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Experts and Contributors

The list of top experts and influences in the world of crypto which have contributed into our community the most.

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Igor Karavaev

ico and sto advisor

3.5average rate

Clemen Chiang

Ph.D. | CEO | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos | Author of Amazon Best Sellers in Online Trading

3.8average rate

Ong Jun Hao

Founder Of (Top Blockchain Advisory Firm In Asia) | Consulted 20+ ICOs | Marketing Expert

3.6average rate

Tinh Tran

ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert

4.2average rate

Jeremy Khoo

Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Fund Partner | Exchange Founder | Singapore

4.1average rate

Paresh Masani

ICO Consultant | Influencer | Strategy and Vision Execution | Public Relations | Crypto-funds | Blockchain Development Lead

3.6average rate

Hung Chih (Jason Hung)

Top ICO advisor |Cofounder of International Consensus Association | Investor | China Market

3.8average rate

Nathan Christian

Blockchain Technology Consultant

3.9average rate

Nikolay Shkilev

PhD | Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor

3.4average rate

Shebin John

Founder of Texploxe, Waves Ambassador, IMMO and UOCA Member

1.1average rate

Luca Cotta launching ICOs, ICO Influencer, IT expert.

3.0average rate

Mofassair Hossain

CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert

3.7average rate

Paul Mears

ICO investor, cryto trader

3.6average rate

Dmitry Pshenin

CBDO LATOKEN exchange| Cryptoinvestor | Advisor | Listing | Networker

2.7average rate

Richard Kastelein

ICO Advisor, 50+ ICOs since 2016, Founder and Publisher of Blockchain News, partner Blockchain Partners, founder Cryptoassets Design Group

3.7average rate

Tyler Sanford

Marketing | Campaign and Community Management

4.2average rate

Krutesh Shah

Enterprenuer | CEO | ICO Advisor |Investor | Blockchain Enthusiastic | Public Speaker

4.2average rate

James Sowers

Ico adviser

3.5average rate

P.B. Stanton Esq.

Securities and Banking law | Former US Marine JAG Officer | Complete legal advisory

4.1average rate

Aly Madhavji

Award-Winning Author | Angel Investor | STO and ICO Advisor | UN Consultant | INSEAD MBA | Advisor Polymath, BitBlock Capital, Fiat Capital Fund |

2.8average rate

Brian Condenanza

Tech Entrepreneur | Editor @ RevistaBitcoin | ICO Advisor | TEDx Speaker

4.2average rate

Mohit Tater

Blockchain & ICO Advisor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur

3.6average rate

Nozomu Nakazato

ICO consultant

3.7average rate

Juan Pablo Fernandez Aguero

Advisor | Partnerships and Exchanges | Pr and Marketing Expert

2.1average rate

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Consultant, Advisor. ICO, STO. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.

4.3average rate

Shohel Alam

Entrepreneur | Data Analyst | Investor Relationship| ICO Marketing & ICO And Blockchain Consultant & Advisor

2.6average rate

Conston Taylor

ICO Advisor | ICO Analyst | Blockchain Researcher

3.8average rate

Irwin Chee

ICO Advisor | Blockchain Enthusiast | Venture Capitalist

3.5average rate

Graham Doggart

Blockchain Advisor and ICO Growth Consultant. Founder at Dynamic Abundance Advisory

4.1average rate

Francesco Redaelli

Co-Founder & President at Koinsquare | Marketing Manager at AidCoin | Campaign Success Manager at 200 Crowd | Advisory Board Member

4.2average rate

Rick Tapia

Blockchain Advisor and Consultant

4.3average rate

Kyon Yoshihara

Direct Marketing Manager,ICO produce

3.3average rate

Paul Cliffe

ICO advisor|Crypto-asset and ICO investor| Libertarian|CEO of Block Venture Project

2.7average rate

George Han

ICO Advisor

4.3average rate

Miruna-Maura Barbulescu

Entrepreneur, Author and Marketing Specialist

4.7average rate

Dr. Rex Yeap

IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator

1.9average rate

Yuichiro Okazoe

Yuichiro Okazoe

3.6average rate

Bonnie Normile

Business Development Manager

4.5average rate

Gaurav Areng Chakraverti

Entrepreneur, Marketing Advisor, ICO Advisor

3.5average rate

Vlad Skakun

ICO Advisor | Investor| Marketing Specialist| Senior Analyst at Venture Fund

3.5average rate

Michael Williamson

Blockchain Consultant, MBA, LSSGB, Former USA Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent

3.9average rate

Vladimir Manzyuk

Blockchain/System Analyst

2.8average rate

Dr. Mihaly Kertesz

COO, strategist

3.8average rate

Mihai Alexandru Bisnel

Exchange listing consultant, Experienced ICO analyst, Owner at, Token Sale Platform supplier, Advisor

