ICO Drops 2024 – Best Ongoing ICOs Drops

Being an early investor can be more beneficial than waiting for new tokens to hit centralized exchanges for regular trades. The low entry prices allow you to maximize your gains when the tokens become public. We’ll guide you on the latest ICO drops in 2024.

Our calendar covers tokens with different utilities and blockchains. Meme coins are also included if you prefer riding on market sentiment and hype. Notwithstanding, you’ll learn more about the tokens on our calendar than just their ICOs or presales.

We’ll cover the best ICO drops 2024 with a detailed review of each token, including their tokenomics. You’ll also learn how ICOs work if you are new to cryptocurrency launches. With that in mind, let’s begin with a brief overview of the ICO drops and their unique use cases.

Best ICO Drops – List

Below are our top ICO drops in the crypto industry for 2024:

  1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE): The first Doge-themed token with multi-chain capabilities
  2. Slothana (SLOTH): The new Solana-based meme coin has successfully secured $500k in funding.
  3. MegaDice (DICE): The best crypto casino token that offers exclusive rewards and bonuses to investors.
  4. 99Bitcoins (99BTC): Top-tier ICO for learn-to-earn model enthusiasts
  5. 5th Scape ($5SCAPE): Best virtual reality coin with potential 365% gain during ICO.
  6. Sponge v2 ($SPONGEV2): Top ICO for play-to-earn crypto game.
  7. Smog Coin ($SMOG): Best ICO for Solana airdrops.
  8. eTukTuk ($TUK): Top ICO for greener transportation and easy charging for the eTukTuks.
  9. Dogecoin20 — The environmentally conscious version of DOGE offers attractive staking rewards for its early supporters.

How to Invest in ICO Drops – Short Guide

  1. Verify sufficient funds in your crypto wallet for the presale token purchase.
  2. Select ‘connect wallet’ to link your crypto wallet with the presale.
  3. Navigate to the swap dashboard, specify your crypto amount for exchange, and confirm the transaction.
  4. Post-presale, access your tokens through your crypto wallet.

Best ICO Drops Crypto

Some ICOs continue to become successful cryptocurrencies in the industry. They can bring hundred-and-a-thousand-time returns to early investors.

We’ve rounded up the best crypto ICO Drops in the following list:

1. Dogeverse – The best upcoming ICO drop with multi-chain capabilities

Dogeverse is an exciting new project in the Dogecoin ecosystem that can be used across multiple blockchain networks. At the moment, the token is available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon Chain. It was also eventually be launched on Avalanche, Solana and Base.

The aim of the project is to make Doge accessible to more investors.

dogeverse best crypto ico

This innovative meme token will build a strong community of supporters who will collectively increase the value of DOGEVERSE. Investors will be encouraged to hold long-term through staking, which will help to maintain the network.

The total supply of DOGEVERSE is 200 billion – 15% of these tokens are available to buy during the ongoing presale event. The token is inspired by Cosmo the ‘chain hopping dog’ who will use his abilities to bring the crypto meme community together.

Dogeverse will remove limitations that prevent degens from investing in existing meme projects and make Doge available to everyone.

Your money at risk.

2. Slothana — The Presale Of A Solana-based Meme Coin Has Successfully Secured $500k In Funding

If you are looking for opportunities in 2024, you will pay attention to Slothana. Several meme tokens, including SOL-based, have already attracted over $500k shortly after the launch, and a new wave of meme tokens clearly has a growth potential. Moreover, chances for early investors who will be getting an airdrop increase.

In order to purchase the tokens, all you have to do is register the Solana wallet with the presale platform and exchange some SOL on Slothana tokens.

Slothana crypto

Nonetheless, it is important to admit that, primarily, Slothana is a way to try to make a profit and use it. In other words, it is a high-risk short-term investment.

Your money is at risk.

3. MegaDice – The best Gamblefi token ICO drop in 2024

Mega Dice has established itself as a reputable online casino and betting platform, offering a diverse range of over 4,500 games, including classic casino staples and a comprehensive sportsbook.

