9 Best Ethereum ICOs and Presales in May 2024

In 2024, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in initial coin offerings and crypto presales, which can make it difficult to determine the worthwhile investments from the weaker contenders. Our team has spent time reviewing several projects to discover the best Ethereum ICOs to invest in May 2024.

In this guide, you will find an overview of each project, including why we think they’re worth investing in. We will also explain how to invest in an ICO, using our top token as an example.

9 Best Ethereum Presales Invest 2024 – List

Here as an overview of the best initial coin offerings that we found during our research. Scroll down to find our full review of each project.

  1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)The first multi-chain DOGE token with on-chain staking and a deflationary supply.
  2. WienerAi (WAI): The best Ethereum meme token to buy for gains in 2024
  3. 5thScape(5SCAPE)The best long-term Ethereum ICO that will revolutionize the gaming space. 5thScape is a VR gaming token with excellent utility.
  4. Sponge (SPONGE)The most popular ETH meme token with staking and play-to-earn utility.
  5. EstateX (ESX): A blockchain-based real estate platform that allows you to invest in real estate from $100.
  6. Umoja (UMJA): A DeFi platform that makes it possible for anyone to create DeFi products. The platform aims to make wealth creation accessible to all.
  7. Gaimin (GMRX): The most disruptive web3 ICO that will act as the gateway to web3 gaming.
  8. FunkyFrog (FRO): Traditional ETH meme token that aims to make meme coins fun again. The platform will launch its won P2E game through which token holders can earn rewards.
  9. AlgoTech (ALGT): A decentralized algorithmic trading platform that facilitates automated trading. Token holders can access profit share and exclusive platform features.

How To Buy Ethereum ICO Coins (Short Guide)

If you would like to add any of the above tokens to your portfolio, here is a quick overview of how to invest in an Ethereum ICO.

  1. Create an Ethereum wallet: Use your desktop or mobile to create an ERC20 wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  2. Buy ETH: Fund your wallet with enough ETH tokens to cover the cost of investing in the ICO.
  3. Connect your wallet to the ICO: Open the official initial coin offering website and navigate to the ‘connect wallet’ option. Select your wallet provider and proceed with the connection.
  4. Swap ETH for ICO tokens: On the official website, swap ETH for the ICO tokens. Your tokens will not appear in your wallet until the token sale has ended.

Your money is at risk.

ethereum icos

Best Ethereum ICOs to Buy Right Now

In the following section, we will take a closer look at the 9 best Ethereum Presales to buy right now. We picked out the best projects by reviewing their long-term potential, tokenomics and community. Many of these Presales are amongst the best cryptocurrencies to buy inMay 2024.

1. Dogeverse – The first multi-chain DOGE token and top Ethereum ICO for meme lovers

If you are keen to jump on the next trending Doge meme coin, this ICO could be worth considering. Dogeverse is a multi-chain Doge-themed coin with excellent utility.

The token will launch on 6 blockchain networks including Ethereum, Avalanche, Base, Polygon, Solana, and Matic. This will allow investors on each network to participate in the community.

Dogeverse token best ethereum icos

Dogeverse is one of the top ICOs to consider due to the project’s strong marketing efforts, long-term roadmap, and dynamic token supply. After the ICO, the token will be listed on exchanges and the project will continue development. The roadmap also mentions community incentives that will be rewarded to loyal token holders.

You can buy DOGEVERSE with ETH from the ongoing presale and join Cosmo (the loveable dog) on his adventures through the crypto universe.

Your money is at risk.

2. WienerAi – The best Ethereum meme token to buy for gains in 2024

WienerAI is an ERC20 meme token that launched in April 2024 and has already seen huge growth. The cryptocurrency project is based on the story of WienerAI – an adorable weenie cyborg that will act as an AI trading companion for investors.

The project has managed to attract a large community so far thanks to its blend of meme culture and artificial intelligence technology.

wienerai best Ethereum icos

Another reason that WienerAI has seen great success is that the project offers very lucrative staking rewards for early investors. At the time of writing, the staking APY is 1251% – this will decrease over time. Therefore, the earlier you invest, the more rewards you can earn.

Your money is at risk.

3. 5thScape – Innovative VR gaming token with a long-term roadmap for success

Long-term investors might want to turn their focus to 5thScape – the VR gaming project that is set to compete with the likes of Meta.