4.1average rate

Andrei Popescu

Co-Founder of COSS.IO & SCX Holdings and Seasoned Blockchain/FinTech Start-Ups Investor/Advisor

3.8average rate

Dmitry Machikhin

Co-founder & COO

3.8average rate

Maksym Vysochanskiy

Founder of ICOExpert | Appsmoment | Blockchain Advisor

4.3average rate

Paul Scott

STO-ITO-ICO Advisory | Strategy | Decentralization | Commercialization

4.2average rate

Anuj Khanna

CEO, Peak State, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fundraising, Mergers and Aquisitions

4.2average rate

Bogdan Fiedur

ICO and Blockchain Advisor. Full Stack and Ethereum/Solidity smart contract developer.

4.1average rate

John Papadopoulos

Crypto-currency enthusiast, Miner, ICO analyst, Angel investor, ICO investor,Strategist

3.0average rate
3.9average rate

Giacomo Arcaro

N.1 European ICO Growth Hacker | ICO STO Advisor | 2.7 Million Crypto-Enthusiast Database | University Professor

3.5average rate

Giovanni Casagrande

ICO Advisor and Growth Hacker

3.5average rate

Stephan De Haes

ICO Advisor, Community leader and COO/Co-founder

4.1average rate

Eugene Podkovyroff

Investor, Decentralized Economics Researcher, Crypto Visionary, FinTech Pro, Startup Mentor and Advisor

3.5average rate

Vasily Sumanov

ICO advisor, Economy researcher

3.9average rate

Opinder Preet Singh

Founder(Blockslab & ZTips) | Smart Contract Development & Auditing | Blockchain Research | White-paper Development & Analysis | ICO Adviso

4.4average rate

Sergey Sevantsyan

International Public Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, Investment Relations and International Community Relations Manager

4.8average rate

Cem Goksel Ozargun, MA, PMP, CSM, PSPO

Blockchain Advisor, Blockchain Expert, ICO Investor, Product Manager, Project Manager, Trader, Lecturer, Jack of All Trades

3.7average rate

Tina Fotherby (Beaver)

Founder and MD, Famous Publicity Ltd

4.4average rate

Jan Schets

ICO advisor | CIO | Blockchain Consultant | Early Crypto Investor

3.5average rate

Simon Cocking

Editor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News

3.4average rate

Mike Raitsyn

Blockchain enthusiast, business angel

3.9average rate

Sydney Ifergan

Marketing Advisor - ICO Advisor - ICO Consultant - Crypto and FX Consultant

4.5average rate

Dennis Oosting

Founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions | Managing Partner at EUCX

3.0average rate

Tobias Schulz

Investment Manager, Pre-ICO Venture Capital Investor, ICO Advisor

3.7average rate

Warren Whitlock

Blockchain Influencer advising top companies

4.2average rate

Andrey Zolin

ICO Advisor | CTO | Smart contract RD

4.5average rate

Eleftherios Jerry Floros

ICO Advisor | Investor | Analyst | CEO - MoneyDrome Edge - London

4.5average rate

Quentin Herbrecht

ICO-STO Advisor |Top 1 France |Marketing and PR | Social Media Influencer | Airdrop expert

4.1average rate

Anders Larsson

Investor and consultant. Built technology used by billions of people.

4.0average rate

Antoun Toubia

Chief Excutive Officer at United Capital Investments s.a.

2.5average rate

Scott Brown

Senior Technology Executive, ICO Advisor, CryptoCurrency Enthusiast, Investor

3.9average rate

Jared Polites

Partner at Blockteam Ventures | Strategic Advisor | Writer at CryptoCoinsNews | Former FBI Analyst

4.8average rate

Bas Geelen

ICO Analyst, Advisor & Investor

4.2average rate

Timo Trippler


4.2average rate

Savio Gomez

Faster Capital, UOCA, Captain, PhD, Auditor

3.6average rate

Dean Karakitsos

Founder of Bloqchain Science | Co-founder of | Co-founder of

4.4average rate


ICO Analyst|Content Writer|Trader| CFA Charterholder|Consultant

3.5average rate

Luke Szkudlarek

Growth Hacking ICOs from the heart of Crypto Valley

3.7average rate

Simon Zenios

Lawyer & Director at Simon Zenios & Co LLC | Blockchain Legal Advisor | ICO | Law & Security Instructor at SGT

4.2average rate

Naviin Kapoor

Banking and Financial Advisor | ICO Advisor | Blockchain Expert | Entrepreneur | Investor Relationship

3.6average rate

Arturas Svirskis

Listing tokens to 50+ exchangers, Market Making services, ICO and STO advisory

4.3average rate

Sebastian Spiteri

Engineer ¦ Co-Founder of

3.7average rate

Gauthier Bros

Gauthier Bros

1.5average rate

Toomas Allmere

Co-Founder at the Crypto BrainTrust Syndicate (CBTS) -

4.0average rate

Ismail Malik

ICOCROWD Editor-in-Chief - Blockchain + Strategic ICO Advisory

3.9average rate

Anthony Manfre

Founder TOTS | Strategist | Consultant | ICO | STO

3.4average rate

Simon Waddington

Software engineer and advisor

3.3average rate

Alexander Mitrovich

Managing Partner,

3.9average rate

Artem Kharchenko

Advisor, IT entrepreneur, information security expert.

