15 Upcoming and New Binance Listings to Watch in 2023

Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange and the first place that many crypto traders and investors go to buy new tokens. The platform’s enormous global audience has enabled many tokens to shoot upwards in price when they first list on Binance. So, simply watching new listings on the exchange is a way for investors to get in on the next hot crypto.

In this guide, we’ll explore 15 new Binance listings and coins that could list on Binance in the near future to help investors get one step ahead of the crypto market.

15 New Binance Listings with High Potential

Let’s dive straight into the 15 best new Binance listings to watch in 2023:

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) – New Stake-to-Mine Crypto Project Streamlining Cloud Bitcoin Mining. Presale Aims to Raise $15 Million and Offers Staking for Early Investors.
  2. Meme Kombat ($MK) – Virtual Battlefield Pitting Top Memes Against One Another. Offers Betting and Staking with 112% APY During Presale. Still in Presale, But Likely to Hit Binance After Selling Out.
  3. Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) – Bitcoin Clone Rapidly Approaching Presale Hard Cap After Raising $5m+. Built on BNB Smart Chain to Offer Staking and Lower Fees Than Bitcoin.
  4. TG Casino ($TGC) – Telegram Casino and Sportsbook with Hundreds of Games. Uses Revenue to Buy Back $TGC and Reward Investors with Staking and Token Burns.
  5. Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – Explosive Meme Crypto Listing on Tier-1 Exchanges including OKX After Raising $30m in Presale. Analysts See the Next Meme Coin to 10x or More.
  6. Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) – Crypto Launchpad Helping Investors Find the Next 10x Crypto. Dashboards Provide Deep Insight into Trending Tokens, Social Sentiment, New Launches, and More.
  7. yPredict ($YPRED) – AI-powered Crypto Trading Platform Giving Quants the Power to Build Predictive Price Models. Traders Can Stake $YPRED to Share in Revenue from Model Subscriptions.
  8. Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) – Eco-friendly Crypto Supporting the Environment by Planting Trees and Saving Wildlife. Offers a Play-to-earn Crypto Game, Staking Rewards, and NFTs for Early Investors.
  9. Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) – Crypto Casino and Sportsbook Planning Huge Launch After $1m+ Presale Raise. Presale NFTs Offer $SCORP and Staking Bonuses to Supportive Investors.
  10. Arkham ($ARKM) – On-chain Analytics Platform That Helps Investors Deanonymize the Blockchain and Follow Crypto Whales. Listed on Binance in July.
  11. Worldcoin ($WLD) – Retina-scanning Project with 2.3m+ Users Around the World. Aims to Develop a Global Economy Using $WLD. Jumped 1,350% on Binance Listing.
  12. Pendle ($PENDLE) – DeFi Project Enabling Users to Tokenize and Trade Future Yield. Shot up 40% on Binance Listing in July 2023.
  13. Open Campus ($EDU) – Blockchain-based Education Project Enabling Anyone to Create and Earn from Course Content. Exploded 2,600% on Binance Listing.
  14. Sui ($SUI) – ‘Solana Killer’ Blockchain Offering Parallel Processing and Horizontal Scaling. Launched on Binance Launchpool.
  15. Arbitrum ($ARB) – Layer-2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum Supporting 40,000 TPS, Ultra-low Fees. 150% Gain on First Day of Binance Trading.

How Frequently Does Binance List New Crypto Tokens?

Binance doesn’t list new tokens on a set schedule. Instead, the pace of Binance new crypto listings depends on the pace of innovation in the crypto market. The more new tokens that are hitting the market, the more frequently Binance will launch trading in those new tokens.

Right now, with so many new cryptocurrencies launching, Binance is rapidly listing new tokens. There’s been 1-2 new listings per week for much of the year.

Why Should Investors Look for New Binance Listings?

The main reason that many investors watch new and upcoming Binance listings is because tokens that hit the world’s biggest exchange have a tendency to explode in price when trading begins.

There are so many traders and investors on Binance that every new token listing on the exchange has a huge spotlight on it. A crypto token that was previously accessible only through a presale or on decentralized exchanges is suddenly available for anyone with a Binance account to trade.

Binance Homepage

While decentralized exchanges have been growing rapidly, their popularity still pales in comparison to centralized exchanges like Binance. So, when a new cryptocurrency hits Binance, trading volume can shoot upward and cause demand for the token to quickly outstrip supply.

