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In 2024, a number of new cryptocurrencies have emerged on the market with many new projects offering an excellent opportunity for early investment. Some projects in 2024 have opted for crypto airdrops as a convenient way of distributing tokens to early investors. We’ve reviewed several projects and found the best cryptocurrency airdrops worth your time and effort.

This guide will introduce you to the best crypto airdrops in 2024. We will also take a look at how to find the best airdrops so that you can stay on top of new projects that enter the market.

Top Crypto Airdrops List

The following are the top airdrops to buy for in 2024:

  1. Sealana (SEAL): Overall best presale crypto airdrop for early investors.
  2. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)The best multi-chain airdrop that could 1000x in 2024
  3. MegaDice (DICE): Best gaming airdrop for online casino enthusiasts.
  4. Smog (SMOG): Best airdrop with staking rewards.
  5. Slothana (SLOTH): Viral meme token airdrop with a huge online community.
  6. Slerf (SLERF): Crypto airdrop with a limited token supply.
  7. zkSync (ZKID): Best ecosystem to farm for future crypto airdrops.
  8. Fuel (FUEL): Fastest modular execution layer with potential Testnet airdrop.
  9. Quai Network (QUAI): Best crypto airdrop through social media rewards.
  10. ZetaChain (ZETA): Best for weekly farming activities with level-up badges.

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How to Participate in Free Crypto Airdrops

crypto airdrop

To participate in a free airdrop you must connect a crypto wallet to the official airdrop website. The tokens will then be ‘dropped’ to the wallet address that you use.

The hardest part of taking part in free crypto airdrops and crypto ICOs is finding reputable projects. That is where ICOBench comes in, with our experts reviewing upcoming projects to ensure their legitimacy and viability for investments. Continue reading to discover our in-depth reviews of the best airdrops in 2024.

To make sure that you follow the correct process when participating in an airdrop, here is an overview of how to participate.

  1. Find a new project: Review several crypto presales to find those that are offering airdrops to early investors. Pick those that align with your investment goals.
  2. Register: Provide your wallet address through registration or token swap.
  3. Wait for the airdrop announcement: Follow the project on its social media channels for the airdrop announcement.
  4. Receive the tokens: The project will send the tokens directly to your crypto wallet on the airdrop date.

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Best Crypto Airdrops

We’ve carefully selected crypto projects with different strengths to match different portfolios. You’ll find meme coins as well as long-tem cryptos with utility, like play-to-earn games and casino applications. The goal is to ensure you have an option regardless of your investment preference.

These crypto airdrops are easy to participate in during their presales with their unique distribution models. With that in mind, here are the best airdrops for 2024:

1. Sealana: Overall Best Presale Crypto Airdrop for Early Investors

This project adopts the chubby seal as its primary character. It is a humorous meme token that follows he journey of a Seal in search of the next big coin on the Solana network.

While the presale started exclusively with SOL swaps for $SEAL tokens, it has expanded to support purchases with USDT and credit cards.

sealana token best crypto airdrops

The project is currently holding a send-to-wallet presale which means that tokens will be distributed to early investors via airdrop. To buy Sealana, simply connect your SOL wallet to the official presale website.

Supported wallets include Best Wallet, MetaMask, and Coinbase Wallet. The token does not support CEX wallets for the airdrop.

Sealana rides on meme culture. It is risky but also has the potential for high returns, like previous meme tokens launched earlier in the year. Keep the risk in mind when investing in Sealana.

Unlike most new crypto projects, Sealana has yet to have a roadmap or reveal its tokenomics. As of this writing, we cannot ascertain how many $SEAL tokens will be available and how many will go to the airdrop.

The Solana blockchain offers a few advantages for Sealana, especially with new meme tokens opting for the network.

These include the following:

  • Scalability to accommodate growing investors.
  • Low transaction fees and high throughput.
  • Ability to handle large trading volumes while still being cost-effective for the community.
  • Sealana’s meme nature is its greatest strength and biggest weakness.

The absence of a utility brings a limitation that doesn’t favor long-term sustainability. Notwithstanding, Sealana is a prominent choice for investors looking for a promising airdrop in 2024. The presale has managed to raise over $1.2 million so far which means that it could end soon.

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2. Base Dawgz: The best multi-chain airdrop that will launch on 4 chains

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) is a new multi-chain meme coin that aims to replicate the success of Dogeverse and other multi-chain projects that have generated huge rewards for early investors.

