6 Best ICO Platforms To Invest in 2024

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Initial coin offerings (ICOs) help crypto projects raise funds while giving early investors lower-priced access to their tokens. Finding the best ICO platform is pivotal for successful crypto investments. If anything, you need a crypto launchpad with a thorough vetting process and security for transactions.

Our experts have reviewed the top-performing ICO platforms in 2024. We’ve evaluated their history and successful project launches for consistency and results. Most importantly, we’ve analyzed their user interface and how easy it is to get on board and partake in a new coin offering.
This guide will show you our top recommendations and more.

We have a few recommended tokens that do not require registering with an ICO platform to participate in their launches. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to boost your crypto investment approach this year.

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Top ICO Platforms – List

Some ICO platforms have formidable records of successful launches. Their tokens performed excellently in the crypto market, returning over 100% to the early investors. However, emerging players have shown promising potential to host the next big, explosive coin.

With that in mind, here are the top ICO platforms in 2024:

  1. Launchpad XYZ: Best Platform with Asset Ranking
  2. yPredict: Top Platform to Predict Performance
  3. Dash2Trade: Top Platform for Grid and DCA Bots
  4. Binance Launchpad: Best ICO Platform for Quick Liquidity
  5. OKX Jumpstart: Top ICO Platform to Mine New Tokens
  6. Gate.io Startup: Top ICO Platform to Access Airdrops

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Best ICO Platform (detailed review)

When reviewing different ICO Platforms, our experts considered the ease of use. Of course, we want our readers to have little trouble accessing cryptos with the most potential when they launch. We also considered security, participatory costs, support, vetting process, etc.

Choosing the right ICO platform requires careful consideration. We will give you our best recommendations, but it’s up to you to pick the one that aligns most with your investment goals. Do you want the best AI crypto coins or the top meme coins? Take a brief look at your investment goals and strategy. Then, pick an ICO platform from our list that best suits your needs.

Let’s review each platform in detail:

1. Launchpad XYZ: Best Platform with Asset Ranking

launchpad xyz best ICO platform

At the time of writing, this ICO platform is hosting the claims stage of its native token, LPX. It raised over $2.7 million during the presale. You’ll need the native token to maximize Launchpad XYZ’s features.

Launchpad XYZ is focused on trading, adding AI capabilities to ensure you make the best choice. Its features include a trading terminal, Apollo, the AI assistant, and the trading edge. Most importantly, these features are user-friendly and optimized for beginners.

You’ll have zero trouble navigating Launchpad XYZ. The AI assistant can assist you with sentiment, news, and market insights before you pick a token. Then, you can step on the terminal to access trades with market-leading liquidity providers.

The trading edge feature comes in once you’ve established a trading framework. It provides the infrastructure to execute trades at optimal times.

Launchpad XYZ offers access to non-fungible tokens, fractionalized assets, Web 3.0 presale projects, a play-to-earn game hub, a Web 3.0 wallet, etc. While most of these are in active development, the ICO platform has promising potential. One crucial feature is the launchpad quotient, which ranks assets using multiple data points.

The launchpad quotient will be an excellent tool for beginners. It can spare you hours researching tokens and finding their potential amidst stiff competition. Hence, you can quickly find promising markets before saturation.

VIP trading channels are available if you want to improve your game. They require NFT access cards, which can be purchased with the LPX token. Now that early investors are claiming their $LPX tokens, we expect them to be available on major crypto exchanges.

Your money is at risk.

2. yPredict: Top Platform to Predict Performance

ypredict best ico platforms 2024

Machine learning is prominent in many industries today. Thankfully, an ICO-related platform is seizing the technology to provide better possibilities for the crypto industry. yPredict is not a crypto launchpad for ICO launches, but its analytical features are crucial in picking top-performing assets.

Three features are up and running at yPredict. They include the backlink calculator, WriteMingle, and yPredict Analytics. The repository, terminal, and marketplace are still in development, and we expect them soon.

Our primary interest is in the yPredict Analytics feature. It is AI-driven and provides a similar solution to what the Launchpad XYZ quotient does. You can learn about trending cryptos for 2024, 2025, 2030, etc. Of course, you can get price predictions on current cryptos on ICOBench to enhance your trading decisions while evaluating yPredict’s analytics.