As a result, tokens frequently jump upward in price after listing on Binance. For example, Floki Inu ($FLOKI) jumped 55% in value within an hour of listing on Binance. Trading volume in that token increased by 1,800% in its first 24 hours on Binance.

While there’s no guarantee that new tokens on Binance will surge higher, it’s happened enough times that most traders and investors have come to expect it. Buying a trending cryptocurrency just before it lists on Binance is an approach that has made profits for many traders.

A Closer Look at the Best Upcoming Binance Listings

Now that investors know more about how Binance new listings work, let’s take a closer look at the 15 best new coins on Binance.

1. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) – Stake-to-Mine Crypto Raising $15m for Cloud Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new crypto project that aims to solve one of the trickiest problems in Bitcoin mining: how to create a cloud-based crypto mining service that investors can actually trust.

The project’s solution is to introduce a unique stake-to-mine solution. With Bitcoin Minetrix, investors in $BTCMTX can stake their tokens and earn mining credits.

Bitcoin MineTrix

These credits are non-transferrable ERC-20 tokens that investors can burn in exchange for hash power in Bitcoin Minetrix’s cloud computing ecosystem. Investors then earn Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies through mining.

This is distinct from existing stake-to-earn systems in that investors don’t earn additional $BTCMTX from staking, but rather $BTC via mining. So, investors end up with multiple tokens that they can use to build a diversified portfolio. Mining also helps investors generate steady income.

Bitcoin Minetrix is on the cusp of launching a presale of its $BTCMTX token with a fundraising goal of $15 million. Those funds will enable the project to create its own computing infrastructure for mining or rent resources from existing cloud mining data centers.

During the presale, early investors can stake their $BTCMTX tokens and earn rewards in the same token. This is a way for investors to start earning from Bitcoin Minetrix even before the project’s mining infrastructure comes online.

YouTube video

According to the whitepaper, Bitcoin Minetrix has a total supply of 4 billion tokens, with 70% of those to be released during the presale. The presale is split into 10 stages, with $BTCMTX starting at a price of $0.0110 and increasing to $0.0119 by the end of the sale. So, investors in the first stage of the presale could go into the token’s launch with an unrealized gain of 8%.

The presale is open to the public and has a soft cap of $15.9 million.Investors can check out the Bitcoin Minetrix Twitter and Telegram channels for the latest updates on the presale.

The project aims to list on major centralized exchanges at the end of the presale, with a Binance listing being the ultimate goal to help the project grow.

Crypto $BTCMTX
Total Token Supply 4 billion
Tokens Available in Presale 2.8 billion
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, BNB

2. Meme Kombat ($MK) – Virtual Battlefield Enabling Investors to Bet on Top Memes, Offers 112% Staking APY During Presale

Meme Kombat is an exciting new cryptocurrency with its eyes set on Binance. This token has already raised more than $60,000 in its presale and is well on its way to reaching its presale hard cap.

The idea behind Meme Kombat is to create a virtual arena where top memes like Pepe, Milady Maker, and Shiba Inu can fight it out. Each meme is assigned virtual stats for combat and an AI algorithm coordinates the fights to ensure randomness.

Meme Kombat

Investors in Meme Kombat can stake their $MK tokens to bet on the outcomes of these digital fights. It’s a lot like traditional online sports betting, except that players are wagering on virtual memes rather than real-world sports teams.

Winning players get paid out in $MK tokens, increasing their stake in the project.

Investors in Meme Kombat also have the option to stake $MK to earn token rewards, without wagering. During the presale, investors can stake their $MK and earn rewards at 112% APY. Early investors can start staking right away, meaning they can vastly increase their $MK stash just by investing early.

According to the Meme Kombat whitepaper, 50% of the total $MK token supply is set aside for the presale, with another 30% for staking and betting rewards and 10% for exchange liquidity. The final 10% is reserved for community rewards—a sign that Meme Kombat plans to reward loyal investors with giveaways and other initiatives.

During the presale, investors can buy $MK at a price of $1.667. The token is expected to sell for a lot more when it hits major exchanges like Binance, so this is a chance to grab $MK at a steep discount.

Check out the Meme Kombat Twitter and Telegram channels for the latest presale updates.