4.2average rate

Sean Brizendine

Certified IIB Council Blockchain Professional

3.5average rate

Robert Laguna

Operations | Blockchain | Fintech | Startups | Crypto Enthusiast

4.3average rate

Miikka Saloseutu

ICO Advisor | Serial Entrepreneur | Crypto Enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Investor | Founder Triplex Trading OU | Founder

3.7average rate

Simone Stella

Developer and Advisor

3.4average rate

William Mougayar

CIO at JM3 Capital

3.8average rate

Edward W. Mandel

Blockchain Enthusiast, ICO Expert, CEO - ObjectMicro, Inc.

4.2average rate

Reed Sutton

Researcher, Speculator, Advisor

3.7average rate

Giovanni Lesna Maranetto

Founder of MENTAL BLOCK, CCO at , Advisor Blockchain Strategist , Speaker

3.9average rate

Michele Zilocchi

Engineer, Business Developer and Crypto Expert

3.8average rate

Joseba Sainz de Baranda

ICO Investor and Advisor | SMOTION Founder| MDes Industrial Product Design | Industrial Engineering Degree

4.0average rate

Himanshu Chander

CEO of AMBCrypto |ICO advisor | Serial Entrepreneur | Inventor | Marketing Service |

4.5average rate

Danny Christ

Advisor, Matchmaker

3.5average rate

Ivo Grlica

CryptoLawyer, Blockchain Legal Specialist

4.2average rate

Arthur Zubkoff

FinTech & Marketing Consultant

3.4average rate

Chris Butler

Chris Butler, CEO of URAllowance, LLC, IMMO High 1000, MIDEX Former US Regional Officer, BitWhite US Representative, Volunteer CM and PA for RunCPA

3.2average rate

Timothy Mayeur

Ecom Activator | ICO Advisor

3.1average rate

Petter Sehlin

Blockchain and Fintech investment advisor

3.8average rate

Oliver Isaacs

Blockchain Investor, Advisor, Influencer, Speaker

4.3average rate

Juan Otero

Investor | Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Consultant

4.6average rate

Cristina Dolan

Co-Founder & COO iXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab

4.3average rate

Fanjiang Zeng

Cryptocurrency Speciallist, ICO Advisor & Angel Investor

3.9average rate

Ricardas Bernotavicius

ICO expert. Investor. Founder at IUNGO.Network and few other companies in MedTech and IoT sector.

4.4average rate

Yogesh Trivedi

Blockchain Technology, eCommerce, Agile Software Development - Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, ICO Advisor

3.8average rate

Daniel Stewart

ICO Analyst - Growth Hacker - ICO Expert

3.8average rate

Jonathan Fianu

EMEA Director, PredictX

4.3average rate

Manuel Arlotti

ICO Advisor - Marketing Advisor

4.5average rate

Pavel Stukolov

CEO at TokenStars, the first celebrity management platform on the blockchain

4.2average rate

Alex Chang (Chia Ming)

CEO of TimeBox | Serial Entrepreneur | Expert of Blockchain, Gaming, ICT Industry In Greater China and Northeast Asia

4.3average rate

Abishek Mittal

ICO Advisor | ICO Consulting | Project Review |MBA Finance and Strategy |9+ Years of Corporate Experience | Crypto Trading and Investing

3.9average rate

Steven Deurloo

Investor - Advisor

3.6average rate

Mourad Redjah

Co Founder and CTO Cryptonity Exchange

2.7average rate

Kenneth Ng

Fanfare Co-Founder & CTO | Blockchain ICO Advisor | CEO Project Kanzen

4.8average rate

Stephen Walker

Head of Sales - Asia Pacific - Mapcite Ltd

3.6average rate

Doris Cornago

Account and Investor Relations Manager at Utopian Capital

3.8average rate

Dan Litwak

Founder at Hawk Cyber Security | Top ICO Security Advisor

4.4average rate

Guillaume Micouin

Chairman - ABC Corporation | ICO advisor | Blockgeeks Ambassador | IDACB Advisory Board | Bitcoin Foundation Member

3.7average rate

Maxime Legros

ICO Advisor, Strategic Advisor, Blockchain Business Development Advisor, Community Manager

