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Jesse Sebastian Nagele



Welcome to the zoodoku project.

We are planning concepts for blockchain technologies and fintech related projects. We are no professional software developers. Just a small Team with lots of ideas. We work on the reptibyte illustration series about our bearded dragon on his crypto-adventures. Visit us on the social networks or on our website

ZOODOKU blockchain concept:
The blockchain ecosystem taking care of animals, animal holders and nature. We try to develop decentralized platforms for animal related applications like ReptiByte, psiCATZ, the WolfTag Token, HorsePower and many more. We plan to work with existing technologies like the Tangle-Network, Ethereum and other relevant ICO.
Our goal is to offer a safe environment for animal related services, media and information. We plan things like community regulated breeder's databases and markets with verification systems focusing on transparency.

LuxBlock© the API for plant growing controls
Pet Markets for traders, breeders and producers
ReptiByte© the reptile network
-ReptiByte© App for temperature, humidity and light control.
-microcontroller compabilitY
-collaboration with LuckyReptile and other leading Brands
-Reptile Market with integrated verification for trusted breeders and shops
-Reptile Wiki for collaborative gathering of information and studies on blockchain.
-DragonCrypt© the Reptile graveyard for passed animals.
-BUGZ©. A diet library about reptile nutrition.
-ReptiCare©, the first reptile health insurance covered by reptile holders. From reptile lovers, for Reptiles health.
-eREX© the dinosaur trading game. Collect and breed little dragons.

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