Presale Hard Cap 10 million
Total Token Supply 12 million
Tokens Available in Presale 6 million
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $5
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, BNB

3. Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) – Bitcoin Clone Built on BNB Smart Chain to Offer Staking and Low Fees, Raised $5m+ in Presale

Bitcoin BSC is one of the newest so-called ‘Bitcoin clones’ hitting the crypto market, and this clone is making a splash. Just a few weeks into its presale, the project has raised more than $5.5 million and is rapidly approaching its hard cap of $6,063,750.

In fact, it could be just a matter of days before the Bitcoin BSC presale closes and the project announces its first exchange listing. So, investors can’t wait around if they want to lock in the best price for $BTCBSC.

Bitcoin BSC

What makes this project so alluring is that it brings many of the founding ideas behind Bitcoin onto the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). In leveraging the BSC blockchain, Bitcoin BSC is able to massively reduce transaction fees compared to Bitcoin. So, it has the potential to be widely adopted in a way that has always seemed just out of reach for Bitcoin.

On top of that, the BSC blockchain enables staking. Investors in $BTCBSC can stake their tokens and earn additional $BTCBSC. This replaces the need for Bitcoin mining and it’s far more democratic. The whitepaper highlights that anyone can earn $BTCBSC from staking without investing thousands of dollars in Bitcoin mining equipment.

It also helps that eliminating mining is expected to slash $BTCBSC’s energy usage compared to Bitcoin. This move comes at a time when many US states are considering limiting Bitcoin mining because of how much energy it uses.

During the presale, $BTCBSC is priced at $0.99—a price that Bitcoin last hit in 2011. So, the Bitcoin BSC presale is a chance for investors to roll back the clock and buy a new version of the original crypto at a bargain price.

Join the Bitcoin BSC Telegram and Twitter channels for more details about the presale.

Presale Hard Cap $6,063,750
Total Token Supply 21 million
Tokens Available in Presale 6.125 million
Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Token Type BEP-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit/Debit Card

4. TG Casino ($TGC) – Telegram Casino Using Revenue to Buy Back $TGC and Reward Investors

TG Casino is a new crypto casino and sportsbook built on Telegram. Unlike existing casinos, TG Casino doesn’t require customers to provide any ID or personal information when signing up. Players can join completely anonymously through Telegram.

That’s a huge differentiating factor for TG Casino. Even in today’s digital environment, gambling in privacy is still a major challenge. TG Casino offers an alternative that casino players and sports bettors are sure to love.

TG Casino

TG Casino is still building its platform, but plans to launch with hundreds of casino games and more than 30 sports markets. It promises to be an exciting experience that can compete with some of the biggest platforms in the online betting industry.

The project is also building a crypto rewards mechanism that investors will love. According to the whitepaper, TG Casino will use revenue from its casino and sportsbook to buy up $TGC tokens on the open market. Half of those tokens will be distributed to investors who stake their $TGC coins. The other half will be burned, decreasing the circulating supply of $TGC and helping to push up the token’s price.

TG Casino is currently in the midst of its presale and has already raised more than $220,000. The presale has a soft cap of $1 million, and from there the project is looking to list on major exchanges such as Binance. Follow the TG Casino Twitter and Telegram pages for listing updates.

Early investors can take advantage of a staking APY approaching 2,200%. So, it can pay to join the TG Casino presale as soon as possible.

Presale Hard Cap $5 million
Total Token Supply 100 million
Tokens Available in Presale 40 million
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $5
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, BNB

5. Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – Explosive Meme Crypto Listing on Tier-1 Exchanges including OKX After Raising $30m in Presale

Wall Street Memes is in the process of one of the biggest meme coin launches in history. After raising nearly $26 million in its presale, the team behind Wall Street Memes announced that the token will list on multiple Tier-1 crypto exchanges.

It just hit the first of these: OKX. Within hours of listing on OKX, the $WSM token jumped 78%.

Wall Street Memes Chart on OKX

Now, all eyes in the meme coin community are fixed on $WSM as investors wait for news of additional exchange listings. There are rumors flying that Binance could be next, but the token’s listing announcements are a closely held secret.

After the launch, Wall Street Memes now has a market cap of more than $57 million. It’s one of the largest meme coins on the market, but still has lots of room to run. The whitepaper lays out several ways that $WSM could grow in the future.

