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Milestones ICST

Individual Content and Skill Token

Utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize talent sharing across the world. ICST is a dynamic content sharing social media ecosystem that’s centered on giving power back to the artists. Through secure smart contracts, the ICST platform will eliminate digital copyright issues and liberate the artistic community to produce, promote, and trade their content with complete autonomy and transparency.

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Price in ICO
0.0461 USD
ICO start
27th Jun 2018
ICO end
27th Jul 2018
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Q4 2017

We investigated the feasibility of the vision of ICST and created a decentralized and user-centered content ecosystem. After working closely with StarMaker and the consulting team, we proposed the idea of ICST.

Q1 2018

We will develop the core smart contracts of ICST and release ICST in a private sale. The use of the raised funds will be distributed in Chapter 8 of the whitepaper.

Q2 2018

We will develop the prototypes of the first generation of ICST which includes the basic component functions of ICST, e.g. a copyright certification and dispute resolution system, a content-sharing revenue sharing systems, an incentive
mechanism for user invitation. StarMaker will be the first application on the protocol of ICST. This prototype is primarily for applications of content distribution, which will be open source on Github and audited separately.

Q4 2018

This phase will see the promotion and operation of the ICST system. Based on the feedback of the market and users, the development of the system will be adjusted and improved immediately and correspondingly. We will focus on
improving the revenue sharing mechanism for content-sharing and the incentive mechanism for user invitation, which ensures the interests of content creators and active users in the community. Also, we will make the system support content sharing of multimedia contents for images and videos so that more communities and users are able to enjoy the convenience of ICST mechanism.

Q2 2019

As more users participate in the ICST systems and contracts, we will upgrade the bottlenecks and architecture. Besides integrating the latest blockchain technologies, we will further resolve issues of decentralized storage and
transaction speed to boost the scalability and flexibility of the system. In this phase, we will create Blockchain on other platforms such as EOS.

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