As well as an opportunity to earn capital gains, Base Dawgz will host an airdrop through which early investors can receive free tokens.

base dawgz best crypto airdrop

The Base Dawgz airdrop is designed to reward community engagement and creativity.

To qualify for the airdrop, users need to connect their X (formerly Twitter) account and create and share content, such as memes, related to Base Dawgz. Each piece of content earns points, which can be redeemed for DAWGZ tokens once the presale concludes​.

The price of DAWGZ tokens will increase by 5% every 5 days throughout the presale – providing further earning opportunities.

The presale has already managed to raise almost $1 million and is selling fast.

Your money is at risk.

3. MegaDice: Best Gaming Airdrop for Online Casino Enthusiasts

DICE is the native utility token of the Mega Dice cryptocurrency casino. The token brings added utility to the ecosystem and provides an opportunity for investors to gain added bonuses and rewards.

Casino players will appreciate this token more, although it is publicly available. Players and backers will get rewards and returns according to their actions. Notwithstanding, using the token in the casino is the best way to grab substantial returns.

MegaDice crypto top crypto airdrops

MegaDice Casino has over 50,000 players, indicating a ready market for the $DICE token. With over 4,000 games, the platform has enough to keep players occupied. Most importantly, it has the games to meet your wager needs that will qualify you for the airdrop.

The MegaDice airdrops will come in three seasons. Speedy participation is required to qualify for the airdrop. With that in mind, here’s what you must do to be eligible:

  • Season 1: This season has $750,000 worth of token airdrop. To qualify, a player must reach $5,000 in wager volume within 21 days. You can wager on your preferred games, but the retroactive rewards are based on the token’s expected launch value.
  • Season 2: The airdrop value remains $750,000. However, the requirement to participate in the second season is wagering with any cryptocurrency from the presale to the token launch. Again, the airdrop is based on the token’s expected launch value.
  • Season 3: The final season adds $750,000 worth of crypto airdrops to eligible players. Wager at least $5,000 within 21 days to qualify.

MegaDice is a token on the Sol network. It brings GameFi capabilities that allow players and holders to earn. For example, you can share in rewards based on the casino’s performance as a token holder. You don’t need to actively play games on the platform, although having a gaming session occasionally is recommended.

Limited edition NFTs will be available to select $DICE holders. These will provide special privileges and rewards, but you can sell them in the open market.

Your money is at risk.

3. Smog: Best Airdrop with Staking Rewards

With 35% of the token supply allocated for the airdrop, Smog coin stands tall among the best Solana meme coins in 2024. The goal is to have the greatest airdrop in Solana’s history.

Smog best airdrop crypto

Smog coin launched in February 2024 with a Jupiter liquidity pool. The token is still on presale with a 42% annual percentage yield, as of this writing. The project also offers a 10% discount to those who buy and stake $SMOG.

Token purchases are only available through Ethereum. The more you hold your $SMOG tokens, the more airdrop points you’ll earn.

Another way to earn airdrop points is by completing community quests. Buying, trading, swapping, and burning $SMOG will also earn you points. The leaderboard shows points earned from on-chain activities.

The Zealy quests are simple activities you can do anywhere with your smartphone. They can be as simple as promoting the project’s new collab channels. Go to the Zealy Quests dashboard to see the daily tasks that’ll fetch you points for the upcoming airdrop.

Smog is a meme token, like Sealana and Slothana, on this list. However, it adds extra free rewards through the simple Zealy quests that increase your points for the airdrop. While an initial purchase is necessary to join the airdrop, you can focus on the Zealy quests to continue for free.

Staking your Smog tokens will earn you rewards, but you can’t withdraw them until 90 days elapse from your last addition to the staking pool. Only ETH SMOG can be staked as of this writing. Notwithstanding, you could bridge using PortalBridge if you previously purchased $SMOG with USDT.

Smog might have a few reward functions. However, it is still a meme coin relying on market hype for its value. Invest prudently.

Your money is at risk.

4. Slothana: The Best Meme Token Airdrop with a Huge Community

This viral meme token picks up the sloth as its primary character, creating a buzz all over the internet. Even so, it joins other coins on this list with an airdrop approach after the token goes live.

The token’s X (formerly Twitter) channel announced that airdrops will begin on May 1, 2024.

slothana top crypto airdrops

Slothana is similar to Slerf, as it pays homage to the sloth character. It is a meme token on the Solana blockchain. Nevertheless, it has gone heavy on marketing to ensure enough hype as it aims for huge returns.

