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preICO start
1st Mar 2018
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8th Mar 2018
ICO start
8th Mar 2018
ICO end
1st Jul 2018
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About Decibels

The beginning of Decibels…

What makes a solid development?

Today’s offerings have diversified from a few choices to buy into to over 1000+ ICO Developments to pick from all over the internet. We have established that it takes a capable team, solid business model, and an exceptional project idea. A lot have hit this mark, but many have missed the solid fact that community involvement and opinion is a mandatory application. We have followed numerous ICO and Token Developments and have came to the conclusion that community involvement has to be the largest factor that plays into the success and overall outcome of a token development.

Today we release our upcoming project called Decibels. Decibels aims to tackle the media securities market like never before. Although there are large developments such as Tron and Viberate, Decibels plans to take a different approach at the media industry in a way we feel could be innovative and also project a very quick adoption by larger publicly used platforms. Decibels plans to be the first Blockchain Codex Development that can be integrated in platforms such as YouTube, SiriusXM, Netflix, Hulu, and other media entertainment sharing platforms that offer files to be used by the public in a manner that can be decentralized via the Blockchain and provide a marketplace environment for these files. What is interesting about our development is that we seek to partner with other developments such as Tron and Viberate to offer our plugin as an option to users on these platforms. This is something of a first in the ICO world were one seeks to unify developments based on already established platforms. It would create a large scale adoption method that could open the doors to larger partnerships as total market control wouldn’t be a direction they are headed. Our ICO will be held on the Ethereum Blockchain, but our main application will be developed on the Cardano Blockchain. Our developers understand the possibilities of what the Cardano Blockchain can offer, and plan to integrate every feature that comes along with the benefit of use of Cardano.

We offer a great business model focused around all media creators and their customers alike. Although missing our first impression by presentation by a small amount, we want to ensure we are focused on our community and definitely provide constant updates with promising returns on responses. Led by our young, skillfully-minded entrepreneur at the age of 23 named Anthony Colón Jr., who has over 5 years experience with Cryptocurrency Development and Implementation, 6 years business marketing and administration experience, and 7 years of PHP Development Skills; He is followed by a team of creative, intelligent, and highly open-minded individuals. Our team is constantly growing by the day and every new addition gets better as it moves along. The best thing about our development is our huge focus on our community outreach and our huge hunger to diversify on an international basis. We feature a widely multicultural executive and development team focused on bringing all forms of community outreach into entertainment and media security. Although in it’s infancy, we definitely hope to be one development to keep an eye out for.

Their ICO begins March 8th, with a short 2 month span separated by 3 price phases spanning from $0.50 up to $2.00. We also are offering bonuses to all eligible token purchases including adding BETA codes to select purchasers that will allow them early access to their platform for testing with open ended bug bounty reward possibilities. We offer two forms of payment including Ethereum. The other form of payment which we have integrated is ShapeShift ShapeShift offers a gateway that can exchange over 30 forms of Altcoins into Ethereum or Bitcoin allowing you to perform a payment easily in most types of way! Definitely an awesome addition and something that will help many early buyers diversify their method of payment.

Decibel is the Blockchain approach to multi-media encryption and delivery. The digital era has plagued the overall value of music, media, and files a like. The ability to torrent and pirate information has made simply keeping your digital files on your computer unsafe. Leaks are causing the value of data and art alike to decrease in value, demolishing the overall outcome of entertainment and it’s worth. Decibel plans to lead the innovation is music/media revival by integrating the security, scale, and speed of the Blockchain network to establish a entirely new digital era of music/media sales and advertising. Based on the speed and continued growth of Ethereum, Decibel will provide a perfect ecosystem for growth in the media world along with a secure personal experience tailored to the entrepreneurial and artistic mind set.

Decibel is a design by creators, for creators. With the simple intent to bring value back to creativity and it’s beholders, while offering the community the ability to base that value as well. Decibel will bridge the divide between creator and audience by introducing a market like approach to the media industry. Allowing creators to develop and establish their own content markets, while giving their audiences and communities develop and build their overall value and worth. Decentralizing the value of media content from not only the creator, but the receivers as well. Decibel’s target consumer would be musicians, artists, designers, directors, developers, producers, film makers, journalists, authors, doctors, architects, and media lovers, right on down to the average college student. We plan to target multiple markets that would see our addition as a complete asset to their developments. Being a Blockchain based Dapp Integration, we plan to take on no competition, and instead create a form of extension that can be implemented into future projects related to things such as Tron, Viberate, and other media related outlets that are focusing more on the client interaction instead of our focus of the file creation.

The current film & media movie industry world wide is hovering at around $2.01 Trillion, the home video industry at around $160.8Billion, the music/radio industry is upwards of $250.6 Billion, and the list goes on. While these are large numbers, the current piracy and theft rate is rising from last years position of 32%. This means that a large portion of proceeds is being lost to lower sales and exchanges by theft. Throughout all of this piracy, the media industry is projected to grow and additional 12-20% by 2021 due to the growing network of online social media presence. With Decibels, we plan to innovate and secure this exchange through all forms of implementation right on down to hard-coded radio, mp3 player, and file extensions.

Our main goal flourishes from a early age belief that what you make belongs to you, and shouldn't be hard to give to somebody without worries of it being stolen or replicated. Decibels plans to develop and integrate a new form of encrypted extension file that can encapsulate and cloak the files being created through it. Through hardware implementation and software additions, Decibels plans to revitalize the media market through military-grade encryption used to attach the Blockchain and it's immutable ledger to multi-media creation, exchange, and market development. Our goal is to balance the power of media ownership between the creator and receiver in a way that would retain value for the creator, but implement a volatile marketplace for the receiver in a way that would profit both through exchange of media and supply/demand.

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