Douglas Miller

Douglas Miller


A not-so long time ago, in a digital galaxy not so far away… data became, well, quite expensive to host on Oracle. And difficult to scale. Now, the market has shifted. As a senior IT leader trusted to guide your organization’s strategy, you turn elsewhere for a cheaper, open-source solution while migrating away from Endeca or Splunk. Maybe you consider Solr… But in the end, Elasticsearch wins out.

The problem:
X You’re lacking in-house technical leadership, vision, and direction
X You’re scrambling to find clear expertise and proven technical know-how
X You’re unsure of the full breadth of Elasticsearch’s reach and capabilities

Without this knowledge and expertise, you know you put your organization’s e-commerce or log analytics infrastructure at risk for:

X Poor Search Accuracy, Irrelevant Search Results, and many other preventable issues. Having been trusted to deliver Elasticsearch solutions for many high-profile companies like DELL, NIKE, WALGREENS.

✓ PROVIDE STRATEGIC ELASTICSEARCH LEADERSHIP: Provide you and your IT team with the strategic architectural solutions, leadership, and support it needs.

✓ IMPLEMENT PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING SOLUTIONS: Implement performance-enhancing architectural solutions in all areas of Search Mapping Design, Elasticsearch Monitoring, Elasticsearch Cluster Tuning, Elasticsearch Cluster Design, ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Search Service API, Query Performance, Relevancy, and Scalability to support all business objectives. More than just architectural skills, I work closely with you and your team to define enterprise goals before designing and implementing technical solutions that best maximize business results for your organization while meeting all project deadlines.

Want to learn more about how I can help optimize Elasticsearch for your organization and drive solutions? I’d love to connect. Email me at or message me here anytime

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