First digital inheritance service

Our goal is to ensure that people pass their digital assets on to the rightful inheritors, in case of the owner’s death and to tackle the issue of escheatment in the digital era.

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Financial data

13 days left
2017-10-01 - 2017-10-31
250 DGT = 1 ETH
Minimum investment
0.5 ETH
Soft cap
500 ETH
Hard cap
44,650 ETH
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About DigiPulse

DigiPulse was launched by “APNIKA” LLC in Riga, Latvia in 2016. The concept came from the Co-founder Dmitry Dementyev-Dedelis who has gained in-depth fundraising, psychological and technical experience from his previous experience working as the CTO for the company Funderful. The Idea originated from working extensive hours for a three year period, thus compromising health to the point, where the need for such a service arose. The idea gained an additional spin when presented to the Co-founder Normunds Kvilis, who has a banking background and added the cryptocurrency aspect to the initial idea of storing memorabilia and valuables.

The idea came from the fact that we as humans are vulnerable to mortality and if anyone of us were to pass away, it wasn’t quite sure how the rightful inheritors would gain access to everything stored online. Of course, not anything we accumulate can be considered as “valuable”, but when it comes to assets that contain monetary value, it seems careless not to pass such things on. Hence the focus on cryptocurrencies.

Due to legaslations and tax policy in Latvia, the current project is being run from Estonian LLC "DigiPulse".

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