How To Buy eTukTuk (TUK) in 2024

Projections show that global EV sales will increase by 36% in 2024, symbolizing the continued support for sustainable vehicle alternatives. eTukTuk is a crypto project that hopes to seize this opportunity in the automotive industry to bring blockchain into the transport system. In this guide, we will explore how to buy eTukTuk crypto so that you can gain exposure to the latest blockchain EV ecosystem.

Electric vehicles, whether private or commercial, need charging stations to support their commute, especially over long distances. The eTukTuk crypto project is out to build this charging infrastructure in developing countries, to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are emitted by traditional TukTuk vehciles. It will power the entire infrastructure with blockchain, adding AI-driven efficiency to operations.

The project enjoys the support of several partners, including Minswap, Cyber Connect, Linke, and, Asia Token Fund Group, and has attracted the attention of investors around the globe. 

eTukTuk – Simple Buying Guide

If you do not have time to read our full eTukTuk buying guide, here is an overview of how to buy the token from the ongoing presale.

Step 1: Fund your crypto wallet with BNB or USDT

You can buy TUK tokens with BNB and USDT. ETH is also supported, but you won’t enjoy staking rewards when purchasing with ETH.

Step 2: Connect your wallet to the official website

Visit the official eTukTuk website and click “Buy eTukTuk” or “Connect Wallet.” Select your preferred wallet to proceed.

Step 3: Swap BNB or USDT with $TUK

The swap pair should be automatic. If not, search for BNB or USDT swaps with $TUK and complete the transaction.

Your money is at risk.

What is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk presale page

Air pollution and global warming are big deals in today’s economy. Two- and three-wheelers, especially in developing countries, contribute significantly to the pollution woes. Hence, it is only expected that the green energy revolution has swept across the two- and three-wheel vehicle (TukTuk) industries.

eTukTuk is a crypto project building a network of proprietary electric vehicles and affordable charging stations to support intelligent transport systems The goal is to tackle pollution in developing nations by providing a sustainable transport solution. In essence, it’s a crypto project with real-world applications which makes it one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to buy.

The charging infrastructure will be available in urban and suburban regions for accessibility. These systems will be self-sufficient, operating outside local power grids. Anyone enthusiastic about green solutions can participate in the eTukTuk presale or buy the token afterward.

Future innovations and adaptations will occur in this project. One of them is the optimization of future charging stations once the system becomes operational. That will happen through the collection and analysis of current transport data.

How Will The eTukTuk Ecosystem Work?

The eTukTuk ecosystem has three core pillars, as follows:

  • The proprietary electric vehicles
  • The charging stations
  • The $TUK token

You can buy eTukTuk tokens (TUK) to participate in this ecosystem as a driver, user, facility operator, or installer. The charging stations make up the electric vehicle supply equipment, while the vehicles will have zero emissions.

This project hopes to achieve local manufacturing for its zero-emission vehicles with less than 200 parts. With an 8-year battery lifespan, the project positions itself for the long term and will play a role in creating a sustainable future.

Infrastructure partners will install and operate the essential services required for smooth operations. That includes the vehicles, charging stations, power, and innovative technology. The project refers to them as territory partners.

At the heart of the ecosystem lies the $TUK token. The turn to blockchain comes from its advantages over traditional payment systems.

Users can pay for rides with the $TUK token, while drivers can pay with $TUK tokens at charging stations. That ensures smooth operations and secure transactions.

The ecosystem reveals a long-term project that isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Instead, the project roadmap shows continued development for the long haul.

App to app payment, buy etuktuk

Payments at charging stations will occur through the driver app. $TUK will be one of the selected currencies for the transaction. On the other hand, passengers can make secure payments with TUK through the passenger app.

The driver app will facilitate these payments with crypto exchanges and fiat onramps. It will also aid the collection of driver daily movement, like queuing for chargers, the charging speed, the charging time, etc. These details will help future adaptations and upgrades to the green transportation network.

The eTukTuk roadmap

The eTukTuk project was unveiled in 2023 and the presale has been ongoing since. In six months, it raised a community of over 40,000 people.

While the $TUK token is among the best crypto presales now, the project has already achieved several milestones in its roadmap. The TukStation Rewards app debuted in June 2023. TaskOn came on board as a partner in the same month, lending further credence to the project.

Airdrops have also occurred throughout the project’s roadmap. Now, the $TUK token is in presale which means that investors can buy it for an undervalued price.

The table below shows the phases in the eTukTuk roadmap and the expected achievements:

Phase Details
Second Phase
  • Beginning of the token sale (presale)
  • Smart contract audit completion
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Driver app development
  • 80,000 users on the Tuk Station app
  • The buy and stake feature launch
Third Phase
  • Installation of first charging stations in Sri Lanka
  • Official government launch of eTukTuk
  • Passenger app development
  • $TUK token CEX launch
  • Commencement of power staking
Fourth Phase
  • Production of eTukTuks in Sri Lanka begins
  • 200 charging points installed in Sri Lanka
  • Second eTukTuk territory announcement
  • First solar charging station

The $TUK Token

This project aims for seamless communication between the eTukTuk vehicles, the charging stations, the drivers, the apps, and the control center. The eTukTuk token is built on the Binance decentralized public blockchain, BNB Chain. This blockchain was chosen for the following reasons:

  • The energy efficiency and scalability of BNB Chain
  • Censorship resistance, validity, security, energy efficiency, and decentralization
  • Cross-chain financial infrastructure
  • Delegated proof of stake and proof of authority
  • Fast finality feature

Furthermore, the use of the BNB Chain could make eTukTuk one of the most exciting upcoming Binance listings to watch in 2024. If the token is launched on the exchange, the price could soar.

