How to Buy CoinPoker Token in 2024

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Most traditional crypto gaming sites are not fully decentralized, even those with native tokens. CoinPoker debuted in 2017, bringing a fully decentralized online poker platform. Today, you can buy the CoinPoker token to qualify for extra on-site rewards and privileges.

CoinPoker uses USDT as the primary in-game currency, with the CoinPoker token (CHP) providing players with the chance to earn extra rewards. The CHP token was introduced to support the growth of the ecosystem and attract more players. The coin is integral to the platform’s growth. Purchasing the token is easy, as the platform has a direct “Buy” button.

You can buy the CoinPoker token on QuickSwap and store it on your decentralized crypto wallet. However, you’ll need USDT to participate in the poker games and tournaments on the platform. This guide will show you how to buy this token and what CoinPoker offers as an online decentralized poker site.

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How to Buy CoinPoker Token (Short Buying Guide)

The CoinPoker token can be in your wallet in a few minutes. Here’s what you must do to purchase the CHP:

  1. Open the official CoinPoker website: You don’t need to register with CoinPoker before purchasing the CHP token. However, the coin is useless to unregistered players as it is native to the poker platform. Register with the platform first as a player.
  2. Click “Get CHP on QuickSwap”: The button will take you directly to the QuickSwap platform. You can swap CHP with USDT on QuickSwap.
  3. Fund your USDT wallet: Ensure your wallet has adequate USDT tokens for the swap. Open a new decentralized wallet if you do not already have one. CHP is an ERC-20 token; hence, it is compatible with most Ethereum wallets. MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, and hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger will work.
  4. Swap the CHP/USDT currency pair: Connect your wallet to QuickSwap to perform the swap. Click “Connect Wallet” and pick your preferred wallet. Mobile wallets and desktop extensions are compatible with connection and swap.
  5. Complete the transaction: Enter the number of USDT tokens for the swap. You’ll find the equivalent CHP tokens. Complete the transaction to receive CHP in your wallet.

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Besides QuickSwap, CHP is available on Kucoin, AllCoin, HItBTC, ForkDelta, and YoBit. You can buy CoinPoker tokens directly on these platforms without logging into the online poker platform.

Purchasing from QuickSwap on the website sends the CHP token directly to your poker account. If you use other exchanges, you will still need to deposit into your CoinPoker account before playing.

What is CoinPoker?

how to buy coinpoker

Those familiar with random number generators on traditional crypto gaming sites know we often cannot verify their genuineness. That means we must trust third-party testing and auditing platforms, like eCOGRA, to verify the RNG’s authenticity. CoinPoker takes a disruptive approach by allowing players to verify the authenticity of the poker card shuffles as they play.

Mega Dice is a similar gaming platform with a native currency, like CoinPoker. We covered it extensively in our Mega Dice price prediction. However, Mega Dice does not have a decentralized nature like CoinPoker, making the latter worth considering if you are skeptical of game results.

CoinPoker is a blockchain-based poker platform. It hosts three poker games, as follows:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • 5-card Pot Limit Omaha

While the poker games are relatively few compared to other gaming platforms, CoinPoker hosts more tournaments. Go to the tournaments section, and you’ll find something worth your time any day.

You don’t need any KYC checks to register with this poker platform. Transactions occur through USDT, BTC, ETH, or CHP. Additionally, you can play the games on the desktop platform or the mobile app. Both offer exclusive access to the poker site’s perks, from promotions to other rewards.

Here’s how to register with CoinPoker:

  1. Open the official CoinPoker website
  2. Click “Register.:
  3. Enter your nickname, email address, and password
  4. Codes are optional but can be valuable for extra rewards.

There is no extra identity verification after creating a new account with CoinPoker. Instead, the next step is to obtain the supported cryptocurrencies. The CHP has extra benefits for players, although it is not mandatory while playing.

Your money is at risk.

The Decentralized Card Shuffling

coinpoker decentralized shuffling

This aspect is the primary reason CoinPoker differs from other online poker platforms. The site uses decentralized random number generator software that shuffles the deck based on the players’ inputs. That approach allows you and other players to verify the shuffle’s fairness.

CoinPoker achieved this decentralization using the same cryptographic hash function as the Ethereum network (KECCAK-256). While it is impossible to reverse engineer, you can view information about the order of the deck to promote transparency in the poker game.

Players can verify how random the deck was once a hand is complete. They can also view the undealt cards that would have been in play.

