How to Buy Slothana (SLOTH) in 2024 – Guide, Review and Tips

Buying Slothana (SLOTH) is a chance to grab the newest meme token on the Solana blockchain that’s generating buzz among meme coin enthusiasts. With projections for an upcoming bull market, Slothana presents an investment opportunity with the potential for a price explosion. In this guide, we will take a look at how to buy Slothana before the presale ends. 

This token has already reached a few notable milestones in the Solana meme coin community. It raised over $6 million within the first week of its presales. Even so, it’s still going strong, with over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

Meme coins are risky investments, even for the savviest crypto investors. Hence, you should invest with caution. This guide will show you how to buy $SLOTH, including a price prediction for the next few years.

How to Buy Slothana – Short Buying Guide

Follow the quick guide below to add $SLOTH to your crypto portfolio:

Step 1: Fund your SOL wallet

Buy SOL from reputable exchanges or peer-to-peer groups and deposit it into your wallet.

Step 2: Connect your SOL wallet

Open the official Slothana website and connect your wallet. Pick any of the supported SOL wallets on the site.

Step 3: Buy $SLOTH

Use the swapping dashboard to swap SOL for SLOTH. You may need to pay gas fees to complete the transaction.

Step 4: Receive the tokens

You’ll receive your $SLOTH tokens by airdrop after the presale. Ensure the purchasing wallet remains active.

Your money is at risk.

What is Slothana?

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We’ve seen several Solana meme coins enter the market so far in 2024. Some of these projects have exploded in value, with exponential growth that returned thousands in profit margins. 

Slothana joins other meme coins that have seen gains this year. The loveable meme character is smartly dressed for his ascend to the top. 

The sloth sits calmly to represent the token’s calm yet explosive nature. Besides the potential for growth, Slothana has no utility. This makes it one of the best traditional meme coin projects to invest in right now.

Slothana seems to pay homage to a previously released meme token, Serf. The latter bears a similar sloth theme.

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Slothana Tokenomics

You can buy Slothana during its presale by sending SOL to the designated wallet address. However, the total circulating supply remains unknown. That might be a trick to bump up demand when the coins receive listings on major exchanges.

There is no staking, and the token distribution remains unknown. Nevertheless, we’ve heard reports that the team behind Smog might also be the team behind Slothana.

Smog is already in our top ICO drops for 2024 because of its huge potential. That might say a lot about Slothana if the two coins come from the same source.

Like most meme coins, we expect hundreds of millions of $SLOTH tokens after the launch. The number might reach billions, which is still typical of meme tokens. The current market cap of Slothana is $39,787,868. This represents the fully diluted market cap which suggests that all tokens have been distributed.

Your money is at risk.

Slothana Price Prediction

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Predicting the price of meme coins is more challenging than predicting the performance of utility coins with real-world value. That is because market sentiments and global events, including new crypto launches, affect meme tokens more. They rely on these factors to generate market value and bring enough returns to early investors.

Most people who invest early will promote the meme token as much as possible to maximize the gains. They cash out and abandon the project once the price reaches a certain amount. That is why meme tokens are not often seen as long-term investments.

We’ll review the factors that can cause price movements and use those for our predictions. The best approach is to offer our price prediction for 2024, 2025, and 2030. That way, you’ll see how viable it is to buy Slothana in 2024.

Here’s our price prediction:

Prediction for 2024

As of this writing, the Slothana Twitter channel has reached over 10,000 followers. The growing community has engaged positively with the token. Also, the speedy presale gains signify the growing adoption of the token as a short-term investment. We expect high trading volume after launch.

The current presale price is not pegged to the US dollar. Instead, you can only purchase with SOL. That makes the presale price susceptible to the SOL exchange rate to the US dollar.

We expect $SLOTH to reach $0.054 at its peak value in 2024. The year’s low might hover around $0.032.

The year might not see many wide price swings because of the forecasted bull market. We expect a steady rise year-round.

You can expect an explosive run shortly after its launch on exchanges. However, the token’s price will stabilize and settle for a steady price increase as the year rounds up.

Prediction for 2025

The effects of Bitcoin’s halving will be felt in 2025. Hence, $SLOTH will still have favorable market sentiment to run with.

We expect the price to reach $0.071 as the peak value in 2025. The year might favor swing traders, as the price might swing more often than in 2024. Notwithstanding, we still recommend investing prudently.

The year’s low might get down to $0.029. New meme tokens will emerge to topple Slothana. However, we expect the engagement to be strong like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu were.

Prediction for 2030

Our long-term prediction does not present favorable results for $SLOTH. Buying the token for the long term will be risky. New meme coins will spring up with market hype and buzz in their favor.

Unless there’s a switch and a pivot to real-world utility, Slothana will struggle to keep up with new coins. We expect its market to be sideways without significant price swings. The peak will be at $0.094, while the year’s low will be at $0.072.

Your money is at risk.

You can refer to the table below to summarize our price prediction for Slothana:

Year Peak value ($) Low value ($) Year average ($)
2024 0.032 0.054 0.043
2025 0.071 0.029 0.050
2027 0.083 0.064 0.0736
2030 0.094 0.072 0.0830

How to Buy $SLOTH Coin – Detailed Guide

Connect wallet to buy Slothana

At the time of writing, the only way to buy Slothana is to take part in the ongoing presale even. During this event, the token is available at an undervalued price. The price will be higher once the token launches on prominent exchanges.

$SLOTH purchase is only available through SOL. Hence, you must use Solana-compatible wallets.

Follow the steps below to buy Slothana in 2024:

Step 1: Open a Solana Wallet

You can skip this step if you already have a Solana wallet. Otherwise, open a new one on mobile or desktop. The supported wallets for $SLOTH include Coinbase Wallet, TrustWallet, Solflare, and Phantom Wallet. You can download a Solana wallet app on your browser, from the ios app store or on Android devices. 

Use a decentralized wallet when purchasing Slothana. Do not use a centralized wallet or an exchange.

Step 2: Buy SOL

Fund your wallet with adequate SOL tokens. These should cover the $SLOTH tokens and any associated gas fees.

Step 3: Buy $SLOTH

Visit the official website for Slothana. Click “Buy Now” to open the list of supported wallets. Pick your preferred option to complete the transaction.

Enter the number of SOL tokens for the purchase. Most importantly, open the official website with the built-in browser of your mobile crypto wallet. Desktop users can work with the desktop site.

Step 4: Wait for the Airdrop

Unlike other projects that send instructions on how to claim their tokens, $SLOTH will be airdropped into your crypto wallets. Keep the purchasing wallet active. Also, you can visit Slothana’s Twitter channel for more information on the airdrop.

Your money is at risk.


The meme coin rush continues with Slothana, a Solana-based meme token. It is currently in presale with excellent performance after gaining $6 million within one week.

Slothana might join other altcoins and meme coins for the year’s bull market. However, we expect the upward price pressure to decrease as 2025 wraps up.

Fund your SOL wallet to purchase $SLOTH tokens. Then, wait for the airdrop once the coin launches publicly.

Your money is at risk.


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