How to Buy Sealana (SEAL) in July 2024 – Quick & Easy Guide

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Sealana is the latest project to join 2024’s initial coin offerings and presales as is set to be one of the most popular SOL meme coins. There are a few ways to buy Sealana during its presales, including connecting your wallet and sending SOL tokens directly.

Sealana comes with all the hype of a typical Solana meme token, with the potential to skyrocket. However, it remains a risky investment choice because of its non-existent utility in the real world.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at how to buy Sealana through the presale. We will also review the token’s price potential and reasons to invest.

How to Buy Sealana – Short Buying Guide

You can buy $SEAL by connecting your wallet or sending SOL to the presale address. The tokens will be airdropped to your wallet when the presale ends. With that in mind, here’s a brief guide on how to buy Sealana during its presale process:

  1. Fund your SOL wallet: Ensure you have sufficient SOL tokens for the $SEAL you want to purchase. You can use the presale calculator to see the equivalent $SEAL you’ll receive.
  2. Connect your wallet: Open the official presale website and click “buy now” to connect your wallet.
  3. Complete the purchase: Confirm the transaction to buy Sealana. Then, wait for the airdrop to receive the tokens and start trading them on crypto exchanges.
  4. Send SOL directly: Use this option if you cannot connect your DEX wallet to the Sealana website. Copy the wallet address and send SOL directly. Double check the address before sending tokens. Then, wait until the airdrop to receive SEAL in your wallet.

Your money is at risk

What is Sealana?

how to buy sealana

Like most successful meme coins, the primary goal of Sealana is to generate hype and provide returns to early presale investors.

Sealana features an overweight seal that has spent its days diving into the Solana sea for the next big hit, keeping his flippers busy. The chubby Seal character trolls the lifestyle of an altcoin trader who spends little time away from the screens and indulges in a typical trader’s diet. The aim is to search for the next big meme coins in the industry. Sealana hopes to become that next big Solana meme coin. 

Like most meme coins, Sealana targets generous rewards for early investors. It hops on the community-building trend we’ve seen on several meme tokens in the Degen market. Sealana’s community is growing on Telegram and Twitter as it pushes through its presale goals.

The project team hopes to generate enough interest and value to secure a listing on top-tier exchanges after the presale. There is no real utility for the token, which represents a risk for those who want long-term investments. You can opt for long-term cryptos with utility if you want something to last for years.

Sealana’s appeal is in the early catch. At the time of writing, one SOL is equivalent to 6,900 $SEAL tokens. Of course, we expect the price to rise once the token receives its listing on a popular decentralized exchange.

This project is currently going through its presale. The next stage on its roadmap will be the airdrops, where early investors will receive their tokens. CEX wallets are unsupported for the airdrops.

The next stage on the roadmap will be listing on a prominent DEX. Expansion to other leading DEXs should follow shortly after.

Sealana has yet to reveal its roadmap. Invest with caution and be aware of the risks.

Sealana Tokenomics

Sealana is a Solana meme token with no real utility. There is very little information available about SEAL tokenomics which means that investors should proceed with caution.

Nevertheless, being built on the Solana network comes with several advantages: 

  • Solana is prominent for high throughput and low transaction fees.
  • The network is easily scalable to accommodate a growing community.
  • Solana supports smart contracts, although the Sealana team isn’t looking to create real functionality for the token.
  • The network can handle large trading volumes while maintaining cost-effective entry for the community.
  • The fees remain reasonable even during peak trading hours.
  • Solana ICOs enjoy substantial community support.
  • The network’s social media reach can help generate hype and market momentum for projects.

Sealana is relatively new, and the project has yet to release its tokenomics. That is one of the primary reasons early investors will receive their tokens by airdrop.

We expect a significant number of tokens to go to the presale rounds. A similar or even more significant quantity will go to marketing. That may include rewards to encourage community participation and increase the token’s value.

Your money is at risk

Sealana Price Prediction

how to buy sealana price prediction

$SEAL’s price is pegged to Solana, with one Sol buying 6,900 $SEAL tokens. There is no comparison with USDT or the US dollar on the official presale site. The best we can do is to view SOL’s current price to see how much one $SEAL costs.

As of this writing, one SOL costs approximately $152. That means one $SEAL will cost $0.022. This price will change as Sol’s price changes in the broader crypto market.

A presale price of $0.022 is a fair entry for early investors. The project is gaining momentum with a fast-growing Twitter community. Hence, we expect $SEAL’s price to reach $0.1 when it launches on a decentralized exchange.

Investors will likely continue to buy Sealana and trade it for fast gains. As such, the price could reach $0.50 by the end of 2024.

2025 will be a much tougher climb for the token. Its lack of utility will be a significant drawback to broader adoption. Hence, the price might hover around $0.50, with a high probability of dropping below $0.40.

The table below summarizes our price prediction for Sealana:

Year High ($) Low ($) Average ($)
2024 0.50 0.10 0.30
2025 0.50 0.30 0.40
2030 1.00 0.89 0.945

Maintain a prudent approach when investing in Sealana. You can expand to gaming ICOs to diversify your portfolio and hedge against a potential $SEAL bear market.

How to Buy $SEAL Coin – Detailed Guide

Early investors will receive their $SEAL tokens through airdrops. You must use a DEX wallet when purchasing the token on its official presale website or sending Sol directly to the presale wallet address.

Follow the steps below to buy Sealana as an early investor:

Step 1: Open a SOL Wallet

Open accounts with Phantom or Solflare wallets. These options are supported on the official Sealana presale website. Also, you can use the mobile app or the desktop extension when purchasing $SEAL tokens.

Step 2: Fund Your SOL Wallet

Purchase enough SOL tokens from CEXs or DEXs to cover the $SEAL coins. Include gas fees in your purchase to ensure a smooth transaction for the $SEAL coins you need.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

This step is necessary for those using the desktop Phantom or Solflare browser extensions. Open the official presale website and click “Buy Now.” Pick your preferred wallet from the options to connect it for the purchase.

Connect wallet to buy Sealana

If you are using a mobile device, open the presale website in your wallet’s built-in browser. The connection will occur smoothly, allowing you to buy Sealana.

Step 4: Complete the Purchase

Swap your SOL tokens for SEAL by following the instructions on screen. Remember, you will not receive your tokens straight away. 

Step 5: Wait for the Airdrop

The project team will airdrop $SEAL tokens to your wallet after the presale. We don’t know when that will be. Hence, keep up with the token’s social media channels on X and Telegram. Announcements on the airdrop date will be made on these platforms.

Step 6: Send SOL to the Token Wallet Address (Alternative to step 3)

Use this approach if you cannot connect your wallet. Copy the wallet address (DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c) and send SOL to it. Then, wait for the airdrop to receive your $SEAL tokens.

How to Buy Sealana – Conclusion

Sealana is launching on the heels of successful Solana meme coins, like Slothana and Smog. However, it requires extensive market hype to reach the heights of its successful predecessors, given the tough competition from utility coins. Those who buy Sealana and other meme coins often do so for short-term gains.

This crypto project adopts the chubby seal as its primary character. That will relate to the community members, as it hopes to gather enough early investors to send the price to the moon. Most importantly, $SEAL will enjoy the broad reach and extensive community Solana brings to the industry.

Sealana might get to $1 in our brief projections. However, we expect temporary bear markets in 2025. Our best advice is to invest prudently with complete awareness of the risks meme coins carry.

Your money is at risk


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