4.4average rate

Juergen Hoebarth

Managing Director of and

3.6average rate

Abhijith Naraparaju

Co-Founder iCognitive Global | Blockchain Solution Architect| ICO Advisor

4.1average rate

Peter Bergstrom

CEO BitBlock Ventures

3.9average rate

Paun Gabriel Razvan

Early Bitcoin Holder / Ethereum ICO Investor

3.9average rate

Dr. Simon Hassannia

Head of Business Innovation, Advisory, Management Consultant

3.7average rate

Dylan Sharkey

Venture Partner at the Blockchain Open Fund, Angel Investor, Ex LinkedIn

4.5average rate

Bobby Tomkins

Co-Founder at Block Estates, STO Consultant

2.6average rate

Jags Porandla

Blockchain, STO and ICO advisor

4.3average rate

Arfan Chaudhry

ICO Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Crypto Trader

3.2average rate

Rennie Sng

CEO-Founder of Crypto Valley Singapore

3.2average rate

Phil Segun

ICO Consultant (Marketing, Strategic Planning, Operations Research, Sustainability)

4.2average rate

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.

Blockchain | Tokenization Strategist| Whitepaper|Tokenomics | BD| Technical- Market Analyst

3.2average rate
4.8average rate

Reinhard Berger

CEO Pecunio Blockchain Technologies

3.6average rate

Mike Blackwood

ICO Adviser | Marketing expert

3.4average rate

Alexis Berthoud

Entrepreneur | C-level | STO Advisor

3.1average rate

Gary Chan

Community Manager

4.2average rate

Preston Junger

Former Yelp Leader, Believer in Great People & New Ideas, Start-Up Growth Partner + International Blockchain Advocate

4.6average rate

Liliana-Delia Trocan

Journalist, PR, Business Woman and Crypto Enthusiast

4.6average rate

Farabi Shayor

Marketing Professional | Research Experience Lead | Cryptocurrency Specialist

4.2average rate

Giannis Stathopoulos

Business Development and Operations

4.1average rate

Sayali Joshi

BLOCKCHAIN EXPERT, ICO and STO Marketing and fundraising consultant

3.9average rate

Denis Smirnov

Blockchain Evangelist

3.7average rate

Sun (Kevin) Kim

Blockchain Research Analyst

3.3average rate

Jayesh Trivedi

Crypto Exchanger

4.0average rate

Vladan Podjanin

Co-Founder at CryptoAngel | Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast

5.0average rate

Chokha Palayamkottai

CTO | Blockchain Technology Consultant |ICO Advisor | AI | Healthcare|Cybersecurity

4.2average rate


Founder @ All Coin Posts (

4.2average rate

Jamil Hasan

Database Expert, Operations Executive, Financial Platform Developer, and Project Closer

4.2average rate

Sainath Gupta

Founder,CEO at PrimeTradeAI uses AI Blockchain Trading ICO | Crypto 8 year

4.0average rate

Jan Keil

VP of Marketing, CEO, Advisor

2.8average rate

Phil Millo

Blockchain Expert | Family Office Owner | Entrepreneur | ICO Advisor | Global Speaker

3.3average rate

Jose Villalta

ICO Advisor and Promoter

3.2average rate

Young K Choe

Young Choe - ICO Advisor and Blockchain Technology Professional

4.6average rate

Petar Savic

Entrepreneur and SuperConnector

3.9average rate

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Chief Strategist @ CoinPromoter, Owner of CoinCritique, Advisor to Skraps, EARTH Token & ERN Token

3.5average rate

Stephen Drew

Managing Partner

4.3average rate

Sanket Agrawal

ICO Advisor, ICO Management & Strategies, Blockchain Technology, DLT, Digital Transformation

4.0average rate

Benjamin Randall

Blockchain Advisor

4.0average rate

Andrey Samolyotov

Startup and mobile dev

4.3average rate

Cynthia Turcotte

CEO and Co-Founder of - ICO Advisor

3.8average rate

Yao Min Ng, CBP

| CBP, CBE, CCE |Currently @ Xtheta Singapore, a cryptocurrency exchange | ICO Advisor | IMMO High 1000 | ICOs Investments | Exchanges Listings

4.3average rate

Steve Good

Digital Strategist | Cryptocurrency Expert & ICO Advisor | The Coin Chat (podcast & YouTuber) | Keynote Speaker (Microsoft)

4.1average rate

Anshul Dhir

Founder and CEO, Exuberant Financial Services| Qadcore

2.6average rate

Lief Eric Malone

IT Pro, Technologist, Consultant

3.4average rate

Anurag Rathore

Ico Advisor

3.9average rate

Stas Sokolovsky

International lawyer, L.L.M.

3.7average rate

Davide Luigi Borella

Blockchain ICO Consultant and Adivisor.

