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International Science Hub

The ISH Platform

The ISH platform "International Science Hub"​ is a decentralized scientific platform that is aimed at increasing availability, quality, and speed of scientific developments by creating a bridge between specialists and the customers. The purpose of the ISH is to create a working environment that will unite scientists. Science as information - should be accessible to everyone. Platform users will be provided with all the necessary functionality to handle the most complex and time-consuming projects, and close integration with existing project management solutions and in the market will ensure a low entry threshold, without the need to master new tools. Specialists will have the better opportunity to realize their potential. They will be able to easily find customers and attract the necessary investments to conduct research and obtain new scientific results. Specialists will be able to publish their work in a personal portfolio such as a research, development or the results of participation in conferences. Customers will get the opportunity to form a team of specialists of any level of training in the shortest terms, relying on the rank-reputation system. And the platform functionality and project management under the supervision of supervisors will help to distribute the available financial and human resources competently, focusing on the product. At the moment, there is a technology blockade in the world. Exactly, these decentralized tools that will help bring new players and new ideas to the global market, in general, greatly accelerating scientific and technological progress.

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1st Jun 2018
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1st Sep 2018
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1st Sep 2018
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1st Jan 2019
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About International Science Hub

-General issues:

What are the objectives of the ISH team?
For creating ISH, our team sets an ambitious and global task - to accelerate scientific and technological progress in the world!

What goals do you plan to achieve at first?
We spent a long time on structuring and prioritizing our goals, nothing can better show our goals than our Roadmap.

Why do you need blockchain and crypto-currency on the platform?
The realities of the modern world and state machines make financial relations too difficult, especially international ones. These obstacles stand as a wall in the way of scientific and technological progress. By using cryptocurrencies within the framework of the platform, we avoid unnecessary formalities when crossing state borders.

How to establish partnership with ISH?
Just contact us by e-mail "[email protected]" and we will certainly find ways to cooperate.

How to become an ISH team member?
If you are ready to invest your knowledge and experience, contact our HR specialists - [email protected], send information about yourself and we will get back to you.

What assistance do you need for the project, in addition to financial support?
First of all, we need information support in disseminating information about the ISH. But, if you are ready to offer something else, contact us at "[email protected]

-Questions about ICO:

What do you do an ICO and why do you need to raise funds?
We don't want to get another token into the market. For us, an ICO is crowdfunding that is aimed at investing in the future of the whole world. At the first stages of development, fundraising is necessary to maintain and expand the project team, to implement all the goals that are already set out - ""

How can I invest in ICO?
The easiest way it is to register on the website and make your investments in exchange for Science Token (ST). If you require special investment conditions, please contact us "[email protected]" and we will find a solution for you.

Can I invest in USD or other fiat currencies?
The investment in fiat currencies will be available within the timeframe of the main rounds of the ICO by concluding a partnership agreement with one of our structural units around the world.

Will tokens be issued on exchanges, which one and when?
Certainly! The Token will be listed on the most reliable and legitimate exchange in the framework of the legislation. It is important for us to keep the price stability and liquidity of Science Token (ST). At the moment we are negotiating with several cryptocurrency exchanges, conducting risk analysis. The best exchange will be selected on a competitive basis. All detailed information will be published at the end of the ICO.

Will there be any information about the expenditure of the invested funds?
At all stages of development, we will publish complete financial statements on the expenditure of funds collected during the ICO.

-Legal and financial issues:

Does ISH have a legal entity?
At the moment ISH does not have a legal entity. Our project covers the whole world. In this regard, one of the first stages of development, after pre-sale, will be the registration of a holding of legal entities, forming a single structure covering all the continents. Such an approach will make it possible to protect the platform from state repression, and on the other hand, to provide a convenient way of interacting with partners from different countries and the necessary legal support for scientists and customers around the world

In which countries will the ISH branches be located?
Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Africa, Costa Rica

What is the scheme for the project monetization after the ICO?
The main source of ISH revenues after the ICO and launch of the platform will be the collection of a commission from financial transactions inside the system, as well as the provision of consulting and legal services aimed at protecting the rights of scientists and customers.

Who are the main beneficiaries of the project?
Denis Zyryanov (CEO, Founder)
Nikita Paplavsky  (Co-Founder)
Dmitry Polyakov (CKO)

How do you solve the issue of protection of the rights to scientific development?
We will create a single patent system within the framework of the platform. And to confirm patents within the law, we will form our own international patent office with our legal department.

How do you solve the issue with the regulation of the crypto currency and the cryptocurrency markets?
All cryptocurrency transactions will be connected to the platform and outside the platform, we will act as payment agent and conduct all necessary financial procedures taking into the account the legislation of the country for each of the parties.

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