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Unleashing the Power of Blockchain

The $700B US trucking industry is the backbone of American commerce with 80% of all cargo transported overland by trucks, yet it is plagued with inefficiency and ultimately controlled by a bloated intermediary brokerage system whose incentives are not aligned with the true stakeholders. Imagine forming a blockchain platform bringing together shippers, carriers, truckers and brokers where they can place and track orders, assess performance records, compare pricing and extend credit. Add in a set of decentralized applications (DApps) linking up these stakeholders--and a new digital token speeding their transactions--and you could cut billions of dollars in inefficiencies from the $700 billion-dollar-a-year trucking industry. That is the vision of Fr8 Network, a newly formed upstart that aims to take the pain out of shipping by targeting, in particular, the $66 billion a year in fees exacted by some 16,000 middleman brokerages. Some key points: · Potential savings are huge. Trucks travel an astounding 29.6 billion miles every year only partially loaded or entirely empty--a waste of capacity even as businesses struggle with a shortage of drivers. · Cut that unused capacity in half, and we could save $30 billion a year in fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions from trucks by 100 million tons per year, 20% of their total carbon output. · By matching customers to and carriers online, the industry could sidestep broker fees that pose up to 20% of the cost of shipping goods; cut fees in half and the industry saves some $30 billion.

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Benchy 2.3
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0.1500 USD
ICO start
16th Apr 2019
ICO end
22nd May 2019
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Vlad Skakun
Co-Founder and CFO at CryptoDiffer | Investor| Marketing Specialist| Senior Analyst at Venture Fund
Rated on Mar 26, 2018
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Eugene Podkovyroff
Investor, Decentralized Economics Researcher, Crypto Visionary, FinTech Pro, Startup Mentor and Advisor
Rated on Mar 21, 2018

Like this project, it makes sense in many ways (logistics and transaction optimization, eliminating a middle-man, saving the planet etc.)

This ICO page looks unfinished, as well as the WP.

I'm currently rating only what I can see, and that is why the rates are a bit on a lower end.

Just thoughts:
0. I do not know, how big is the company, but having 13 (or 18, as in the WP) advisers looks a bit off, unless you are thousands.

1. Trucking industry will face a huge challenge from the logistics automation in 5-50 years. I do not know the future, but usually that means a potentially shrinking market for a human assisting technologies. Artisan truck driving may be a thing, thought.

2. The proposed smart-contract structure and the market mechanics look not optimal. That may be due to an attempt to integrate them with an existing systems, or may be something else. Yet is gives a clear opportunity to compete (if there would be any competitors).

3. Overall impression is that the ICO is preparing in a rush, or that we are just witnessing its very early stage. Either way, to get ICO largely funded, you shall do better.

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