In fact, one analyst thinks that $WSM could be the next meme coin to 10x—meaning that the nearly 2x gain on OKX could be just the beginning for this crypto.

There’s no doubt that investors are flocking to Wall Street Memes. The project has more than 1 million followers across all of its social media channels, including more than 280,000 followers on X, half a million on Instagram, and 32,000 on Telegram. Even Elon Musk has retweeted some of the project’s best memes, building hype for $WSM in the process.

While $WSM hasn’t launched on Binance yet, it seems like just a matter of time before it becomes the best new crypto on Binance. Investors won’t want to miss this chance to buy $WSM before a listing announcement sends the price skyrocketing.

6. Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) – Crypto Launchpad Helping Investors Find the Next 10x Crypto

Launchpad XYZ is a crypto analysis and research platform designed to help traders and investors find the next big opportunity. It boasts tons of tools for cutting through market noise and helping users make actionable decisions about when to buy and when to sell.

One of the best features Launchpad XYZ offers is a premium Telegram channel that offers weekly crypto trading signals. The Telegram channel is available for free during the Launchpad XYZ presale, and it’s already delivered a few profitable gems.

Launchpad XYZ

For instance, Launchpad XYZ signaled a short on Solana’s $SOL token that hit its first profit target within 48 hours.

On top of that, Launchpad XYZ has analysis dashboards that help investors see at a glance what’s going on in the crypto market. The dashboards are described in detail in the Launchpad XYZ whitepaper.

The platform uses technical analysis, social sentiment analysis, and more to develop its proprietary Launchpad Quotient. This scores crypto tokens on a scale of 0-100 so investors can make a buy or sell decision right away.

Launchpad XYZ has raised nearly $1.8 million in its presale, so a Binance listing looks to be within reach once the project launches. In the meantime, investors can buy the $LPX token at a price of $0.0445, plus get a 16% $LPX bonus on their presale purchase.

Follow Launchpad XYZ on Twitter for the latest presale updates

Presale Hard Cap $12.5 million
Total Token Supply 1 billion
Tokens Available in Presale 250 million
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 $LPX
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit/Debit Card

7. yPredict ($YPRED) – AI-powered Crypto Trading Platform with Predictive Price Models, Staking, and More

yPredict is a new AI-powered trading platform with the potential to completely change how traders approach the crypto market.

The team behind yPredict is building a set of AI tools that quants and developers can harness to create their own price prediction models. These models will forecast the price of any crypto token in the near future, enabling traders and analysts to go beyond traditional technical analysis methods.


Traders and analysts can subscribe to user-contributed models in the yPredict marketplace. According to the whitepaper, all subscriptions will require $YPRED, the project’s native token built on the Polygon blockchain. That means that the more people who use yPredict, the more demand there is for $YPRED.

At the same time, users who stake their $YPRED tokens can share in revenue from marketplace subscriptions. This is a great way for investors and traders to turn a profit both by owning $YPRED and using the platform’s predictive models.

yPredict’s presale has demonstrated that traders are excited about this project. The presale has raised more than $3.95 million and has more than 20,000 users on its waitlist.

Investors can still buy $YPRED at a price of $0.10 during the current stage of the presale, a 20% discount to the planned list price of $0.12.

Stay up to date on the latest yPredict presale updates by following the project’s Twitter and Telegram channels.

Presale Hard Cap $6.5 million
Total Token Supply 1 billion
Tokens Available in Presale 800 million
Blockchain Polygon
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 200 $YPRED
Payment Methods MATIC, USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit/Debit Card

8. Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) – Green Crypto Plating Trees, Saving Wildlife, and Rewarding Investors with a P2E Crypto Game

Chimpzee is an eco-friendly crypto platform with sustainability at the core of the project’s mission.

Already, the project has helped plant 1,200 trees in the Amazon rainforest and donated $15,000 from its presale to protect elephants in Africa. Chimpzee’s conservation efforts are actually running ahead of its roadmap—something few young crypto projects can say.


Chimpzee isn’t just helping the environment, but also rewarding investors. The project offers a play-to-earn crypto game where investors can collect valuable NFTs and earn rewards in the $CHMPZ token. Investors who stake their NFTs can earn up to 20% APY in $CHMPZ, making these collectibles even more valuable.