The lack of utility places Slothana in a unique segment that requires careful investment decisions. Similarly, the project is mute on the tokenomics. We cannot tell how many tokens will be airdropped to early investors before the coin becomes tradeable on crypto exchanges.

You can keep up with the airdrop information and other details on the X channel. With the presale over, the project has turned towards token burning and liquidity lock to drive the token’s price.

As of this writing, 100 million $SLOTH tokens have been burned, with early presale buyers looking at 300% gains.

The token is available for purchase on With over 30,000 X followers, Slothana’s community is growing stronger. However, it still lacks the engagement strategy that Smog adopted through Zealy quests.

Slothana is a viable meme coin for those who want to run with the market hype. Mind the risks when adding Slothana to your 2024 investment or trading portfolio.

Your money is at risk.

5. Slerf: Crypto Airdrop with a Limited Token Supply

Despite a significant fumble in its early days, Slerf achieved a remarkable feat. It reached a 2 billion trading volume after the developers mistakenly sent tokens to a burn address. The news may have been a marketing trick, as the token quickly went viral on X, gathering interest and investments.

slerf best solana airdrop

SLERF eventually debuted on Jupiter and Orca. As of this writing, the airdrop is live, and you can claim your tokens from the official website.

This token shares a similar identity to Slothana, both using the sloth. However, Slerf adds NFTs to its project to highlight its significance beyond a meme token.

The NFT Index went live on May 12, 2024. However, the developers have yet to announce a mint date for the NFTs. The developers gave out some spots earlier in March.

This project has seen significant contributions, with the highest contributor giving 1,050 SOL. The least contributor gave 50 SOL. With SOL climbing to its all-time high, Slerf might be gearing up for massive gains for the initial investors.

50% of the token supply went to the liquidity pool, while 50% went to the presale. With the liquidity pool burned, Slerf has a limited supply. That economic model might favor it soon enough to return significant gains.

Only early investors can participate in the airdrop. Subsequent buyers will make do with purchasing the coin from early investors. Nonetheless, the introduction of NFTs could be a game-changer for the project.

6. zkSync: Best Ecosystem to Farm For Future Crypto Airdrops

This project has yet to launch a token for crypto airdrops. However, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of future airdrops. Therefore, we have placed the token on our list of the best upcoming airdrops in 2024.

zksync crypto airdrop

The key to positioning yourself for future airdrops on the zkSynce ecosystem is to participate in farming. This process involves several steps, as follows:

  1. Use Layerswap to transfer funds from layer-1 (Ethereum) to zkSync.
  2. Connect your wallet, pick your preferred network, select a cryptocurrency, and complete the transaction.
  3. Interact with projects on the new network.

Mute and SyncSwap are prominent projects on the zkSync network. The former is an L2 DEX with several features, including bonds, amplifiers, and limit orders. You can interact with the project by swapping assets and providing liquidity.

Synsswap is another decentralized exchange in the zkSync Era. Swap supported assets, and you could be eligible for future airdrops.

zkSync’s scaling solution increases Ethereum’s throughput while preserving its foundational values. That means the network still has freedom, self-sovereignty, and decentralization.

This crypto project is responding to the scalability needs for Web 3.0 adoption. That means processing unlimited transactions without security or cost impact.

zkSync Era is designed to inherit 100% of Ethereum’s security. Over 1 million contracts have been deployed.

You can use a native bridge or ecosystem partners to transfer tokens to zkSync. That works for Ethereum tokens and other networks. Additionally, fiat onramps are available to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrencies.

You can start farming on zkSync to increase your chances of participating in any future crypto airdrops from the project. However, we can’t be certain that airdrops will happen at the time of writing. We will update this page as soon as we receive more details.

7. Fuel: Fastest Modular Execution Layer with Potential Testnet Airdrop

This crypto project has gone from being a layer-2 (L2) scalability technology to the fastest modular execution layer. Today, there’s an open opportunity to earn free tokens through the airdrop.

fuel best crypto airdrops 2024

You must install the Fuel Wallet browser extension to participate in the FUEL airdrop. The wallet allows you to interact with the Testnet and be eligible for the airdrop.

Launch the app on the SwaySwap platform. Use the FUEL faucet to get test ETH. The key is getting as much participation in the ecosystem as possible. Interact with the DApps, complete guild tasks, and earn a Discord role. Then, post your feedback on Discord.

FUEL has held previous airdrops. Hence, we are certain of its legitimacy and commitment.

