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I am an entrepreneur with a strong background in research and innovation. I am fascinated by disruptive technologies, and hence this is how my love for the Blockchain space came about.

Over the years, my interest and knowledge about cryptocurrencies has been growing exponentially, and in early 2017 is when I began my quest towards becoming more than just an enthusiast.

Currently, I own and run a due diligence website, where I aim to provide cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts with reliable and valid analysis about upcoming projects. Furthermore, over the years I have built an extensive network comprised of investors, researchers, opinion leaders, developers, and enthusiasts all involved in the cryptocurrency space. I leverage my network in order to broker deals, provide companies with crucial partnerships and help them gain the exposure they require. In a nutshell this is the professional me:
→Managed & worked in diverse teams and very experienced in building teams.
→Provide consultation to clients that want to launch ICO (Initial coin offering).
→Connect ICOs with investors and vice-versa. Cater the best possible deals so there is mutual satisfaction from both parties.
→Help ICOs perfect their token structure and documentation.

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