The project goes to show that investing in crypto and turning a profit can go hand-in-hand. According to the whitepaper, there are no taxes on $CHMPZ transactions and 10% of the token supply is dedicated to charity.

During the Chimpzee presale, investors can buy $CHMPZ at a price of $0.00105. Plus, investors can currently take advantage of an offer for 4x bonus coins on every presale purchase. However, the price is set to increase in just a few days when the next stage of the presale arrives and the bonus offer could end at anytime.

Chimpzee has raised nearly $1.4 million so far and could be closing in on a Binance listing soon. Check out the project’s Twitter and Telegram channels for updates.

Presale Hard Cap $9,367,625
Total Token Supply 200 billion
Tokens Available in Presale 40 billion
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $25
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, Credit/Debit Card

9. Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) – Crypto Casino and Sportsbook Planning Huge Launch After $1m+ Presale Raise

Scorpion Casino is an online crypto casino and sportsbook stepping into the highly lucrative online betting space. According to Grand View Research, the online betting market is already worth more than $63 billion and could grow at more than 11% per year for the next decade.

The new online casino promises hundreds of games and more than 35 sports betting markets, which would make it an instant leader in the industry. Scorpion Casino will also be available on mobile, enabling it to tap into the growing mobile betting market.

Scorpion Casino

Investors in Scorpion Casino’s $SCORP token can look forward to generous rewards from the project. According to the whitepaper, Scorpion Casino plans to use its revenue to buy back and burn $SCORP tokens, pushing up the price on the open market. Investors who stake $SCORP will also earn token rewards, although the project hasn’t yet announced an APY rate.

The Scorpion Casino presale has raised more than $1.1 million, showing just how excited investors are for this new platform. The presale is now 92% sold out, but investors still have a chance to join before it hits Binance or another exchange.

Even better, presale investors stand to go into the launch with significant unrealized gains. The $SCORP token is priced at $0.018 during the presale, 65% below the planned list price of $0.05. Check out the Scorpion Casino Twitter and Telegram channels for more updates.

Presale Hard Cap $2 million
Total Token Supply 500 million
Tokens Available in Presale 200 million
Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Token Type BEP-20
Minimum Purchase $25
Payment Methods USDT, ETH, BNB

10. Arkham ($ARKM) – On-chain Analytics Platform That Deanonymizes The Blockchain

Arkham Intelligence is a new on-chain analytics platform designed to bring advanced tools for researching blockchain transactions to everyday investors and analysts. Its $ARKM token is the most popular new cryptocurrency released on Binance in 2023.

The Arkham platform offers multiple ways of diving into the blockchain. Entity pages offer detailed insights into individuals’ and companies’ portfolios across their wallets. Token pages show who’s holding tokens and how they’re distributed across wallets.

Arkham Price Chart Binance

In addition, investors on Arkham can take part in the intel-to-earn economy using the $ARKM token. Investors who add intelligence to the platform or deanonymize wallets can earn $ARKM as a reward for their contributions.

$ARKM jumped 1,200% on the day it listed on Binance, showing the power of the world’s biggest exchange. While it’s since cooled down, $ARKM remains 650% above its launch price.

11. Worldcoin ($WLD) – Retina-scanning Project with 2.3m+ Users Around the World and Ambition to Develop Global Economy

Worldcoin is an ambitious global project from Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI. The project has made major news headlines for its retina-scanning orb, which is being deployed to create a unique digital identity for every person on the planet.

While that might seem like a lofty goal, many investors believe it’s within reach for the person who created ChatGPT. Already, WorldCoin has achieved more than 2.3 million retina scans in more than 120 countries.

Worldcoin Price Chart Binance

Users who scan their retinas receive $WLD, but investors can also buy the token on Binance. It launched in late July at a price of $0.150, but immediately climbed to $2.16—a gain of more than 1,350% on the first day of trading.

Worldcoin potentially faces an uphill battle against regulators who are wary of the project’s data collection. However, that means that $WLD is trading at a discount relative to its potential right now, giving investors a chance to buy this coin before it explodes in value.

12. Pendle ($PENDLE) – DeFi Project Enabling Users to Tokenize and Trade Future Yield

Pendle is a DeFi project that enables users to trade yield on their crypto holdings and other real-world assets. In doing so, it aims to give crypto investors more control over how they profit off their investments and hedge risk against future market changes.

