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Ratings Rays Network

A New Cryptocurrency and a Blockchain

Rays Network is based on a whole new blockchain technology which is growing and improving all the time. For a few years now, blockchain technology has been increasingly adopted, but there are still many problems that hold this technology back from going mainstream. Rays Network is looking to solve many of these problems. Rays Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to Revolutionize your experience within the cryptocurrency world. We have identified common cryptocurrency issues ranging from usability to how decentralized systems operate. We are adopting known features inside cryptocurrency world such as Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and Bulletproof algorithm but we have modified features to accommodate our community’s needs.

5 4 expert ratings
Benchy 3.0
Review: coming soon PRO
Price in ICO
0.2500 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
ICO start
1st Jul 2018
ICO end
31st Dec 2020
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Nikolay Shkilev
PhD | Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor
Rated on Aug 20, 2018
Modified on Aug 27, 2018

UPD: KYC passed.

The team at first sight seems impressive and big, but when attentively looked at, it appears that that the team consists of advisors and people from other projects. Many don't have enough international experience. So who actually stands behind this project?
Also I delivered 3 because KYC verification isn't passed. If you undergo verification - I will deliver 4.

On the ideas - firm 5. Brilliant idea with fast a blockchain and with zero fees for transactions. Excellent comparison with other blockchains. The only thing I didn't understand is why in the video you talk about 10 000 tps per second, and on the website and in WP about 100 000 tps per second?

The idea about Digital ID and about security is also genius. Also ability to integrate with your cold wallet Hopper.

White Paper is well-written and it pleases me that you paid attention to GDPR.

So far, I put 3 for the product as the prototype is ready, but the product itself is unfinished and not everything that you wrote on the website is realized. As far as I understand you work in 5 directions?!
We'll wait for when you complete all of this, then I will reconsider, and hopefully, up the assessment.

Here's a tip - add Medium and Bitcoinwiki. And also I ask to develop the community stronger. It's going to result in more living people than bots.

In general, the idea is pretty much brilliant and I sincerely wish you will implement and achieve all your goals.

Good luck!

Paresh Masani
Rated on Aug 26, 2018

Good balanced business and technology team - decent activity on development side. Whitepaper could be better - it seems like a power point slides but content wise it has sufficient information regarding finance and technology flows. Liked the idea of DPoS and it's privacy algorithm to reach community.

Simone Stella
Developer and Advisor
Rated on Aug 21, 2018
Modified on Aug 25, 2018

I am writing this review because I have been asked to do so. I very much appreciated the team's request for an HONEST review. Many people try to ask for positive reviews, they haven't done so! :-)

The team is very numerous, also seems to consist of competent members.

The whitepaper is detailed, but graphically I don't like it very much. The idea is good and well described.


UPDATE 24/08/2018

My criticisms of whitepaper graphics have prompted the team to arrange it graphically.

What actually matters in Whitepaper is the content, but in any case a good graphic give to the reader a professional feeling. This is important for marketing.

ICO Analyst|Content Writer|Trader| CFA Charterholder|Consultant
Rated on Aug 23, 2018

I am writing this review as the team reached out and asked for an honest review.

I agree with the Nikolay that the vision is great here, as scalability and interoperability are still issues with the main blockchain protocols currently used. Others have solved the problem as well.

The biggest hurdle for you will be to create a community around your token, people not bots.

Every blockchain protocol built for Dapps requires a community of developers to build on their platform.
Look at ICON, NEO, STELLAR, as examples.

Building that community around scalable blockchains will be the hardest hurdle for your ICO.

That being said i also don't agree with the tokenomics here. .50 USD tokens in a bear market doesn't make sense. Some of the top ICOs from last year are now hovering around or below that mark, so it's too rich for investors, especially given that once the token hits exchanges it will most likely see an immediate decline if we are still in a bear market.

Good luck on the project. White paper is well done and the project integrates the 5 relevant verticals, just bad timing and adoption/community creation will be difficult. community is a key driver for protocol tokens, so something you should look to heavily develop to be successful.

RAYS NetworkICO team member replied on 24 Aug 2018
Dear Mr. Vakeesan,
Thank you for your honest review. We have a couple of updates for you.
(A) Our token price is 0.25$ per RAYS and this price is selected based on the bearish market. Furthermore, our total supply for sale is 200 million RAYS coins.
(B) We plan to extend our team and include more developers after our ICO. It is nearly impossible to hire expensive development team even before the ICO.

Based on these two points, we will request you to revise your review, kindly.

Best Regards

Team RAYS Network
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