This approach contrasts with traditional poker rooms that are secretive with their shuffling formula. CoinPoker has produced a secure yet transparent and open system to play poker easily and assuredly. The CoinPoker token is an icing on the already working formula.

Players can opt out of participating at the beginning of each hand. Once they choose to participate, the system generates a cryptographic function with a secret seed value. This value applies to all the poker players for that hand, each player having its own.

CoinPoker will aggregate all the seed values to create the final value and use it as input for the random number generator. Then, we will see the results in the final deck order.

This power to view undealt cards and the deck takes the poker experience to another level. That is an innovation we wouldn’t mind seeing in new gaming ICOs.

With over 60,000 players since debuting in 2017, CoinPoker is shaping the poker industry. The tournaments share this decentralized card shuffling technology. Playing poker at CoinPoker is an experience that surpasses what traditional poker rooms provide.

How to Deposit and Withdraw at CoinPoker

CoinPoker makes joining its platform easy and seamless. You can deposit from your crypto wallet or through an exchange. Both ways are efficient and secure to fit different needs and preferences.

Processing fees will apply to your deposits but withdrawals are free. With that in mind, here’s how to deposit from your crypto wallet:

  • Download and install the CoinPoker app on your device.
  • Register as a player (see steps above).
  • Fund your account once registered.
  • Create a personal crypto wallet address for all deposits and withdrawals. This wallet will be associated with your CoinPoker account. Changing it requires contacting the support team.
  • Input your wallet address for the initial deposit.

Depositing from an exchange is equally seamless. Follow the steps below:

  • Register and proceed to fund your CoinPoker account.
  • Click the “Wallet” option in the CoinPoker client section
  • Select the “Deposit from exchange” option
  • Input the USDT amount and click “Pay with Crypto NACE.”
  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to fund your account with.
  • Copy the amount and the generated wallet address.
  • Paste the above information on your crypto exchange site or use the mobile application to scan the QR code on CoinPoker.
  • Complete the transaction

With the payment currency, you can select any of the following:

  • Bitcoin through the Bitcoin network
  • ETH through the Ethereum network
  • SOL through the Solana network
  • MATIC through the Polygon network
  • USDT_TRON through the TRON network
  • USDT through the Ethereum network

Withdrawals from CoinPoker are simple. Select your preferred cryptocurrency, and you are good to go. The platform allows withdrawals to any private wallet address.

The CHP Token

CoinPoker uses the CHP token for bets, payments, and promotions. Owning the token comes with numerous benefits. Fortunately, CHP and USDT are ERC-20 tokens, meaning you can use one wallet to store them.

This casino offers several benefits to players who own or hold CHP. As of this writing, we have identified two uses for the CHP token. However, the platform plans to expand the use cases further.

how to buy coinpoker token

With that in mind, CHP benefits include the following:

Rakeback Participation

Paying your community contributions through CHP makes you eligible for the rakeback promotion. This bonus offers a 20% rakeback that can come in handy if you have a losing run. Players who break even can become winners through this exclusive bonus.

This benefit can allow players with less luck to see more profits. That is because of the 20% rakeback and the low community contributions.

All players have two wallets on CoinPoker. One wallet shows your CHP balance, while the other shows your USDT balance.

The platform will take funds from your CHP balance for community contributions. It will only switch to your USDT balance when you have no funds in your CHP wallet. Hence, you’ll become eligible for the 20% Rakeback through your CHP balance, enough for community contributions.

Paying community contributions from your USDT account will automatically convert to CHP if you have the latter. Then, your USDT account will revert to its original balance.

The 20% rakeback is calculated from all your community contributions. This approach is unlike traditional gaming platforms that pay reloads or cashback from player bets or deposits. That aside, you will receive the 20% rakeback every Monday.

Discount on Withdrawal Fees

You can pay conversion fees in your preferred cryptocurrency, provided CoinPoker supports it. However, using the CHP token for the conversion fees makes you eligible for a discount. That is why you should buy CoinPoker tokens when registering with the platform.

You can compare your savings when using the CHP token to other cryptocurrencies for conversion fees. Then, pick the one that offers the most savings, which will most likely be the CHP token.

The Community Contributions

CoinPoker started as a commission-free poker platform. This approach allowed players to test and try crypto poker for the first time. However, it is inadequate to fund the progress and value CoinPoker intends to deliver to its community.

The introduction of community contributions on cash and tournament tables is to provide resources for CoinPoker’s growth. All contributions are reinvested into the platform for more value and to build a thriving community. Even so, CoinPoker maintains low-cost entry and easy access for anyone wishing to try crypto poker.

