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Water to the World

Changing the world, one drop at a time

Water 2 The world is the first Blockchain solution to the worlds water crisis, the project aims to introduce a patent pending Smartmachine that produces up to 80 liters in a 24 hour period of fresh water safe for human consumption using the humidity present in the air around us every day, anywhere in the world. The solar powered units will use the IOTA Blockchain protocol to record outputs, predictive maintenance and other atmospheric data that can be trusted. The threats to our planet such as global warming, pollution, famine and water shortages, all can be monitored with Blockchain technology with results that are immutable, trusted and without human manipulation. The monetized of the data will be possible for the ecosystem participants and owners of the smartmachines for sale to scientific research organizations, governments and academic institutions around the world. The team is conducting the ICO to raise funds for the continued research, development with AI capa bilities and interoperability Blockchain adoption of the units. The project plans to scale up units later in development for use by small cities, military applications and disaster relief.

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2018-02-15 - 2018-05-31
PreICO Price
1 W2TW = 0.33-0.55 USD
2002 W2TW = 1 ETH; 1 W2TW = 0.65 USD
Soft cap
25000000 USD
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About Water to the World

The intent of the company developing this project, Water to the World (W2TW), is to provide a smart machine that can be employed anywhere around the world to produce water. The machine will be durable, rugged, reliable, non-polluting, energy-efficient, and solar-power capable. In addition, the machine will be tied into the Blockchain to record machine status and production parameters, and to report and create a record of meteorological data at the machine’s location.
There is an abundance of water on our planet, but most of it is in the oceans, in the polar ice caps, and in the atmosphere, and is not available to drink or use. Water to the World intends to capture some of the water that is present in the air. We are developing a system to efficiently turn humidity into usable, potable water where it is needed around the world – in developing nations, drought areas, disaster zones, and more.

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