8. Quai Network: Best Crypto Airdrop Through Social Media Rewards

Quai Network community members started receiving airdropped tokens in 2022 through the social media rewards program. Once connected with Discord and Twitter, you can engage the Quai Network passively and earn rewards. These rewards are yet to be distributed to the community members, but we believe distribution may occur after the Mainnet launch.

quai network crypto airdrops

You can join the social media rewards program by following the steps above. With Quai Network targeting a transaction speed of 50,000 transactions per second, the project has become crucial to the blockchain community. We expect more participation during the Mainnet launch, making the airdrop more vital for those participating.

9. ZetaChain: Best for Weekly Farming Activities With Level-Up Badges

Those who missed out on claiming the airdrop through ZetaHub still have a chance to participate. They can do that through the ZetaChains claims portal. However, KYC onboarding procedures may be necessary to claim the airdrop.

zeta chain crypto airdrop

ZetaChain brings interoperability across different chains. This layer 1 blockchain enables cross-chain data exchanges and smart contract executions.

That means the smart contracts on ZetaChain’s decentralized apps (DApps) can read and write data across different chains.

The ecosystem already boasts several projects, including wallets, DeFis, infrastructures, validators, socials, etc. ZETA is the native token and the ecosystem’s glue.

Once you’ve confirmed your claim amount on ZetaHub, you can connect your wallet to the claims portal. Prominent wallets include Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, and MetaMask.

Eligibility for the airdrop requires at least 50,000 points from interacting with the ZetaChain Testnet. Even so, early investors with assets on the Testnet and Mainnet earned reward multipliers.

While ZetaChain is yet to announce a future airdrop, you can improve your chances by earning more XP. Go to the official site and click “Earn XP.” The process is easy, involving transacting on the network and completing activities.

The activities roll in weekly. Ultimately, you can view the leaderboard to see how you fare with your participation. New badges for level-ups are available for unlocking. Hence, start early to earn points before the next airdrop is announced.

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is a process where a developer sends free tokens directly to the participating wallets. The developer must possess the crypto wallet address before performing the airdrop.

Crypto airdrops are often used as marketing strategies to create awareness for new projects. These can range from dog meme coins to ICO drops and exchange listings.

best crypto airdrops

The airdrops increase token adoption. However, they also reward existing users, encouraging them to continue participating in the project.

We can identify three primary reasons crypto airdrops occur, and they include the following:

  • To allocate the tokens to a wider audience.
  • To build the community by rewarding loyal members.
  • To create awareness and attract new users.

Airdrops come in diverse forms, as follows:

  • Fork airdrops: Holders of the original token will receive a new token from the fork. This type only occurs during a blockchain fork, which results in the creation of new tokens. You can refer to zkSync for farming and potential airdrops during a future token creation.
  • Promotional airdrops: Users or community members often participate in tasks to receive tokens. A prominent example is Smog, which we discussed earlier. You can earn XP for airdrops by participating in tasks on the token’s social media channels.
  • Snapshot airdrops: You will receive airdrops via this method if you hold a token at a particular block height.

Consider official announcements to know if you are eligible for the airdrop. Some airdrops are only for current token holders, while others are open to new investors. In addition, the developers may require specific actions, like staking in Smog coins, to qualify for the airdrop.

Some projects don’t mind your wallet, while others have supported wallets. Pay attention to this requirement as well.

How Do I Find Good Crypto Airdrops?

Thorough research is vital when investing in crypto. This approach will help you avoid investing out of the fear of missing out, which is the strategy most projects use to attract buyers. The same can be applied to finding good crypto airdrops to participate in and expecting substantial returns.

We’ve identified several approaches to finding the best airdrops. These approaches will ensure you take the front seat for any airdrops and get the most value.

With that in mind, here are the best ways to find good crypto airdrops for your investment portfolio in 2024:

Through ICOBench:

ico bench crypto airdrops

Our site is dedicated to researching and reviewing valuable crypto projects for our readers. We review different token launches, evaluating their long-term viability for investment. Our experts are knowledgeable in identifying rug pulls and other crypto scams to spare you the stress of investing in a losing or fraudulent project.

The content on the ICOBench site ranges from the best altcoins to Ethereum ICOs, long-term cryptos, Binance listings, shitcoins, Solana ICOs and gaming ICOs. ICOBench is the first place to look when looking for the latest crypto airdrops in the industry.

Social Media Channels

Most crypto projects, especially meme coins, often have a heavy social media presence. They post their progress, from presales to airdrops and exchange listings. Subscribing to or following their social media channels is vital for crucial updates, including airdrops.

