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The Blockchain real estate Company

The business of Cryptectum is relatively straightforward: Cryptectum collects funds through Crowdfounding to buy and rent real estate in Switzerland. The rental income is distributed to investors. Due to low mortgage rates in Switzerland, 50% of the real estate is financed with mortgages. The cryptectum will be established as a stock corporation under Swiss law. The special thing about Cryptectum is the collection of funds through Crowdfunding. The administration of the shares is to be carried out using blockchain technology. In other words, participants purchase tokens. With the help of these tokens, the profits are distributed and sale of the shares is made possible. The token name is «Tectum». The ethereum blockchain is chosen as it allows «smart contracts». The ethereum blockchain is the most common blockchain with smart contracts, so there are many possibilities to set up a «wallet». Even without downloading the complete blockchain, a wallet can be created via Metamask or MyEtherWallet which can accept any altcoin based on Ethereum.

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2018-05-27 - 2018-06-17
Soft cap
125,000 USD
Hard cap
1,000,000 USD
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About Cryptectum

The Cryptectum uses blockchain technology to refine a highly proven investment strategy in Switzerland - the investment in real estate. Rental of real estate in Switzerland has been an extremely lucrative investment with up to 8% return per annum for a very long time without interruption. Unfortunately, the minimum investment amounts required to buy a property are very high, as, for example, 3-room apartments in a city already cost over one million Swiss francs. This is where the Cryptectum comes in and, with the help of blockchain technology, allows small investors to profit from the rental of real estate.

Via crowdfunding the Cryptectum collects funds, acquires a property and rents them. Blockchain technology in turn helps to distribute rental income to investors in the simplest and most cost-effective way. In addition, the Cryptectum maintains the acquired property, which is a big plus for the investor, since he does not have to worry about it.

However, an investor would also like to have a say in what property the Cryptectum acquires or whether the capital of the Cryptectum should be increased. The Cryptectum has integrated so-called proposals into the Smart Contract. The investor thus has the opportunity to vote on the acquisition of real estate or increase in liquidity

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