projects out there that may fail to deliver any results. So, how can you avoid investing in projects that won’t provide returns?

  • Look for long-term potential: Try to opt for coins that have long-term roadmaps that will ensure continued development. This will maintain the value of the token over time and promote gradual growth.
  • Community hype: If you are a short term investor, look for cryptos that have a huge online community and are surrounded by hype. These tokens are the ones that are most likely to pump and provide short-term gains.
  • Go with the trends: Like any market, the cryptocurrency market is susceptible to trends. Staying on top of these trends is a good way to understand which coins have the potential to grow. For example, SOL meme coins have been trending in 2024, as well as Bitcoin due to the recent halving.
  • Project transparency: Avoid investing in projects that provide no details about the team or development. Most cryptos with potential will provide some transparency about why and how they were created as well as plans for future development.
  • Token use cases: The best way to determine whether or not a crypto has (or lacks) potential is to look at toke use cases. Strong utility will ensure a healthy and continuous demand for the token, which will allow it to grow in value over time. If a token lacks utility, it may be difficult to grow.

How To Buy Crypto With Potential in 2024

Our top cryptos with potential for 2024 are currently available via presale. This means that it is possible to buy the tokens before they are listed on exchanges. Here is an overview of how to buy cryptocurrency from a presale.

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet

Before participating in a presale, you must own a crypto wallet that is compatible with the relevant blockchain network. For example, if the crypto that you want to buy is Ethereum-based, you will need an Ethereum wallet.

Our top crypto with potential, Dogeverse, is currently available on three blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. This means that you can use a wallet that is compatible with either chain to buy DOGEVERSE tokens.

metamask wallet buy crypto with potential

Step 2: Fund your crypto wallet

You can buy presale tokens by swapping native utility tokens through the official presale site. Using Dogeverse as an example again, you can buy tokens with ETH, USDT, SOL and MATIC.

Therefore, you will need to fund your crypto wallet with relevant coins. Make sure that you fund your wallet with enough crypto to cover the cost of buying the presale tokens as well as transaction fees.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to the presale

Once you have funded your wallet, head to the official presale website and follow the instructions to connect your wallet to the presale.

connect your crypto wallet to buy crypto with potential

This process usually takes seconds. You must follow all instructions that appear on screen and make sure that you are using a secure wifi network.

Step 4: Swap crypto for presale tokens

You will now be able to use the swapping dashboard to swap coins from your wallet for presale tokens.

Enter the number of tokens that you would like to purchase and click ‘buy’.

You will not receive the tokens straight away. Instead, you will need to wait until after the presale event to claim tokens in your wallet.

However, the best upcoming ICOs and presales will allow early investors to stake their tokens immediately. This is a good way to take advantage of a high APY.

Your money is at risk.

Final Thoughts

Dogeverse and WienerAI stand out as the cryptos with the most potential in 2024. Both tokens are meme coins that offer early investors lucrative reward opportunities. However, long-term crypto investors may want to consider projects such as 99Bitcoins or 5thScape that offer a long-term roadmap and the chance for gradual growth over time.

Finding cryptos with potential involves looking at a project’s use cases, tokenomics, community, and roadmap. In this guide, we have revealed 13 cryptos with the most potential that you could consider. However, you should also conduct your own research into new projects to find potential investment opportunities.


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