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Ratings Airsave Travel

Earn Money Toward Your Travel Goals

Most people dream of being able to experience the world from a different viewpoint, but while it is one thing to dream, it is quite another thing to put together the finances to make it possible. Now, by the means of Bitcoin and our partnership with Smart Trip Platform (a decentralised ecosystem which connects travellers and travel service providers), you can combine the power of blockchain technology with your social network, and use AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC) to save and earn money toward your travel goals. Airsave Travel is currently a centralised app available on the App Store with its decentralised application (DApp), being built in 2019. It is the one click technology which requires no sign in, login or install. Airsave Travel utilizes blockchain technology to seamlessly attract, authenticate and reward all users within its ecosystem who want to save and earn money for their travels - together.

7 6 expert ratings
Benchy 3.5
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IEO launchpad
Price in ICO
0.3000 USD
Restricted areas
preICO start
15th Oct 2018
preICO end
23rd Dec 2018
ICO start
1st May 2019
ICO end
31st Jul 2019
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Daryl Naidoo
Founder-Promethean Dynamics |Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect|Blockchain Advisory Council |Alliance of Blockchain Professionals |
Rated on Apr 15, 2019
Modified on Apr 15, 2019

This is a really interesting concept. The travel industry is growing rapidly and Airsave Travel are perfectly positioned to create a strong brand presence within the travel sector.

The whitepaper is detailed and covers all the relevant information. The team is diverse with solid experience in their respective fields. I do feel that they could do with a few more technical resources though.

All in all I think this project has plenty of potential, definitely one to keep an eye on.

Eleftherios Jerry Floros
ICO Advisor | Investor | Analyst | CEO - MoneyDrome Edge - London
Rated on Jul 5, 2019
Modified on Jul 5, 2019

Airsave Travel is promising project that fits perfectly in the travel and tourism industry which is experiencing great growth and will continue do so for the foreseeable future. The concept of being able to leverage social media and referrals to earn and save money for your next travel needs is a great idea and deserves merit, hence 5 Stars.

The product is already being used and that the app is already available to download on the App Store is big plus point. The one thing that concerns me is that there already was an ICO previously and now there’s an IEO and I wondered what happened, didn’t the project raise enough money with the ICO that it now necessitates an IEO ? And what about token and tokenomics of both the ICO and IEO, are these compatible or how is this supposed to work ? I am always sceptical when I see an ICO being followed up by an IEO without clear explanation as to the reasons why. Since there’s no information about that in the White paper, I can only give 3 stars for the product.

The team is well balanced and appears to be experienced and professional. The inclusion of Mr Krishnendu Chatterjee as advisor on the team is very positive sign and therefore 5 stars.

I wish the team and advisors great success and all the best.

Chris Butler
Chris Butler, Managing Director of Crypto Gambling Foundation, Seasonal Wardrobe Advice, CEO of URAllowance LLC, Co-founder ABP, IMMO High 1000,
Rated on Apr 21, 2019
Modified on May 17, 2019

Re-edit May17th 2019: So, over the past two days, after looking further into the matter that caused me to lower my score, I have come to the conclusion that the information I was given was blown way out of proportion. The points I brought up about the reviews in the app store are really the only concern I have. Not a deal breaker by any means. As far as the phony partnership accusation, that info was no good either. There is a partnership with STA Travel in place. Maybe the depth of the actual partnership was over embellished a bit, that would be a matter of opinion. The FACT is that the partnership exists. .

edit May14th 2019: I was forced to lower my score after seeing all the fake reviews on the App store. I don't understand why if you have a good product, you would want to soil your reputation by participating in phony nonsense. The Telegram member list is about 80% fake accounts. Come on Sarah Dales, you are better than this. You have at least one very competent advisor. I suggest asking him for advice. On top of the above two problems, it has been brought to my attention that there may be a fake strategic partnership that was announced? I am very busy but I will be looking into that now regardless if I have the time or not.
I hate having to come and lower my score like this. I encourage anyone from this team to contact me to change my mind with facts.

So many teams just pass out C-level titles and assign VPs for everything. Sarah Dales understands how a corporation should be structured and is not afraid to get rid of weak links that could weaken her company. I saw another self proclaimed "expert" had given a low team score because the people involved had changed over the course of their two year preparation. What?!? This is a start up. My hat is off to Airsave leadership for knowing who to cut and keep.

Blockchain has a few obvious use cases. Rewards earnings and distribution have a huge presence in the market. Even more specifically, travel rewards are gaining popularity as our tech savvy generation is now filling up their passport books. Airsave was brilliant to combine the exponential growth of the travel industries with the use of blockchain in business. I would like to see a strong partnership formed and announced by Airsave in the first round of their ICO. 3 for vision.

A real, functioning, distributed, tested and most importantly.... Downloaded product. It's an admittedly centralized apl that does everything it is supposed to do. Airsave will be integrating their technology and rewards system into a Dapp environment this year. That's great and it helps to pave the way forward.

Note for the community: This is the kind of project that is helping us an industry to bring in the much needed public support and, more importantly, the business savvy professionals that naturally see past the technical mumbo jumbo and blockchain buzzwords right on through to what is selling, what will sell and how to position products where these trends will have the midst effect. Most of the blockchain projects are filled with devs. Devs in every position. It may sound harsh but most devs are not people friendly or business savvy. A company with strong leadership knows that their devs should not also be handling the social media campaign and their SEO specialist should not be coordinating UX/UI work flows.