3.8average rate

TO Brian

Acheteur Public

2.9average rate

Hoang Le

Advisor, Project Manager and Blockchain Expert

4.3average rate

Nerijus Tilvikas

ICOs marketing consultant - Known for successfully raising millions for blockchain projects.

4.7average rate

Prof. Dr. Ralf Wandmacher

Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship

3.8average rate

Vladyslav Antonov

Entrepreneur, Investor, ICO Analyst

3.8average rate

Zaid Mahomedy

CTO @ Blockchain Advisory, Founder @ Immersive Authority

3.0average rate


Technical PM | Asia Tech | Ex-ReadWrite Editor in Chief

3.4average rate

Gao Jie

Serial entrepreneur

3.4average rate

Syed Muhammad Tanzeel Hayder

Financial modeller | Top ICO Advisor | Top Trader | Financial Analyst.

3.8average rate

Giovanni Silvestri

Software engineer with passion for finance and the virtual currency industry

4.5average rate

Craig Wilson

Corporate Strategy

3.0average rate

Steven Costa Martins

Blockchain Evangelist | Advisor | Investor

4.1average rate

James Waugh

Token economics l|l Initial Coin Offering best practice l|l Mechanism Design l|l Business Development

4.2average rate

Harsh Patel

AI Research @ Siemens

4.1average rate

Navjit Dhaliwal

CEO at Iagon| CEO at Mjøsa Tannklinikk | Co-Founder of CanPol AS | Co-Founder of ArboLab AS

3.6average rate

Schafer Geb. Scheier Lydia

Blockchain researcher at IBM GMBH, Consultant and one of the trainers at the GmbH Blockchain Academy.

4.5average rate

Pavlos Tzegiannakis

Co-Founder of CORE, ICO advisor, Passionate Investor

4.2average rate

Mark van Dijk

ICO Advisor | Blockchain Consultant |Marketing Professional | Digital Strategist

2.1average rate

Jun Ahn

Advisor | Consultant | PR and Communications | Data Analyst

2.7average rate

Gregor Modrzejewski


3.2average rate

Matt Markham

COO at BlockchainWarehouse

3.7average rate

Ravi kash

Blockchain Expert | Fintech Consultant | ICO Advisor |PR and Marketing Expert

4.3average rate

Tamas Peter Turcsán ⚙️

Strategist @

3.0average rate

Miguel Prados Rodríguez

Expert in ethical finance

4.8average rate

Simone Conti

Head of ICO, Cryptolab

3.9average rate
3.9average rate

Zi Shuen Wong

President of Nanyang Blockchain Association | Founder of MR ICO | ICO Researcher and Analyst

2.1average rate

Ajit Kumar Jain

ICO Legal Advisor

4.5average rate
3.7average rate

Michele Picozzi

Executive at Microsoft | Early Crypto Investor

3.7average rate

Gianluca Guerra

Wealth Advisor and Fundraiser

4.7average rate

Alick Mighall

Investor in financial markets & business owner

3.2average rate

Jiří Fiala

Naeemur Rahman

3.5average rate

Ian Kaplan

Attorney/ CryptoCurrency Consultant

4.0average rate

Ashvarya Kharoo

Consultant | Market research | Data analytics | UX Design thinking

3.7average rate

Quang Vu Nguyen

Serial Entrepreneur | Inventor | ICO advisor | ASEAN Market | Exchange

4.4average rate

Jose Merino

Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited

4.2average rate

Louie Cesario

Blockchain Marketing and Creative Strategist | Investor | Trader

4.2average rate

Ashton Wolfe

Listing Legend | PR | ICO Analyst

4.3average rate

Ali Yazbek, CFA

Crypto Advisor | Journalist | Consultant

3.8average rate

Jitendra Chittoda

Blockchain Security Engineer

3.9average rate

Yogesh Kondaskar

CEO and Chief Innovator Bizteon, AI/Blockchain Expert

3.9average rate

Stuart G. Hall (斯图尔特)

Blockchain and ICO startup marketer

3.9average rate

Mauro Andriotto

Mauro Andriotto - Prof Corporate Finance | EU Commission and Big 4 Consultant | CEO @ AFS

4.1average rate

Melissa Blau

iGaming Consultant bridging interests between US and Europe

4.2average rate

Julian Hillebrand

Blockchain and Data Nerd - ICO Advisor - Helping enterprises build the Web 3.0 with decentralised technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AI)

