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Go Green for Future Generations!

VenusEnergy - a project that, in conditions of large-scale environmental pollution - offers an alternative. Mining of cryptocurrency, using electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. Symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of "Way to a Green World" and a well-built financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income for all depositors.

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IEO launchpad
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0.0025 USD
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USA, China
preICO start
1st Feb 2018
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1st Mar 2018
ICO start
1st Jun 2019
ICO end
31st Aug 2019
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About VenusEnergy

Every year, humanity consumes more and more energy. Most countries often use fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) to meet their energy needs. Electricity is often produced with the use of heat engines received as a result of burning coal, household wastes and other sources of fuel. Such a method of energy extraction is extremely environmentally unfriendly as more and more greenhouse gas is emitted into the environment, thereby increasing the greenhouse effect and exhausting the Earth. Consequently, there are prerequisites for large-scale environmental pollution and the occurrence of the greenhouse effect.

VenusEnergy project offers a way out – to extract cryptocurrency with the help of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. This is especially true for large mining farms (with a large number of servers) that consume large amounts of energy. For example, a medium-sized farm can consume up to 20 MWh of electricity.  This is symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of ​​"Way to a Green World" and a well-built financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income for all depositors.

Therefore, the use of renewable energy sources during blockchain mining operations can be a good start and an example of switching to renewable energy sources in other areas. The massive use of renewable energy sources will also contribute to the promotion of industry; more and more solar collectors and wind power plants will be produced; these technologies will be developed, and their quality and efficiency will also improve.

VenusEnergy plans to concentrate its activities in the sector of wind and solar energy.

Solar power
Basically, the economic potential of solar energy covers the production of hot water (0.5 TWh), drying of agricultural products using solar energy (0.8 TWh) and passive solar heating of premises (1.25 TWh). In the long run, solar heating can be used for central heating in summer seasons; Photovoltaic systems can be important in the production of electrical energy. Solar energy is expected to reach 0.0012 TWh by 2020: these numbers are quite far from the established economic potential.

Wind energy
It has been established that the wind energy potential reaches a capacity of 0.85 TWh per year and is confirmed by the assumption that the wind farms in the continental part can be additionally designed to achieve a power of up to 500 MW. This is a limit that can not be overcome without additional costs for the reconstruction of the electrical network. It was found that the potential will be used until 2020. After 2020, part of the construction of wind power plants can be transferred to the sea, where wind conditions are the best.

The goal of IEO VenusEnergy is to create a commercial platform based on the use of renewable energy sources for the production of electrical energy.

That will allow investors, as well as ordinary users and coin holders (after launching the platform) to earn on:

-          Mining cryptocurrency
-          Sale of electricity

At the same time using renewable energy sources – which in turn solves the environmental problem. As a result, we get a compromise – giving investors the opportunity to earn money, while distributing the funds received to create platforms that use renewable energy sources that do not harm the environment.

“This is how we intend to contribute to solving the problem of global warming – starting with ourselves. We hope that this good practice will be picked up by other platforms in other areas of life.”
Our goal is a synthesis, between striving for a cleaner world, and a commercial core, which will be a good aggregator for attracting more and more users, building more platforms for generating electricity – scaling the platform.

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