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Choice (PreICO)

Decentralized Token With Strong Data Protection

Choice is the easiest way of sending and receiving money over the blockchain. It combines personalized payment and data-protected payment in one coin. Most of the time you don't want, that your payments can be traced back. Hackers, scammers or websites that want to track your shopping habits should not be able to get detailed informations about personal payments. There are a few cryptocurrencies that support anonymous transactions, but sometimes there is the need for a transaction that can be traced back, so that you can prove, that the transaction has been taken place. For example, if you have paid a rent and want to prove the payment. With Choice you can have both. By taping the Choice-button of your wallet you can either select „0“ for a public or „1“ for a data protected transaction. By just adding the recipients address and the amount of Choicecoins, the payment is ready to be sent.

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2018-04-20 - 2018-06-01
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2018-06-02 - 2018-07-14
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About Choice

Originally intended as a means of payment, cryptocurrencies have now become a speculative object. Why is that? Is it the cumbersome handling or maybe that the people don’t trust this new technology enough. Let's go back to the original idea of ​cryptocurrencies. Easy to handle, fast, flexible, decentralized transactions. Data protection is as important as integrity. Is it possible to handle different circumstances accordingly in respect to their needs?

With our idea, it is possible to choose whether a transaction should be data protected or saved comprehensibly in a public ledger. It just works, reliable and fast. With our ERC-20 compliant CHOICE-token, it is possible to combine two basic functions. What had to be mastered before with two different cryptocurrencies or in a complicated procedure was united by CHOICE in one token.

Until now you had to exchange your cryptocurrencies against an anonymous currency like Monero and change it back. You had to deal with several entities and they were all able to collect your information like IP-address, timestamp, etc. Despite the fact that you pay high fees. With this information you where very vulnerable for a so called correlation attack. The use of at least one secure VPN was necessary. That’s a lot of variables you have to keep in mind. For the most users that’s not feasible and too much unnecessary work. The chance of getting your information exposed is very high because you must not make any mistake, but humans make mistakes.

You can save the fees for the mentioned transactions. Keep your peace of mind and your sanity. What matters is anonymity, safety, functionality and speed. Our experienced team maintains and develops CHOICE with the original idea and spirit of ​cryptocurrencies in mind. We’ll explain our vision below.

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