The platform is supported by the 5SCAPE utility token which is currently available to buy via ICO. Early adopters will receive free entry to the platform, staking opportunities, and exclusive benefits.

5thscape best ethereum ico coin

5thScape is an ecosystem that will consist of VR games, headsets, and gaming chairs. The entire platform will utilize blockchain technology to provide transparency and reward opportunities for participants.

Players can earn crypto tokens for playing games and developers can earn by developing applications. This will encourage long-term project participation.

5thScape is one of the best Ethereum ICOs because it has strong utility and a robust roadmap. The project also offers full transparency around the team and has a prominent online community.

Your money is at risk.

4. Sponge – The next Ethereum ICO to 1000x in 2024

Sponge token is a meme coin with utility. The project was originally launched in 2023 and saw huge growth after the initial presale. Due to its success, the team decided to launch a V2 toke, which brings utility to the meme ecosystem.

Sponge V2 can be used for staking and gaming, providing holders with multiple ways to earn rewards. To invest in the V2 token, you must purchase SPONGE from the presale and stake your V1 tokens for V2 rewards.

Sponge P2E best ethereum ico

Sponge token has already seen success as one of the best meme coins, pumping by more than 100x after the first presale event. The team aims to replicate this success with the second presale and provide early investors with generous gains.

The V2 presale has been ongoing since the end of last year and is expected to sell out very soon.

Your money is at risk.

5.  EstateX – The most promising Ethereum ICO that tokenizes real estate

EstateX is a revolutionary real estate blockchain project that aims to improve accessibility to real estate investing through tokenization.

Token holders can use their coins to invest in real estate, and build a diverse portfolio without high investing minimums.

estate upcoming Ethereum ICO

One of the reasons that EstateX stands out as a one of the best upcoming ICOs to consider is that the project has been noticed by Forbes. Mainstream media attention can have a big impact on the success of an ICO.

One of the most exciting features of the EstateX platform is the ability to use your real estate portfolio to pay for everyday goods. Through EstateX, real estate will because as liquid as cash. Investors can quickly turn their investments into fiat and use this to pay for products and services.

To invest early, sign up for the EstateX waiting list today!

6. Umoja – Top Ethereum ICO that aims to democratize wealth-building

Umoja is an interesting Initial Coin Offering ICO that offers innovative solutions to wealth-building challenges.

The project has coined itself as the ‘world’s first smart money protocol‘. To achieve this, the platform will break down barriers that currently prevent people from building wealth by simplifying the creation of structured financial products.

umoja best Ethereum initial coin offering

Umoja aims to make complex trading strategies accessible. This will make it possible for more people to access wealth-building systems.

The platform is Ethereum blockchain launched and uses the UMJA utility token to support the ecosystem. The project has recently ended its season 1 early adopter event and plans to launch season 2 very soon.

7. Gaimin – The best Ethereum ICO for web3 enthusiasts

There are currently over 3 billion active gamers who will eventually move into the realm of web3. Gaimin is a new Ethereum crypto project that aims to act as a gateway for web3 gaming adoption.

The Gaimin platform is currently in the MVP development stage. It will solve several challenges that persist in web3 gaming: paying for games, digital asset ownership, and game launching.

gaimin Ethereum ICO crypto

The platform is powered by the GMRX ERC20 token. Early investors will receive staking opportunities as well as exclusive platform benefits.

Holding the token also provides access to exciting development tools. Token older will be able to create their own in-game digital assets and trade NFTs.

8. FunkyFrog – The best Ethereum ICO for meme token enthusiasts

2024 has bought with it a number of new meme coin projects that aim to revolutionize the meme coin space. However, sometimes you can’t beat a good old traditional meme token.

That’s where FunkyFrog comes in.

The meme token aims to bring the fun back into meme investing. The project is building a huge online community of supporters through humor and trolling – just like traditional meme coin culture!

funkyfrog Ethereum ico

The platform does not mention any specific token utility. However, the website suggests that token holders will be rewarded with airdrops and community rewards.

9. AlgoTech – A cutting-edge algorithmic trading platform that will revolutionize crypto trading

We didn’t mean to leave the best till last. However. AlgoTech stands as one of the most promising cryptos in 2024 for investors who are looking to back the next generation of crypto trading.

