How To Buy WienerAI Token ($WAI) in 2024

AI is considered to be one of the best industries to invest in right now, with many artificial intelligence projects paving the way for the future of tech. For crypto investors, this means buying tokens that support the best upcoming AI blockchain projects. One of the newest AI cryptos that has attracted the attention of investors is WienerAI. Here, we will explain how to buy WienerAI tokens from the presale and provide an overview of the why project might be worth adding to your portfolio.

The guide has been developed by our writers and editors who spent time reviewing the WienerAI crypto project to understand how the presale works and why some investors might consider participating.

How To Buy WienerAi ($WAI) – Quick Guide

If you are an experienced ICO investor, here is a quick overview of how to buy WienerAI from the ongoing presale. You can find a more comprehensive guide further down in this article.

  1. Create an ERC20 wallet: $WAI is built on Ethereum which means that investors will need to hold an Ethereum wallet. Compatible wallet options include MetaMask and Coinbase wallet.
  2. Fund your wallet with ETH: Some wallet providers allow you to buy ETH directly through the application. In other cases, buy ETH from a reputable crypto exchange and send it to your wallet address.
  3. Connect your wallet to the $WAI presale: Click ‘connect wallet’ on the official presale website and select your wallet provider.
  4. Swap ETH for $WAI: Enter the amount of ETH that you would like to swap for WienerAI and confirm the transaction. You will be able to claim your WienerAI tokens after the presale.

Your money is at risk.

What is WienerAI?

wiener ai how to buy

WienerAI is a loveable weenie meme token that merges meme culture with the power of artificial intelligence. The token’s growth will follow a similar path to other meme coins that will involve building a large community of followers through clever marketing and social media campaigns. WienerAI aims to make WAI the next viral meme token.

Although it is a meme coin at heart, WienerAI offers staking utility and advanced artificial intelligence upgrade features that make it stand out from other shitcoins.

The best way to understand WienerAI is to take a look at the token’s creative backstory. WienerAI was created by a scientist in the year 2132. The scientist set out to create the world’s greatest Artificial Intelligence that would destroy the divide between dogs and AI. However, whilst splicing the synthetic DNA, the scientist dropped some hotdog into the mixture. This led to the creation of WienerAI – the most powerful sausage dog AI in the universe!

Part sausage, part AI

WienerAI is the most adorable AI to date. The meme character is a blend of loveable weenie sausage dogs and advanced AI technology. This unusual combination provides the team with the creative freedom to develop viral marketing campaigns that will attract the attention of social media users.

Viral marketing has played a big role in the success of other top meme coins such as BONK and PEPE. By merging AI with a tending and loveable sausage dog theme, the team behind WienerAI hopes to replicate this success.

Generous staking rewards

One of the most attractive features of the Wiener AI project is the generous staking rewards that are offered to presale investors. At the time of writing (25/04/2024), the APY stands at a whopping 1948%. The returns are likely to decrease as the presale moves forward which means that early investors will be able to receive the highest staking returns.

WienerAi staking rewards

Upgradeable meme token

WienerAI will use advanced artificial intelligence technology to ‘upgrade’ itself based on crypto market conditions and developments. The project has not explicitly stated what this will involve however, according to the website, the upgrades will enable WienerAI to become ‘top dog’ in the meme space.

$WAI Tokenomics

The total supply of $WAI tokens is 69,000,000,000. 30% of coins are available to buy from the presale and the remaining tokens will be distributed between marketing, community engagement rewards, staking, presale, and exchange listings.

The project does not provide any details about burning mechanisms. However, the supply will gradually decrease when investors lock up their tokens in the staking pool.

WienerAI tokenomics

WienerAI Roadmap

The WienerAI roadmap involves 3 stages that focus on building a community of loyal supporters.

In step 1, the team will launch the presale alongside the viral marketing campaign. During this stage, the project is likely to focus on awareness and attracting presale investors.

Step 2 of the roadmap involves a WienerAI upgrade and the continued expansion of the WienerAI community. We could not find any details about what the upgrade will mean for the project however, we can assume that the event will encourage further growth.

During step 3, $WAI will be listed on exchanges and presale investors will be able to claim and trade their tokens. The team hopes to secure listings on major exchanges that operate around the globe.

Why Invest in WienerAI Token?

So, what makes WienerAI one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons this project has attracted investors from around the world.

Viral marketing potential

One of the biggest reasons that WienerAI is set to be a success in 2024 is that the project has strong viral potential. WienerAI is a blend of two hot topics that are currently trending on social media: artificial intelligence and dachshunds.

As a result, the marketing team will be able to tap into social media trends to create content with viral potential.

Viral marketing plays a huge role in the success of meme tokens. In the past, projects such as DogWifHat and PePe coin have been able to reward investors with huge returns based on virality alone. Similar results could be seen my WienerAI if the team manage to successfully generate hype around the token.

Advanced AI upgrades will keep WienerAI at the top

Another reason that WienerAI stands out as one of the best meme coins to buy is that the project will use artificial intelligence to keep up with market trends and dominate the meme token space.

WienerAI is one of the first meme tokens to offer this feature which will allow the project to continue developing over time. This could prevent WienerAI from ‘dumping’ as soon as early investors cash their profits – which is a common occurrence in the meme coin sector.

