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Gravel Coin

Global Gravel Mining

Gravel Coin (GRV) is our global mining project for gravel production (stone extraction and stone crushing). We bring together the mining sector and the blockchain technology in order to improve efficiency, supply chain and operations. The token is a standard ERC-20 on the Ethereum platform pegged to 10 kgs of gravel, and the blockchain will be used to set up the Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform. This will be built on Oracle's infrastructure as Gravel Coin since 27 Feb 2019 became a participant in Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem - Oracle startup accelerator.

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About Gravel Coin

The two most relevant topics on the GRV ICO campaign are i) the improvements sought for the gravel production based on solutions available through the Blockchain technology and ii) the gravel market. The mining industry as well is facing several limitations and obstacles, which keeps the entire industry holding back. Also the project seeks to solve shortage issues of the gravel output for home and commercial buildings, roads, bridges and railways to be built or renovated. Moreover, there are several improvements, which the Blockchain technology can provide. The team has identified market opportunities and also flaws on the gravel supply chain. Then, innovative solutions based on Blockchain would come into place. In the markets we have researched, the operating companies are not able to meet the restrained demand, thus these markets are facing some challenges to meet their needs. For example, the Guinean market presents an average output of 150,000 tons per month, even though the actual production does not meet the demand, and besides there is an additional demand of gravel from neighbouring countries. Shortly, it will be possible to expand into the production of concrete and asphalt.

With the sale of GRV token it will be created the basis for the next cryptoassets to be issued for different mineral commodities, managed by our Blockchain platform. This will be an outstanding opportunity for participants, who will benefit from the near future activities and a feasible expansion, having the organisation increasing its mineral portfolio by exploring other mining opportunities like precious metals, talc, niobium, Rare Earths Elements (REE),  iron ore, zinc, copper and more, which some of them are ready to be started.

In Guinea, the Ministry of Mines and Geology will make available some deposits for inspection and selection in the Dubreka area, just 30 km from the capital Conakry. In Brazil the team has already identified stone sites close to major civil works to be realised. Among them we can point out the Porto Sul (port of Ilheus), the West-East railway (FIOL), the bridge Salvador-Itaparica Island, in the State of Bahia, while in the State of Minas Gerais the targets are the renovation of roads and the reconstruction of several facilities due to the accident occurred in the Samarco mine, town of Mariana and just recently Brumadinho. As a pattern, the team will choose a stone deposit according to its reserves and other features, which will be measured at the selected site after the site is inspected. Besides its mineral reserves, the geologists will select a deposit based on characteristics like logistics, geomorphology, distance to power and water, market, among others.

In South America, operations will be conducted by the company Craton-Roche (vetted by Connect Americas:, and in Guinea the project comprises the registration of a new Guinean mining company, selection of a granite deposit, purchase, import and setup of machinery and equipment, operational test, and start-up of full operation.

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