3.9average rate

Laurentiu Andrei Langa

ICO Strategy and Advice | ICO Broker | Investor | Consultant

4.1average rate

Don Tapscott

Blockchain Revolutionair

4.6average rate

Julien Trottier

ICO Advisor Researcher and Analyst

2.5average rate

Alexandre Orfevre

Advisor ,Growth, Strategic Partnerships, IT and Project Management Expert

4.3average rate

Thomas Enechi

Co-Founder, ICOBench Expert, Blockchain Advisor, ICO Investor, COO LIFTIX LLC

4.3average rate

Ryan Seay

Digital Forensics, Blockchain and Cryptography Enthusiast

3.0average rate

Amanjyot S. Johar

Blockchain and ICO Advisor | Investment Strategy |

2.7average rate

Phillip Nunn

Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Cryptocurrency Evangelist | Global Speaker | Blockchain Influencer

4.0average rate
2.8average rate

Christian Ferri

ICO Advisor to 25+ ICOs, former PwC Lead, Ivy League MBA

3.9average rate

David Meszaros

Legal Advisor

4.8average rate

David Orban

Blockchain and Startup Investor

David Fritsche

Founder Secured Communications, NASA, Author, Coach and Smart Cities BLOCKCHAIN

3.7average rate

Zachary Matar

Full Stack .Net Developer

Vladimir DENIS

Trader | Investor | Freelance Writer | Fundamental and Technical Analyst

4.7average rate

Danny Montaner

ICO Advisor | World Champion Gamer | Esports Award Winner + NA Player of Decade | Management and Consultant

3.0average rate

Fred Blauer

Fred Blauer CPA, CA, CISA

4.2average rate

Chris Miess

Former CFO of TenX, Founder of ICONIC, ICO advisor and investor

Jure Požun

ICO Advisor / Co-Founder at

4.1average rate

Jean-Étienne Durand

CEO @HedgeBlock, Switzerland

3.5average rate

Roger Crook

CEO Capital Springboard

Harold Kinet

Head of Communication

4.3average rate

William Madison

Blockchain Systems Engineer, Managing Director, On Block LLC

4.7average rate
3.0average rate

Chintan Thakkar

ICO advisor| Blockchain Expert |Former Vice President at Goldman Sachs, NYC

2.0average rate

Luis Wester

Serial Entrepreneur | ICO advisor | Marketing Expert | Blockchain Maximalist Author

2.6average rate

Nitan (Nitin) Malhotra

Top ICO Advisor, ICO Marketer, ICO Growth Hacker, Blockchain Specialist

4.5average rate

JeanDaniel BUSSY

CTO and Co-founder

3.3average rate

Cristian Tuns

Entrepreneur, Author and Trainer

5.0average rate

Zach Daniels

Cryptocurrency | Blockchain Technology | ICO Strategy | Network and Security

3.8average rate

Jed Grant

Jed Grant

4.5average rate

Damien King

Founder, CTO, Technologist, Crypto Investor

4.5average rate

Didi Taihuttu

Entrepreneur /Adventurer / Inspirer / Advisor

Faisal Shehzad Khan

ICO Advisor | BlockChain | Digitalization | API | Fintech | Founder of

Christopher Obereder


Kyle Wang

Venture Investor

Daniel Lew

CEO at

3.7average rate

Jason Fernandes

COO and Co-Founder, AEToken

4.2average rate

James Catania

CEO Intelliblock

Lawrence Samantha

Founder HonestMining | ICO Advisor | Venture Builder

Oscar Darmawan

Founder of Many Successful Blockchain Projects

Patrick Mockridge

Part of the Ethereum Community from the Beginning

5.0average rate

Michael Christensen

ICO trusted advisor. Take your ICO from OK to GREAT.

3.7average rate

Luke Lombe

Blockchain Strategist


Former Global Managing Director at Accenture, ICO advisor, Ecosystem expert, Non Executive Director, Business and innovation

3.7average rate

Antoni Trenchev

Managing Partner

4.3average rate

Felipe Teixeira

Software Engineering Manager| Blockchain Developer |Cryptocurrency investor | Founder BlockStorage

Karen New

Speaker|ICO Advisor|Author of 1st CryptoBook in SG|Serial Technoprenuer | Top 12 Blockchain Women in Asia

Fabian Kippenberg

Co-Founder of

Ivan Jasenovic

CEO - Systems Architect, Managing Director - CTO, Systems Architect

3.7average rate

Michihito Matsuda

Cryptocurrency, Trading & Investing

3.9average rate

Vlas Lezin

Curious FinTech Professional | Former Goldman Sachs Vice President |Advisor to Boomstarter.Network

2.7average rate

Jai Bifulco

ICO Marketing Specialist | Launch Strategist | Global Branding and Capital Raising

Laurence Diederich

Head of Business Development

Muhammad Azam

Blogger, Technology Evangelist, Management Accountant, , Strategic Adviser and a Capital Market Professional

4.7average rate

Sébastien Bergès

ICO advisor - Blockchain investor

4.7average rate

Andreas Achleithner

Advisor | YouTube Influencer | Project Analyst | Founder | Investor | Accepting new Clients