X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, Discord, etc., are prominent social media channels to engage with crypto projects. You’ll also find a community that is willing to answer your questions.

This approach is free to join. Simply sign up for the social media platform and follow the crypto project.

Third-party News Sites

These can include news platforms and crypto aggregators. Reddit communities and Discord severs are also prominent in highlighting and promoting crypto airdrops. Most projects opt to build a robust Reddit community to maintain hype and secure token adoption.

Be mindful of the developers when reviewing airdrop information from third-party news sites. Research the developers to find out how legitimate they are. A hidden developer is often a red flag for crypto projects.

How Do You Qualify for a Crypto Airdrop?

Qualifying for the token drops depends on the project. Hence, we recommend reviewing the specific requirements for each project and not applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

While the project will provide specific requirements, they often fall within the following processes:

  • Set up a supported crypto wallet: You’ll find the supported wallets on the token’s website. Create accounts only with these wallets to be eligible for the airdrop. Sometimes, the developer might accommodate a broader selection and leave out a few, like excluding all centralized exchange wallets.
  • Connect your wallet: Go to the official token website and connect your wallet. Sometimes, the process might involve sending specific cryptocurrencies to the token’s wallet address. Complete the transaction and keep your wallet active to receive the airdrop.
  • Meet other requirements: Staking can be a requirement to qualify for a crypto airdrop. That means purchasing the tokens and leaving them in the staking pool for a specific period. Other actions could be filling out a form, posting your wallet address on a thread, or completing tasks. Make sure to understand the risks that are involved before participating in any processes.
  • Stay updated: Follow the project’s website to stay updated. The developer will often announce when the crypto airdrops will begin.

Once you’ve completed all requirements, monitor your wallet for token drops. You can hold them or trade them when they land. The choice is ultimately yours.

Become active in DeFi applications. Developers use them often when linked to a potential airdrop. We saw this pattern with ParaSwap in 2021 and CowSwap. These platforms may require specific trading activities, like ParaSwap, which requires users to conduct at least five swaps before qualifying for the airdrop.

Be mindful of scams in the airdrop space. Phishing scams are still active in the industry, luring users to a fake airdrop website and demanding that users allow a smart contract to access their assets.

How To Invest in the Best Coin Airdrops

The first step to investing in airdrops is identifying the project that fits your investment preferences. For example, you can opt for meme coins if you prefer fast-paced and market-hyped products. Longer-term investments would require sustainable cryptos with utilities.

With that in mind, here’s a brief but comprehensive guide about how to invest in crypto airdrops:

Step 1: Open and Fund a Supported Wallet

Some airdrops require purchasing the token with a specific coin. Hence, you must open a supported wallet and fund it with the required coin for the purchase. For example, the required token might be SOL or ETH.

You can find out which wallets are accepted by visiting the airdrop website and clicking the ‘connect wallet’ button.

connect wallet to buy crypto airdrops

Step 2: Join the Airdrop

Identify the requirements to participate in the airdrop. Some developers require a token purchase to register your wallet address. Others require staking or filling out a bounty form.

The airdrop could be tied to the presale. That means sending tokens to the specified wallet address or connecting your wallet directly on the presale website. Either way, the developers will have your wallet address for the airdrop.

Step 3: Remain Active

Complete tasks or participate in the required activities to score more points for more potential tokens during the airdrop. This step is optional and not mandatory for all airdrops. Read the requirements and act accordingly.

Step 4: Claim Your Tokens

Wait for the airdrop announcement to claim your tokens. Watch your wallet for the token drop. Once that happens, the tokens are yours.

Step 5: Hold or Trade Your Tokens

You can trade your tokens on supported exchanges or hold them. Some crypto projects reward buyers who continue staking their tokens. Find out if there are extra rewards for holding your tokens before trading them.

Your money is at risk.

Crypto Airdrops – Conclusion

Participating in crypto airdrops is one way to diversify your portfolio with free crypto tokens from new projects. In 2024, there are numerous opportunities to partake in airdrops and receive free coins by connecting your wallet to the crypto project.

In this guide, we have taken a look at some of the best crypto airdrop opportunities for investors right now. We recommend choosing projects that appeal to your investing strategy and then conducting your own research to further understand whether or not the airdrop is a good opportunity for you.

The best upcoming crypto airdrops that we found are Sealana, Smog and Slothana. These projects are all built on the Solana network and offer a great opportunity for returns.

Make sure that you understand the risks involved with participating in an airdrop before you invest.

Your money is at risk.


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