Now, the platform has decided to launch its own native crypto token which will provide investors with exclusive benefits, earning opportunities and casino bonuses.

megadice best ico drops 2024

Holders of DICE have the opportunity to stake their tokens, allowing them to earn rewards for participating in the platform. Staking provides a passive income stream for investors while contributing to the security and stability of the MegaDice network.

Investors will also receive participation in token airdrops, access to exclusive casino features and bonuses when playing at the MegaDice casino.

Your money is at risk.

4. 99Bitcoins – Top-tier ICO For Learn-to-earn Model Enthusiasts

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, 99Bitcoins is shaking up the cryptocurrency education landscape with a novel “learn-to-earn” model. This user-centric approach incentivizes individuals to explore the world of digital currencies by rewarding them with tokens for their educational progress.

Through a dynamic blend of interactive courses, quizzes, and tutorials, 99Bitcoins provides a stimulating and user-friendly learning journey. As users showcase their expanding knowledge, they earn tokens that unlock a host of exclusive benefits, accelerating their comprehension of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

For those interested in cryptocurrency airdrops, the project team is offering a generous amount of $99,999 to 99 community members who join the “learn-to-earn” revolution in advance.

However, if you don’t want to wait for the airdrop to get the currency, you can purchase it during its pre-sale. Currently, one $99BTC token is being traded for only $0.001.

Your money is at risk.

5. 5th Scape — Best Virtual Reality Coin with Potential 365% Gain During the ICO

This coin makes it to our ICO drops calendar because of its unique nature. It is among the rare virtual reality coins, an untapped cryptocurrency area. Hence, it has the potential to spearhead growth in that area and spur interest from enthusiasts and investors.

5Scape token

5th Scape is in its presale stage and has already raised over $1.3 million. The development team hopes to raise $15 million from 12 stages.

With Apple’s launch of the Vision Pro and other VR headsets in competition, 5th Scape is launching at the perfect time. 5Scape will be the primary cryptocurrency to access premium VR content and elevate your gaming experience. It will be your gateway to enjoying thrilling 3D VR games, and some are already on board with a waiting list.

The top VR games in this project include:

  • Cage Conquest
  • Thrust Hunter
  • Immersive Kickoff
  • Archery Master
  • Epic Cricket Arena

Joining the ICO is a prime opportunity to be part of an innovative system that seeks to be at the forefront of the virtual reality industry. The coin hopes to launch on listings with a $0.01 price while its presale prices are more affordable.

Products in this crypto project include the following:

  • VR games
  • VR headsets
  • Gaming chairs
  • Development center

5Scape will have a total of 5.21 billion tokens. They will operate on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring compatibility with existing decentralized finance applications.

80% of the token supply will be available for purchase during the presale rounds. 10% will go to treasury and development, while the remaining 10% will go to liquidity.

The games will be released progressively in different phases. Nonetheless, the project team hopes to achieve Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko listings in the third quarter of 2024. More listings will be underway.

Your money is at risk.

6. Sponge v2 — Top ICO for Play-to-earn Crypto Game Rewards

Early investors had a heyday with Sponge V1’s 100x pump. There’s another chance for those who missed out on that. Moreover, $SPONGE V1 is discontinued, and previous owners can stake in the new contract.

This project plans to launch Sponge V2 at the start of the new bull market. Hence, it is set to be one of the biggest in our upcoming ICO drops calendar.

Sponge V2 token best ICO drops

You can stake your Sponge V2 tokens to earn rewards. This ERC-20 token uses a stake-to-earn approach. The table below shows what each holder must do to participate in the upcoming launch.

Current Stakers Current Holders New Buyers
You must withdraw your $SPONGE tokens from the V1 contract and stake them in the V2 contract You must stake your $SPONGE tokens in the V2 contract to secure your share of the V2 tokens during launch. New buyers can purchase $SPONGE tokens from the official website. The V2 smart contract staking will be automatic.

All V1 tokens will remain permanently in the V2 staking pool. They will continue accruing V2 tokens for the next four years. For that, there will be a minimum of 40% APY.

