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Daox (PreICO)

Meet ICOs 2.0

Finally, a community-driven protocol to make ICOs worth investing again.

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12 days 4 hours left
2018-06-20 - 2018-07-30
Starts in 13 days 4 hours
2018-07-31 - 2018-09-30
PreICO Price
1 DXC = 0.20 USD
1 DXC = 0.000387 ETH
Soft cap
4,500,000 USD
Hard cap
300,000,000 DXC
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, Canada
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About Daox

Daox has developed a community-driven blockchain-based solution for interaction between startups and their investors — a Decentralized Autonomous Fundraising Organization or Fundraising DAO protocol. 

Fundraising DAOs play the role of advanced intermediaries between startups and their investors. They combine the best practices of venture capital, ICOs, and crowdfunding in a unified Ethereum-based protocol. This is the ICO 2.0.

How it Works?

  1. ICOs and crowdfunding campaigns are easily launched using the Daox Platform or any Ethereum client.
  2. Each campaign then forms an Ethereum-based Fundraising DAO featuring its own ERC20 token.
  3. Each DAO holds the raised funds and is managed by the transparent voting of its token holders.

Why Invest in ICO 2.0 Based Startups? 

  • Tokens are backed by raised funds
  • Token holders can get a refund
  • Anti-scam ICO structure
  • Project progress must be transparent
  • Startup team is highly motivated
  • Smart contracts are checked by the community

What ICO Problems are Solved? 

High investment risks, complexity of tech,  inefficient crowdsale marketing, lack of transparency, fraudulent activities, low success ratio,  funds misuse, lack of motivation in the team, scams, etc. 

Do you have an MVP?

 We have a live product, and we are building a community around it. 

DXC — The Token for ICOs 2.0. Why is this token different? 

1. It's an ICO 2.0 Token, so its value is backed by raised funds, and token holders can get a refund.

2. Also, DXC is the Functional Part of the Fundraising DAO Protocol, which is open-source and community-driven, therefore will live even if Daox cease to exist. 

3. Its distribution is transparent online (including past and future discounts!).

4. Strong tokenomics (not "the payment for platform services").

5. We have more to tell (with an NDA signed). 

ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Oleg Gaidul
Alex Shevlyakov
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