Multiple ways to earn

Unlike traditional meme tokens, WienerAI offers multiple ways to earn rewards after investing. This includes staking and value growth. The WienerAI staking pool offers huge returns that are significantly higher than other promising cryptos.

At the time of writing, the APY for staking is 1947%! This means that investors can earn 3938 tokens per ETH block. The staking rewards will go down as the presale moves forward which means that the earlier you invest, the more rewards you will receive.

As well as earning passive rewards from staking, there is a high chance that the value of $WAI will pump after the presale. This means that early investors will receive gains on their initial investment. However, this is not guaranteed and the success of WienerAI will depend on marketing efforts and demand for the token.

how to buy wienerai

The WienerAI trading bot

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of WienerAI is the platform’s native AI trading bot feature.

WienerAI token holders will be able to use their coins to access the bot, which will provide market insight and trading suggestions. The AI trading tool will assist users in making informed trading decisions, powered by advanced AI.

The Risks of Buying WienerAI

Even though WienerAI is a legitimate meme token that has been audited by Coinsult, investing in cryptocurrency presales comes with inherent risks. It is important to familiarize yourself with the risks involved before investing.

  • Meme coins are known for volatility: WienerAI is a meme token which means that it is likely to endure periods of extreme volatility. It is normal for meme coins to experience huge price swings, based on investor sentiment and trends. This volatility can make it difficult to draw any predictions about future performance.
  • The meme coin market is saturated: WienerAI is by no means the only meme token with ‘potential’ to be launched in 2024. There are hundreds of other meme tokens with large online communities that promise huge growth. WienerAI will need to outrank a string of competitors in order to achieve the success that it plans to.
  • Liquidity challenges: If new cryptos fail to attract investors during the initial presale, the project can face liquidity issues when it is listed on exchanges. Low liquidity could make it difficult to sell your tokens after the initial presale event.

To learn more about the potential risks, and returns, of buying WienerAI, check out our WienerAI price prediction.

How To Buy $WAI – Complete Guide

One way to minimize risk when investing in a crypto presale is to follow a comprehensive guide that outlines each step of the process. In the following section, we will run through exactly how to buy WienerAI from the presale in May 2024.

Step 1: Research the project

Before making any investment decisions, you should always take time to meticulously research the project that you would like to invest in.

For Wienerdog AI, this means reading carefully through the project whitepaper, following the project’s social channels, and engaging with the community. During your research, check that the project has sufficient investor support, positive news coverage and a good tokenomic structure.

winerai twitter

Step 2: Create an Ethereum wallet

After thoroughly researching the project, you will need to create an Ethereum wallet to purchase WienerAI from the presale.

If you already have an Ethereum wallet, you can move to the next step.

If not, we recommend using MetaMask because to can be downloaded on both desktop and mobile. Simply download the MetaMask wallet browser extension and click ‘create new wallet’ to begin the wallet setup.

Make sure to write down your passphrase and private keys during the setup process. You will not be able to access your wallet without this information.

metamask wallet buy wiener ai

Step 3: Fund your wallet with Ethereum

If you have chosen to use the MetaMask wallet, you will be able to buy ETH tokens directly through the wallet. Find your wallet with enough ETH to cover the cost of buying WAI as well as network fees.

If you are using an alternative wallet provider, you may need to buy ETH from an external crypto exchange and send the tokens to your wallet address manually.

When sending tokens to an address, always triple-check that ou have entered the wallet address correctly. Blockchain transactions cannot be reversed which means that you will not be able to get your tokens back if you send them to the wrong address.

Step 4: Connect your wallet to the WienerAI presale

Head to the official presale website and connect your wallet by clicking ‘connect wallet’. This process will take only a few minutes to complete.

You should always use a private wifi network to connect your crypto wallet to a presale.

buy winerai tokens from presale

Step 5: Swap ETH for WAI

Once you have connected your wallet to the presale, you will be able to use your wallet funds to buy WAI.

Enter the amount of tokens that you would like to buy in the dashboard. Then, double-check the details of the transaction before confirming your purchase.

You can check that your purchase has been successful by heading to the ‘staking’ dashboard and viewing your available staking balance.

However, WAI tokens will not appear in your crypto wallet until after the presale.

Step 6: Stake your tokens for passive rewards

Although you will not be able to trade your tokens until after the presale, it is possible to start staking your WAI before the event ends. The earlier you stake your tokens, the higher rewards you will receive.

To stake your tokens, head to the staking dashboard and enter the number of tokens that you would like to lock up.

Your money is at risk.

How to Buy WienerAI – The Verdict

WienerAI is an innovative new meme coin project that combines loveable weenie dogs with advanced AI. This combination creates a meme coin with viral potential that can continuously upgrade itself to remain top dog.

In this guide, we have taken a look at how to buy WienerAI from the ongoing presale. To buy $WAI, you will need to hold an Ethereum wallet that is funded with ETH tokens. The presale has already managed to raise over $300k in just a few hours which means that it is likely to sell out quickly.

The earlier you buy WienerAI, the more rewards you will receive. At the time of writing, tokens are just $0.007 which means that you can take part in the presale without putting too much money at risk.

Your money is at risk.


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