V2 token withdrawals will be available once staking is over. You’ll find details on the date and time on the token’s social media channels.

Staking is one way to engage with Sponge V2. The other way is through the upcoming Sponge play-to-earn game. You can earn $SPONGEV2 tokens by playing the game and ranking high on the leaderboard.

The P2E game will have free and paid versions. Hence, you can play for fun or purchase game credits with $SPONGEV2 tokens.

This game model makes $SPONGE V2 more than a meme coin. With 150 billion tokens in supply, the project is worth being among the top ICO drops in crypto 2024.

Your money is at risk.

7. Smog — Best ICO for Solana Airdrops

Solana airdrops might wear a new look as Smog hopes to host the biggest one in the blockchain’s history. Smog is a meme coin that had a fair launch. Purchasing it qualifies you to participate in the upcoming airdrop.

This crypto project has 50% of its token supply allocated to marketing. 35% will go for the airdrop, putting it among the top meme coins for 2024.

Smog Coin homepage, upcoming ico drops

The primary way to participate in the airdrop is to buy, hold, and stake your Smog tokens. These will give you airdrop points that increase your chances of getting substantial rewards. Nonetheless, you can participate in quests and engage Smog’s social media channels to earn additional points.

Smog had no presale. Instead, the developers launched the token directly on Jupiter DEX. You can purchase as many tokens as possible on this decentralized exchange.

At the time of writing, Smog has surpassed a fully diluted valuation of $260 million. With 1.4 billion tokens in supply, the meme coin pushes to surpass BONK’s success in presales and Binance launches.

Smog Coin launched on Solana, but it is gearing towards its Ethereum launch with Portalbridge. Even so, the developers still keep the option of reaching more blockchains open. This approach will open it up to more crypto users.

Staked tokens are held for 90 days. Also, you can get a 10% discount when buying with Ethereum.

More airdrops may be underway after the first season. However, the developers have not confirmed that information, although they keep the possibility open.

Smog Coin remains a wild ride for those familiar with meme tokens. Notwithstanding, it is still on our radar for the 2024 ICO drops in crypto. Buying it should come with proper risk management, some of which we’ll discuss subsequently.

Your money is at risk.

8. eTukTuk — Top ICO for Sustainable Investors

This crypto project is built around reducing emissions and encouraging greener transportation. It ties into the project’s development and installation of charging stations, potentially turning the famous Tuktuks into green vehicles. The exchange listings are yet to be announced, but the token is in presale.

eTukTuk coin, best ico drops

The presale has raised over $2 million and is counting down to subsequent stages. As of this writing, you can buy and stake the tokens for a 115% annual reward. Purchases are available through BNB, USDT, and credit cards.

eTukTuk supports MetaMask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet. You can connect your preferred choice to the official website to buy the tokens. Then, stake them for the rewards.

This project ties its token to real-world utility. AI-powered transport solutions through charging stations open the project to broader possibilities. Besides that, you can earn as a token holder through the following:

  • On-chain rewards
  • Share of the charging fees
  • TUK power staking

$TUK will be the native currency of the ecosystem. Hence, users will pay for charging with $TUK. This approach will be possible through the driver and passenger apps.

The driver app will facilitate transactions for eTukTuk charging. Drivers can quickly pay through $TUK or other supported cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, the platform will function through crypto exchanges and fiat onramps.

eTukTuk is hopeful to facilitate a platform where drivers can pay with crypto or fiat currency. The same applies to passengers.

From the tokenomics, 20% of the $TUK tokens will go to project operations and another 20% to power staking. Only 6% will be available for the presale.

A significant milestone in this crypto project will be the charging stations in Sri Lanka. The phase will also bring the token launch on centralized exchanges and the commencement of power staking.

Your money is at risk.

9. Dogecoin20 — The Environmentally Conscious Version Of Doge Offers Attractive Staking Rewards For Its Early Supporters

Dogecoin20 is an evolution from Dogecoin, emerging as a fresh meme token designed to bypass limitations while promoting sustainability. With a birth year of 2013, Dogecoin20 is a conceptual offspring of Dogecoin designed by Elon Musk.

