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IP Sharing Exchange

Meet IP Exchange. Distributed network layer.

IPSX is the first truly decentralized IP Sharing Exchange, that will create a global IP marketplace. Combined with flexible tools (SDKs and APIs) to aid entrepreneurs and developers, in a fully secured and transparent environment, IPSX will enable the development of new applications on top of already existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform (VPN providers, Data Mining software, web crawling bots microtasks, etc). Alongside distributed storage and processing tools, IPSX will create the distributed network layer, becoming a crucial component for the next phase of the web.

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28th Feb 2018
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5th Mar 2018
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About IP Sharing Exchange

  • IPSX is the first truly decentralized IP Sharing Marketplace, which will create a global marketplace for IPs. Combined with flexible tools (SDKs and APIs), to aid entrepreneurs and developers in a fully secured and transparent environment to develop new applications on top of the already existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform. It will become a framework and a marketplace for new applications that require IPs at their backbone (VPN providers, Data Mining software, web crawling bots, micro tasks, etc.).
  • Data is said to be the new resource of our times. At the backbone of Data Mining, large volumes of IPs are required for the actors involved in the mining process to be able to perform tasks. By substantially lowering the price of IPs and solving the IPs accessibility and availability problems, IPSX is aiming to become a key building ecosystem for all the fields that require larger or smaller volumes of IPs and allowing complex applications from Data Mining and other fields to become more accessible to everyone.
  • IPSX connects actors in a peer-to-peer network, enabling both data center owners and individual users, that will be called "providers" to rent IPs to other users, that will be called "requesters". The IPs can be used to complete different tasks requiring one or more IPs from different locations. Today, IP addresses are valuable assets with a low liquidity level due to the fact that there is not a simple solution to share/rent IPs based on a specific list of filters and IP resources are supplied by centralized providers which are constrained by closed networks, proprietary payment systems, and many other restrictions.
  • IPSX core built-in feature set is a dedicated Ethereum-based transaction system, which enables direct payments between requesters and providers, solving all the above mentioned problems, increasing the liquidity of the IPs and allowing any actor that has an IP on his internet connected device, to take part into a multi-billion yearly business, that otherwise would be closed to home internet users.
  • IPSX function, as the backbone of a distributed market place for IPs, can be considered an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and also a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). However, IPSX will reveal its true potential by adding dedicated software integrations to the ecosystem that will be built on top of the existing IPs and that can use the IPs on the IPSX platform. Any interested party is free to create and deploy software to the IPSX marketplace by using the SDKs and APIs that will be provided by the IPSX ecosystem.
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