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Wisp AI

Fully conversational Jarvis-style AI assistant for the modern-day home.


The idea of advanced living has been floating around for quite some time, but the designs and developments have fallen far short of humanity’s aspirations. Wisp brings together the latest in Artificial Intelligence to unlock the lifestyle we dreamt of. The lifestyle of Tony Stark is no-longer a sci-fi movie magic.
Sam Helmy, the founder and CEO of Neovate Systems says: “For years, we’ve been frustrated at how slowly automated home technology was developing, and we noticed that the industry itself was lagging behind. Eventually, we decided we will take the initiative ourselves, and within a year some of the best AI experts on the planet joined our team and we began creating something truly inspiring.”
Wisp uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow us to interact with our living space, building facilities, and a variety of local services. Through Natural Language Understanding, users can interact with Wisp using regular, conversational speech, as well as through hand gestures.
Wisp is constantly evolving, learning to interpret new ways we ask questions, and by regularly updating its database, it becomes increasingly more proficient in providing personalized assistance to all of its users. Wisp recognizes every user by voice and remembers their personal preferences, habits and lifestyle. Over time, Wisp gets to know each user and is able to understand their style of speaking and most importantly, their intent. All of the users’ data is protected with thorough data encryption and secure privacy settings.
Sam Helmy adds: "We wanted to create a naturally conversational AI, to simplify our lives and gain simple easy control over the devices in our lives. There are so many new technologies available today that allow us to do amazing things, and when we incorporated them into the system architecture, the way the system interacts went to a completely new level.”
Wisp is undergoing development and will be fully launched within Neopod One, the first AI empowered property in South East Asia. Neopod One will give Wisp the initial guaranteed user base as well as financial backing for further development of ecosystem and integration in different properties.
While establishing a user base with internal building projects, Neovate will license Wisp to other property developers to see Wisp’s true potential realized. Neovate will also build and deploy a range of packages through regional distributor networks that will retrofit properties for individual owners.
Wisp will generate revenue through multiple streams, as it will share profits with service providers on the platform, as well as earning fees as a payment gateway when users pay their bills through the system. Wisp will also feature premium functions for which users pay a monthly subscription fee. Partners who license to incorporate Wisp into their properties do not have to pay license fees, eliminating barriers to entry and allowing Wisp to grow exponentially.
Neovate has first mover advantage right now, and is even more empowered as it is focused on growing Wisp throughout the Asian market. The barriers to the market of sophisticated AI assistants are high, which limit competition from smaller firms. Larger companies such as Silicon Valley conglomerates are focused on North American and European markets while ignoring the vast Asian market. Neovate has the built-in market plus strong partner base across the region, giving Wisp’s development team the opportunity to command the leading position in the field quickly and confidently.
WSPR tokens are classified as security tokens and they give its holders equity ownership in the Wisp AI platform, as well as fractional ownership of Neopod One units. Equity in Wisp will give WSPR the potential of exponential growth, while the underlying asset stabilizes the investment.
Sam Helmy concludes: ”We are excited to be part of this project. For many of us, it’s a childhood dream to bring something like this to life.”
For more information, please visit where Wisp AI lightpaper is also available.

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