How to Buy Pepe Unchained in 2024 – Guide, Review and Tips

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The original Pepe token is the third largest meme coin, with a market cap of almost $5 billion. There’s a new kid in the block, but this time, with Layer 2 technology to support faster and cheaper transactions. You can buy Pepe Unchained during its presales to maximize the staking rewards.

A quick wallet connection and enough Ethereum, USDT, or BNB will get you signed up for the presale purchase. With 20% of the tokens allocated for the presale, Pepe Unchained is gearing up to be the biggest meme coin on the Pepe chain. Yes, there is an instant bridge between ETH and the Pepe chain.

This guide will explain how to buy Pepe Unchained during its presale. We will update you once the token hits decentralized exchange listings. Here’s how to purchase the new Pepe Unchained token without further ado.

Your money is at risk.

How to Buy Pepe Unchained (Short Buying Guide)

The token presale is available on its official website. All you need is a compatible wallet and sufficient supported crypto. Here are the steps to buy Pepe Unchained:

  • Step 1: Visit the official Pepe Unchained website to connect your wallet.
  • Step 2: Open an ETH wallet. Metamask, Coinbase, and Best Wallet are supported on the platform. Open a new wallet if you don’t have one.
  • Step 3: Fund your wallet with sufficient ETH, USDT, or BNB tokens. You can type the amount on the presale website to see how many $PEPU tokens you can purchase with it. 
  • Step 4: Connect your wallet for the token swap. Click “Connect Wallet” to pick your preferred option.
  • Step 5: Make the token swap after connecting your wallet. You can swap with ETH, BNB, or USDT. Card purchases are also available.
  • Step 6: Stake your tokens for extra rewards.
  • Step 7: Claim your tokens after the presale or continue staking them for more rewards.

Your money is at risk.

What is Pepe Unchained?

Drawing from Pepe’s success among meme coins, Pepe Unchained hopes to grow even bigger with Layer 2. It offers the same flavor as Pepe but with better speed and rewards. The instant bridging between ETH and the Pepe chain allows quick token adoption.

Pepe Unchained meme

Layer 2 is the secret power behind $PEPU. It offers several benefits, including the following:

  • Double staking rewards: You’ll find the option to stake your $PEPU tokens after buying them. Layer 2 technology allows Pepe Unchained to offer higher staking rewards. However, staking rewards are unavailable when you buy Pepe Unchained with BNB.
  • Faster speed: Transactions and interactions are faster on Layer 2 than on Layer 1. Hence, you can make quicker decisions for better rewards.
  • Lower fees: Having a viral nature like other meme coins with lower fees brings even more attention. Fortunately, Pepe Unchained leverages Layer 2 to achieve a lower fee and boost adoption even among new traders.

Being the first Pepe token to run its own proprietary Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, Pepe Unchained leads the way to a new approach. The improved scalability means the system can accommodate more adopters without failing. With that comes increased value, which Pepe Unchained promises.

Today, the presale is ongoing through the official website. Pepe Unchained might not use a crypto launchpad, but its presale performance in the first few hours was impressive. It raised $150,000 within minutes of the presale launch.

The roadmap for Pepe Unchained is as follows:

  • Step 1: Leverage Layer 2 technology for epic rewards
  • Step 2: Presale eruption with staking rewards
  • Step 3: Grow beyond the original Pepe

Pepe Unchained is not affiliated with the original Pepe token like Sponge V2, an upgrade from Sponge V1. Unlike PEPE on Ethereum, Pepe Unchained is a different project on a new Layer 2 technology.

Pepe Unchained Tokenomics

Eight billion $PEPU tokens will be available. That amount spreads through several aspects to ensure stability when the token becomes available for trading. The tokenomics is as follows:

  • Presale: 20% as early supporters have the token to get traction
  • Staking: 30% for double rewards on Layer 2
  • Marketing: 20% to broadcast the token far and wide
  • Liquidity: 10% for decentralized exchanges
  • Project finance: 10% for smooth operations and development
  • Chain inventory: 10% for the $PEPU Layer 2 chain

Your money is at risk.

Why Invest in Pepe Unchained?

Investment growth illustration

New tokens always present the risk of uncertainty for investors. Pepe Unchained is no different. It has a few upsides compared to other meme tokens, but are those enough to crush the investment risks?

We recommend taking adequate risk management measures before investing in any cryptocurrency. With that said, here’s why you should consider Pepe Unchained for your portfolio:

Why You Should Buy Pepe Unchained

The following are factors that make Pepe Unchained a good investment:

Staking Rewards

Most supporters will buy Pepe Unchained tokens and stake them. Even without active trading, the staking rewards can be substantial. This approach not only benefits early supporters, but it also has the potential to drive token demand.

The staking rewards are higher if you invest early. As of this writing, we don’t know if staking will be available after the presale. Nonetheless, it will compensate for the token’s lack of utility.

Crypto Bull Market

Most experts expect a bull market soon. Some predict the bull run to begin in 2024’s second half or early 2025.

Pepe Unchained might not be on the more prominent Solana chain, where most meme tokens launched in 2024. However, it is equally poised to benefit from the upcoming bull market. The staking rewards will encourage buyers to hold their tokens long enough to participate in the bull run.

Level 2 Blockchain Efficiency

Launching on Level 2 gives Pepe Unchained more scalability than other regular meme tokens launching on Layer 1. You’ll also enjoy lower fees and quicker transactions. In today’s fast-paced world, these factors are essential to drawing users.

With more users comes higher demand. Hence, the token’s value will likely increase with time.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pepe Unchained

Are the staking rewards and upcoming bull run enough reasons to buy Pepe Unchained? If yes, then consider the following for better investment decisions on the token:

Zero Utility Value

Pepe Unchained has zero utility value. It is not affiliated with a game or used for transactions like eTukTuk. This limitation may affect the economic value when listed on decentralized exchanges.

Other meme tokens have grown beyond their lack of utility. For example, Dogecoin has the largest market cap among meme tokens, with over $17 billion. Dogwifhat surged over 6,400% during the launch.

Crypto Volatility

The market remains volatile, especially for meme coins. This factor can work in favor of the token or against it. Hence, always consider market sentiments when buying Pepe Unchained.

Your money is at risk.

Pepe Unchain Price Prediction

The Pepe Unchained presale homepage

As of this writing, one $PEPU token costs $0.008. Given its simplicity, staking rewards, and Layer 2 efficiency, we expect the token to cross $1 before 2030. Its performance will be most bullish between now and then. However, a few bear markets will occur along the way.

The table below shows how we expect Pepe Unchained to perform from now to 2030:

Year High price ($) Low price ($) Average price ($)
2024 0.09 0.008 0.049
2025 0.15 0.12 0.135
2026 0.67 0.25 0.460
2027 1.00 0.57 0.785
2028 1.34 0.93 1.135
2029 1.70 1.12 1.410
2030 2.10 1.65 1.875

Buy Pepe Unchained – Conclusion

You can buy Pepe Unchained with Metamask, Coinbase, and Best Wallet. Go to the website and connect your wallet to purchase the tokens with ETH, USDT, or BNB. Card purchases are also supported on the platform.

$PEPU is a Layer 2 token built for speedy and more affordable transactions. It offers staking rewards that will encourage buyers to hold their tokens. With 30% of the token for staking rewards, this is the primary selling point.

Purchase $PEPU prudently. We encourage having efficient risk management measures before investing in any crypto. The market remains volatile, although we try hard to predict the performance.

Your money is at risk.


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