Dogecoin20 crypto

This new asset merges meme culture with cutting-edge tokenomics to develop a deflationary model and on-chain staking simplifying the investment model. As such, Dogecoin20 is an ideal investment platform for meme investors and financial adventurers looking for a blend of humor and investment opportunities. Additionally, Dogecoin20 approaches the investment business with a new staking model, where it offers an impressive APY of more than 200%.

With this plan, early investors receive substantial returns translating to a percentage of their stump amounts over time. Dogecoin20 is a decentralized project based on presales, Uniswap listings, and a charitable and community system.

With the steady token supply and strong focusing on sustainable staking, Dogecoin20 generates an upward price trend while remaining dedicated to charity. In the process, Dogecoin20 aims to become the first sustainable and socially responsible meme for the digital era.

Your money is at risk.

What are ICO Drops?

ICO drops refer to the sale of new cryptocurrencies to investors in exchange for established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. Those ICOs range from different types of altcoins such as meme coins, ai crypto coins, shitcoins or others coins which can explode. Project developers use ICO drops to raise awareness of their tokens and raise funds for the projects’ roadmaps. Investors who purchase these tokens become owners and may participate in governance, depending on the coin’s framework.

Some developers host ICO drops on their websites. Others launch their coins directly on centralized or decentralized exchanges. Either way, you must have a compatible wallet to purchase these tokens during their drops.

Tokens on the Ethereum network will require ETH-compatible wallets. Similarly, coins on the Solana network will require SOL-compatible wallets.

The prices during ICO drops in crypto are often more affordable than when the tokens become widely available. That is why early investors stand a chance to profit off the bull market when it sets in.

Upcoming ICO drops often have whitepapers and other helpful information about the projects. These will help you determine how much potential value the projects bring.

You can keep up with the latest ICO drops through specialized platforms like ours. Find comprehensive information before investing in any new crypto project.

These drops can be available to a few or broader investors. For example, the project team might place its token presales on invitation-only. You can’t purchase such tokens until they become publicly traded on centralized or decentralized exchanges.

How do ICO Drops Work?

ICO drops go through several stages. Beyond that, the project team uses the funds raised to continue research and development. This aspect is especially essential for utility coins like eTukTuk and 5th Scape.

The stages that ICO drops pass through include the following:

  • Project research and development: At this stage, the creators outline the project’s technicalities and capital requirements. The tokenomics will also be outlined to define how many tokens will go into different aspects like liquidity, staking rewards, presale, CEX and DEX listings, etc.
  • The token creation: Based on interest and funding, the project team moves ahead to create the token. These tokens may not be available during presales. Some might be available after the presale but before the complete public launch.
  • The marketing campaign: Meme coins, like Smog, rely heavily on marketing campaigns to encourage participation. These campaigns display the viability of the tokens and how they intend to reach specified targets. That happens because tokens often have financial targets during their ICOs.
  • Initial offering: At this stage, investors can purchase the tokens by sending acceptable cryptocurrencies to the token’s smart contract address.
  • Distribution and listing: The project team will distribute the tokens after the ICO is complete. Then, you can trade them on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

What is the Difference Between ICO, IDO, IEO?

ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs are ways crypto developers raise money or crowdfund their projects. Crypto startups raised $25 billion in 2021 using these strategies. Nonetheless, ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs are different approaches to crowdfunding crypto projects.

IDO refers to the initial DEX offering, while IEO refers to the initial exchange offerings. The table below shows the primary differences between ICO, IDO, and IEO.

Launch platform It is typically on the token’s primary or official website IDO is done on a decentralized exchange IEO is done on a centralized crypto exchange.
Definition A crowdfunding technique where developers offer their tokens directly to the public The token sale is conducted on a third-party decentralized exchange A token sale hosted by a centralized exchange
Access to investors The general public can purchase the tokens The third-party exchange must vet investors before allowing access. Only registered users on the centralized exchange can buy the tokens.
Project vetting There is no need for exchange vetting A third party must vet the project before it is hosted on the DEX. The CEX vets the project before hosting it and conducting the token sales.
Risk Investors must face the risk of scams, rug pulls, and project failures The decentralized community vets the projects, providing moderate protection Exchanges often conduct due diligence before hosting projects to eliminate those prone to failure or scams.