The project made headlines when it listed its first real-world asset token, based around MakerDAO’s Boosted Dai Savings and Flux Finance’s $FUSDC stablecoin. The project now has nearly $150 million in total value locked.

Pendle Price Chart Binance

Pendle has attracted investors with no lock-up periods and options for yield trading. It’s also reached a wide audience thanks to its cross-chain compatibility with Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Arbitrum.

Pendle’s launch on Binance in July was relatively muted, with the $PENDLE token experiencing a 41% gain. However, daily trading volume on the exchange averages over $2 million, showing there’s a strong following behind this platform.

13. Open Campus ($EDU) – Blockchain-based Education Project Enabling Anyone to Create and Earn from Course Content

Open Campus is revolutionizing education by creating a blockchain-based marketplace for students, teachers, and course creators.

Creators can build course content on Open Campus and take ownership over their work with Publisher NFTs. Teachers can pay for course content with Open Campus’ $EDU token, then keep track of students’ progress using the blockchain.

Open Campus Price Chart Binance

The project even allows for philanthropy. Donors can send funds to support specific educational causes and keep track of how their donations are being used on the blockchain.

Open Campus is community-owned and has its own DAO, which is governed using the $EDU token. This gives everyone from creators to teachers to students a say in the future of the project.

Open Campus launched on Binance in May and saw a 2,600% surge on its first day of trading. It was one of the biggest Binance listings of the year so far.

14. Sui ($SUI) – ‘Solana Killer’ Blockchain Offering Parallel Processing and Horizontal Scaling

Sui is a new Layer-1 blockchain designed to compete with Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and others. It particularly takes on Solana, which was hit hard by the FTX collapse and a subsequent attack on its chain.

The new chain offers exceptionally low transaction fees and high processing speeds. That’s in large part thanks to its support for parallel processing and horizontal scaling, features that have been missing on earlier blockchains.

Sui Price Chart Binance

Binance founder and CEO Chengpeng Zheng took an interest in Sui around its launch, adding the project to Binance’s Launchpool. The token gained even more notoriety after Tron founder Justin Sun tried to buy up most of the tokens available in Launchpool, but was turned down by CZ.

$SUI jumped 1,300% on its Binance launch. Interest in $SUI has faded since the launch, but the token is still holding onto gains of 330% and has more than $25 million in daily trading volume.

15. Arbitrum ($ARB) – Layer-2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum Supporting 40,000 TPS, Ultra-low Fees

Arbitrum is one of the most popular Layer-2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, offering a way to reduce fees and speed up transactions on the largest smart contract blockchain.

Arbitrum is capable of supporting roughly 40,000 transactions per second, compared to only 14 transactions per second for Ethereum. All of the data is recorded to the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring every transaction benefits from the same immutability.

Arbitrum Price Chart Binance

The project has become a darling of the crypto industry, and Binance was one of the first exchanges to list the $ARB token back in May. It jumped a muted 164% on its first day, in part because the project was heavily invested in by venture capital groups.

The $ARB token has continued to perform well, racking up more than $30 million in average trading volume on Binance alone.

How Does a New Cryptocurrency Get Listed on Binance?

Binance has a thorough process for evaluating new cryptocurrencies and deciding which ones to list.

To get listed on Binance, projects must formally apply to the exchange. The project founder typically has to speak with Binance’s listing team as part of the due diligence process.

In addition, projects must provide weekly updates to Binance about their developments. These updates must continue even after the token is listed on Binance.

Binance looks more favorably on projects that support Binance’s $BNB and $BUSD tokens. That includes projects that incorporate $BNB or $BUSD into their ecosystems or accept these tokens during a presale.

Usually, to get listed, projects also need to have a large following behind them. Binance is incentivized to list tokens that will generate high trading volume.

That’s what happened with $PEPE, which was generating enormous volumes on decentralized exchanges after it launched in April 2023. The day before Binance listed $PEPE, the token experienced more than $125 million in trading volume.

So, the bigger a project is and the larger its following of traders, the more likely it is that a listing application will be accepted.

Direct Listing vs. Launchpad

There are actually two ways that a new crypto can get listed on Binance.

The most common route is a direct listing. With a direct listing, tokens are immediately available for spot trading on Binance. Any projects that have already had their token generation event are eligible for direct listing.

