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The Decentralized Medical Health Service System

Curacoin uses blockchain technology to create a user-focused consultancy system through which users can be diagnosed and have treatments administered. Curacoin enables users to give healthcare professionals access to their health data and records interactions with this data in an auditable, transparent and secure way on Curacoin’s distributed ledger. Curacoin aims to improve the Healthcare universe by making use of Curacoin to carry out individual or collective research in the different fields of Healthcare services. With the marketplace, Curacoin will enable users entirely at their will, to negotiate commercial terms with third parties for alternative uses or applications of their health data as for instance would be the case with sharing this with researchers. It is intended that Curacoin and others will contribute many more applications to the platform - helping bring value to all stakeholders

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About Curacoin

Most people simply do not remember the past illnesses and do not conduct a medical history of the diseases. Most often they forget what medicine was taken, what treatment was prescribed. As a result, there is a constant search for new specialists because medicine is no longer medicine but a business that is built on other people’s diseases.

But the most terrible thing is that a person understands all these and constantly endures and postpones to a later medical testing or visits to the doctor because of the distrust or because of a lack of the result.

Curacoin will put an end to all these mess with the help of blockchain technology.You will now be able to understand that you have found the very doctor you can trust and that gives you a real result. Your entire story will be completely protected. Now you will have a decentralized storage of your medical data and tests, as well as access to the best specialists from around the globe.

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