Developers use these approaches depending on the scale of their projects and the target audience. The wider the audience, the more they will lean towards initial coin offerings.

How to Find the Best ICO Drops?

You can start with what popular ICO drops calendars put up. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t erase your need for proper and thorough research. The key is finding upcoming ICO drops you are comfortable with and fit your investment goals.

Finding the best ICO drops requires patience and thorough research. We might point you to several ICOs through our timely updates, but it’s up to you to see their viability in relation to your investment goals.

Finding the Best ICO Drops Step-by-step

With that in mind, here’s how to find the best ICO drops:

  • Outline your investment goals: This step is crucial as it reveals how much return you want. The higher your expected returns, the riskier the drops you’ll opt for. Hence, review how much you must invest and whether to spread your investments across different projects or stick with one.
  • Follow prominent ICO drops calendars: Sign up or maintain consistent visits to prominent platforms that bring the latest updates on ICOs. ICOBench is among several websites that provide insights into upcoming and ongoing crypto presales. These are where you’ll find information on the projects, including expert reviews or risk awareness.
  • Verify the projects: Some projects undergo auditing to boost their authenticity. You can verify the audit with the auditing firm to ensure its validity. In addition, look for active community engagement and a solid development team with an open and reputable background.
  • Review the whitepaper: This technical document is essential to the viability of any crypto project. You can tell scams from legitimate tokens by reviewing how the team intends to actualize their goals. Focus on use cases, tokenomics, technology, etc., and look for clarity and feasibility.
  • Assess the risk: Conduct a proper risk assessment by reviewing how much you might lose if the project fails. Consider the overall market conditions (bull or bear market) and the regulatory environments for such projects. You can also review the competitive landscape to see how the project stands in comparison to other tokens.

How to Buy ICO Drops Coins

Purchasing coins during ICOs is easy. Accessibility is open to the general public. Notwithstanding, you must first decide which tokens to buy.

Once you’ve decided which tokens to buy, follow the steps below to complete the purchase:

  • Open a crypto wallet

Go to the token’s official website to find out about compatible wallets. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect are prominent for ICOs. Open an account with your preference to provide storage for your purchased cryptocurrencies.

  • Buy ETH or USDT

Go to a reputable exchange to purchase ETH or USDT. These tokens will be used to buy the ICO drops coins on their official websites. Start by inputting the number of tokens you want to buy to see the number of ETH or USDT coins you need.

  • Connect your wallet to the official token website

Go to the token’s official website and click “Connect Wallet.” Select your preferred wallet to connect automatically. This process works on desktops and mobile devices, including tablets.

  • Swap your ETH or USDT for the tokens

Look for the swap pair that includes ETH or USDT. Input the amount of your ETH you want to swap for the tokens. Ensure you have enough to cover the gas fees.

  • Claim your tokens

Some ICOs will not have the tokens readily available. Nonetheless, there will be instructions on how to claim the tokens if their availability is not automatic upon purchase. That should be done before the token becomes available on public exchanges for trading.

The Verdict

Investing in ICOs can set you up to profit from subsequent bull markets. Notwithstanding, you must thoroughly review the ICO drops before purchasing the tokens. We’ve provided the best drops to give you a head start in 2024.

Purchasing these tokens will always come with risks. ICOs are less regulated than IDOs and IEOs. Hence, they are more open to scams and large-scale project failures.

Besides holding your tokens for profits, some projects, like Dogeverse, introduce staking rewards and annual percentage yields. These are extra ways to gain from ICO investing.

Only invest the amount that won’t leave a dent in your financial capacity to cater to other essential needs. Study current market situations to know when to prepare for short- or long-term crypto holds.

Your money is at risk.


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