When the presale is complete, eTukTuk will launch on layer 1 of the BNB Chain. However, the project will use layer 2 opBNB Network to reduce transaction fees and improve scalability.

Accessibility of the $TUK token will be through Binance Smart Chain and Cardano. That will ensure access for those who want to buy eTukTuk crypto from both blockchain communities.

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$TUK Use Cases

This token will support transactions between all parties. However, its use case exceeds that. The other use cases include the following:

  • Power staking: You can earn rewards through active participation. Power staking allows you to stake your $TUK tokens into staking contracts in your jurisdiction. The territory partners will use those resources to power the operations and reward you.
  • The eTukTuk play-to-earn game: This gaming experience will be similar to driving a real-life eTukTuk around your jurisdiction. Pick and drop off passengers quickly to earn more. With enough earnings, you can upgrade your eTukTuk and unlock new cities.

eTukTuk play-to-earn game


2 billion $TUK tokens will be available. However, they will be distributed to various aspects, including presale and operations. Here’s how the tokenomics for $TUK works:

  • Liquidity: 5%
  • Presale staking: 4%
  • Presale: 6%
  • Community fund: 10%
  • Team: 10%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Project operations: 20%
  • Power staking: 20%
  • Company reserve: 15%

The project operations fund is crucial to the roadmap. It will fund tangible infrastructure, onboarding of additional teams, and liquidity for centralized and decentralized exchanges.

15% of the token supply will be in reserve. This fund will buffer operations during unforeseen events or economic storms.

The eTukTuk presale will soon round up as the sales have exceeded $2.5 million of its $5 million hard cap.

Your money is at risk.

Why Buy eTukTuk in 2024?

eTukTuk Twitter, how to buy eTukTuk token

We expect this project to enjoy government and international support because it pushes for green energy in transportation. That will make it sustainable, even amidst a volatile crypto market. Here are a few reasons why you should buy eTukTuk in 2024:

  • Staking rewards: Those participating in the eTukTuk presale can enjoy over 100% staking rewards. Power staking takes over once the project goes live, with eTukTuks plying the Sri Lankan roads. Hence, you can enjoy passive rewards without actively trading on centralized or decentralized exchanges.
  • Upcoming high demand: Users and drivers will need $TUK tokens for the infrastructure. This demand will drive the token’s price and maintain upward pressure. You will benefit from the price increase if you buy eTukTuk in 2024.
  • Growing community: The project’s Twitter handle and other social media channels have seen substantial growth and engagement. That shows the growing adoption of the project and a potential price surge when the token debuts on centralized exchanges.

How To Buy TUK Coin in 2024 – Detailed Guide

We’ve seen $TUK and its potential for 2024. The roadmap is promising for anyone seeking long-term investment or passive earnings. Here’s our extensive guide on how to buy eTukTuk during the ongoing presale event.

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet

At the time of writing, the only way to invest in TUK is to buy tokens from the presale. Therefore, you will need to create a crypto wallet.

Compatible wallets include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. Other wallets may be supported after the CEX launch. Whichever works, ensure the wallet is supported on the Binance Smart Chain.

Step 2: Fund the wallet

You can fund your wallet with BNB or USDT. Make sure that you deposit enough funds to cover the amount of TUK that you would like to buy as well as gas fees.

Step 3: Connect your crypto wallet to the presale

Connect wallet to buy eTukTuk

Visit the official eTukTuk website to connect your wallet. Click “Connect Wallet” or “Buy eTukTuk” to open the drop-down menu. Enter the amount of BNB or USDT and click your preferred wallet to connect it.

Step 4: Buy $TUK tokens

The purchase should be automatic after connecting your wallet. You’ll see the price order box with the transaction amount. Click “Pay” to proceed with the transaction.

Step 5: Claim your $TUK tokens

You’ll receive the $TUK tokens in your wallet after the presale. Otherwise, contact the website support for further instructions.

Your money is at risk.

Top Tips for Investing in Crypto Presales Safely

Investing in crypto presales comes with inherent risk. Therefore, it is important that investors understand how to proceed safely.

The following tips could help you to reduce the risk of buying crypto during a presale in 2024. 

  • Research extensively on crypto’s use cases and the project’s contribution to society.
  • Avoid investing out of fear of missing out.
  • Look for audit reports to recognize safe and fishy projects.
  • Review the project team and their past projects, if any.
  • Research regulations in the crypto project industry to know its feasibility in the long term
  • Invest with finances you can afford to lose.

How to Buy eTukTuk – The Verdict

This green energy-based crypto project might offer a breather and new direction to the famous three-wheeler transport system. You can buy eTukTuk now in its presale to encourage the project team while settling in for staking rewards. Nonetheless, the roadmap is relatively more extensive than most tokens and upcoming ICOs.

It might take a while for this project to kick off and produce a real impact on society. Hence, buckle up for a long ride as it rolls out the charging stations and electric vehicles. The project will debut in Sri Lanka and launch progressively in other territories.

We expect competition in the coming months, especially as projects hope to capitalize on the upcoming bull market. Invest prudently and diversify your crypto portfolio while avoiding the need to buy out of fear. Remember to buy with BNB or USDT to be eligible for the staking rewards.

eTukTuk stands out as one of the best long term cryptos for investors who want to gain exposure to a sustainable project with excellent utility.

Your money is at risk.


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