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The Future Of Security Tokens

Mobu is an end-to-end solution for launching security tokens. MOBU is an ecosystem that implements a unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure the protection of both investors and ICO issuers to create a more competitive ICO services pricing environment which complies with SEC and all regulations including KYC/AML, a unique new type of escrow, etc. A “lockup” utility to MOBU tokens for service providers will be introduced to be a compliant provider on the platform. Each service provider will submit a certain number of MOBU tokens that can`t be accessed for as long as that company remains a service provider on MOBU.

8 expert ratings
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Starts in 10 days 18 hours
2018-09-01 - 2018-09-15
Starts in 101 days 18 hours
2018-12-01 - 2019-01-31
PreICO Price
1 MOBU = 0.15 USD
1 MOBU = 0.15 USD
BTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment
Soft cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard cap
35,000,000 USD
Restricted areas
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Karnika Yashwant
ICO Marketing Expert | Launch Strategist | Global Branding and Fundraising Master
Rated on Aug 10, 2018
Modified on Aug 15, 2018

I like the laddered objectives of 10-20-30m and many associated agencies to support.

I find milestones very vague and I would love to see specific non-ICO, but product/business related milestones there.

Accessing whitepaper, I get the following error:
Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

I understand it may not mean much and we can bypass, but these little attention to details gives me the confidence.

I like their token distribution model and KYC being approved is a plus.

I just realize, the whole website gives me the above error:
when accessed with "www" which is how the hyperlink is in ICOBench.

That is def. something to fix. In crypto world where security is already a major concern, keeping in mind normal consumers, I would fix this asap.

The vision isn't impressive either. Will await MVP as well.

Once the site issues are fixed, I will move Product 1/5 to 2/5. When I see MVP, I will move it to 3/5.


As promised, the firefox issue is fixed and I adjusted the rating accordingly.

And reply to Juan:
I hope you see that my review appreciates so many points as much as it found issues.

It also specified clearly how I would increase the rating if certain aspects are met, which is happening here.

I would request you to relook at your aggressive and defensive response. If you would like to discuss each point/concern I have and want to address it, I am more than happy to do it and reevaluate it. But that cannot happen unless you are open for feedback. If you feel your investors do not care about these, I don't see a reason why you would even respond here and your team contacted me in LinkedIn to update rating post firefox fix.

Jun Hao
ICO Advisor for Asia Market | Founder of | Over 17,000 Followers on Telegram
Rated on Jul 12, 2018

Solid business development team, developers, and advisory board
The vision is very unique - highly needed platform for security tokens ICOs
Solid white-paper with clear information about the project objectives and execution plan
Will be waiting for MVP and update my review to 5*. Good luck team!

Yaroslav Belkin
Ex Cointelegraph and NewsBTC Media Group | Founder and CEO at Belkin Marketing
Rated on Jul 9, 2018
Modified on Aug 16, 2018

The following is a list of facts associated with MOBU team and their previous actions. Information is provided by me personally as a long time active member of the community, who have previously exposed projects like LAToken and BitConnect. Information is provided for other members of crypto community for them to be prepared to seriously consider possibility of investing in this project.

1) Almost every single member of MOBU core team was a member of an infamous Zabercoin, project that turned out to be a flop according to many reports of the community members.

2) Spring of 2018 Juan Engelbrecht reached out and basically admitted his mistakes for Zabercoin and wanted to start everything from the beginning. He mentioned he has a project and asked me to be his head advisor. He said he had no budget, just an idea. Nevertheless, the project sounded reasonable and we talked about MOBU, spending countless hours over the phone discussing the name, the logo, etc, and so, I have advised him and helped him.

Politely, I asked him to put our agreement regarding all the terms for my work and regulation of the project on paper from the very beginning, but he never seemed to care much about it. He kept on postponing it, meantime using me to get first-hand information on all matters pertaining to launching ICOs, including actual terms and conditions, particulars about collections, names, pre-ICOs, main ICOs, legislations, to name a few.

Time went by and I finally confronted him with the same facts I noticed with Zabercoin - no MVP, lack of a complete professional technical team, etc. All the same mistakes were repeated, indicating his lack of respect for advisors - the lack of recognition of my work would only be the LEAST of my concerns. But my name was in the roster of advisors, whitepaper, posters - on their website, here on ICOBench and who knows where else!

Other main reason for my confrontation with Juan was not submitting to my directions on the matter of certain irregularities being repeated in MOBU from Zabercoin. He grew belligerent and became a totally different person and spoke unprofessionally and below the business communication level, which had me upset and worried me, to the point that I decided to make this matter public, concerning Juan Engelbrecht and MOBU, for my protection and that of members of crypto community who might be defrauded.