Note to Airsave team: I always check on my ratings and assessments just in case I need to update. Just because I say 5 now didn't mean it can't change if I see you slowing down. Your ICO begins in less than two weeks. I will be watching, good luck and keep up the relentless pursuit of success despite what any these "bench experts" say. They, myself included, are just opinions. The only thing that matters is your hard work.

Norm Bond
Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist
Rated on Apr 12, 2019
Modified on Apr 24, 2019

I received additional info regarding the Press and Team. Timely communication is key and I have adjusted my rating accordingly.
Airsave Travel seeks to combine the incentive of bitcoin, with the connections of your social network so that you can earn money while you travel the world.

The AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC) is the token. The DApp will be combined with the centralized Airsave Travel app, available on the app store. Using the blockchain saves time as users can sign in and earn rewards towareds travel in one click.

The project will utilize the Ethereum platform. The token price is 1 ASTC = 0.3 USD. The team is offering 22,000,000 tokens for sale. There is a prototype available.

There is a 1-pager and a 34-page whitepaper available.

The core team of 8 persons is fair but not exceptional for a project of this scope. Only half of the core team mentions the Airsave project in their LinkedIn profiles. This could mean they are not fully committed. None of the Advisors mention the project in their profiles.

The vision to incentize air travel is in line with other projects offering vacation, hotel and air travel discounts or loyalty with blockchain solutions. The success of the IEO depends heavily on the clout and ability of ExMarkets LaunchPad and registered users.

The product is attractive for a growing global traveler marketplace. In addition mobile is having an increasingly greater effect on the travel industry.

The idea to make travel more affordable with a saving service is one that
could possibly connect with many users.

There have been over 4000 downloads of the Airtravel app from the Apple App Store according to the white paper. Social sharing is encouraged since users get a referral code and can immediately begin to earn rewards savings.

There is no mention of a GitHub repository.

The product has a history back to 2014 with the idea to develop a social saving
travel app. An ICO was raised in 2017 Oct and IEO 2019 May. There is no information available on the funds previously raised.

The social community is average at this stage.
Twitter - 3273 followers
Facebook - 3472 likes and 3935 follows
Telegram - 5980 members
There is a BitcoinTalk [ANN] thread read 1836 times since 2018 August;all

There is no blog on the website with current posts. There is no press room
or media articles available on the site.

However there has been media coverage.
Adding these links to the website should be prioritized. Visitors may feel the project has not gathered the attention of industry news or bloggers.

I think the project looks fair. The existing app and partnerships make it more attractive than competitors that only have a MVP or nothing at all.

Still the community building and engagement need to be ramped up significantly. The market potential and influence of CEO Sarah Dales may be the strengths for now.

Ravi kash
Blockchain Expert | Fintech Consultant | ICO, STO, IEO Adviser |PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on Apr 25, 2019

- Team : Team seems unbalanced
but, there are some experienced people in the team.

- Vision : This project growth and the individual profits only relay on referrals.

- Product : There is an existing mobile app, which is something most projects don't have before their ICO/IEO.

nicolas nups
Program Manager and ICO Advisor
Rated on Apr 17, 2019
Modified on Apr 20, 2019

Dear ICOBench community,

Please note that before reviewing this project & ICO/IEO, I conducted my own DD : team background, competitors, project history, various analysis and KPIs, growth potential and a lot more factors. Also note that the results of this analysis are simply my understanding of the project and might or might not be entirely accurate for different reasons (lack of information, misunderstandings, etc.).

Here are the results of this analysis :

- Team : The team members seem to have changed a lot the past couple of years according to various sources ( being one of them). Moreover, half the team members are not linked to the project on LinkedIn or on other social platforms.
Nonetheless, there are some experienced people in the team.

This is why I am giving a 3/5 for the team.

- Vision : It is my duty to say that this project / IEO appears to be a Marketing coin where newly referred users pay for the referrers savings. If there were partnerships with travel agencies or transportation companies that would be different but so far and from what I have seen, this project growth and the individual profits only relay on referrals.

This is why I am giving a 1/5 for the vision.

- Product : There is an existing mobile app, which is something most projects don't have before their ICO/IEO. However, it is hard to understand the logic behind the app and there is no way to verify the back-end safety.

This is why I am giving a 2/5 for the product.

Additional information : It appears that an ICO for the same project has already been conducted Q2 2018, which raises a red flag.

I invite investors to conduct their own DD before investing time / money on any project.

Sarah DalesICO team member replied on 24 Apr 2019
Team - For a startup it is common that a team changes based on its requirements. Also, attrition rate is quite high in the blockchain space so we can’t really control this aspect. The work needs to be done in time, that’s more important than who does it really. Also, some of the working members have put their affiliation in Accomplishment> Organizations rather than experience on their Linked In profiles. Do check!

Vision - This is neither a marketing coin nor a pyramid scheme as you have suggested. It’s a simple policy of customer acquisitions through referral. People refer their friends and loved ones and get paid for it upon successful conversions. We already have partnership with Smart Trip Platform and users can use our token partially to avail bookings from Smart Trip. Other partnerships in the Crypto sphere are under negotiations! Stay tuned for more.

Product - Out of the top 100 projects from CoinMarketCap only 30 odd projects have fully functional products. We have been on iOS AppStore from 2017 onwards and the app has gained a lot of traction. The logic is customer acquisitions through referral and paying the referrer a fee. The back-end safety of the App is verified by Apple before being put on their store and we would put the blockchain code on GitHub when it’s time, rather than presently as a half-baked code.

Thanks for your comments, it shows we still have some bridges to cross to make people aware of our project, which by the way is 100% legit.
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