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Colorful dApp Store

Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated Decentralized Applications. At Color, we’re building a platform to host sophisticated dApps to attract users and build a community. These dApps employ human-centered design so non-technical users may adopt the platform. By removing the technical barriers to entry and making dApps easy, anyone should be able to use them. Think Color.

3 2 expert ratings
Benchy 3.4
Review: coming soon PRO
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USA, China, Singapore
ICO start
19th Sep 2018
ICO end
22nd Oct 2018
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Paul Scott
STO-ITO-ICO Advisory | Strategy | Decentralization | Commercialization
Rated on Aug 23, 2018

A dApp marketplace is nothing new, however starting a project with 4 dApps already built is testament to the strength and depth of this team. They have been together for a while and this pivot will be very interesting on their team dynamic.

The vision is relatively standard, and I'm interested in how it pans out. I do have a question over the use of micro-rewards (Pixels, in this project)and how they relate to the token - I understand how they relate, I wonder if they are 100% necessary? I like focus to stay on the token and for that to be the centre-piece of a project's ecosystem.

Not having a platform MVP is an issue for me, as I think this is critical for projects in this market. This rating would have been lower - however due to the dApps that have been developed, and the past experience of the team working together, it is at a 3.

Vladyslav Antonov
Entrepreneur, Investor, ICO Analyst
Rated on Sep 6, 2018
Modified on Sep 6, 2018

Very strong and undervalued for some reason project.


-The Color Platform is reviewing various programming languages such as Java, Javascript, Python, Php, C#, C++, Solidity, and Go to enable easy development of dApps;
- Color Platform is in the process of POC with PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) chip. PUF chip has their own unique digital fingerprints that occur during the manufacturing process of semiconductors, and thus can function as a cryptographic identification mechanism capable of signing transactions directly with the other party and greatly increasing transaction speed.
62.5% of tokens are for sale during ICO period;
- Well planned Road Map;
- The Color Gallery will act as a hub for all the dApps on the Color Platform. Through the Color Gallery, users will have access to a broad array of decentralized applications and resources;
- Has multiple tiers: Terminal Node, Logic Runner, and Block Builder;
- Telegram channel already got over 45000 active members;
- Low anonymity of users during Pixel distribution is good for legal compliance;
- The Pixel Program prevents the unfair distribution of wealth;
- With PUF chip, lightning fast P2P transactions will be possible;


-Bad timing for ICO, weak investment market, investor uncertainty;
- Pixels are distributed only among KYC verified users, which decreases number of investors;
- Complicated technical details might scare away potential investors who are not familiar with heavy, blockchain and IT terminology;
- It’s difficult to convince dApp developers to switch from existing platform;
- Platform includes large functionality: Dailytto is a lottery-based reward app on blockchain, Reward INC. is a reward app that has level up functions to earn points that can be converted to Color coins, Color Design stores and manages interior related information on blockchain. Such a focus dispersion can lead to unfinished/bugged dApps;
- MVP is not ready yet; (I wanted to deduct at least one point for MVP absence, but after long conversation with Color team members I came to conclusion that product is worthy)

I always prefer platform tokens over dApp tokens because platform value can be leveraged significantly through success of dApps built on the top of it. This project has impressive team with strong IT background that could reveal full potential of this project. Colors has firm competitive advantage: Color spectrum technology. It consists of distinct tiers for data processing and committing data into blockchain, enabling high speed transactions and solving scalability issue observed in many other blockchain projects.

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