This is my personal statement on this matter of Belkin versus Engelbrecht, not actually versus MOBU, as I am afraid that some of those who have joined his team may have been misled by the misrepresentation that I am the head advisor. I exhort those who may not have known the truth about this matter and the character of the person they are now engaging with to reconsider their involvement.

Are Juan Engelbrecht and MOBU worth your trust and investment?


1) This was never a personal issue. I could not care less about upvotes or downvotes. I know what actually happened and I stay proud that I have shared the actual facts. Let the time be the judge of who was right.

2) I will not be providing anyone with my ETH address or any other meaning of payment as this issue WAS NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY, no matter how hard MOBU CEO is willing to make it look like it. MOBU is actually trying to find a way to make peace now, but I am not for sale. Whatever facts happened will actually stay public but I have already moved on as I am not doing any kind of PR for this project. They have already leeched enough out of me.

3) I was NEVER a part of the Zabercoin team, this is a complete hoax. I was invited to be an Advisor, I have advised the project for a minor period of time, and then I HAVE ASKED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE PROJECT even as an Advisor because of what I have learned about the project itself and Juan's way of doing business. This is why I also NEVER actually agreed on being a part of MOBU and only complimented it in our private conversations out of pure politeness, I wanted to give Juan a chance when he said that he admits that Zabercoin was not the way to do business and he promised me that MOBU will be different. Unfortunately, some people never change.

4) I clearly see that, unfortunately, Juan will never understand the core libertarian values of crypto community. I admit my mistake in becoming involved with him at all, failing to see the true colors. I publicly promise not to fall for anything like this again. Only true and legit community team projects.

5) I am not deleting anything. It's simply impossible here. I am just adding more facts to my review, editing it. And every time this happens, the system automatically removes the past reply as not relevant. It would be great if CEO of a technological startup (and Juan tries to pose as such) would know and understand such simple tech moments.

Henrique Centieiro
Blockchain ICO Project Manager
Rated on Jul 14, 2018

Problem and Solution
ICOs are complex and require different stakeholders to align: project team, developers, KYC providers, investors, legal structure, escrow and keep all the parts legally compliant. Regulations are now more clear and many ICOs are issuing security tokens without knowing it.
Mobu creates a platform and an ecosystem to simplify ICOs, security token issuance and put together different parties involved in the ICO.
MOBU also provides protection both for the project and for the investor side.

MOBU propose to create a new standard, the MOB20 that will create a network of participants, feed the MOBU marketplace and allow the creation of compliant smart contracts.

The management team is composed of people with a very good level of knowledge and networking, from different areas such as finance, legal marketing and technology. It is not clear if there are more people (employees) working on the project.

Token Economics
Token is used to fuel the platform, pay inside the marketplace to service providers, pat MOBU services and participate in the ecosystem. There are lock up periods for certain actions and escrow contracts involved which may increase the demand and some scarcity.

Token Terms
Token terms are clear and very friendly from the investor point of view.

The project looks to have a strong legal support.

There’s a large community following the project on the different social media channels.

Krutesh Shah
Enterprenuer | CEO | ICO Advisor |Investor | Blockchain Enthusiastic | Public Speaker
Rated on Aug 1, 2018

Strong team and detailed white paper.
Team seems to have spent good time on crisp website and white paper.
Highly needed platform to run security token ICO
Loved the concept of Escrow which will attract more investors for the ICOs running on the MOBU platform
Strong social media community.
Already have confirmed issuers for the platform
Will update rating after MVP is ready for testing.

Doris Cornago
Account and Investor Relations Manager at Utopian Capital
Rated on Aug 8, 2018
Modified on Aug 15, 2018

I don't have much confidence in the team. Providing a single point of flotation of securities is a tall order and I see loopholes in the whitepaper where pieces don't come together. The vision needs refining and until we see the MVP, we are not so reassured about the platform working as "envisioned" as well.

Gary Chan
Community Manager
Rated on Jul 12, 2018
Modified on Jul 12, 2018

Very niche area as it is in the field of security tokens. It will be a good platform if it is able to keep up with legal and compliance related matters.

Hiromichi Yamamoto
bit-life, Japanese cryptocurrency news site manager and Japanese ICO angent
Rated on Aug 16, 2018

I can understand the project create security system using blockchain. Blockchain technology has huge demand. The team members are great. I'm looking forward to see how they develop.

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Paul Stephanus Pelser
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