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Sentiment Intelligence For Cryptocurrency Trading

ourTell provides multifaceted cryptocurrency analysis - Posts and messages from regular interactions on social media channels and groups are minded and analysed by thousands of sentiment analysts in an optimised environment. Results are fed into an iterative machine learning model which encapsulates historical data from sentiment analysis, market trends, factors and outcomes.

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About ourTell

We provide a next generation, decentralized, iterative sentiment analysis for optimal cryptocurrency trading.

We use a system called Sentiment Intelligence which is a combination of sentiment analysis from real certified analysts, big data and machine learning in order to create an artificial intelligence platform which allows for market predications with near perfect information.

Financial markets are turbulent and require a huge vat of knowledge to even begin trying to predict outcomes. This is the case in the cryptocurrency market and is often even more severe due to the casual and uninformed nature of many traders.

Markets are moved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere largely due to public perception. This is often left unknown in analysis and predictions. With a few common issues arising, sentiment data is:

  • Severely under sourced
  • Without context
  • Misinterpreted
  • Coerced/Inauthentic

Our Sentiment Intelligence platform combines all aspects of traditional market analysis and unifies it with unparalleled sentiment analysis. Millions of messages are sent in cryptocurrency groups every day, these messages are minded and analyzedby real humans. This helps on two fronts. Firstly, all data pieces are completely authentic and have occurred organically without any external party interfering, this allows for the most valid and genuine sentiment analysis to occur. Secondly, using real sentiment analysts instead of purely using machine learning allows us to ensure our model continually becomes more accurate and begins to connect the data points and how they interact with each other. Many of the common problems listed above occur when only using a ML model.

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