The other route is to a Binance new coin listing in through the Binance Launchpad. The Launchpad is reserved for early-stage projects that don’t yet have a token and may have only done limited fundraising. Listing on Binance Launchpad can be an alternative to holding a crypto presale.

How to Find New Coins That Could List on Binance

There are several ways to find out what the next Binance listings will be. Let’s take a closer look at some of the channels to monitor.

Launchpool and Innovation Zone

Binance’s Launchpool and Innovation Zone are areas of the exchange where new and high-risk cryptocurrencies are listed. These areas are worth keeping an eye on since they’re typically where cryptocurrencies start out when they first list on Binance.

Binance Launchpool

There’s a dedicated list of Launchpool tokens in Binance’s trading platform. In the trading platform, click on the pair selector, then choose ‘Zones,’ then ‘Launchpool’ to see the current list of tokens.

However, the exchange doesn’t always make it easy to find out what tokens are in the Innovation Zone. Traders and investors need to watch Binance’s announcement page to find out when tokens are being listed in the Innovation Zone.


The Binance Launchpad is where traders can find early-stage crypto tokens that are still getting off the ground.

Typically, tokens in the Launchpad are not available for spot trading. Instead, investors need to commit to buying tokens before a token generation event. Once a certain fundraising goal is reached, the new project will launch on Binance and traders will receive their tokens.

Arkham on Binance Launchpad

In many ways, the Launchpad operates similarly to a presale, but it’s managed by Binance. Tokens that succeed in the Launchpad are almost always listed for spot trading on Binance down the road.

Social Media

Traders who want Binance new listings alerts should monitor the exchange’s social media channels carefully. Binance typically announces new listings on X at the same time it posts listing announcements on its own website.

In addition, social media can provide savvy traders with clues about what Binance new coins could be around the corner, but not yet announced.

Tokens that have large and active followings are more likely to be listed on Binance than tokens that aren’t highly active on social media.

Of course, traders can also use social media to find the best crypto presales. Successful presales typically end with a major exchange listing. Virtually every crypto founder dreams of seeing their token listed on Binance.

Crypto Presales

Traders should closely follow the crypto presale landscape if they want to understand what tokens could list on Binance in the future. Today’s presale cryptocurrencies could be tomorrow’s explosive tokens on Binance.

For example, Stargate Finance listed on Binance in 2022 after its successful presale and saw its $STG token surge 240% within the first 5 days after listing.

Not every crypto presale will end in a Binance listing, however, so traders need to be discerning. Cryptocurrencies in presale are more likely to list on Binance at launch if they meet these criteria:

  • The presale achieves its hard cap
  • The presale attracts a large number of investors
  • The project has a well-defined roadmap
  • The project team is active on social media and communicates well throughout the presale
  • The presale accepts BNB or BUSD for payment

Remember that even if a new crypto doesn’t launch on Binance right away, it still could in the near future. Binance often likes to see how a cryptocurrency performs on competing exchanges during its launch before Binance itself will list the token.


Another useful resource for finding crypto tokens that have the potential to list on Binance is DexTools. DexTools is a crypto data site that tracks projects listed on decentralized crypto exchanges.

DexTools Trending Cryptocurrencies

DexTools tracks hot and trending crypto projects, including cryptocurrencies that have just launched on decentralized exchanges after the end of their presales. Trending tokens have the potential to be listed on Binance. While speculative, traders can buy these tokens to get ahead of a listing announcement.

Monitoring Other Exchanges

Crypto tokens that list on Tier-1 exchanges other than Binance, such as OKX or Coinbase, are potential candidates for listing on Binance.

Binance isn’t always the first centralized exchange to list a new token. The exchange may want to wait to see how it performs on another exchange, for example. Or Binance may have a more involved application process in some instances, so it takes longer for a new token to list.

If traders see a token list on another major exchange, a Binance listing may not be far behind.


Cryptocurrencies that list on Binance frequently experience a surge in price and trading volume. So, watching out for new Binance listings is a potential way to make a profit in today’s crypto market.

Bitcoin Minetrix is the best potential upcoming Binance listing for 2023. This project offers a new, streamlined solution for cloud Bitcoin mining that enables anyone to start earning BTC income. The project just launched its presale, but the early excitement around Bitcoin Minetrix strongly suggests that $BTCMTX could be listed on Binance after launch.



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