AlgoTech is an algorithmic trading and investment platform that offers automation, access to advanced trading strategies, AI features and full transparency.

algotech best Ethereum ico

The platform is supported by the ALGT utility token, which has a total token supply of 350,000,000. 70% of all tokens are available to buy during the presale and only 3% of tokens will be distributed to the team.

There is still time to invest in AlgoTech and access one of the most innovative trading platforms.

Why Should You Invest in Ethereum ICOs?

Ethereum ICOs provide investors with an opportunity to invest in new projects or applications that are built on the Ethereum foundation network. The events also allow projects to raise funds for future development and growth.

By participating in an ICO, investors can acquire tokens that are unique to that specific project. These tokens hold value and can be traded or exchanged in the future, potentially leading to significant profits.

High ROI

One of the main reasons why investing in Ethereum ICOs is appealing is the potential for a high return on investment (ROI).

Unlike traditional investments, where returns may take years to materialize, ICOs have the potential to generate significant profits within a relatively short timeframe. This is especially true for projects that manage to build a large community of supporters and generate hype within the crypto industry.

Staking opportunities

Ethereum-based crypto projects use a proof-of-stake mechanism to verify transactions. Investors can take advantage of this by staking their tokens for passive rewards.

Many of the projects that we have covered in this guide offer generous APYs. For example, Dogeverse currently has an APY of 107% per annum (at the time of writing). This is much more lucrative than traditional fiat savings accounts.

Exclusive platform benefits

Another reason to invest in Ethereum ICOs is to get access to exclusive platform features and benefits.

A lot of new crypto projects and ICO drops incentivize early adopters through bonuses and free tokens. For example, 5thScape will provide ICO investors with free access to their platform.

Investing in an Ethereum ICO can be a great way to access up-and-coming applications for a very low price.

best ethereum ICOs

Top Ethereum ICOs & Presales: Advantages & Disadvantages

Investing in Ethereum ICOs comes with both advantages and disadvantages. It is important to be aware of the risks involved with investing before you make any financial decisions.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of investing in Ethereum initial coin offerings.

Advantages of investing in Ethereum ICOs

  • ERC-20 token standard: Most Ethereum ICO tokens will meet the ERC-20 token standard – the technical standard for fungible tokens that ensures coins are exchangeable.
  • Short-term gains: Many successful ERC20 ICOs, such as Sponge token and Tamadoge, have seen huge gains shortly after listing. This provides investors with a way to make short-term gains on their investments. Short-term gains could help to boost the value of your portfolio without having to wait years to see a return.
  • Invest in new technology: Investing in an ICO campaign is a good way to gain exposure to new technologies. In 2024, the AI and web3 space is leading the way with many projects seeing tremendous growth. Adding these projects to your portfolio could be a smart investment decision.
  • Ethereum is the most widely adopted blockchain: When choosing a blockchain network to invest in, it is wise to look at market adoption and usability. There is no denying that Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain network which means that ERC20 tokens have the most opportunity for growth and utility.

Disadvantages of investing in Ethereum ICOs

  • Not all projects will be successful: Although many Ethereum ICO cryptos have seen success in the past, there is no guarantee that this will be true for all projects. When you invest in an ICO, you are making the assumption that the value of the token will go up without any objective evidence to prove this.
  • Crypto presale ICO scams: Unfortunately, cryptocurrency presales and ICOs have attracted scammers who create duplicate websites to steal funds and private keys. By actively participating in ICOs, you put yourself at risk of being caught out by a fraudulent site.
  • Liquidity issues: One of the biggest risks of investing in a new crypto is a lack of liquidity. This can make it difficult to trade your tokens after the presale has ended. Low liquidity is caused by low trading volume, which can happen if a project fails to attract enough investors.

How To Find the Top Ethereum ICOs?

New ICOs enter the market daily. So, how do you find the top ones to buy? Here are a few ways to spot Ethereum ICOs that are worth investing in.

Team reputation

Look for projects that have a strong team with proven track records in the industry. Check the backgrounds of the team members, their experience, and their past accomplishments.

A team with relevant expertise is more likely to deliver on its promises and successfully execute the project.

Token use cases

Another way to spot a good Ethereum ICO is to look at the token uses cases. If the ICO token has a clear and practical use case within the Ethereum ecosystem, it is more likely to have long-term value and potential for growth.

