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I have created my own etherum coin. and verfied from etherscan site. and automated tokent ransfer options . included. otherwise I have developing Projects with programming Knowldege in framework, javascript, Android, APIs.

- Jquery
- Boostrap Css
- UI development
- Android
- Java jsp/servelet

Become the first sustainable community driven AI Platform that can produce a steady profit to investors through algorithmic trading, while providing a friendly interface and experience.

Our trading bots (Brian and Sara) have outperformed Bitconnect and other competitors over the last seven months. Our team of computer engineers and computer scientist are continuously working on ways of enhancing Brian and Sara’s efficiency to maximize gains.

We believe that our platform combined with a strong community can become the gold standard for all AI platforms to come. The longevity of our platform will be predicated on member participation. Therefore, through our bots calculations, we are able to payout AI profits in BTC for a short period of time.

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