The yPredict Analytics feature provides analysis and selection using the best indicators. It will evaluate past performance to identify the indicators that provided the best direction. Then, it will use those indicators for future analysis. Crypto trading uses several indicators, but some work best in specific trading conditions.

Prediction models are available on yPredict. However, they are subscription-based, as they come from developers. You can find a prediction model in the marketplace when the latter becomes available.

yPredict will add free predictions to get beginners started. However, you’ll need paid ones to embrace the possibilities and make better trading decisions.

The yPredict token is listed on BitMart, MEXC Global, and DexTools. You’ll need to access all the features and maximize their capabilities.

Your money is at risk.

3. Dash2Trade: Top Platform for Grid and DCA Bots

dash2trade best platform for ICOs

Indicators, bots, and signals are the highlights of Dash2Trade. You can track analytics for over 400 coin pairs to hunt for the next profitable trade. These actionable insights and unique social indicators can reveal significant market movements.

Dash2Trade offers a robust platform for traders. It might not host token launches like the typical ICO platform, but it can help you identify promising tokens. The benefits of joining Dash2Trade include the following:

  • Access to a strategy builder
  • Access to crypto trading signals
  • Access to grid bots to capture profits in volatile markets
  • Access to DCA bots to automate your crypto purchases regularly

You’ll need the professional tier subscription to maximize all the Dash2Trade features. The subscription adds unlimited backtests, essential to sharpening your trading approach and strategy. You’ll also get signal engine bots when they launch.

A free tier is available for beginners with equally helpful features. These include event streams, a basic cryptocurrency info summary, access to trending coins, and social analytics. One backtester is available monthly, which should be enough for beginners.

The D2T token is Dash2Trade’s native cryptocurrency. It is available on LBank, Gate.io, Changelly, BitMart, and Uniswap. Also, you’ll need the D2T token to access the Dash2Trade dashboard.

Guides and learning tools will soon be available to give beginners a jump start on crypto trading. We recommend using these tools to avoid losses as you start trading cryptos.

Dash2Trade offers automation that frees you from repetitive tasks. The dashboard consolidates multiple independent data streams and exchange interfaces. Hence, you’ll have curated information to make trading decisions.

4. Binance Launchpad: Best ICO Platform for Quick Liquidity

binance ico platform

The successes of Polygon, Axie Infinity, and Injective came from Binance Launchpad, a top-tier ICO platform. We can easily recommend this platform because of its simplicity. Even so, the platform is robust, with successful projects to back up its track record.

92 projects have seen their early stages at the Binance Launchpad. Together, the platform has raised close to $200 million. Both developers and investors have good remarks about this launchpad.

The Binance Launchpad is part of Binance’s ecosystem. It provides world-class liquidity in multiple trading pairs. Conversely, new crypto projects will enjoy exposure to billions of Binance users worldwide.

Projects that pass through the launchpad often end as new Binance listings when they become publicly available for trading. Hence, the launchpad is a smooth transition for developers and early investors. You can trade your new tokens confidently on a world-class crypto exchange.

The Binance Launchpad draws from Binance’s large user base to establish quick adoption and liquidity for new projects. Developers appreciate that. Nonetheless, it proves that the tokens will have enough push to bring substantial returns to early investors.

This launchpad is centralized. Hence, you can expect regulations, unlike decentralized platforms. That doesn’t stop Binance from delivering promising token ICOs.

Binance promises to provide extensive support and advice to crypto projects even after their successful listings. That is an advantage to the developer and the investors. To you, that can mean fewer chances of experiencing a rug pull.

Open the ICO platform and click “View More” on the launchpad or pool. You’ll find ongoing and completed projects.

5. OKX Jumpstart: Top ICO Platform to Mine New Tokens

okx best ico platform

15 crypto projects have been launched on this ICO platform. The OKX Jumpstart adds a mining model that allows participants to earn tokens through staking. It goes beyond just purchasing the new tokens when their ICOs begin.