3.8average rate

Chris Robinson

ICO Advisor/Blockchain Entrepreneur/ex-CTO Amex/Global Head of Innovation KPMG

3.0average rate

Webster Tai

Head of Innovation at Geeba

3.7average rate

Niels Rolland

ICO investor and advisor

4.5average rate

Muhamad Attia

CEO of Genesis Tech & blockchain investor/advisor

5.0average rate

Harry Tucker

Business Manager - HiveEx

2.7average rate

Floyd DCosta

Management Consultant - Blockchain Technology | Co-founder @BlockArmour, @BlockchainWorx | Advisor, Chief Blockchain Officer @GBX

4.4average rate

Jungki Claudio Oh

ICObench Expert and ICO Advisor

4.8average rate

Oliver Chapman

Co founder of Coinpoket, Business Strategist and Analyst

3.3average rate

saverio russo

Startup Consultant | Marketing and Sales Advisor | Blockchain Entrepreneur

3.7average rate

Carolina Del Valle Fogliato

Serial Entrepreneur

3.5average rate

Nirav Kuwarji Gala

ICO and STO Advisor

1.0average rate

Gerard Paul S. Netro

Startup Business Developer

4.3average rate

Ermos Kyriakides

Digital Asset and Currency Expert circa 2012

5.0average rate

Vitaliy Tsigulev

COO Waves Lab, CEO Digital Finance

Sarah-Diane Eck

CEO and cofounder at Sandblock - Human Rights & Charity - Blockchain Advisor

Louis Brun

Irene Energy Co-Leader

Mayank Roy

Cryto Critic

1.3average rate

Faouzi EL Yagoubi

Cofounder CTO Varanida

4.7average rate

Tony Winchester

CEO / Founder at APPICS AG, blockchain-based Social Network | Blockchain Consultant | Cryptocurrency Enthusiast | Artist

Nyarai Femai

Communication Specialist

Daniel Steeves

Blockchain Business Solution & ICO Advisor

Tyler (Isaad) Sainkoudje

Entreprneur | Co-Founder | CEO | Consultant | Data Scientist | Blockchain, AI, 3DP, IoT & IIoT and ICO Enthusiast | Authorized Pharmacist

Reda Rahal SABIR

CO-founder of GAINS Associates - ICO Advisor - Cybersecurity Expert

4.2average rate

Hoi Wan

Blockchain | Digital | Data | Mobile | FinTech | Media | Gaming

2.7average rate

René Fürster Simonsen


Shim Min Bo

Entrepreneur | ICO Advisor | Community Manager

4.2average rate

Bojan Krstic

Systems engineer

2.6average rate

Alexandre Raffin

Co-founder of GAINS Associates - ICO Advisor

Adela Skotak

ICO Advisor & Investor

Brett Johnson

Chief Security Advisor, Fanfare ICO

Lars Schulze

Co Founder UFOstart AG ICO and Digital Marketing Advisor

Wilson (WeiSheng) Wang

Founder and CEO, Õpet and Õpet Foundation

Sebastian Hoffmann

Entrepreneur in the crypto space, former Management Consultant, Smart Contract Auditor

Sash (Yoganand) Jeetun

ICO Advisor, Business Development and Business Strategist.

4.7average rate

Kenneth Omoya

CEO @ Tripterium

Yunzhu Lin (Frank)

Founding Partner, 7 Seas Capital.

Achyut Shrestha|Blockchain Development Director

Michael Kiook Jeoung

Technology and Finance Expert

Vorasith KHIEU


Julie Benlevi-Little

CEO and Founder

Harvey Ma

Venture Builder | ICO Advisor | Managing Partner

4.3average rate

Bernardo Quintao

Startup and crypto investor since 2013 - Security Tokens Expert


Editor-In-Chief of Smartereum

5.0average rate

Gregory Snelgar

Staff writer at Altcoin Magazine, Chief Marketing Officer for the Arium project

4.7average rate

Haosheng (Bilson) Bian

ICO Advisor|Serial Entrepreneur|BD Expert

4.0average rate

Alexis Normand

Head of Embleema Consortium

Vincent Galand

Manager, Operations

Mark Higgins


Drs. Hans Koning TIIM

Blockchain and Crypto-Currency insider - ICO advisor.

