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Creating and implementing innovative ideas for the blockchain that can prove to be of a sustainable future commercial use and formulating valuable trade ideas using the blockchain as a tool. Currently working on a blockchain project to revolutionise the cashless exchange of value among individuals and businesses.

assine has been an active member of several forums and groups discussing blockchain use cases and trying to understand the several utilities of blockchain technology. He has shown a deep understanding of how markets behave and how different participants affect the course of action technologists and innovators take to start their projects using the blockchain.

Yassine suggested on several occasions during blockchain events and meetups that technology cannot function outside the economic, social and political contexts. Which are usually undervalued and misunderstood or simply ignored by technologists.

His ideas and opinions about the value and how blockchain cannot deliver the expected results inside a capitalistic economy without re-thinking and re-shaping our understanding of capitalism.

Yassine's strategy suggests that a fully functioning decentralised economy cannot be achieved by using the same old economic structures and that generating profit and creating wealth in a world that is embracing the sharing economy, can only be achieved through decreasing the marginal cost of production. The blockchain and the internet of all things are the tools that will get us there.

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