OKX Jumpstart is easy to use. Once you open the official website, click “Join” on the ongoing ICO. We appreciate the status bar, which shows the percentage completion rate for the launch.

Mining is available, but you must hold a specific quantity of the crypto to stake it. You can follow OKX Jumpstart on its social media channels to get information on new token launches.

This ICO platform has hosted projects with over 2,000% APR. Notcoin, Sui, and Taki are among the most prominent projects to use the launchpad.

While offering the mining model, OKX Jumpstart adds the regular on-sale model. You’ll find these inscriptions on ongoing projects to guide you. Then, you can decide which one to participate in.

You can expect warm-ups from this launchpad. We appreciate that addition, especially for beginners unaware of the participation process.

The on-sale model uses the pledge+draw approach for token distribution. That expands into four stages. These include position census, pledging, reward census, and reward distribution.

6. Gate.io Startup: Top ICO Platform to Access Airdrops

gate.io top ico platform

We recommend Gate.io Startup because of its robust vetting process. The launchpad raised almost $1 billion in May 2021. Today, it has launched over 500 projects with over 9 million participants.

Gate.io Startup offers more than participation in new crypto projects. You can qualify for free airdrops when you participate in new ICOs. Connect your wallet, claim the free airdrop, and maintain sufficient funds before project distribution, and you should be good to go.

We appreciate Gate.io Startup’s thorough vetting process. However, you should conduct your private research before investing. This step is essential, even when using other ICO platforms.

Gate.io Startup offers quick information on its listed projects. These include the token distribution, how many tokens are available in the ICO, how much is expected to be raised, etc. The listing period and eligibility are also available.

Eligibility for any ICO on Gate.io Startup is straightforward. Get a verified account and keep an active balance to cover your purchases.

Gate.io Startup allows each user to purchase a maximum of 1,000 tokens during any IEO. In addition, each user can only invest once in one project. That means you cannot buy tokens a second time.

You can work with the mobile app or use the website. Both platforms provide robust features to support ICO participation without worries.

Top ICOs To Buy Directly (without needing a platform)

Developers and creators turn to ICO platforms for quick and easy liquidity on their projects. That doesn’t mean they can’t launch their tokens alone. In most cases, crypto projects patronize several ICO platforms for a broader reach.

You can still purchase new tokens directly on their presale or ICO websites. The only difference is that finding new, promising projects falls back on you. Also, you must vet the projects even more thoroughly.

ICOBench will keep you updated with new token ICOs. You’ll find a wide range, whether you prefer meme coins, gaming ICOs, Coinbase listings, long-term cryptos, low-cap gems, etc.

With that in mind, here are the top ICOs you can purchase directly in 2024.

1. PlayDoge

playdoge best crypto ico

PlayDoge is an innovative play-to-earn cryptocurrency game that merges the nostalgic appeal of Tamagotchi with the Doge ecosystem. Players can raise virtual Doge pets, engage in mini-games, and complete various missions to earn crypto rewards. The game, available on Android and Apple devices, features high-definition graphics and blockchain integration, offering a modern twist on a beloved classic.

The project has swiftly attracted a large community, driven by strategic marketing efforts on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram.

This community support is crucial for PlayDoge’s success, especially in the competitive meme coin market. The $PLAY token, essential for accessing the game, is built on the Binance Smart Chain and has a total supply of 9.4 billion tokens. These tokens facilitate in-game transactions, unlock special features, and can be staked for passive rewards.

During the crypto ICO, investors have the chance to purchase $PLAY tokens at a lower price, with the potential for significant returns as the token’s value is expected to rise. The presale also allows for staking, enabling investors to lock up their tokens in exchange for passive income, which helps reduce the circulating supply and support the token’s value.

Your money is at risk.

2. Sealana

sealana crypto ico

Sealana is a classic meme coin that relies on meme culture and market hype to attain its value. Like Dogeverse, you can purchase it without an ICO platform.

Sealana is available for direct purchase on its official website. The presale is ongoing, with over $3 million raised as of this writing.

Purchasing directly on the website simplifies the process. Of course, you won’t enjoy the thorough vetting most ICO platforms do before hosting token ICOs. You must do the research and vetting yourself.

