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Buying or Selling Crypto for Cash

The platform allows buying or selling crypto for cash safely and quickly with a 3rd party escrow service. CryptoCasher undergoes a thorough verification on escrow services before adding them on its portal. The escrow service will be able to enjoy some additional income from the transaction fees. CryptoCash also eliminates the process of buying or selling cryptocurrency in personal meetings which could be risky for both buyers and sellers.

4 3 expert ratings
Benchy 3.0
Review: coming soon PRO
value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in ICO
0.2790 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, China, Singapore
preICO start
2nd Oct 2018
preICO end
2nd Nov 2018
ICO start
2nd Nov 2018
ICO end
2nd Mar 2019
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Clemen Chiang
Ph.D. | CEO | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos | Author of Amazon Best Sellers in Online Trading
Rated on Sep 27, 2018

"The platform allows buying or selling crypto for cash safely and quickly with a 3rd party escrow service. CryptoCasher undergoes a thorough verification on escrow services before adding them on its portal."

Basically, this is an OTC service. Why do you need a third party escrow service?

Additionally, why there is no Advisor appointed to your team?

Dennis Oosting
Founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions
Rated on Sep 19, 2018

CryptoCasher is aiming to launch a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies to cash and cash to cryptocurrencies, all backed by a 3rd party escrow service. If one would like to use the service, they will have to install the CryptoCasher app and add a buy or sell point on the map. After which a transaction (price and escrow) will have to be accepted by both the seller and buyer. The buyer won’t have to do anything with the seller and the seller won’t have anything to do with the buyer. They will only be in contact with the escrow, while still allowing the system to be person-to-person. Escrows will undergo a thorough verification check and can be businesses like shops, cafes and restaurants. Becoming an escrow will make them earn an X% fee of the transaction. Additionally, the transactions are always secured due the insurance of the CRR token in the escrows account. If an escrow fails to fulfil their obligation, the seller will be paid out in CRR tokens from the escrow’s account.

So, basically the CryptoCasher project comes down to the following: safe (international) peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies to cash and vice versa and the ability to become an escrow and earn money.

The entire core team is from Estonia and they have a decent experience in leading and managing businesses. The team currently consists out of 18 people, of which almost none have any prior experience with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So, that is definitely a field they are lacking in.

According to their roadmap they are only planning to start developing their product in Q1 2019, after the token sale. I would rather see this be in development, with a MVP or demo going out. In 2020 they aim for global expansion, however information is missing on what they are planning to do and how they are planning to do it. Additionally, I cannot find any information on where they are planning to launch their product first and why.

I like the idea, but I feel some necessary information is missing. E.g. competitors and they are planning to get more and more escrows on board. As if there are no escrows, the project will not work and businesses might be hesitant to become an escrow (at first).

Michele Zilocchi
Crypto Expert, Advisor, Business Developer @ Amicaborsa
Rated on Oct 17, 2018

The idea seems really nice. Peer to peer exchange can get a good part of the market in the next future.

What I do not get is why people should be located on the map if this service is meant to be available worldwide.
I like the idea of the decentralized Escrows, and their backing escrows should be constantly checked.
The project may avoid the "long KYC/AML procedures", but then banks or traditional payments methods would still be used from Buyers. What guarantees CryptoCasher from AML, with online banking that are rising now, with just a few identity checks?
If CRR are used only as a "Reserve Escrow", what would be their purpose? Why should they be used?
Within Use of Funds, I think that for the Security the 5% of allocation is too low, while on marketing there is too much pressure. A good product will go to the market anyway
Roadmap: Product Development will start completely after the token sale. I would expect an MVP, or at list a Portfolio of similar activities made by the team. In this scenario is like a blind investment
Team is large, but I do not see Advisors.
Conclusion: the idea is really good, but it does not fit my requirements for investment

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