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Rewarding People for Their Wellbeing

Wellmee is a mobile application which mentors you in your life according to your specific character and needs. Built on artificial intelligence the Wellmee app learns what your personality is so it encourages and entertains you uniquely. With this app you have your personal coach always with you, continually enhancing your wellbeing.

4 3 expert ratings
Benchy 3.9
Review: coming soon PRO
Price in ICO
0.0500 USD
Restricted areas
China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco
ICO start
1st Nov 2018
ICO end
30th Nov 2018
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Clemen Chiang
Ph.D. | CEO | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos | Author of Amazon Best Sellers in Online Trading
Rated on Oct 26, 2018
Modified on Oct 27, 2018

Love the vision of this project. However, there is a disconnect with the product. How can a mobile app help people to live their lives better? Sounds counter intuitive.

Perhaps the team can articulate the message in a better way?

All the best!


Milan Vlcek
ICO team member replied on 26 Oct 2018
Dear Clemen,
thank you very much for your relevant feedback. Saying that the app will make people live their lives better is a simplification. But in reality yes, this is the goal. Wellmee app is encouraging, mentoring and entertaining the user uniquely because it learns continuously the needs of every single user.
Like this it enhances his and her wellbeing and makes their lives better lived – better than not using Wellmee app :-)

Kind Regards,


Dear Milan

Thank you for your reply.

All the best to your project!

Miruna-Maura Barbulescu
Entrepreneur, Author, Journalist, Trainer, Influencer, Crypto Expert, Twitch Streamer and Marketing Specialist.
Rated on Nov 5, 2018

After analyzing the entire documentation for this ICO, I am confident that Wellmee will bring a positive impact to our society and greatly improve the workplace environment into many companies. They also have a working MVP available.

Milan VlcekICO team member replied on 6 Nov 2018
Thank you Miruna-Maura for your supportive feedback! We are sure there are a lot of obstacles in ahead of us (as it was up to now as well :- ) and that the path to make it happen will be difficult. But we are looking forward to it ! We have a good motivation – making people happier :- )
Yao Min Ng, CBP
| CBP, CBE, CCE |Currently @ Xtheta Singapore, a cryptocurrency exchange | ICO Advisor | IMMO High 1000 | ICOs Investments | Exchanges Listings
Rated on Oct 28, 2018

A decent team and a working MVP so that is a good start. Need more advisors though. Decent road map also suggested some good foresight and planning.

White paper well, i can say it is informative but definitely not the most enjoyable i have done read so far. Some white paper are just written and formatted in such a way that people would want to read it and know more about the project, this one lacks that appeal, but still it contains enough info for investors to make their analysis. Perhaps can work a bit on the layout and formats.

Also the one pager format is well, not very appealing to say the least, but again it does have good information.

Employee well beings and productivity are one of the clearest and most direct linkage. That has been clearly shown in the cases studies.

The thing i do not quite get is

1. There are already many companies doing employees wellbeing mgmt, what makes you different from the rest
2. Why use BC
3. Why would employees want to receive wellme tokens instead of traditional wellbeing tools that often give cash incentives or physical rewards like a meal for 2.
4. What is the use of tokens in the system?
5. Why would people buy your tokens?
6. Are there any incentives for users to hold the tokens instead of selling it?

The first three is about the practicality of the project, the next 3 is to determine if the tokens would increase in value

Overall I would say it would be a decent project if the directions and strategies are right.

Milan VlcekICO team member replied on 31 Oct 2018
Dear Yao,
Thank you very much for your time and highlighting some of the crucial aspects of our project. Let us answer them to you so it is more clear to understand what is our concept build on.

1. There are already many companies doing employees wellbeing mgmt, what makes you different from the rest
- From those management apps already existing on the market – none of them have yet built it on AI and machine learning as we aim to do it. With current apps you have the pre-set content to which all users need to fit. With Wellmee app the content will be unique based on continual learning of the character of the user. Plus there is this possibility to have it engaged with employers to be rewarded while actually doing something well for themselves. None of existing apps provides the service to the user as is defined and designed for Wellmee app users.

2. Why use BC
- If the question is about the reasons of choosing the business model as we did, it is simple. Everyone feels comfortable if they are stimulated with something which fits to their needs. Activities which people do in their free time are mostly covering it. But there is a lot of space for enhancing it. Through mentoring and encouraging to bring the user to upper level of his or her fulfilled desires or unmet needs. Combining it with the fact that employers want work/life balanced employees and having the motivation to reward them for it is obvious. Further to this topic is in the answer of your following question.

3. Why would employees want to receive wellmee tokens instead of traditional wellbeing tools that often give cash incentives or physical rewards like a meal for 2.
- Receiving Wellmee tokens gives an employee a wide range of possibilities where to apply it. Once it is regularly recognized and accepted in the marketplace then the holder of Wellmee tokens is not limited in using it like nowadays when they receive a sort of voucher which can be applied specifically for certain occasion (a voucher for food, a ticket to the cinema, a ticket to the gym) – payment with Wellmee token will cover it all.

4. What is the use of tokens in the system?
There are four main functions of the token: a) usage/utility: the token provides access to the services provided by the app; b) currency: the access to the ecosystem and the services are paid for with the token; c) rating/governance: token holders can provide feedback on the quality of the services provided (valuable ratings can earn them reputation and tokens), and they can even vote on planned features etc; d) work: token holders are granted the right to contribute to the ecosystem by offering their services in change for tokens (wellness-related services, but also financial services, marketing, business development, analytics, create and manage token curated lists, etc)

5. Why would people buy your tokens?
There is a unique value for the token holders to participate in the ecosystem, which creates a community around work and leisure activities, can help achieve an optimal work/life balance. In the pronounced changes of the workplace we are facing (e.g. due to automation, global internet access) Wellmee can help shape a lifestyle of the future. The Wellmee ecosystem wants to become a driving force of this change and to bring its members on the cutting edge of today’s technological achievements. On the other hand, employers willing to innovate their workplaces and attract new talent can boost their presence in the new token economy.

6. Are there any incentives for users to hold the tokens instead of selling it?
Tokens provide a constant access to the ecosystem, and are necessary for every interaction in the space. As long as people are interested in benefiting from (or contributing) their services, they need to hold the tokens. The tokens provide a network value, ie. they are tied to the value and development of the network.

Thank you once again for your evaluation and we are happy to answer you any additional questions.

Kind Regards,
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