4.8average rate

Gabriele Bernasconi

Co-Founder at Genuino|ICO Advisor|Brand Strategist|

DoYeop Kim

Cofounder CFO

Jeonggon Mun

CEO at BlockBank & Founder at Linker Coin

Joey Jones

STO and Company Growth Expert

Josip Tetlo

ICO Advisor I Serial Entrepreneur I Strategic advisor I Blockchain enthusiast I Research based consultant

5.0average rate

Amol Mozarkar

Technical Solutions Architect at Bell, Co-Founder at Parkres

Adam Wood

Harvard-trained economist|ICO Advisor|White Paper Editor|Blockchain Project Manager

5.0average rate

Kenneth Tam

Crypto Investor | ICO Advisor | Token Sale Marketing | Private Sale Consultant

3.0average rate

Sebastiao Vieira

Founder, Keynote speaker, Blockchain advocate

2.0average rate
5.0average rate

James Eastwood

ICO and Blockchain specialist

Baptiste Husson

Baptiste Husson

vincenzo niglio

Co-founder of Sidera Blockchain Technologies

4.1average rate

Ducoudray Fabien

Blockchain and A.I Entrepreneur | ICO Advisor | Blockchain Evangelist| Speaker | Mentor

4.7average rate

Marin le Corre

Financial adviser - Investor - Former Merrill Lynch Vice-President

2.2average rate

Reza Jafery

Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer

4.1average rate

Gregory Sembelides

Netizen | Entrepreneur | Bitcoin Evangelist

4.3average rate

Arthur Iinuma

Contributor - CoinTelegraph, Forbes

4.7average rate

Perry Barrow

Owner and Founder of First Global Direct, Consulting, Executive Search, Strategy, Private Banking, Blockchain, ICO

3.7average rate

Robert Tjan

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

3.7average rate
1.0average rate

Md. Adil Siddiqui

Financial Markets Specialist - Operations | Compliance | New Technologies | Blockchain | ICO | News Journalism

Morgan Pierce

ICO Advisor | Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Speaker & Educator | Marketing Expert

Chris Koerner

ICO Advisior | Altcoin Expert

Tadas Jucikas

AI advisor, CEO at Genus AI, AI advisor at WePower (ICO)

Mru Patel

Advisor, Mentor, Serial entrepreneur, best selling author, investor.

Tatiana Ovchinnikova

ICO Launch Service | ICO advisor | Blockchain

Javier beBee

CEO beBee

Linda Mnkandla

Communications Specialist

1.0average rate

Federico Natali

Partner at Midas Capital

Adrien Berthou

Business Analyst at Ten8

4.0average rate

Robert Stone

Robert Stone

Dan Edwards

Blockchain Enthusiast

Stefano L. Tresca

Fintech & ICO Advisor and Investor | Former Lawyer & Regulator

Murali Venkatesh

| Blockchain & ICO Advisor | IoT | Fintech | Innovation | Machine Learning | AI | Trading |

Chandrakumar Natarajan

Founder & CEO |AI Expert |ICO Advisor & Marketing Consultant

Wong Chun Long (Caspar)

Vice-President of Goldford Venture


Account and Investor Relations Manager at Utopian Capital

Patrick Beck

CEO, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Consultant, ICO Advisor, Web expert

Hugo Jacques

ICO Advisor - CEO @ BC impact - CMO @ Smartransitmedia

3.2average rate

Henrik Gebbing

Strategy Consultant | Entrepreneur | Blockchain Enthusiast | FinTech

Dennis Mark Gauci

Partner - International Clients

Carlos Matias Baglieri

DataScience & Founder from 2 companies

Emiliano Politano

Entrepreneur | Blockchain Expert | ICO Advisor

Hordii Malkovych

Blockchain ICO Consultant | PR and Strategy at NAGA | CEO Laurus ICO Agency

Austin James

Banking & Finance Technologist, Blockchain & Crypto enthusiast

Matt deCourcelle

Software Engineer and Investor

4.7average rate

Fabio Alves Moura

Professor | Legal Strategy | ICOs | Smart Contracts | Tokenization | Blockchain


Korean Expert

Geet Sameer

Founding Team of HeapX. Cheif Technology Officer @Heapx, Head of Engineering @Trioncube Inc

Johannes Kern

Tokenization and Strategic Marketing Advisory

Gabor Kiss

ICO Advisor | Marketing Consultant

Yonghan Lee

SKB Advisors

James Cronan

Partner at ESG Responsible Investments | Director at Sustainable Future Group | Blockchain | IoT | Energy

Chu Duc Anh

Blockchain Expert

Jacob Salvador Ortiz Hansen

IMMO High 1000 | CEO at Blockandinavia | Blockchain Specialist and Advisor | Trader | Investor | Miner

Saurabh Nandoskar

ICO Advisor and Marketing Consultant | Digital Strategy | CEO Meraki Consulting

Masato Takeuchi

Blockchain system specialist

Francois Zhang Mingqian

Founder of Chaintech Ventures, CSO at ROMAD, VP at NTU SCSE Alumni Association

Giho Nam

Korean Cryptocurrencey Expert, ICO Analyst

5.0average rate

Divakar Choudhary


Salim Miss


serhan balkan

ICO Expert

3.9average rate
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