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Saturn Network

Future of Trustless, Censorship Resistant DEX

Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange DAO which is compatible with all EVM blockchains. Our mission is to create a fairer future for cryptocurrency trading, one where every trader knows he is operating on an equal platform. Where the market data cannot be rigged and his account can not be suspended. Every trade is made completely on-chain and every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, but don't take our word for it: come explore our proof of concept Radex - a zero fees decentralized exchange for trading ethereum tokens. As we scale into different blockchains like Ethereum Classic or Callisto, you will be eligible for airdrops following our Multi Chain Airdrop formula. Therefore, we will create a whole ecosystem of decentralized trading and eventually move to our ultimate goal of decentralized cross blockchain trading. By creating a DAO we allow you to become an essential part of the team, you will be able to vote on key decisions like adding new tokens to the Saturn Protocol. Increasing or decreasing trading fees to ensure we stay competitive. Or even choose to pay out dividends to SATURN holders. And please note voting in the Saturn DAO is not just suggestions sent to the development team, every decision that is made will be applied and enforced via blockchain technology. Meaning that everything we do is for the traders and by the traders.

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1st May 2018
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31st Jul 2018
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About Saturn Network

Saturn Network is a protocol that allows access to a decentralized order book in just one transaction. Allowing decentralized exchanges to share a liquidity pool and feel the benefits of a much higher trading volume. It requires no deposits and runs completely on the Ethereum blockchain, making it always accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it has been built with shared ownership in mind to ensure there are no imbalances of power: holding SATURN tokens means you are part of the Saturn DAO. You will be able to vote on binding protocol changes or even be paid dividends from exchange fees. Finally, our protocol can run on any EVM blockchain, with Ethereum Classic and Callisto already on our roadmap, to be followed by releases on RSK chains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Verge, we will achieve decentralized cross chain trading.

Accessible prototype: is our zero fees decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum tokens, the only DEX that supports ERC20 and ERC223 while running completely on the chain.

Many upcoming services:

  • Decentralized Fund Management
  • One-click trading
  • Full mobile support
  • Hardware wallet support
  • Atomic Arbitrage
  • Trading Marketplace
  • Decentralized ETFs
  • Trading Bots
  • Community Forum Tipping

Options for all types of investors:

  • Our strategic investor program offers you several bonus plans (10%, 25% or 50%) for agreeing to different lock-up periods. We use a HODL dApp to cryptographically lock up your tokens in a smart contract that you sign with your wallet. This means your SATURN tokens will be completely safe and are not being held anywhere. The dApp will allow you to redeem your tokens in one click once the lock-up time has passed.
  • Main ICO, for the tradition ICO investor who wishes to receive his SATURN tokens immediately.
  • Ethereum Classic protocol launch sale, we also offer the possibility to invest with ETC and buy Saturn Classic DAO tokens ahead of schedule. Allowing you to directly support the launch of the first DEX onto the Ethereum Classic blockchain.
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