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Identity of Things

ReceiptCoin is building a universal blockchain receipt standard as well as APIs and apps to use them. These receipts will be used to track ownership and make re-selling goods more efficient for everyone.

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RC Token
Price in preICO
1 RC = 0.00005 ETH
Price in ICO
0.2000 USD
preICO start
21st Jan 2018
preICO end
15th Feb 2018
ICO start
22nd Feb 2018
ICO end
22nd May 2018
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About ReceiptCoin

ReceiptCoin is more than just another cryptocurrency. ReceiptCoin makes the blockchain work for you. ReceiptCoin is built from the ground up to take full advantage of everything blockchain technology promises. ReceiptCoin is a service.

Imagine the ability to track any good, tangible or intangible or digital, through the inventory of any organization or individual. Imagine if digital goods could be sold directly from the blockchain with revenue going directly to the rightful owner as validated by the blockchain itself. This is the promise at the heart of ReceiptCoin.

ReceiptCoin has two major parts. First is the B2B services which provide organizations of all sizes unparalleled efficiency in their inventory systems. This includes Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Warehouse Management Planning Systems, and Manufacturing Execution Systems. ReceiptCoin’s B2B services include the use of an API which will always be a gateway controlled by ReceiptCoin, ensuring ReceiptCoin’s long-term profitability. Even though ReceiptCoin will charge a fee for use of its API, this amount will cost far less than current solutions and be many times more efficient.

Second is ReceiptCoin’s consumer services. These sevices start with a free ReceiptCoin wallet app on both Apple and Android platforms. ReceiptCoin’s unique architecture will allow completely frictionless transactions for the consumer. When using the ReceiptCoin wallet, there will be no ReceiptCoin transfer fees whatsoever.

Included in the wallet app will be a Let Go / Offer Up style marketplace where consumers will be able to buy and sell products using ReceiptCoin. For digital goods, trades can take place completely within the wallet.

The ReceiptCoin vision brings total transparency to the market. As economists might say about today’s market, the only place where there’s any transparency is in prices. You don’t really know where anything you buy really came from. ReceiptCoin will track all goods from inception to sale to sale to sale effortlessly and frictionlessly travelling from owner to owner. The origin of all goods will be completely transparent and verified. We believe this system to be potentially so perfect and useful that it will create a positive feedback loop for the ReceiptCoin service such that there will come a time where few will want to buy anything UNLESS it’s been verified by the ReceiptCoin blockchain. This positive feedback loop will drive adoption of the Receiptcoin API, thus ensuring long-term viability of the ReceiptCoin Family of Blockchain Services.

At the base of the ReceiptCoin family of services is the blockchain smart contract. The smart contract is a feature of blockchain technology that has yet to be fully exploited, until now! Each ReceiptCoin smart contract will represent a tangible or intangible or digital good. For digital goods, such as IP of all sorts, they can be stored directly into the ReceiptCoin blockchain for easy sales!

One day, we believe, ReceiptCoin won’t just be another cryptocurrency, it will be the foundation of the marketplace of the future.

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