Players will receive 100% of the contributions through community-centric promotional activities, partnerships, etc. Nonetheless, the operator will spare a small part for administrative purposes and expenses.

Here’s how the contributions apply:

  • All ring games are subject to a 5% community contribution
  • Cosmic spins have a 5% community contribution, while tournament contributions are 8%
  • Heads-up, high stakes, and Tony’s Games have varying contributions. The details are available on request.
  • The platform monitors community feedback and may change community contributions based on that.

Why Invest in the CoinPoker Token?

The CoinPoker token is an excellent investment for investors who want to participate in the crypto casino. Holding CHP offers eligibility to exclusive rewards, bonuses, and discounts.

CoinPoker token’s limited use on the gaming platform means that it might not be the best long-term investment for non-casino players. If you do not plan on using the casino, we recommend taking a look at the best long term cryptos to buy in 2024.

how to buy chp tokens

In the following section, we will take a look at both the pros and cons of buying CHP tokens. That way, you will have balanced information before investing. With that in mind, let’s begin with why you should invest in CoinPoker token.

Why You Should Invest in CoinPoker Token

There are several reasons why you might want to buy CoinPoker tokens in 2024.

Exclusive Benefits on the Platform

Buying CHP gives you exclusive benefits when using the CoinPoker platform for your poker games. The most significant benefit is the 20% rakeback that comes every Monday. This amount can change your gaming dynamics and help you break even on your deposits into the poker hands.

CoinPoker boasts that the rakeback bonus can help players who break even make more profits. That is true, seeing that the rakeback depends on how much you put into the community contributions. The more money you put in, the more returns you will have every Monday.

Besides the 20% rakeback, owning CHP can help you save on conversion fees. CoinPoker offers to process lower conversion fees when you pay using CHP. This benefit will leave more crypto for you to wager on the poker games and tournaments. Hence, you will have more winning chances and potential wins.

Community Backing

CHP offers lucrative rewards to token holders which has attracted a strong community of supporters. Hence, they provide adequate backing through their community contributions.

Community backing will keep the token valuable for players. While optional, we expect new players to adopt the token because of the benefits.

Fair and Transparent Platform

CoinPoker’s decentralized random number generators make a huge difference to the gaming experience. You don’t need to wonder if the card shuffles are rigged against you. Instead, you can confirm the authenticity because of the RNG’s hash function.

A fair and transparent platform will attract players who want fun in a non-biased game. With that influx comes demand for the CHP. The increased demand might send the prices higher, allowing you to swap some extra CHP for cash or other cryptocurrencies.

Growing Adoption of Gaming Tokens

Blockchain technology is driving the adoption of gaming tokens. GameFi is now prominent because players can earn cryptocurrencies by participating in play-to-earn games. In-game assets have become tokenized, with some supporting trading on external platforms.

Gaming tokens are among the best cryptos to buy because of their utility. Their value is directly tied to the gaming platform, which has the potential to last a long time. Hence, you can expect a sustained value for the token.

CHP joins other gaming tokens, although it is primary to CoinPoker. It will only become more valuable as more crypto users and gamers turn to the platform.

Your money is at risk.

coinpoker token benefits

Why You Shouldn’t Invest in CoinPoker Token

Although the CoinPoker token is one of the best new cryptocurrencies to buy, it may not be suitable for all investors.

It is Optional

CHP is not mandatory to play poker games on CoinPoker. This approach might limit the demand for the native token. If that happens, we won’t see much price increase to favor investments in the coin.

With little real-world monetary value to offer, players might skip it and continue playing poker with USDT. This limitation could see the token struggle to sustain value over time. 

However, using CHP to play in the casino comes with considerable benefits which should attract investors.

Buy CoinPoker Token – Conclusion

CoinPoker is a decentralized online poker gaming platform. It uses a decentralized random number generator open to all players for verification. You can view the card shuffle and the potential cards on the deck after a hand is closed.

Decentralization brings a unique poker experience. In addition, you can participate in tournaments for extra wins. The CoinPoker token is the native currency on the platform, but it is not needed to play games.

Owning the token instead brings benefits like a 20% rakeback on Mondays and lower conversion fees. CHP has the potential to be a viable investment choice because of the community backing and expected demand. These factors may drive the price up, allowing early investors to make substantial returns when trading the token on exchanges.

You can buy CoinPoker token today on QuickSwap through the official CoinPoker website. Nonetheless, purchases are available on KuCoin, AllCoin, HitBTC, ForkDelta, and YoBit. The latter requires swapping with BTC or ETH.

Your money is at risk.


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