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Leading the Automotive Revolution

Discoperi is a leading automotive startup, which develops blockchain-based solutions for drivers’ safety improvement, accidents prevention and automotive data monetization.

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Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
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50,000,000 USD
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About Discoperi

Every great venture starts with a dream and a dreamer. When a dreamer takes an action to stop blaming others and start making his dream real — the world changes. Now he is an actor in his life, building up what others felt impossible or too risky. He needs to have a courage and a vision of the future and huge persistence to deal with all odds, because our life is nothing more than a moment when you stop fearing and start acting.

Now, the entire setup looks solid. On one side, System ‘Eye’ allows us to capture, analyze, share valuable insights about the road in order to save lives. On another — now we can help drivers who pay for their cars, gas spend their time while driving, make a return on their efforts via contributing to the better world. Win-win approach. Especially as we are talking about $1.5 trillion market by 2030. To make this vision real, now we have to build drivers community and raise extra funds. As we don’t want to be dependent on third-party organizations and corporates due to our differences (we want drivers to get most of the value from System ‘Eye’ and automotive data) we decided to go for an ICO. Initial Coin Offering allows us to go through a unique way to build up our community and engage with our supporters so they can endorse us with their attention, efforts, and funds. We are going to build a global community of people “who care about solving road accidents problem” and cover all the costs necessary for a successful roll-out of the technology. We have a clear view of how to do that. We plan to start our trials this year in Spain and then roll-out globally. With every passing day we come closer to the ultimate mission of our enterprise — to revolutionize the automotive industry in order to make roads safer. We believe in what we do and invite you to participate in this unique journey, where you can become one of the early supporters of System ‘Eye’ and help in making the world safer.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Discoperi relies on its diverse and experienced team. Team members have made contributions in fields such as Automotive Technologies, Connected Cars, Telecommunication Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain Development and Business. The company has already built viable and original solutions which Discoperi is currently taking to the market. It has already overcome initial challenges inherent to transformational projects.

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