You can learn more about Sealana on ICOBench, including its price prediction and how to buy it. The first step to purchasing this token is setting up a compatible wallet. You’ll find the list of supported wallets on the website.

Sealana supports swaps with ETH and USDT. Open the official website and pick which token to use (ETH or USDT). Enter the number of tokens and click “Connect Wallet.”

Pick your preferred wallet and complete the transaction with the onscreen prompts. If you use a mobile wallet, open the official website from the wallet’s in-built browser. That will connect you directly with all the necessary authorizations.

There is an option to purchase with your credit card. Go to the website and pick the “Card” widget. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the purchase.

We recommend approaching meme coins like Sealana prudently. They have no utility to sustain their value when the market hits a rough patch. Instead, they rely on market hype and community engagement, which could fade with dropping investor sentiment.

Your money is at risk.

3. WienerAI

wienerai ico platform

The WienerAI presale is directly hosted on the website. Hence, you don’t need an ICO platform to purchase the token. Open a compatible wallet, and you should be good to go.

You can purchase and stake your WienerAI tokens directly on the presale platform. That feature is similar to what OKX Jumpstart offers. Again, that shows that you don’t really need an ICO platform to purchase new tokens.

As of this writing, 65% of $WAI has been staked. That amounts to over 1.5 billion $WAI tokens as rewards.

WienerAI proposes to be an AI trading partner with an instant, predictive, and friendly interface. The predictive technology allows for instant crypto market scours. This approach can help identify promising investment opportunities.

The WienerAI trading bot will debut immediately after the token listing. That will give utility value to the token and keep it competitive against typical meme tokens.

Open the website and connect your wallet. WienerAI supports swaps with ETH, USDT, BNB, and MATIC. Bank cards are also supported on the official website.

Fund your wallet with sufficient tokens for the swap. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the purchase is complete, you can stake your $WAI tokens for extra rewards. Click “Staking” on the top menu to access the dashboard. The dashboard shows your staked balance, how many tokens are stakeable, and the pool percentage.

WienerAI has all you need on its official website. All the information you would find on a typical ICO platform is there. That includes the whitepaper, the tokenomics, the amount raised during the presale, etc.

You can review the whitepaper and the audit report to vet this crypto project. These documents are essential and among the preliminary checks most launchpads conduct before hosting an ICO.

Your money is at risk.

4. MegaDice

mega dice crypto casino

The Mega Dice presale website shows the amount of $DICE tokens bought and the target number for the presales. This information is crucial when investing. It shows how many people have adopted the token and how many tokens are allocated for the presale.

Mega Dice is bringing GameFi to the Solana network. It is tied directly to the Mega Dice Casino. Hence, it is most useful to registered players.

You don’t need to sign up with the casino to purchase $DICE tokens. The presale is ongoing on the official website. Purchases are available with SOL, ETH, and USDT.

The Mega Dice token is not the primary in-game token at the casino. You can place bets using USDT. However, owning $DICE tokens qualifies you for airdrops when you wager the required amount.

$750,000 USD in airdrops will be available in three seasons. Notwithstanding, the airdrop will be based on the expected launch value.

You can buy $DICE by connecting your wallet to the official presale website. Otherwise, there is an option to send tokens directly to the presale address. Both approaches will get you the tokens, and you can start claiming them right away.

Only SOL is available through direct wallet address purchases. Other cryptocurrencies (ETH and BNB) require wallet connections on the presale website.

Pick your preferred wallet and connect it to the presale website. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the purchase.

Your money is at risk.

5. 99Bitcoins

99btc crypto ico platform

99Bitcoins is a learn-to-earn crypto project on the Bitcoin Network. Hence, users will receive rewards as they participate.

Completing courses will earn you 99BTC tokens. Similarly, engaging with the community will earn you crypto. While the exact reward for participation is yet to be specified, we expect a considerable amount.

The 99BTC presale is ongoing on its official website. Like most ICO platforms, you’ll find the amount raised and the target amount. Connect your wallet to purchase it.

Purchases are available through ETH, USDT, BNB, and bank cards. However, purchasing with BNB excludes you from the staking rewards.

