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Blockchain investment fund

ROYAL CAPITAL FUND – is a tokenized investment fund based on blockchain. We struggle to create global high-technology financial corporation, and standardize tokens as a new type of financial instrument on financial market. Our aim is making capital market available for private investors worldwide; that would allow them dealing with investment projects, which they couldn't access before as they are neither large investment groups, nor institutional investors.

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Price in preICO
0.8 USD
Price in ICO
1.00 USD
ICO start
19th Feb 2018
ICO end
19th Mar 2018
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The economy today works with the help of innovative decisions focused on developing modes of cooperation for the market members. Blockchain technology creates new opportunities on stock markets, including effective way to attract investment with usage of token as a financial instrument.

We see a great potential in usage of tokens based on blockchain as an innovative financial instrument for the markets, and we target to make token a standard financial instrument, actively used on standardized platform. Despite the fact that regulatory framework hasn't been formed yet, governments of many countries are working on making the regulatory basis and principles for the relationships between market members. ICO opens up a whole new range of opportunities for investments in infrastructure projects, development projects, and venture projects. Blockchain makes the system global, available, clear; it simplifies cooperation between its users, and therefore it makes possible for private investors to work on large projects, which have been inaccessible before.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain gives new opportunities for financial relations on capital market. Major service of the fund is financial management by controlled assets of direct investments. Investment involves financial structuring of transactions, and tokens can be used in terms of standard financial instrument as they have certain specifics, which are common for basic financial instruments (shares, bonds, options, futures, swaps, etc.). Tokenized financial instruments can boost effectiveness of financial management and increase investment attractiveness. Current storageand-accounting system of financial instruments includes maintenance of registers for confirmation of ownership, and clearing sessions for on-exchange settlements. Blockchain system can be used to confirm token ownership and provide immediate mutual settlements, for the reason that all its members have common data, and moreover, updated information quickly spread over the market. Blockchain can help to reduce service costs on depositary and clearing sessions during the accounting cycle. Besides that, blockchain technology is able to carry out operations on the market full-time. Blockchain is innovative system which can provide perfect conditions for the deals on financial market, and it can certainly be called next step of capital market development.

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