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Debitum Network

Borderless SME business financing

Debitum Network is an innovative hybrid ecosystem for small business financing - utilizing Ethereum blockchain based process together with principal and interest moved using fiat. This ecosystem based on decentralized and motivated communities brings together SME borrowers, local and regional risk assessors, debt collectors, insurers as well as global investors with interconnected trust-based smart contracts.

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Price in ICO
1 ETH = 7,800 - 6,500 DEB
ICO start
25th Jan 2018
ICO end
25th Feb 2018

About Debitum Network

Debitum is an existing business in alternative finance for 3+ years. There is a global credit gap for SMEs of more than $1.5 trillion worldwide. We want to disrupt and revolutionize this by creating a new ecosystem - Debitum Network. It will be a blockchain and trust based ecosystem joining various players (investors, risk assessors, document validators, insurers etc.) to complete end-to-end financing loop for SMEs.

It is very important to have a process based solution here as only such approach allows for a mix of local / global players to close the financing gap, earn money on their services and provide needed juice for SMEs growth and development. Traditional finance institutions are failing hard on this issue for ages - it is time we take it in decentralized hands and solve.

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ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Martins Liberts
Donatas Juodelis
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