Tokens that can be used for governance, staking, or have a utility within a decentralized application have a higher chance of success. For example, the 5thScape token can be used to access the gaming ecosystem, reward players, incentivize developers, and be used as payment within games. The token has strong utility which will ensure a high demand.

5thscape Ethereum ico utility

Online presence

Projects that have a strong online presence are more likely to attract enough investors to provide returns. Look for Ethereum ICOs that have large social followings, significant coverage in crypto news, and active social channels.

It is also worth paying attention to how often the project engages and updates its social channels. It is a good sign if the project is active on social media as this shows a willingness to grow the community.

Project roadmap

If you are looking to invest for the long term, you should search for ICOs that have robust project roadmaps. A roadmap is an overview of how the project will achieve its long-term goal.

A detailed and well-thought-through roadmap is a sign that the project plans to fulfill its initial promises. On the other hand, a vague and short-term roadmap suggests that the team behind the project may not continue development after the token’s initial success.

Market demand

Another factor to consider during your search is whether or not there is a genuine need for the project. If not, the project may struggle to achieve growth after the ICO which could prevent you from making any returns. Look for projects that solve problems and have a strong need. 

Hype and community support

Not all successful ICOs are coins with strong use cases and a clear need. Instead, some tokens manage to see huge returns based solely on social media hype and ‘FOMO’. This is often the case for shitcoins which generate excitement to cause a ‘pump‘ to reward early investors.

These projects are high-risk investments that are most suitable for short-term traders who have money to lose.

Nevertheless, investing in ICOs based on their social media hype can be a good strategy. Projects such as BONK and PePe have proven that this can be lucrative.

How To Invest in Ethereum ICO Coins

In the following section, we will take a closer look at how to invest in the best Ethereum ICOs and presales. Before you invest, it is important to make a few checks.

  • Are you using a reliable internet connection?
  • Can you afford to lose the money that you are about to invest?
  • Have you thoroughly researched the project that you would like to invest in? 

Make sure that each of the above requirements is met before you put any money at risk.

Step 1: Create an ERC20 crypto wallet

The first step of investing in an ICO on Ethereum is to create an ERC20 crypto wallet. Some popular examples include MetasMask and Trust Wallet.

You can create a wallet by downloading the browser extension and entering the relevant information. Some wallets are also available on mobile and can be found in the app store.

metamask wallet Ethereum icos

You will not need to provide personal information to create a crypto wallet. However, you will need to write down your passphrase and keep this somewhere safe. Your passphrase is the only way that you will be able to access your wallet.

Step 2: Fund your wallet with ETH

Once you have created a crypto wallet, you will need to fund it with ETH tokens. Most wallets allow you to buy crypto directly through the wallet by connecting a payment method. However, in some cases you may need to buy crypto from an exchange and then send this to your wallet address.

Make sure to buy enough ETH to cover the cost of the ICO tokens as well as gas fees.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to the ICO

The next step involves connecting your Ethereum wallet to the Ethereum ICO website. Make sure that you are using the official website to complete this step.

Most ICOs and presales will have an option to ‘connect your wallet’. Click this and then select your wallet provider.

Connect Wallet to buy Ethereum icos

Following the instructions on the screen to verify the connection. Some wallets will connect instantly whereas others will ask you to enter your password.

Step 4: Swap ETH for ICO tokens

When your wallet is connected, you will be able to buy ICO tokens with the ETH that is in your wallet.

Navigate to the presale dashboard and enter the amount of tokens that you would like to buy. Double-check the details of the order and then click ‘buy with ETH’.

dogeverse Ethereum initial coin offerings

Step 5: Claim tokens after presale

In most cases, you will not be able to claim your ICO tokens until after the presale event. However, some of the best Ethereum ICOs allow investors to stake their tokens straight away. Early staking often offers higher rewards and can be a good way to maximize your investment before listing.

Your money is at risk.

Best Ethereum ICOs – The Verdict

ICOs provide investors with early entry into new crypto projects that could offer lucrative returns. The best Ethereum ICOs in 2024 include Dogeverse, 5thScape, and Sponge token. Each of these projects has a strong community backing, good utility, and prominent use cases.

When looking for ICOs to invest in, it is important to choose projects that have an active online presence, strong community support, an expert team, and good token utility. To minimize risk, consider diversifying your investment across multiple projects with different use cases

Before you make any investment decisions, it is important to do your own research. There is no guarantee that the value of a token will go up after listing.


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