Gate.io stood out among ICO platforms because of its airdrop feature on new tokens. Similarly, 99Bitcoins has airdrops for its community. You’ll find more information on the official presale website.

Purchase the tokens and stake them for extra rewards. You can withdraw your staked tokens at any time. However, the longer you leave them in the staking pool, the greater your rewards will be.

Your money is at risk.

What is an ICO Platform?

An ICO platform is a website that helps crypto projects raise funds by connecting them to early investors who purchase the tokens.

You can view the platform as a middleman between the investors and the crypto project.

Some ICO platforms have excellent reputations with track records of successful projects. Hence, investors are more likely to participate in their ICOs than purchase tokens directly on the project’s website.

An ICO platform can host many tokens simultaneously. Compared to presale websites, you can invest in several tokens instead of just purchasing one. Other benefits you’ll get from using an ICO platform include the following:

  • Well-vetted crypto projects: These launchpads often vet crypto projects before hosting their ICOs. They will vet the project’s whitepaper and audit report. Most importantly, they will review the team behind the projects to see their credibility.
  • Project support: Some ICO platforms offer incubation programs where they pay special attention to specific crypto projects. They can use their resources to ensure the projects are successful, even if that includes after-ICO support. A successful project is what investors need to boost their portfolios.
  • Early access: Joining an ICO platform is the best approach to accessing new projects early. Participating early reduces the cost of entry into a project, whether mining or on-sales ICOs.

Your money is at risk.

How Do ICO Platforms Work?

ICO Platform

A typical ICO platform offers participation in the following steps:

1. Project Application

This stage is where startups submit their projects to the ICO platform. They must meet specified criteria before submission. Upon submission, they must provide specific details about the project and the team or company behind it.

Typical information required during submission includes the whitepaper, the audit report, the milestones covered, the roadmap, the team details, etc.

2. Project Vetting

The ICO platform will review each project submission. This stage comes with thorough vetting as the launchpad has a reputation to protect. The vetting is necessary to identify and remove scams or rug pulls from the ICO pools.

3. Project Announcement

Once the project has cleared the vetting process, the ICO launchpad will announce the token.

This stage allows early investors to conduct their research into the project and prepare for participation. Some launchpads conduct warmups to get beginners up to speed on how to participate.

You’ll learn all the requirements needed to participate in the ICO. These can include the minimum number of tokens for participation and how many tokens you can buy.

4. ICO

Participation will be open at this stage. That means you can buy or mine the tokens. Some ICOs use the mining model, while others use the on-sale model.

Tokens will be available after the ICO. Instructions on how to claim them are usually announced when the event has finished.

How to Invest with ICO Platforms

Investing with ICO platforms is relatively straightforward, provided you have a supported wallet.

Some platforms have native tokens investors must purchase before participating in an ICO. Hence, watch out for that when investing.

Here are the steps to investing with ICO platforms:

  1. Verify your wallet: Follow the ICO platform’s instructions to whitelist your wallet. This process may involve KYC verification.
  2. Fund your wallet: Purchase the supported tokens for the swap. You’ll find this information on the ICO platform.
  3. Connect your wallet: Open the platform and connect your wallet. If you are a new user, you might need to complete registration first.
  4. Find an ICO from the pool: Go to the active pool section and pick a project. Read and review the details.
  5. Buy or start mining: This stage will depend on the ICO’s model. Some support direct purchase, while others use mining.
  6. Manage your new tokens: Some ICOs support staking. That means you can buy and stake immediately to earn extra rewards.
  7. Claim your tokens: The claiming stage often comes after the ICO. Watch out for announcements on the ICO platform and the token website.

Best ICO Platforms – Conclusion

Investing through an ICO platform can be more beneficial than purchasing tokens directly on their website. Projects that launch through an ICO platform often gain immediate exposure with quick liquidity. The launchpad also has more users to push the project’s value and adoption quicker than on standalone presale websites.

ICO platforms are integral to crypto project launches. However, you can also purchase tokens directly on their presale websites. Ensure you review the project thoroughly, including the team behind it, before investing.

Plan your investments to accommodate the risks. Most tokens, especially meme coins, are highly volatile.

Your money is at risk.


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