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A blockchain company for Dental clinics

The blockchain is becoming the new standard for trust and verification of data. We’re building towards a blockchain network for the global community of companies that take part in the continuum of healthcare. Blockchain technology addresses the trade-off between personalized care and operational costs by connecting the ecosystem to universal infrastructure. Shared infrastructure allows us to create global standards without compromising privacy and security.

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Price in ICO
0.3678 USD
ICO start
13th Aug 2017
ICO end
13th Sep 2017
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About DentalFix

1. Disintermediation & trustless exchange
Two parties are able to make an exchange without the oversight or intermediation of a third party, strongly reducing or even eliminating counterparty risk

2. Empowered users
Users are in control of all their information and transactions

3. High quality data
Blockchain data is complete, consistent, timely, accurate, and widely available

4. Durability, reliability, and longevity
Due to the decentralized networks, blockchain does not have a central point of failure and is better able to withstand malicious attacks

5. Process integrity
Users can trust that transactions will be executed exactly as the protocol commands removing the need for a trusted third party

6. Transparency and immutability
Changes to public blockchains are publicly viewable by all parties creating transparency, and all transactions are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted

7. Ecosystem simplification
With all transactions being added to a single public ledger, it reduces the clutter and complications of multiple ledgers

8. Faster transactions
Interbank transactions can potentially take days for clearing and final settlement, especially outside of working hours. Blockchain transactions can reduce transaction times to minutes and are processed 24/7

9. Lower transaction costs
By eliminating third party intermediaries and overhead costs for exchanging assets, blockchains have the potential to greatly reduce transaction fees

DentalFix Token

What represents

DentalFix token – DentalFix Blockchain Share – represents the right to receive a part of company’s profit. All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes. Any number of tokens (100%) sold at the end of ICO have right to receive 20% of company’s profits

Payout Structure

According to the company bylaws, at the end of a financial year 20% of the company’s profit transferred to a Waves wallet. The Waves then redistributed to all holders of DentalFix Tokens according to smart contract conditions



Token Price

$1 (USD)

Token amount

Equal to collected amount in USD


Yes. All unsold tokens will be burned.


5% of tokens will be reserved for the ICO administration costs

Management Fees

2.5% of net profit


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