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Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

Terawatt is a patent-pending, eco-friendly blockchain startup with a strong focus on monetization and solving real-world problems. Terawatt will voraciously drive L.E.D. lighting adoption by incentivizing buyers and sellers of L.E.D.’s to transact through a community governed DAO that allows all parties to win. The DAO will be funded by utility companies, participant donations, L.E.D. buyers, and Terawatt’s company profits. Terawatt will also leverage (LED) token incentives, instant tax rebate utilization, key partnerships with LED manufacturers and governments, heavy marketing, decentralized data storage, and a community governed token pool where LED owners can vote based on the amount of tokens they own.

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About Terawatt

The DAO will ensure these entities always have access to funding (which always runs out) for subsidizing L.E.D. sales to their customers. The DAO will utilize smart contracts to execute, manage, and document these processes in a precise, efficient, manner, and will have smooth fluid-like payment gateways for all parties. The Terawatt token (LED ticker symbol) will power this ecosystem. Utility providers will be incentivized to direct their customers to purchase lights with (LED) tokens because they appreciate in value, and the customer will be incentivized to use (LED) tokens to get great deals on bulbs. The (LED) token will greatly increase in value as more power companies (and buyers) realize the advantages of using these tokens and of joining the DAO. As a result, more customers will purchase the appreciating (LED) token as it will be used as payment for their discounted bulb purchases through their utility providers portal. The power companies will also be paid in (LED) tokens by the DAO for using the service, on top of what the customers pay them, making them more money on sales, and they are being paid in an asset that appreciates substantially faster than FIAT currencies. This is a model that benefits all parties. Furthermore, the customer will save substantially when buying with (LED) tokens and gaining access to instant tax rebates offered by their, or another, provider, which often times are 80-100 percent less than normal retail price. Terawatt aims to help put LEDs in all commercial, industrial (street lights), government and residential buildings/facilities worldwide. Users will also be able to find and utilize applicable instant tax rebates, search for tax credits, and then securely store this purchase data on the network for later use in filing their taxes. Participants can buy, sell, stake, donate, or hold (LED) tokens, which will power the Terawatt Ecosystem.

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